Listening to his words, Wen Run pursed his lips, feeling a little sweet in his heart, but he still insisted on his ideas. Ye Hansheng wanted to be good to him, and he certainly wanted to do something for Ye Hansheng. He resisted shyness and retorted in a small voice, “but I also want to make money for you.”


The majority of the shares of Starland were in the hands of Ye Hansheng, and it wasn’t too much to say that his opinion was only one that mattered. Wen Run knew he couldn’t help him in the business world, he could only think of being a good artist and making more money for Starland.



Anyway, Starland was Ye Hansheng’s, rounded up, it was also Ye Hansheng’s money.



He looked earnest, his eyes bright with a little expectation as he looked at Ye Hansheng, like he was desperate to prove something, Ye Hansheng suddenly felt his fingers itch, he wanted to scratch his chin, maybe he would be like a cat and let out a nice purr.



He glanced at the obstructive Zheng Xuan and resisted this impulse, but he didn’t brush off his expectations: “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” After saying that, he also made a correction, “But, it should be for us to make money.”



Wen Run’s eyes widened, he was about to smile when his next sentence made his face turn red. The shallow dimples in the slightly red cheeks made him want to scratch his chin.



Zheng Xuan on the other side of the table felt deeply that he shouldn’t be on the table, he should be under the table.



He coughed, dissatisfied: “In this broad daylight and clear sky, let’s talk about business.”



Don’t start flirting at the drop of a hat, respect the agent, okay?



Don’t you take the agent as a person!


The thin-skinned Wen Run was embarrassed, not daring to look at Ye Hansheng again. Ye Hansheng didn’t care about this, they just became a couple, it was a time of intense affection, if not that both of them were really busy, he would like to tie Wen Run to his side. They’d be back in the city by afternoon, so he just wanted to seize the time to spend it alone with Wen Run. Unfortunately, Zheng Xuan didn’t look at him and said something serious.


Ye Hansheng’s expression was dark and his eyes weren’t kind. He knocked on the table. “Speak quickly.” He squinted and said coldly, “don’t think I won’t have a chance to deal with you in the future.”



Zheng Xuan instantly comprehended his implied threat, he gritted his teeth, and quickly said to Wen Run, ” “Jinling Terrace” will be broadcast soon, remember to go on Weibo, don’t forget the re-post interaction.”


“Jinling Terrace” was scheduled to start in early May, just in a few days.


Wen Run nodded, the interaction between the actors when the drama was broadcast, helped promote the drama, Zheng Xuan was afraid that he would be overwhelmed by love and forget about it.



After the explanation, Zheng Xuan sagely left, leaving only Wen Run and Ye Hansheng.



“Go shopping again?” Ye Hansheng got close to him and finally scratched his chin lightly.



He moved quickly, he lightly tickled him then quickly drew back the hand. Wen Run reacted a beat slower, he looked at him suspiciously, then subconsciously reached out and touched where he had scratched.



Really like a silly cat, Ye Hansheng thought.



Taking his hand, Ye Hansheng turned back with a smile: “There’s still half a day left, where else do you want to go to see?”


The two of them strolled around the resort for half a day, and in the afternoon, they left to go back to B City.



They couldn’t be as recklessly intimate as in the resort. The two of them restrained themselves and kept their distance.



When they went upstairs, Ye Hansheng went back to his house, and Wen Run continued on, and when he reached the door, he couldn’t help but glance back again, just in time to meet Ye Hansheng’s eyes, and he pursed his lips and smiled before opening the door.



Ye Hansheng saw him enter the door before closing it. Looking at the gray house, for the first time he had a feeling of disgust and began to miss the person who was a wall away.



The good mood that came from Wen Run quickly darkened after he left. He was about to go to the balcony to get some air when his phone suddenly rang, he slightly paused, Ye Hansheng took out the phone, seeing that it was a message from Wen Run, the corners of his mouth curled up.



[Boyfriend: What do you want to eat? I’ll cook later.]



Ye Hansheng replied: [I like whatever you make.]



Wen Run looked at the standard reply on the chat interface, his eyebrows curved up, his eyes full of smiles: [I’ll call you when it’s ready].



Putting away his mobile phone, Ye Hansheng stared at the opposite balcony for a while, imagining him moving around. After thinking silently for a while, he turned his wheelchair to go out and rang the doorbell next door.



Even if they had to keep a distance to avoid suspicion, it was just when they were outside. The security here was good. Why should they not meet each other in their own homes?



The moment Wen Run saw him, his eyes seemed to light up with countless stars, smiling as he let the person in, his voice a little shaky, “Didn’t we say we should keep our distance after coming back?”



“Yes,” Ye Hansheng knitted his sword brows, pretending to be distressed, “but I want to see you. Are you worried?”



“I’m not.” Wen Run shook his head hard, paused, and added in a whisper, “I want to see you too.”



If he lived far away okay, at least he wouldn’t think about it, But obviously they lived next door, and they had to pretend to be ordinary friends to reduce contacts. This was undoubtedly a greater test for the two people blinded by love.



Ye Hansheng squeezed his hand, “The security here is very good, those reporters can’t get in, as long as you don’t tell Zheng Xuan, it’s good.”



Lest Zheng Xuan know and run to him to complain.






Wen Run nodded approvingly, they had a common little secret, he felt like his whole heart was soaked into a honey pot, sweet, with a little hidden joy.



Ye Hansheng poured tea and set up fruit, while Wen Run went to the kitchen. Ye Hansheng was more comfortable here than in his own house, and even his mood was a few points better, he brought the computer to the table and started working as he listened to the noises coming from the kitchen.



After eating, the two cleaned up the kitchen together. It was already eight o’clock in the evening.


It wasn’t early and Wen Run wasn’t yet comfortable with him staying overnight, Ye Hansheng had to say goodbye. Wen Run gave him two cans of fruit tea, which Xie Yupan had given him before, and he thought it was good, so he gave Ye Hansheng two cans.



The computer and two glass jars were on Ye Hansheng’s lap, and his eyebrows were tinged with sadness because he was leaving. He frowned and slowly said, “The calming oil you gave me isn’t very effective.”



“Hmm?” Wen Run was surprised, “How come? I used it to good effect.”


Ye Hansheng sighed lowly, “Probably because I used too many sleeping pil-ls before and there was resistance.”



He observed Wen Run’s expression and saw that he really looked distressed, so he lowered his eyes and stopped speaking.



“It probably still has to be combined with massage to work.” Wen Run wrinkled his eyebrows, he was really worried, he hesitated just a little, then said: “I’ll continue the massage later at night, I guess you have to cooperate with the massage, the effect will be better.”



Ye Hansheng’s mouth curved in an imperceptible hook: “Okay.”

Wen Run was really worried about his body, so he urged him to go back first to shower and change into light clothes, and when he finished cleaning up, he went to find him.



Ye Hansheng, who achieved his goal, replied happily. Without any more trouble, he went back. After returning, he remembered something and sent him the door lock password on wechat.


At ten o’clock at night, Wen Run finished cleaning up, changed into comfortable home clothes and went next door.


Directly entering the password to open the door, a small light was lit at the entrance. Wen Run went straight to the master bedroom and saw that Ye Hansheng had also changed into pajamas and was half leaning on the bed reading a book.



Seeing him coming, he put down the book and showed him a smile.



He had already gotten the essential oil in advance, and the bedroom was floating with a light fragrance. Wen Run waited for him to lie down on the bed, his fingers weaved in and out of his hair, while softly asking him about his sleep.



In fact, after using the essential oil given by Wen Run, Ye Hansheng’s sleep was better than before. But he was too greedy for the wonderful feeling of intimate contact, so he lied without changing his face, “When I’m not home, my sleep is almost the same as before.”



He frowned, his voice was very low, “it is difficult to sleep, I sleep lightly and often wake up in the middle of the night .”



The more Wen Run listened, the heavier his frown became, his heart seized a little, sour and astringent, so his hand movements became more and more gentle, a hand gently fell over his eyes, with a light and soft tone soothing him, “It’s okay, close your eyes and don’t think about anything, soon you’ll fall asleep.”



He thought about it, and gathered the courage to kiss him lightly at the corner of his mouth, and tenderly said good night.



Ye Hansheng felt his gentle movements, the little restlessness in his heart was strangely calmed down by him and his tense nerves gradually relaxed.


Wen Run waited for him to breathe steadily before stopping his movements.



The bed was lit with a small orange lamp, the light was mild and not harsh. Wen Run sat on the edge of the bed, in the hazy light, and stared at the outline of the man. The sleeping Mr. Ye, was also quite handsome and charming, deep contours, delicate features, compared to the daytime, he seemed a little more gentle.



Wen Run gently kneaded his forehead, because of frequent frowning, there was a shallow mark, he used soft fingertips to smooth out the wrinkles, and said in a more gentle voice: “Sweet dreams.”



During the two days Wen Run rested at home, “Jinling Terrace” was also on air.

“Jinling Terrace” was a big concern at the beginning of the shooting, and later on it was even more popular because of the scandal that broke out among the supporting actors, and it was only when the actors were changed later that it finally lowered its profile. But even so, the attention was still not small.



Not to mention the attention brought by the male and female leads themselves, just Wen Run and Shen Muxun had brought a lot of attention.



This drama should be the first drama in which Wen Run was a serious actor. Before that, Wen Run played some short roles. Although it showed his acting skills, in the end, the roles were too short, it gave him less room, Wen Run rose to fame, but the debate about his acting skills never stopped.


Wen Run’s acting skills weren’t bad, and his fans even put on their filters to praise him. But for many non fans, Wen Run didn’t have a work that could be praised.



Even if his fans made videos to show his acting skills, passers-by wouldn’t recognize it.


And now with the premier of “Jinling Terrace”, the drama was good, the director was famous, the lead actors were good, Wen Run’s acting skills would soon be seen.



The opening day of “Jinling Terrace”, three topics stood on the hot search list, and various forums were also discussing “Jinling Terrace”, the interest rate was quite high.



#Jinling Terrace started broadcasting #, # immortal casting #, # WenRun acting # three topics occupied the front row of the hot search. The first two were for the publicity of the crew, and the third one was insulting Wen Run.



Clicking the hot search, the first one was insulting his mild acting skills. Judging from the content of Weibo, the blogger was an anti- fan. She gathered all the TV dramas Wen Run participated in, cut the ugliest part of Wen Run into a moving video, and released it. The long Weibo post plus the ugly pictures strongly proved that Wen Run was a plastic monster and had poor acting skills.



This post was launched when Wen Run first became popular last year. At the beginning, it was that he was a “plastic surgery freak”, supported by a student from Wen Run’s former school. The blogger was probably blasted by fans, then she no longer made hate posts.



This was originally the most common roast and refutation with anti-fans, but since Jinling Terrace was broadcast, a popular Gossip page with a rhythm of doing bad things dug out this post and began to spread rumors wantonly.



Wen Run had a good popularity in the industry and he was popular with many people. With his status, he wasn’t far from many male stars of the same category.



In the past, it was impossible to find a place to start hating him. Now there was posts from gossip Weibo pages, and some anti-fans couldn’t help coming out.



The original blog was liked ten thousand times, Wen Run previously played a role where he was pretending to be ugly, they said he had plastic surgery, stiff expressions, poor acting skills.



[I was wondering why his face looked strange. Where do fans get the face to praise his beauty?]


[No wonder his expression is so stiff, his face is about to collapse, right? Please don’t blow your acting skills if you have a zombie face, it’s really embarrassing.]


[Can you bring your brain back? Passers-by aren’t blind. Do you have the sea in your brain when you take photos of people with special editing to make passersby hateful?]



[Hot comment: Are you blind? You don’t need your eyes. You can donate it to people who need it. Look at the old photos put by those people. Will he be exactly the same as now?! ]



[Those concerned about his acting skills can look at the second episode of the “Jinling Terrace” broadcast tonight before making an evaluation. Thank you.]



[if you don’t know Wen Run, you can watch the second episode of Jinling Terrace broadcast tonight and make comments. Thank you.]



The comments under the original page fought amongst themselves, the forwarding rate was rising, and the hot search ranking was constantly refreshed. When it reached its peak, “Jinling Terrace” was finally in the spotlight and broadcast on litchi satellite TV on time.





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