As soon as Ye Hansheng left, Wen Run immediately got out from under the blanket. The weather at the end of April had warmed up, covering himself with the blanket made him hot. Exhaling heavily, Wen Run rubbed his cheeks again, the heat on his face hadn’t yet receded, and he didn’t know whether it was agitation or just heat.



Embracing the thin quilt sitting at the head of the bed, Wen Run recalled what happened a few moments ago, and fell back on the bed in frustration, covering his eyes.



His performance was really too humiliating. The panic and confusion, not to mention, he couldn’t even say a full sentence, he was kissed ……



Wen Run was angry with himself for being too weak. He lost his chain at such an important time. He was also angry that Ye Hansheng’s voice suddenly changed him. He wanted to kiss him every minute, which made his brain turn to paste and he couldn’t ‘t even speak well.


He pulled the pillow angrily, and Wen Run remembered that Ye Hansheng called him “boyfriend” in a low and deep voice. That anger suddenly became sweet.



He had never thought about this before, probably because he subconsciously felt that Ye Hansheng’s position was too high, and even if he tried hard, it would be difficult to catch up with him. Never daring to imagine that there would be any possibility between them, he pressed down the palpitation in his heart and presented him as a benefactor on a high altar.



But now, after being forced by Ye Hansheng to face his feelings, he had to admit that he was actually happy and liked it.



Like suddenly winning the lottery, at first he was filled with disbelief, dizziness, bewilderment …… but when he finally digested the great news, there were wisps of sweetness and excitement coming up from the depths of his heart.



The source was incessant and screamed with delight.



He hugged the quilt, his mind was full of Ye Hansheng’s low and deep voice, and his gentle and domineering kisses …… so even though he was in bed, Wen Run really couldn’t sleep, and sat up violently.



His calf suddenly met a hard thing. Wen Run looked down and found that it was a delicate box. It seemed that Ye Hansheng brought it over, but tonight both of them were so emotional that they ended up forgetting about it.



Wen Run took the box over, curiously opened it, and found that it contained a duplicate brokerage contract.



His eyes trembled slightly, Wen Run turned over page by page, and turned to the last page, which was covered with Star Media’s bright red official seal – this was a new brokerage contract. The first contract that Wen Run signed after entering Starland was brought over by former manager Song Li. The treatment wasn’t bad, but definitely not good; later Zheng Xuan became his agent then there was another contract, treatment had been considered very good and Wen Run was satisfied.



But now, Ye Hansheng sent a third contract. The contract said that Starland would set up a studio for him, and all the staff of the studio would serve him alone. The terms of the share were completely in his favor, the lowest share in the industry that he knew, and there were other terms and conditions, all in his favor ……



If this contract was signed, Starland was going to lose money, Wen Run thought as he poked his finger at the contract.



But thinking about it, the corners of his mouth stretched into a big smile, his favorite person wanted to pave the way for him, even if he wasn’t prepared to sign this excessive contract, he still felt happy.



Wasn’t this what they called “L-ust makes wit faint”?



When he thought that the stern-faced Ye Hansheng would do such a thing for him, Wen Run pursed his lips and put the contract away again, intending to go to Ye Hansheng tomorrow to talk about the contract.



This time, he slept very deeply, even had a dream that kept him smiling.



The next day, Wen Run woke up early. After washing up and going out, Ye Hansheng was still not up, Wen Run looked at his closed room door and called the front desk first and asked the waiter to send breakfast over.



When the breakfast was delivered, Ye Hansheng was still not out. Probably because he didn’t sleep much, Ye Hansheng habitually got up early, but today Wen Run had been up for so long, yet he hadn’t moved.



Wen Run thought about it and ran over to knock on his door.



A low voice rang out, “Come in.”



Wen Run pushed open the door, peeked in half of his body, and saw that Ye Hansheng was changing clothes. He just put his shirt on, the buttons hadn’t been done, revealing a large part of his chest. Wen Run blinked and subconsciously swept over the slightly inflated pectoral muscles, with ears slightly hot, he was too embarrassed to open his eyes, “Mr. Ye, breakfast is ready.”



Surprisingly, he still called him Mr. Ye, it seemed that yesterday’s punishment was forgotten …… Ye Hansheng sighed faintly and beckoned towards him, “Come over and help me.”



Hmm? Wen Run walked over uncomprehendingly, his eyes darting around him, wondering what he needed help with.



Ye Hansheng, however, spread his hands, leaned back, and lazily said, “I can’t button it, help me.”






Wen Run was simply stunned, once again his perception of the person in front of him was refreshed, this person was clearly, being deliberate!



He reluctantly replied with a red face: “You can obviously do it …… yourself,” he obviously didn’t have a good intention.



He reached out and touched his leg, looking despondent.



Wen Run wrinkled his eyebrows, he wanted to ask how hard could it be? And buttoning was done by hand, what did it have to do with his legs?




A variety of retort words turned a circle, but in the sight of his lowered eyes, it dissipated like clouds.




Never mind …… Wen Run sighed in his heart, in the end he couldn’t see the man show such a look, he squatted down and closed the open shirt buttons one by one.



This was the first time he had done such a thing for others. Even if he was careful, his fingertips always touched the other’s skin. The warm skin seemed to be electrified. Just one careless touch could bring a string of small currents.


Ye Hansheng looked at him with his eyes down, and his straight mouth slowly curved into a happy arc.



He buttoned his shirt for him, carefully tucked in his shirt into his trousers, and then buckled his belt. Only then did he lift his eyes, “OK.”




“Thanks.” Ye Hansheng took advantage of the fact that he hadn’t yet gotten up, he reached out and brought him closer, and kissed him on the lips again, his voice containing a winning smile, “This is a thank you gift.”






Wen Run jerked up and took two steps back, like a frightened puppy, staring at him with dark, watery eyes.



The culprit, however, looked innocent and even asked, “What’s wrong?”



Wen Run puffed up in anger, this person was really bad.




“Let’s go and have breakfast.” Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair, but as if he didn’t see the angry on his face, he took his hand and walked out, as they sat at the table, Wen Run decided to forget about what just happened, then he listened as he slowly and methodically said: “Couples kissing is more than normal, you have to slowly get used to it.”




He said with a frank expression, as if kissing was as easy as eating and drinking water. Wen Run wasn’t as thick-skinned as he was, his face quickly turned red, and he refused to pay attention to him.


Ye Hansheng looked straight and sighed, he was too thin skinned. At this rate, how long would he have to endure?



After breakfast, the two went out for a walk.



Outside, the sun just came out, the forest was warm and windy, it was very pleasant.



Wen Run originally wanted to push him, but Ye Hansheng grabbed his hand first. Then he happily kneaded his soft fingers, feeling his tiny struggle, Ye Hansheng smiled and looked at him, “I’ve seen other couples holding hands as they walk, I’ve always wanted to try it.”



The subtle struggle suddenly quieted down, Wen Run uncomfortably turned away, acquiescing to his action, and deliberately slowed down his pace to match the speed of the wheelchair.



Ye Hansheng turned to look at him, deep eyes showing a gentle light.



When walking past the wooden house where Shen Muxun lived, before they got closer, he could see Guo Congfei squatting in front of the wooden house sighing, with a disheveled expression.



He had two blue bags under his eyes, he obviously didn’t sleep. Seeing Ye Hansheng and Wen Run come over, he moved to say hello, but then saw the two holding hands, immediately suffering a big blow, his expression became more sorrowful.



Looking at these two, and then thinking about what happened to him last night, Guo Congfei simply wanted to cry.



This world was so unfair!



It just so happened that at this time Shen Muxun came out, he still had a mild and serious expression, and greeted Guo Congfei normally. Seeing Wen Run and Ye Hansheng holding hands, he curiously turned to Wen Run.



Wen Run was thin-skinned and subconsciously wanted to draw back his hand, but Ye Hansheng increased the force of his grip. Wen Run could only give up, trying to pretend as if nothing happened.



Ye Hansheng was in a particularly good mood and smiled at the both of them.



Guo Congfei looked at it and felt a little sour. Thinking of what happened last night, he couldn’t help staring at Shen Muxun. He looked serious during the day but he didn’t expect that he would be such an animal at night . His eyes focused on Shen Muxun’s face. Thinking of the “beauty” he saw last night, he felt itchy.


But him acting as if nothing had happened made him a little upset. Why didn’t he sleep well all night, but this person was refreshed and didn’t seem to be affected at all?



Thinking of this, his mind reared up, last night was just a miscalculation. If he was prepared to go, he still didn’t know who would presd down who! He liked this kind of challenge.



Guo Congfei looked at Shen Muxun provocatively, and then came up to Wen Run with a smile. He looked at Wen Run up and down. “How about going for a walk in the morning?”


Wen Run was puzzled by his look but nodded, “The air here is quite good.”



Seeing that his legs and feet were stable, Guo Congfei was puzzled. He thought that something had happened since they were holding hands. Last night, nothing happened between them? Glancing at Ye Hansheng, Guo Congfei happily concluded that he wasn’t a loser. He must be able to put his partner to bed before Ye Hansheng!


As the three spoke, Shen Muxun was watching Wen Run from behind, he vaguely sensed Ye Hansheng’s intention earlier, but Ye Hansheng didn’t point it out, Wen Run also looked unenlightened, he didn’t want to make things awkward, so he didn’t deliberately mention it.



It just didn’t occur to him that just after a birthday, these two people would be so close.



He observed Wen Run’s expression and saw that he was blushing, but not reluctant and resistant, so he put his mind at ease. Since Wen Run was willing, there was no need for him to talk.



Since they ran into each other, the four of them went for a walk together, just in time to hang around for a while and go to the restaurant for lunch.



Wen Run and Ye Hansheng were in the front, the two of them interlocked their fingers and didn’t let go for a moment. Guo Congfei and Shen Muxun was in the back, the atmosphere had the smell of gu-npowder.



Of course, it was mainly from Guo Congfei.



He viciously glared at Shen Muxun, “You wait! I will get revenge sooner or later!”



Shen Muxun lightly glanced at his a-ss, “If Second young master isn’t afraid of pain, I don’t mind.”



Guo Congfei:…… fu-ck!



This person was completely shameless in broad daylight?



Grinding his teeth, Guo Congfei sneered, “In the end, it isn’t clear who’ll be pushed down.”



Shen Muxun glanced at him again. Although he didn’t say anything, Guo Congfei just felt that he was looking down on him!



His head was buzzing with anger, if he got pushed down, he’d change his surname to Shen!




The other people came out during the lunchtime meal. Lu Zhan drank too much wine last night, topped with messy hair, he haphazardly ate lunch and hurriedly ran away, saying he had things to do in the afternoon.



Xie Yupan and Chu Yu also had something to do, they ate lunch and left.



Shen Muxun followed suit and left. Finally, there was only Ye Hansheng, Wen Run and Zheng Xuan, plus a do-nothing Guo Congfei.



Guo Congfei was thinking about how to get Shen Muxun, he didn’t stay much longer and went to find his friends to get ideas. On the contrary, Wen Run had just finished the variety show recording, he could rest for two days, he temporarily wasn’t in a hurry to go.



He didn’t leave, so Ye Hansheng naturally accompanied him.



Dissatisfied, Zheng Xuan looked at them: “You two have to pay attention, even if there are no outsiders. Please keep a distance of more than one meter outside when you go back!”



He nodded to Ye Hansheng and warned: “Especially you, don’t be confident that people don’t know that you and Wen Run are involved.”



What was so great about having a partner? Do you need to let the whole world know?



As if no one has ever been in a relationship!



Ye Hansheng’s expression darkened and he stared at him with dissatisfaction, “There’s no need for you to remind me.”



Zheng Xuan spread his hands, “I’m afraid you’ll get carried away, Wen Run can’t withstand the blow of coming out now.”



Ye Hansheng coldly hummed, he didn’t want to pay attention to him. Turning to look at Wen Run, his expression softened as he asked about yesterday’s gift, “Did you see the gift?”



When he asked, Wen Run remembered this matter, nodded, and hesitantly spoy: “I looked, but isn’t it appropriate?”



The artists were the ones who made money for the company. Even if there were artists who set up a separate studio, it was also profit and loss, they were nominally affiliated with the company. But Ye Hansheng gave him a contract, but the company paid money and resources for him to set up a studio to promote him, while the money earned went into his own pocket.



Wen Run could almost think of what the company’s shareholders would think of him when they found out.



But Ye Hansheng smiled, raised his eyebrows and said proudly: “What’s not appropriate? In the future, half of the property under my name will be yours, not to mention a small brokerage contract.”





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