The other people followed his example and went to pluck the seedlings, but with Xie Yupan’s previous experience, everyone moved carefully and cautiously, trying not to pull the seedlings off again, so their speed was much slower.



When Wen Run saw that they had already started, he went to the other side of the seedlings, he used to do it before, so after plucking for a while, he got used to it and threw the seedlings into the basket.




After the others tossed around for half an hour, they got better and faster, after spending nearly two hours, the five of them pulled enough seedlings, then stacked the bundled seedlings in baskets, and the boys picked them with flat barrows to the other side of the field.



After the three boys took turns to pick the seedlings, Wen Run taught them how to throw the bundled seedlings in the paddy field. These seedlings were scattered in the paddy field to make it easier to pick up the seedlings when planting the seedlings, and to keep them alive.



After they were all done, Wen Run went and took two straight ropes, and stuck them in the field with tree branches at both ends to make a straight line.




The distance between the seedlings was very important, and they had to be inserted neatly in rows, many skilled farmers could insert them straight without pulling the ropes, but now for Xie Yupan and others, it was more practical to pull the ropes.




“Why pull the string? To insert along the rope?” Xie Yupan had already started getting pleasure from it, she stepped around in the water field with bare feet, looking at the seedlings thrown in the water field with excitement. It was as if she had already seen the sight of the bumper harvest of these seedlings.




“Hmm.” Wen Run picked up a bundle of seedlings to demonstrate, “Two to three plants a plug, holding the seedlings with four fingers facing up and thumbs facing down.” He showed them his hand holding the seedlings, “Hold them almost to this position. The spacing is just like the seedlings I planted.” After he finished, he grabbed the seedlings with his left hand and planted the seedlings with his right hand as fast as he could while his feet were still backing up, in a few minutes, a row of neat and tender green seedlings had been planted where he walked.



When others saw how well he was doing, they were too embarrassed to let Wen Run work alone, so they took the seedlings nearby and planted the seedlings as he did.




Because it was their first time, although they were dirty and tired, the guests’ enthusiasm was quite high, especially because there was an almost all-rounded Wen Run in front of them, no one wanted to drag their feet, so they all worked quite hard.



The morning passed in the midst of the guests laughing, joking and busily planting rice seedlings, and when the sun rose to the middle, Wen Run looked at the results. The rice seedlings in the paddy field were green and lush, although some of them were planted crookedly, but at least they looked good and their growth wasn’t affected.




The five of them went back happily, they were tired, but after planting the rice seedlings and seeing the green field, they felt a great sense of accomplishment. On the way back, they passed by the pond and washed the mud off their hands and feet. The water quality in this area was quite good, whether it was a pond or a small river, the water was clear to the bottom.



The sun wasn’t hot in April, the sky was blue and clear, surrounded by endless rice paddies, they weren’t in a hurry to go back, they simply relaxed and tried to skip stones on the water. Anyway, they were done planting in the fields for today, they didn’t mind sitting on the ground since they were already dirty.



Xie Yupan sat on the edge, bare feet dangling in the clear water, she stared at the water for a while, then she encouraged Qu Haowen to start fishing, “or can we come fishing in the afternoon? In this weather, won’t it be good to eat pickled fish, lemon fish, chopped pepper fish …… and eat hotpot during the evening sunset, that’ll be too beautiful.”




Qu Haowen squatted at the water’s edge, he ignored her as he frowned and washing his hands in earnest.



Instead, Zhang Lu suddenly bellowed, “Is there a crawfish there!!!?”




Xie Yupan instantly stood up and went over, “Where?”




Zhang Lu had sharp eyes and quickly pointed to the other side, “There, lying on the side!”



A group of people all followed the direction of his finger, and saw a small pond edge under the water grass, a large pincer dark red crayfish laid quietly there, only two tentacles moving around.



“There’s one there too!” Cai Wenyan pointed to another place not far away.




Xie Yupan’s eyes glowed, “There’s no need for fish, why not eat crayfish instead?”



April and May was crawfish season, large crawfish meat, whether it was spicy or garlic, the taste was special! Very! Great!




Others apparently also recalled the deliciousness of crawfish, they turned their heads to look at Wen Run, although no one spoke, their expressions were very clear.



They wanted to eat crawfish.



Wen Run thought about it for a moment, “First go back and ask the village whether there is a cage, if not, then we can try catching them by ourselves.”



Xie Yupan was a foodie, when it came to food, she was always the first to move, so this time she was the first to speak: “I’ll go ask.”




They stopped playing with the water, and the backache they felt disappeared. They quickly walked back to the village and went to find the villagers to borrow cages. The cage was a kind of net-like cage with iron bars, they just needed to put bait in the cage and throw it into the water, it was generally used to trap loaches and eels.




Crayfish cages could be larger, but this village didn’t specialize in breeding crayfish, so naturally there was no such large cage. Several people asked a few families one by one, then they finally borrowed relatively large cages. In exchange, when they caught crayfish, they’d give the owners some.




The guests returned to the courtyard with the cages in their arms, and Wen Run picked up chicken guts and a bit of fresh meat from yesterday’s leftover ingredients, then took the cage to the field. Xie Yupan was still thinking about the small pond just now, and when she saw that Wen Run was going in the wrong direction, she wondered, “You’re not going back to the pond?”




Wen Run replied, “There will be more crayfish in the ditch.”



There were many ditches used for irrigation in the field, and it was just a meter wide, so the water wouldn’t be very deep, the bottom and the side had a lot of water plants, crayfish preferred such an environment. He picked a ditch and placed the cage with bait into the ditch, leaving the end of the rope tied to the bamboo brought and inserted into the soil.



“That’s all?” Xie Yupan rubbed her hands, “How long do we wait here?”




Wen Run looked at her, she always gave him a headache, “How can it be that fast, the soonest we can wait is in the afternoon, or overnight, probably a little more.”




The others were instantly disappointed, “Wait for so long? Then we won’t be able to eat it today?”




“We need to go back and prepare lunch, and then I’ll take you to the pond to fish after lunch.” Wen Run used to play a lot, so he wasn’t so eager anymore, he pulled up Xie Yupan who tried to squat at the ditch, “Fishing for crayfish by yourself is more fun than squatting here to guard the cage.”




Cai Wenyan laughed and helped drag her up, “Let’s go, let’s go, go back and eat lunch.”




They went back and ate a simple lunch, Wen Run took a machete to cut a few bamboo, a dollar coin thick bamboo, cut off the excess branches and leaves, leaving more than half a meter long, and then open a small opening in the end of the tied rope, stuck in some rope to prevent slippage, creating a simple fishing rod.




One person got a bamboo pole, Wen Run divided the bait, while the others picked up a small bench, shrimp buckets and so on, then they excitedly walked to the pond.



Crawfish fishing was much easier than fishing, they weren’t smart, as long as it caught the bait, it wouldn’t easily let go, so it was easy to pull it up.



In front of food, the human potential was unlimited. There was almost no need for Wen Run to teach them, the guests quickly learned how to fish. Each picked a good place, squatted and fished for crayfish.



It was afternoon, and no one went to the villagers to work, the boys weren’t afraid of the sun, but the girls were still cautious, Xie Yupan and Cai Wenyan brought sunscreen and umbrellas.




At first, they weren’t afraid of the trouble of holding the umbrella, but after losing a few crayfish, Xie Yupan got impatient, after frantically applying the sunscreen once, the umbrella thrown to the side, she concentrated on fishing. Cai Wenyan saw her throw the umbrella and quickly did the same.




Five people squatted from noon to evening, resisting the sun and mosquitoes, it was enough to catch half a bucket of crayfish.




Wen Run weighed it, “Four or five pounds is there, it should be enough to eat a meal.”




Xie Yupan slapped a mosquito to death, and posed heroically: “It’s not in vain that I was stung by mosquitoes.”



“Let’s go back and eat crawfish!”



Zhang Lu carried a bucket full of crayfish, and went back to the small yard with a smile on his face. However, when it came to dealing with the crawfish, everyone was dumbfounded, after all, they only knew how to be responsible for eating, who knew that handling the crawfish would be so troublesome.




Wen Run gave them a brush, they were responsible for brushing, they brushed the crawfish and cut its head. So after a lot of tossing and turning, by the time two big plates of crayfish fell into the pot, it was already low in the night.




They had all gotten hungry, now looking at red crayfish and smelling the spicy flavor, they exclaimed in unison.




In the cool of the night, the three boys moved the table to the courtyard. Five chairs were placed on the side and the small orange lights in the courtyard were turned on. Then they put the hot and fragrant plates of crawfish in the middle, there was no wine, but the program prepared juice. They took their seats and raised their glasses, “To crayfish!”



The second night of the recording program was a night filled with the aroma of spicy crawfish.




The guests, who had a great meal, rested very well that night, and the next morning when they went out to the fields, there was laughter all the way. With the previous day’s experience, this time the guests had changed into short-sleeved shorts flip-flops, they all looked carefree as they went down to the field, and from time to time they secretly smeared mud on each other.




Anyway, no one knew who started it, after planting the seedlings in the field, all five of them were dirty and more miserable looking than yesterday.




Because proficiency had come up, it was only eleven o’clock when they finished planting rice seedlings this morning. The guests ran to the place where the cages were lowered yesterday, and together they dragged the long cages up from the ditch.




In the blue-green grid of the cage, many crayfish were struggling and crawling inside, interspersed with many loaches and eels.




Xie Yupan was so happy, “So many!”




Zhang Lu said, “This can serve as two meals, right?”




Wen Run also looked at it, it was quite a lot, it seemed like no one had fished in this ditch, coupled with good water quality and abundant grass, they were able to catch so many after a night.



“And a third out.” Qu Haowen coolly reminded them.




“Right.” Cai Wenyan said, “We have to pay for borrowing the cages eh.”




But even if they had to divide it up, the rest of it was enough for them to have a feast. The guests excitedly went back with the buckets and cages filled with water. After returning to the village, they first went to pay for the cages, and discussed the continued borrowing of cages before going back to prepare lunch.




Xie Yupan looked at the full bucket and thought about the future, “This is the idyllic life I want.”




Every day there was good food, life was really good.



However a red FLAG was set up, as they just arrived home, the phone in the living room rang, several people look at each other, remembering the sudden visit of the guests the last time, they were dominated by fear.



This living room phone rang a total of two times. The last time it rang there were three guests, and they tossed and turned for days to get a table together.




And this time ……




Wen Run went forward and pressed the speakerphone, and listened as the male voice on the other side enthusiastically spoke: “Hello, I am the representative of the ‘guests’ this time, two days later I will arrive at the farmhouse with three other guests, all guests should prepare a good meal to entertain us… blah blah blah blah …” he said a bunch of words: “Well, in fact, the above is nonsense, the order is the focus. I heard that your crawfish is very fragrant, then I will first order a cassoulet crawfish, spicy flavor and garlic flavor both ……”




After he ordered, the other three people ordered three more dishes each, a total of twelve dishes.




Wen Run listened, he felt that two or three people were very familiar, but the guests’ voices were disguised, so he wasn’t sure if he knew them.




The guests finished their orders and finally hung up the phone.




Xie Yupan said angrily, “The director must have done it! He’s not happy that we’re having a good time!”



Zhang Lu echoed, “If they can’t eat, they want us to not eat either!”




Several people emotionally dissed the director, after a unanimous decision, they couldn’t let the director’s plot to succeed, today’s bucket of crayfish, they had to eat it. Eat enough to calm the hatred in their hearts!



So …… this bucket of crayfish fell all into the stomach of the guests again.




Instead, the accidentally caught loach and eels were raised. They were ready to catch two more days of crayfish, and sell some in the morning market. The money from the sale could be used to buy food.



In order to welcome the sudden arrival of guests, the five had a small meeting again that night. It was decided that Zhang Lu and Cai Wenyan would be responsible for catching the crayfish and selling at the morning market, while the remaining three would be responsible for planting rice seedlings in the morning.




After settling on a plan, that night, Zhang Lu and Cai Wenyan went to borrow two more cages, put the bait and then put the cages into the ditch.




The next morning, Wen Run took Xie Yupan and Qu Haowen to the field, while Zhang Lu and Cai Wenyan collected crayfish and went to the morning market with a small tricycle to sell them, and then bought back the ingredients needed.




After working for two days. The four guests arrived as promised.




Xie Yupan fiercely glared at Chu Yu, “You came to grab crawfish with me?




With a cold expression, Chu Yu pointed to Guo Congfei, not hesitating to betray him, “It wasn’t me, it’s him.”



Guo Congfei squeezed his eyebrows at Wen Run, and said joyfully, “Surprise. Are you surprised?”




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