Wen Run half squatted on the ground, and leaned forward, he was held by Ye Hansheng quite hard, he was able to hold back his shyness at first to comfort Ye Hansheng, but Ye Hansheng kept holding him, five minutes passed, ten minutes passed …… twenty minutes passed, he was still holding him. Wen Run finally couldn’t resist anymore, the hand patting and caressing him changed to pushing,: “Mr. Ye …… my legs are numb, are you okay now?”



“……” Ye Hansheng of course didn’t want to stop, but once he heard Wen Run’s legs were numb, he hurriedly let go of him, but since Wen Run maintained his posture for too long, after being released, his weight was unstable, so he fell to the ground.



He felt numb as if ants were gnawing on his legs, it itched, but Wen Run didn’t dare to move, he could only maintain his posture and wait for the numbness to pass. Ye Hansheng saw him sitting on the ground, he wanted to laugh but didn’t want him to be embarrassed, so he quietly held back.



“Sorry, I lost track of time.” Ye Hansheng coughed lightly, he leaned over to help him up, but Wen Run’s legs were still numb, a tiny move aggravated the feeling of numbness, he couldn’t stand, so his body rested on Ye Hansheng, more intimate than their previous position.



Wen Run was embarrassed to death, he subconsciously grabbed his fingers then jerked loose: “You, you, let go of me, I’ll sit for a while.”



“The floor is cold, I’ll carry you to the sofa.” Ye Hansheng didn’t listen at all, he couldn’t let go of such a good opportunity, so he immediately grabbed his waist, picked him up and drove the wheelchair to carry him to the living room, then carefully placed him on the sofa.



The numbness of Wen Run’s legs had mostly passed, but with this sudden move, his whole face turned red, his heart was beating so fast that he feared it would pop out. He tried to sit a little farther away from Ye Hansheng and stammered out, “Thank you, thank you Mr. Ye, I, I’m already well, it isn’t numb ……”



He lowered his eyes and didn’t dare to look at Ye Hansheng, naturally he didn’t notice the quick smile that appeared on Ye Hansheng’s face.



“It’s good that it’s better, if it’s still hard to feel, I’ll rub it for you.” Ye Hansheng calmly replied.



Did Wen Run dare to let him rub his legs? He quickly shook his head like a rattle. Seeing that he quickly refused, Ye Hansheng felt a little unwilling. He sighed faintly, “Thank you, some words have been in my heart for a long time, and I feels much easier after talking about it.”



Wen Run looked up at him and saw that he lowered his eyes, his expression wasn’t as cold and hard as usual, it held an indefinable despondency, his heart suddenly softened a little. Even the shyness and refusal just now were left behind, he couldn’t help but move towards Ye Hansheng’s side and said gently and seriously, “If Mr. Ye doesn’t mind, you can talk to me in the future, I’ll keep it a secret.”



“Okay.” Ye Hansheng seemed to be comforted by him and warmly smiled at him.



Wen Run thought of his actions just now, and in his heart, he condemned himself a little. It wasn’t a big deal for two men to hold each other. It was just that he thought too much.



After thinking about it, he stopped being shy, and remembered what he was going to say to Ye Hansheng earlier.



“Mr. Ye, do you often have insomnia?”



Ye Hansheng replied: “It’s much better now, I just sleep shallowly, it’s usually a short nap.”


“My mother used to get headaches often, she also couldn’t sleep, she used Chinese medicine and a set of massage techniques, the effect wasn’t bad.” Wen Run looked at him apprehensively, “If you don’t mind, I can try it?”



Several children of the Wen family knew this massage techniques. At first, it was Wen Run who learned it. He learnt fast, he knew his mother couldn’t sleep most nights, and she couldn’t overuse sleeping pills, it happened that the county had an old Chinese doctor with a good reputation, he took advantage of the holiday to go to the old Chinese doctor’s pharmacy, he begged him to teach him a set of massage techniques. Originally he just wanted to try, he didn’t expect to learn, but after practicing on Mother Wen a few times, the effect was good, so he taught to his sister and two brothers, when he wasn’t home, the others could help.



Although Ye Hansheng and his mother’s cause of illness was different, since it was a sleeping problem, it should be more or less effective, right? Wen Run thought so, so he mentioned it, anyway, trying it wouldn’t hurt. He was just afraid that Ye Hansheng would resist.



Sure enough, when Ye Hansheng heard his proposal, he was silent for a while, his expression also changed several times, after a moment, Wen Run heard him reply: “Okay.”




That was fine. Wen Run instantly became happy and smiled, “Then take a bath first, I’ll go prepare something and come over later.”



Ye Hansheng then looked at him with a complicated expression as he opened the door and went out.



God knew how tempting this offer was to him. He couldn’t refuse, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to resist doing something during the massage, destroying the increasingly intimate relationship between them. After battling with himself for a while, in the end, he couldn’t refuse.



Entering the bathroom, Ye Hansheng carefully showered and changed into soft and comfortable pajamas, then he couldn’t resist looking in the mirror. He had always liked dark colors, the pajamas were also ink blue, he stared at him in the mirror for a while, the more he looked, the more he felt that the person in the mirror was too old. He recalled the clothes that Wen Run had worn, it was mostly in light colors. Then he guessed that he liked lively colors.



Next time, he’d get a few sets of light-colored clothes, Ye Hansheng thought, and took out a bottle of men’s perfume from the cabinet by the sink, frowned and sprayed it twice on himself. After spraying, he felt that the scent was too heavy, and it seemed too deliberate. He went to the balcony and opened the window to disperse the scent. When the rich scent dispersed and only the light fragrance was left, he returned to the room in satisfaction.



Wen Run went back to prepare the essential oil and aromatherapy machine. He had the relaxing essential oil at home, sometimes after working too much, he would also have slight insomnia, then he would use a little essential oil to help him sleep.



Everything was ready, when Wen Run carried it over, he saw Ye Hansheng already half leaning on the bed. Perhaps the psychological construction he did for himself earlier worked, or Ye Hansheng’s posture was too relaxed, Wen Run was only nervous at first, then he quickly relaxed.



He smiled at Ye Hansheng, put the aromatherapy machine on the bedside table on the inside, and then gently dropped in the essential oil, everything was ready: “Okay, Mr. Ye, lie down, I’ll give you a massage. Where you feel uncomfortable, you have to mention it.”



Ye Hansheng calmly hummed, then he placed the pillow flat on the bed, propped up his body with his arms and moved down, then folded his hands on his lower abdomen and laid flat on the bed.



“Close your eyes, relax a little, don’t think about anything.” Wen Run said in a warm voice.



Ye Hansheng did as he was told, the room lights had been dimmed by Wen Yun, he closed his eyes, he could only vaguely see Wen Run standing by  the bed, the room gradually filled with a fresh sweet fragrance, he didn’t know what it was, but the fragrance was sweet, but it didn’t feel cloying,, it was very comfortable.



A pair of soft, warm hands, gently fell on his head, his thumbs gently pressed both sides of his temples, the other fingers pressed on the top of his head, the strength was very moderate, it wasn’t too light or too heavy, it was a comfortable pressure.



Ye Hansheng’s mind were filled with charming thoughts, in the room full of sweet fragrance and a comfortable massage, his tense nerves subconsciously relaxed, Ye Hansheng even began to feel a little sleepy, it was now just 10 o’clock, he’d never slept this early since the accident, but he didn’t know if the massage worked, or if it was just because the person massaging him was him.



The bedroom was very quiet, Wen Run didn’t make a sound, Ye Hansheng could only hear his shallow breathing, this feeling of comfort easily removed his last defense, as his mind relaxed, the sleepiness came in a rush.



Wen Run had been observing him, seeing his body relax and his breathing also calmed down, he knew he had fallen asleep. When he massaged his mother, she acted similarly, as Ye Hansheng fell asleep, his hand movements didn’t stop. He still gently massaged him, until the sleeping man looked more peaceful, he glanced at the time, and looked at the soft expression on the sleeping  Ye Hansheng, he smiled and gently stopped, the last ray of light also extinguished, and then he felt around the darkness to exit the room.



After closing the door behind him, Wen Run looked back, thinking about the person who was separated by a door, his expression softened.



It seems that his method was useful.



He went into the kitchen, and saw that the tableware they used hadn’t been washed. Ye Hansheng had asked the nanny come to clean up tomorrow, but Wen Run couldn’t leave it like that, he went to the kitchen to clean up before returning to his home.



This night his mood was different, his heart was beating fast, as if something was about to overflow. Wen Run laid in bed and hugged the soft pillow, he could finally do something to help Mr. Ye.



That night, Ye Hansheng and Wen Run, both had a good sleep.



When he got up the next day, Ye Hansheng was more relaxed than ever. He didn’t dream or wake up i the middle of the night, he slept peacefully until the morning. When he went to the company, he still had a lingering smile on his face.



And Wen Run was also in a good mood, his ideas were also unusually smooth, he finally thought of a new way to perform Wei He’s assignment, he recorded a good video and sent it to Wei Ye, then he grabbed the fruit on the coffee table, while eating it, he used his computer to check leg care methods.



Yesterday Chen Zhen’s words gave him some ideas. Ye Hansheng didn’t want people to touch his legs, unfamiliar people made him resistant, maybe he had an escaping mentality towards his injured legs, he didn’t want people to see his defects. But no matter what, he couldn’t the problems,



It was a good thing that he lived close, and was familiar with Ye Hansheng, he wanted to move step by step so that Ye Hansheng could receive help. It’d start from the head massage, after he got accustomed to it, then he’d slowly offer to massage his legs, then he shouldn’t be so resistant. When he was used to his massage, letting a trained specialist take over would be easier.



The thought that he could help made Wen Run a little excited, and he grabbed the fruit and put it in his mouth, burying his head in his serious notes.




Wen Run had a full day at home, and in the evening, guessing that Ye Hansheng would be off work, he took out his phone and sent him a message asking him how he had slept last night.



Ye Hansheng naturally slept well and replied that his massage method was very useful.



Wen Run’s cheeks were red with joy, and he typed quickly: [Then let’s continue tonight?]



Ye Hansheng certainly wouldn’t refuse.



With Wen Run’s bedtime massage, Ye Hansheng slept well for a few days, but unfortunately, he only enjoyed it for a few days before Wen Run came to say goodbye to him, the first phase of the second season of “Planting” was going to start recording and he needed to enter the group.



Although he knew that Wen Run couldn’t keep watch over him every day, Ye Hansheng was still very upset when he heard it.



When Wen Run saw that he wasn’t in a good mood, he thought he was afraid of not sleeping well, so he comforted him, “I left the essential oil behind, if you use a little bit every night, the effect is also very good.”






He rambled instructions, at first Ye Hansheng was a little unhappy, but as he listened, to the corners of his mouth curled up, he felt that this scene was like a little wife that worried about her home before her husband left , and was giving her husband’s earnest advice.



“Okay, I remember everything.”



The rambling Wen Run stopped talking and looked at him, Ye Hansheng seriously nodded in response, and seeing him tilt his head and stare at him, he couldn’t help but reach out his hand and rub the top of his head, then he tenderly said: “When you’re out, take care of yourself too.”



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