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Wen Run originally thought that Guo Congfei had long forgotten about this, after all, he said he would go back to the hotel and send the script, but then there had been no response. Wen Run thought he was just talking about it.

        He didn’t expect him to remember, and also specifically come over because of it. Wen Run flipped open the script and looked at it roughly, and found that it was a modern criminal|detective case drama and it had two male leads. The first male lead was a detective, after graduating from the police academy, he started fighting on the front line, he was less than 30 years old when he became the captain of the criminal police brigade. The second male lead was a gang leader, handsome and cunning, and the cases pursued by the first male lead were all inextricably linked with the second male lead. The number of scenes of the first and second male leads were similar, and there were quite a few face offs. With the work of the first male lead, the identity of the second male lead was gradually exposed, and an old case involving them was solved …

        The end of the story was: the gang was dismantled, the hidden head of the organization went to jail, and the young captain died in the line of duty, the identity of the second male lead as an undercover agent was revealed, so he sent the first male lead on a journey as a teammate.

        The story was tightly paced, and the case was also treacherous and intriguing, it was indeed a good script. And the male character’s image was indeed very close to Shen Muxun. Shen Muxun was tall, he had a well defined face and was really masculine, he completely had the silent, down-to-earth and reliable image of the chief of the criminal investigation team. Wen Run thought Guo Congfei’s vision wasn’t bad.

       However, what Wen Run didn’t know was that in order to find a male lead role suitable for Shen Muxun’s image, Guo Congfei was stuck in his brother’s office for two whole days, Brother Guo was worn out by him, in the end he used his connections to get such a script.

        “I’ll give Shen Muxun a call and see when he has time.”

        Wen Run thought the script looked quite reliable, Shen Muxun would probably be interested, so he went to the balcony to call Shen Muxun.

        Unfortunately, Shen Muxun had gone for an event and wasn’t in B City.

        “I’ll be back the morning after tomorrow, I’m free in the afternoon.” Shen Muxun wasn’t a person who didn’t know what was good or bad, he trusted Wen Run’s vision, since he said he would be interested, he didn’t mind going to see.

Wen Run agreed, “Then I’ll arrange the place, and let you know when it’s booked.”

    As he hung up the phone, Guo Congfei walked over to him, “Done?”

       “Yes.” Wen Run said, “He’s not in B City, he’ll be back the day after tomorrow, let’s do it in the afternoon.”

Guo Congfei was pleased. “Then I’ll arrange the place. If it’s good, I’ll invite him to eat at …!” Suddenly realizing that he almost made a mistake, Guo Congfei hurried back to remedy it. “What does Shen Muxun like? Does he have any taboos?”

      Wen Run didn’t listen clearly to his previous words, he pondered for a moment: “He isn’t picky, he likes spicy food.”

        Relieved and happy, Guo Congfei eagerly replied, “Okay, then I’ll go back first, see you the day after tomorrow.”

        On the day of the three-person meal, Guo Congfei got ready early and went to the restaurant box and waited. Because Shen Muxun liked spicy food, he specially booked a Hunan restaurant.

        Wen Run was the second to arrive, he wore regular clothes, with a sunglass and mask covering his face tightly. Shen Muxun was few steps behind him with the same disguise, he entered the private room before taking off the disguise. The three were seated, as the middleman, Wen Run introduced both of them to each other.

        Shen Muxun nodded slightly, extended his right hand and smiled: “Second young master, it’s nice to meet you.”

        Guo Congfei’s eyes boldly surveyed him with satisfaction. Shen Muxun was wearing a simple style shirt and pants today, his shirt was really buttoned up to the top one, just a little below his throat. The straight shirt sleeves were pinned with two black jewel cuffs, he wore a simple wristwatch on his left wrist, just like his personality, low-key and stable.

       Even his outstretched hand was thin, but long and strong.

        Guo Congfei reached out to shake his hand and found that his skin tone was slightly darker than his own, but not dark. The more he looked, the more he felt that this man was to his liking, he looked like he was strong enough in bed.

Shen Muxun raised his eyes to look at him, Guo Congfei didn’t try to hide his  interest. Seeing Guo Congfei’s gaze, he didn’t panic, instead he revealed a charming smile.

        Shen Muxun withdrew his gaze and flipped through the script in his hand. Wen Run was right, the script was interesting to him, it was a pity that the man ……

        He pondered slightly, then asked: “When will the shooting start?”

        Guo Congfei eagerly responded: “The shooting officially starts at the end of June, there should be no conflict with your schedule.”

        Shen Muxun raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at him with a smile, “How does second young master know my schedule?”

Guo Congfei heatedly smiled at him, “I naturally have a way.”

        Shen Muxun put the script on the table and said lightly: “Unfortunately, second young master’s informant may have gotten something wrong, I took another drama for June.”

        Guo Congfei frowned, his thin lips pursed in annoyance, he had deliberately inquired, Shen Muxun was free on June. Was it true that his news was wrong?

        “Actually, it doesn’t have to be June.” Guo Congfei smiled again and pushed the script to his side, “Time isn’t a problem, as long as you are willing to take it, when it’s convenient for you, we will start shooting.”

        Shen Muxun didn’t expect him person to be so thick-skinned, and he didn’t understand the euphemism, so he could only make it clear, said gently but firmly, “I really can’t make a commitment, so you should find someone else.”

        But Guo Congfei shed all pretenses and acted like a scoundrel, “No, no one is more suitable than you.”

      Their conversation looked harmonious on the surface but a dark tide was raging. Shen Muxun could see his small mind, he was probably a naive young master, but he also didn’t want to offend him, so he could only say his schedule was full, he just hoped that he was sensible enough to back out.

        But apparently Guo Congfei wasn’t a person who knew how to retreat, it was rare for him to meet a man that was his type.

        As the two of them spoke with hidden meanings, Wen Run had gotten lost in his thoughts – his mind was completely attracted to the people outside the window!

        The box they were in was on the second floor, and next to Wen Run was a huge one-way floor-to-ceiling window. The view was very good, he could clearly see the people downstairs.

        A black Rolls Royce was parked across the street from the restaurant. The handsome man turned his wheelchair to get down from the modified back seat, and then he turned to the passenger side, opened the door and backed up slightly, and an elegant and beautiful lady got down from the passenger seat.

        Wen Run watched with unblinking eyes and saw that Ye Hansheng, who had always been indifferent, actually smiled at the lady, who also leaned down slightly and said something to him with a smile. Then, she pushed Ye Hansheng into the opposite building.

        Wen Run had never seen Ye Hansheng so pleasant to anyone. As he stared at them, his soul was about to drift away. In his head, he was  guessing who that person was, a friend or a partner? Or was he dating someone?

Yes, Ye Hansheng wasn’t young, although his legs were disabled, it wasn’t a big deduction for him, he had money and power and he was good-looking, it was normal for him to have a dating partner.

        Wen Run reluctantly retracted his gaze. Guo Congfei and Shen Muxun’s discussion wasn’t very pleasant, after the meal ended, the three people left with different thoughts.

        After going back, Wen Run’s brain still circled around Ye Hansheng’s smile, that smile wasn’t defensive and detached, but an intimate smile. Wen Run had only seen it a few times when he was in a very good mood.

        That lady and Ye Hansheng’s relationship must be very close,…… Wen Run hugged a pillow as he curled up in the sofa, somehow his heart suddenly felt a bit stuffy.

        And just as Wen Run was thinking, Ye Hansheng was in Chen Zhen’s studio. His body relaxed into the soft fabric sofa, a cup of half-drunk warm honey water was placed on the coffee table in front of him.

        Chen Zhen sat on her side of the sofa, asking and recording his current condition in a soothing tone.

        “How’s the sleep situation lately? Do you still have insomnia?”

        “No, I can sleep for three or four hours.”

        Chen Zhen looked at him in surprise, the man was leaning into the sofa, his eyes were half closed, this was the first time he looked relaxed. She then made an extra note and continued to ask: “Emotional stability? Have you lost control recently? How long did it last?”

        “I lost control once on New Year’s Eve, and it lasted a day and a night.”

        “Did you take any medication?”


        “Was there any physical pain associated with the emotional outburst?”


        Chen Zhen listened, looking more and more surprised, she quickly made notes on the medical record book as she asked: “Did you recently encounter something good? You’re in good shape. If you can keep it up, you don’t have to rely on medication to control yourself anymore.”

        Ye Hansheng’s condition was complicated, he was seriously injured in a car accident, his body was already suffering, and because of what happened to his mother and sister, he hated the Ye family, he was also under a lot of mental stress. What was worse was that later Ye Maokai sent him to a mental hospital. Ye Hansheng stayed there for a long time, and was even forced to receive medication, psychotropic drugs that more or less left residual effects …… With all the factors combined, when he was picked up by Zheng Xuan from the mental hospital, his emotions were unstable and his mental condition was very bad.

Sleepless nights were usual, his injured legs would often feel pain, but not physical pain, but psychological pain caused by hallucinations. The hallucinations made him unable to distinguish between illusion and reality sometimes, often for no reason at all, he became angry, when Zheng Xuan made arrangements for his apartment, he didn’t dare to put many things, the tables, chairs and benches were all solid wood smash-resistant …… During the most serious times, he didn’t know when he hurt himself.

        When Zheng Xuan brought him to see Chen Zhen, he was completely unrecognisable. It took her six months to get Ye Hansheng to be willing to communicate with her at that time. It took another six months to convince him to get back on his feet and start receiving treatment.

        At that time, Ye Hansheng was bent on revenge and also began to actively receive psychological counselling. He was an extremely strong-willed person, after deciding to pull himself together, he was soon able to control his emotions in front of people, apart from his more gloomy, cold and hostile aura, outsiders could hardly tell the difference.

       But only Chen Zhen knew that he wasn’t different. He was just better at disguising, and better at compressing negative emotions together. Occasionally, when he couldn’t control outbursts, he relied on dr*gs to force himself to calm down.

        It was like piling up a bunch of untimely bombs together and wrapping them up in a pretty gift box, which looked gorgeous on the outside but would explode at any time.

        Ye Hansheng was arguably the most difficult patient she had come across in all her years of practice. His illness was a special case, she had studied many similar cases over the years, trying to help him come out of the past, but with little success. Ye Hansheng had always been honest and active with her, but never repentant.

        If it weren’t for her friendship with Mother Gu, she definitely wouldn’t have spent so much energy on such a patient.

        But now, it seemed that Ye Hansheng was finally willing to come out. She observed Ye Hansheng’s expression and saw that he was  smiling lightly, “Yes, I met a very lovely person, he is very warm, I’m very relaxed around him.”

        Chen Zhen was somewhat relieved, “This is a good thing, you can spend more time with him, being emotionally relaxed is also good for your condition.”

        Ye Hansheng gave a low “hmm”, with a light smile still on his face.

Chen Zhen saw this scene, she hesitated for a moment, and finally asked: “At the risk of asking, is this friend of yours …… male or female? In your case, I don’t recommend that you rely too heavily on your partner. You should be clear about your situation, if you are too dependent on the other person, it will be very painful if you separate later. It isn’t conducive to your recovery.”

        His half-closed eyes opened abruptly, Ye Hansheng’s expression became gloomy and he said firmly, “There is no way he will leave me!”

        Sure enough…… Chen Zhen sighed darkly and tried to persuade him, “You should know that no relationship can be maintained forever. It seems that my estimation of your condition was still too optimistic.”

        What she wanted to say was that even the two people who loved each other the most could become strangers for various reasons. In Ye Hansheng’s case, she was afraid that in case the other chose to separate, it would be a big blow to Ye Hansheng. But she didn’t dare to say it directly, she could only politely remind him.

       Ye Hansheng was smiling, but he looked hostile, “As long as I don’t die, we will never separate. The situation you’re worried about won’t happen either.”

        Chen Zhen frowned and looked at him worriedly. She didn’t respond because she knew he wouldn’t listen.

       He was already caught up in it.

        Chen Zhen didn’t want to bring up this topic again and stimulate his emotions, she could only give him another cup of honey water, she smiled and changed the topic, “How is Jiajia doing lately? I heard that Ye Maokai has found a doctor and wants to send her out of the country for treatment.”

        The hostility between Ye Hansheng’s eyebrows finally dissipated a little: “Her condition isn’t bad, Ye Maokai also found Dr. Bruce, but I cut him off in advance, now the doctor is probably busy with another patient. He’s not in the mood to care about the requirements of the Ye family. And now I don’t feel comfortable letting Jiajia go abroad alone.”

        Of course he would find a way to cure Jiajia’s illness, but he would never let Ye Maokai or the Ye family interfere. Ye Maokai thinking that curing Jiajia would absolve his guilt of what he did to them, was simply a fool’s dream. The debt owed by Ye Maokai could never be paid off in this life.

       Chen Zhen: “If you can’t get away, I can go and stay with her. If Jiajia really wakes up, she’ll also need a period of psychological counseling to adapt.” After all, recovery was a very painful process.

        Ye Hansheng smiled, “You’ll have to talk to Zheng Xuan about this. But for the time being, it shouldn’t be so fast, I want to completely remove this hidden problem of the Ye family, and then accompany Jiajia to go abroad.”

        “That’s good.” Chen Zhen spread her hands, “If Jiajia wakes up, the person she’ll want to see the most is you.”


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