Xie Yupan rushed towards Wen Run rushed, the cameraman panted as he  carried the camera behind her.

        “Don’t move.” Wen Run was alert and pointed his gun at her.

        Xie Yupan reluctantly stopped in her tracks, her eyes fell over him to the grilled fish, and then looked at him with an expression full of grief, “Xiao Wen Run, I’m not your little cutie anymore?”

[TN: Xiao— Little]

        Wen Run very coldly raised his chin and reminded her, “We are now enemies, either you die or I die.”

        “Okay!” Xie Yupan’s eyes were fierce, she picked up the gun she was carrying behind her, and threw it to the ground without mercy, “Well, now I’m a prisoner, you can’t mistreat a POW!”

[TN: POW— Prisoner of War]

        Wen Run was dumbfounded, he didn’t know it could be done this way, he  cautiously took her gun over, unloaded the bullets, thought about it and returned the empty gun to her.

Xie Yupan rubbed her hands and squatted down by the fire, salivating at the charred fish that had been roasted. Wen Run took off one, wrapped in clean leaves and handed it to her, “The fish is not gutted, just eat the outer layer.”

        She was really hungry, being ordered to lose weight by the agent was painful enough, but participating in a variety show, walking so far and not being given food, was simply miserable.

        At that moment she couldn’t care about it being hot, she blew on it while chewing then let out a satisfied sigh: “Delicious.”

        Wen Run also ate another bite, the surface of the fish was crispy, the meat inside was tender, it didn’t have much bones, although he didn’t put seasoning, it wasn’t too fishy, it was estimated that the quality of the stream was good, so the taste wasn’t bad.

        Xie Yupan quickly ate hers then liked her lips. Her eyes turned to the fishes in the stream, she eagerly discussed with Wen Run, “I’ll go catch a few more, make it for me OK?”

Wen Run pondered for a moment and nodded, “But you have to promise me one condition.”

        “What condition?”

        Wen Run thought about it, waved at her, and muttered for a while. Xie Yupan first looked at him with a “how do you do this?” expression, then frowned with some hesitation, she hesitated for a long time, before she clenched her teeth: “Deal!”

        Wen Run said with a smile, “How many more do you want to eat?”

        Xie Yupan stretched out three fingers.

        The fishes in the stream, although the meat was good, the size wasn’t big, it was just as big as the palm of an adult’s hand, one wasn’t enough.

        Wen Run went to catch fish again, he caught eight or nine, he made Xie Yupan watch the fire, and then he went to the woods to pick wild fruit, on his way, he saw that the island had a lot of fruit trees, so he picked some to eat.

        He found a large leaf, rolled it into a cylinder style, and then dropped the fruits into it, before heading back.

        Xie Yupan saw it and reached out to get it, but Wen Run slapped her hand away, “We need to test it first.”

        Xie Yupan resentfully withdrew her hand, “How do we test it?”

        Wen Run turned the grilled fish over, and stuffed some twigs underneath, before picking up a red fruit and breaking it in half, he smelled it first, then rubbed half of it on the inside of his arm twice, and then asked Xie Yupan to stretch out her hand and rubbed it on the inside of her arm twice, to get the juice.

        “What is this?” Xie Yupan was puzzled.

        Wen Yun said: “I’m trying to see if there is poison. Don’t eat wild fruits that generally resemble the taste of almonds. Then the wild fruit juice dyed to the skin, after half an hour, if the skin isn’t red, itching or other adverse symptoms, you can eat it .”

        Xie Yupan was stunned, “How do you know this?”

        Wen Run curved up his eyes and smiled, “I went to play CS before recording the program, I asked the veterans there.”

While talking and grilling the fish, half an hour passed, Xie Yupan held the grilled fish to eat again, Wen Run additionally took two large leaves to wrap the fish, then handed two fishes to the cameramen. During the whole process, if the guests didn’t find something to eat, they couldn’t either.

Wen Run’s cameraman immediately looked at him with a wary face, waved his hands and didn’t pick it up, and even backed up cautiously, as if Wen Run was a beast. Xie Yupan’s cameraman didn’t understand why he reacted so much. The reason was that their degree of freedom was very high, the followers weren’t only responsible for filming, but also had to guide the guests secretly when they ran off course, as long as they didn’t reveal the key clues, the followers could interact with the guests, and if it was entertaining, the interaction would be edited in later.

        Therefore, the guest sharing a fish wasn’t considered a violation. Plus he was hungry.

        After saying thanks, the cameraman took the fish with one hand and ate it slowly. Wen Run’s follower was betrayed by his companion, he looked at the side for a while, in the end he couldn’t resist the temptation and took the fish that Wen Run put in front of him ……

        After eating the fish, Wen Run looked  the arm he rubbed the wild fruit’s juice on, there was no adverse reaction, so he went to the stream to wash the fruits clean, they ate and drank enough, then he filled the water bottle, and went to grab the four fishes in the small iron pot, and then tied the small iron pot handle with vines, making a carry handle to facilitate carrying it on the road, so that even if they couldn’t reach the stream at night, they could still have fish to eat.

        After everything was packed up, they put out the fire, brought supplies and then went on the road again.

        They walked slowly, followed by the two followers, it looked almost like a picnic, from time to time, they saw fruits and mushrooms that could be eaten and used leaves to pack them.

        What they didn’t know was that the white, fat and particularly amiable director saw this scene and let out a cold laugh, “The first wave is ready!”

        As they walked forward, Wen Run and Xie Yupan suddenly heard their communicator, “The island is about to reach a high tide, please leave the high tide area as soon as possible, the tide will flood the outer area after twenty minutes, the tide will flood the outer area after twenty minutes …… “The communicator used an alarm sound.

        Xie Yupan opened her mouth wide and looked at Wen Run, confused: “Where do we run?”

        Wen Run had seen the map, of course, he knew where to run. But he couldn’t expose himself now, so he pretended to be very panicked and pointed at a direction anxiously, “Let’s run forward first or we’ll drown.”

    They didn’t have a picnic, they picked up their supplies and ran forward, they ran for a long time before the communicator finally stopped the crazy alarm, Xie Yupan sat on the ground, and nervously looked at the fish held by Wen Run, “The fishes didn’t get lost, right?

Wen Run was shocked by her obsession with food, he looked at the iron pot of water although it spilled a lot, there were two fishes left alive.

        The two sat on the ground to rest for a long time, they were about to get up and go, when they heard someone on the other side talking.

        Wen Run was shocked, he put down the small iron pot and brought out his g*n, he hid in the grass then lifted his head to observe.

        They came from the other side, about ten meters away from them.

        Both of them were panting a bit, so they should have run over in a hurry after hearing the “high tide notice”. Wen Run and Xie Yupan looked at each other and made a gesture of silence.

        Weng Yu and Zhou Yan must have formed a temporary alliance, the two of them walked forward side by side, Weng Yu said, “Let’s find a place to rest for a while, I really can’t walk anymore.”

        Zhou Yan nodded, “We need to find some more food.”

        Weng Yu replied, “Then let’s split up and look for it, and then meet up here.”

        “Okay, I’ll go over there first.” Zhou Yan stood up and was about to go to the left, when he heard three gunshots behind him, and the number on Zhou Fuyuan’s tactical vest jumped from three to zero.

        Zhou Yan looked down at the electronic display and turned around incredulously to see Weng Yu, with a face of grief that he had been cheated.

        “I took you as a teammate, and you betrayed me!”

        Weng Yu cocked her head and smiled, “Oops, soldiers should never relax their guard.”

        She was already innocent-looking, wearing a camouflage uniform and then with her hair tied back, she looked particularly upright and harmless. The two of them didn’t have any clues about the boat or food, so they shook hands and decided to form an alliance to k!ll the others first.

        Zhou Yan couldn’t afford to be angry with her, so he threw the remaining bullets and buns to her, and then he was taken out of the island by his cameraman.

  After Weng Yu packed up her things, she looked around and seemed to recognize the direction, she looked for a while and then walked ahead without hesitation.

        Wen Yun narrowed his eyes, that road was the correct way to the forest canyon, Weng Yu walked so unhesitatingly, she should also have found the stone monument engraved with the map, while Xie Yupan was still confused, Wen Yun had quietly poked out the barrel of the gun and aimed at Weng Yu.

        After a gunshot, Weng Yu got a shot in the back, she didn’t wait for Wen Run to pull the trigger agajn, she quickly hid near the grass next to her. Wen Run lost his target and didn’t dare to expose himself by shooting randomly again. The grass where Weng Yu was hiding emitted a sibilant sound, and after a few moments, it was quiet again. It should be that Weng Yu couldn’t find their hiding place and ran away first.

       They crouched in the grass for a while to confirm that Weng Yu really gone, before coming out with a long exhale.

        Xie Yupan patted the grass scraps of dead leaves on her body and muttered: “Weng Yu looks so harmless, but she really sh0t someone in the back.” After saying that she glanced at Wen Run, indignant: “And you too! You look honest, but in fact, you did the same thing!”

        Wen Run scratched his face and didn’t retort.

        “It’s getting late, let’s walk a little further, then find a place to rest, I’ll cook you mushroom fish soup.”

        Xie Yupan immediately became happy, “Then pick more wild fruits on the way, it’s quite delicious.”

        The two cameraman behind them simultaneously jerked the corners of their mouths, she was a bit too easy to coax.

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