Wen Run and Ye Hansheng separated in the hallway, they went into their homes. After three days at the resort, and then back home, they both felt a little empty at home.

When they arrived home, it was already noon, after several hours of driving, Wen Run was a little tired, so he took a nap, and when he woke up in the afternoon, he found that Zheng Xuan had already come over.

Zheng Xuan and his two assistants in the living room each played with their phones, “Awake? Look at the script first, in a few days you’ll join the crew.”

Wen Run yawned sleepily, he rubbed his eyes, and took the script.

The recording time for “Eat Chicken Tonight” had been set for April 11, and he had less than three days to rest. Wen Run comfortably nestled into the sofa to read, in fact, there was no substance in it, the show was more on the spot, it focused on the real reaction of the stars, the script only wrote the general process and notes.

He thankfully exhaled a sigh of relief, fortunately these three days, he followed Ye Hansheng and learnt a lot about shooting, just in case the shooting veterans asked about experience. When recording the show, he wouldn’t make a fool of yourself ……

In order to have something to watch, “Eat Chicken Tonight”, the variety show, had always been very cruel to the participating guests, especially in the most important game plot, they were even more willing to spend money, and the program team strived to truly show the program effect. This kind of request really made this variety show have a lot of fans, but it hurt the guests who attended, so they had to play well. If they couldn’t play, they would be ridiculed by fans.

But the ratings and reputation of “Eat Chicken Tonight” was really good, it had always been known as a conscience variety show, its popularity wasn’t low, so many stars rushed to be “abused”.

And Wen Run was one of them. After two days of rest at home, Wen Run left for N City in a low profile.

The recording location was on an island in N City.

All the guests and the staff of the program arrived at the hotel in N City a day in advance, and then took the yacht chartered by the program to board the island together. The island was a private island and it had been set up in advance, when they arrived they could immediately start recording.

When Wen Run arrived at the hotel with his two assistants, he saw two acquaintances.

Xie Yupan excitedly waved to him, “Wen Run this way! This way!”

Wen Run felt Chu Yu’s not-so-friendly gaze, coughed and pretended not to see it, and walked over to greet them, “You two are also attending?”

Xie Yupan nodded vigorously, “I heard it was particularly exciting so I came.” She vaguely looked to the side and continued “I couldn’t shake off this cowhide.”

Who she was talking about was self-explanatory.

Wen Run wisely didn’t comment, “I heard that the program team changes the game settings every time, I don’t know how it’ll be this time.”

“I don’t know, but the more exciting the more I like.” Xie Yupan smiled, “Wen Run have you ever played CS?”

Wen Run nodded, “A few days ago, I tried it once, I’m not quite familiar.”

Xie Yupan patted him. “I’ll cover you. Chu Yu is very good at shooting.” Chu Yu was standing beside her and didn’t respond.

At the end of the night, the six guests of the recording program were all together. In addition to Wen Run, Xie Yupan and Chu Yu, the other three were Weng Yu, Zhou Yiyang and Qu Yiyang.

Weng Yu was a swimmer. She had won many championships in major international competitions. In addition, she looked good and had a lot of fans. Many variety shows invited her to participate; Zhou Wei was two years older than Wen Run, and participated in the big production film of a big director, which was a hit; Qu Yiyang, a singer, made her debut in the talent show. Her original songs were highly recognised, and she had the nickname “Little Queen” in the music world.

All the guests didn’t have low popularity. The first night after everyone got to know each other, the next morning, they all set off to the island by yacht.

Wen Run stood on the deck, far away from the island, watching as it got closer, the island didn’t seem to have buildings, from afar he could only see a variety of trees and plants,, the scenery was quite good.

After the people boarded the island, the staff went to set up the tents, and the director team began to explain the rules of the game and precautions to the guests.

The general director was a fat middle-aged man, he looked quite amiable, but the words that came out of his mouth were extremely cold.

The game was a battle royale. A plane crash accidentally landed on the island, only six criminals who fled in disguise survived, these criminals had no family or friends, there was only hatred and enemies. They all wanted to escape from the island to live, however, the island only had a boat, and the boat could only take a person ……

In order to survive, the six criminals started to fight for the boat. At the same time, this small island was about to sink, in every moment, the island sunk a little, people who couldn’t escape the submerged area would face death, and at the end, it was only one person who could take the boat and escape from the island.

The game time was forty-eight hours. In the game time, “kill” all criminals and find the boat to escape, in order to get victory.

Xie Yupan turned her head to look at Wen Run, with a grief-filled expression, “Wen Run, we are enemies, I can’t cover you, don’t blame me, blame the director for being too cruel!”

“……” The director heard her words, he was silent for a moment before he continued, “Everyone come and get your initial supplies.”

Xie Yupan stopped speaking and excitedly went to see the supplies.

The supplies, in addition to the necessary CS equipment, the rest was a small bottle of mineral water and two pieces of bread.

Xie Yupan was shocked, her two fingers squeezed the small bread in disgust, “Director, aren’t we staying on the island for two days? Why is this all the food?”

The fat director smiled with a kind face, “The island is rich in resources, the rest of the supplies need to be found by the guests themselves.”


Xie Yupan was so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

The director smiled, “Get ready everyone, the game will start in half an hour.”

Wen Run put on the equipment with the help of his assistant, camouflage clothing, boots, tactical vest, water bomb gun, communicator, and a small bottle of water and two bread. After everyone geared up, the guests were taken to six different places to wait.

After the director’s “start” came from the communicator, Wen Run left the waiting area and started exploring the island, while the follow-up cameraman followed behind with the camera.

The deserted island, in addition to jagged rocks, had a variety of unrecognizable plants. Wen Run went further, the further he went the more quiet it became, in addition to the occasional bird chirping, there was only the sound of the waves coming from behind.

While walking, Wen Run wondered where the boat would be. He was waiting at the edge of the island, the others should be in similar positions, so in order to be fair, the boat was most likely in the distance where they were, the most suitable place was in the center of the island, but the island was so big, but it didn’t have a map or landmarks, finding the center of the island wouldn’t be easy, so the program team would certainly give hints.

But in the end there were no hints clues, he still had to confirm.

Wen Run turned his head to talk to the cameraman, his smile was especially pure, “Do you know where the director’s clues are hidden?”

The cameraman didn’t even think before saying, “We aren’t allowed to disclose.”

“Oh ……” Wen Run trailed off, smiling, “so there really are clues ah?”

The cameraman had an expression of “you look like a white rabbit, how can you trap people”, he stared at him in shock.

Wen Yun blinked innocently, “I was just asking, really.”

The man shut his mouth and decided not to talk to him.

Wen Run saw that he ignored him, and could only think as he walked.

Where would the clues be placed by the director team?

His footsteps suddenly stopped. He stood in place and thought for a moment, he suddenly remembered something, then he turned around and walked back quickly, and returned to the waiting area at the beginning.

According to his speculation, if the program team really wanted to put clues, then the best place was near the waiting area. If placed elsewhere on the island, it was likely that the island was too large and there was no fixed route forward, resulting in guests not finding the clues. Only near the waiting area could it be found. As long as the initial clues were found, then the probability of error wouldn’t be large.

Wen Run carefully searched the waiting area first, and didn’t find deliberately left clues. Then he expanded the scope and searched around the waiting area. After searching around, Wen Yun finally found a fallen stone tablet under a dense vine.

On the tablet was a small paragraph that the island was originally used to hold prisoners, and food would be delivered periodically by boats, which were parked in the forest canyon. Below the passage, a simple map was drawn, and Wen Run studied the map for a while and found that the location of the forest canyon was indeed in the middle of the island.

And at the bottom of the simple map, there was a small line engraved, “The boat will only arrive at the island every Friday at 6 p.m.”

Wen Run was stunned, this wasn’t stated by the director.

If this stone tablet wasn’t found, then it was likely to miss this key information, even if they found the right place, because the time wasn’t right, they wouldn’t find the boat.

Wen Run wrote down the information, put the tablet back and hid it again, then carried the gun and went back on the road.

With the map on the tablet, Wen Run now had a target, he followed the map for a long time before hearing the sound of rushing water. Going forward to take a look, he saw a stream ahead. The stream was clear and he could vaguely see the fishes swimming in the bottom of the water, Wen Run immediately understood what the director meant by “the island is rich in resources”.

Wen Run hadn’t been willing to drink the small bottle of water, after seeing the stream, he drank most of the small bottle of water, and ate the small bread, and then started observing his surroundings.

As expected, the program team prepared very carefully. Not far from the stream, there was a small iron pot and flint hidden on the grass.

Wen Run filled the small iron pot with water, and went to pick up the dead leaves and branches back. He smashed the two flintstones together. Even though April had warmed up, the temperature wasn’t low. Wen Run patiently rubbed for a while, finally a small cluster of fire ignited the dead leaves. Wen Run carefully surrounded the dry leaves with his hands and gently blew on the fire. The dry dry leaves burnt faster and faster, the fire soon got bigger.

Wen Run found a few pieces of gravel and set up a simple temporary stove, added the dead branches, and then put the small iron pot filled with water on it, the water slowly began to boil.

After doing this, he went to look at the fishes in the stream, the fishes on this island had probably never seen a person, he just went closer to the water yet they didn’t run. But the fire had to be watched, so he talked to the cameraman “Teacher, are you thirsty?”

He was immediately alert, “Not thirsty.”

“……” Wen Run was silent for a moment, this teacher was really difficult to communicate with, he could only directly say: “I’ll make a deal with you, help me watch the fire, and later I’ll share the fishes with you? ”

Seeing his hesitation, Wen Run immediately continued: “I’ll also share half of the boiled water with you!”

The man was immediately swayed, he was about to agree, when the director angrily shouted through the communicator: “Guests can’t get off-camera help!”

The teacher just about to agree instantly swallowed his words, Wen Run immediately wilted, in fact, he didn’t need him to watch the fire, he just wanted to use this opportunity to get close to the teacher with the camera, and maybe get some information out of him.

But now it wasn’t an option anymore.

He then added enough firewood and picked a branch with a sharp head and went to the stream to fork the fish. These fishes were really dumb, Wen Run easily forked up two, because there was no knife, he could only use the edge of a sharp stone to scrape the scales, he cleaned it, and then put it over the fire to roast.

The boiled water was set aside to cool, and later he would fill the the water bottle.

Wen Run was slowly roasted the fishes, when he heard a familiar voice in the distance, Xie Yupan. The voice chattered and complained to someone: “Is the director really so cruel that he didn’t leave any food?”

“I’m so hungry, two loaves of bread can’t satisfy my stomach at all.”

Before Wen Run could pack up his things and hide them, he heard Xie Yupan suddenly scream, “I smell roasted fish!!!”



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