Wen Run was completely drunk.

Although he only had three glasses of wine, the wine Guo Congfei got was very strong, at first he didn’t feel anything, then later the more he drank, the more dizzy he became. Wen Run couldn’t hold up at all.

After Ye Hansheng asked him a question, although his response was slower, he could still answer. However, after eating two bites of snacks, he was completely drunk.

Fortunately, he was a good drinker, and wouldn’t go crazy. He just sat there, his unfocused eyes looked ahead, he took a bite of the cupcake in his hand, but didn’t swallow it, the corners of the mouth were still stained with crumbs of cake.

Ye Hansheng helplessly removed the cupcake from his hand, and wiped his hands and mouth clean then said in a gentle voice: “Don’t hold it, swallow it.”

Wen Run blinked, it seemed to be in response to his words, after a while, he swallowed it

Only then did Ye Hansheng pick up the congee and feed it to him. The seafood congee had already been warmed, and wouldn’t burn his mouth, so Ye Hansheng scooped up a spoonful and brought it to his mouth, and tried to coax him, “Open your mouth.”

After a while, the drunken man obediently opened his mouth wide and made an “ah”.

Ye Hansheng then fed the porridge into his mouth, Wen Run closed his mouth, his cheeks moved slowly. He was really hungry, the second time without Ye Hansheng coaxing him, he immediately opened his mouth again, his unfocused drunken eyes looked at Ye Hansheng, as if to say, he still wanted to eat.

Ye Hansheng smiled and continued to feed him.

On the side, Yu Xin and Guo Congfei looked like they had seen a ghost, the two shrank back, they didn’t dare go nor did they dare make a sound to spoil the atmosphere, after all, Ye Hansheng looked really happy coaxing him.

After eating a small half bowl of porridge, Wen Run closed his mouth tightly and refused to eat again. No matter how hard Ye Hansheng tried to coax him to open his mouth, he dully stared at the new dessert that had just been served.

Ye Hansheng noticed his gaze, he tentatively pinched a piece and place it close to his mouth, Wen Run really opened his mouth, tongue sticking out a little, and ate the dessert. Afterwards, like drinking porridge, after eating a piece, and he happily opened his mouth, like a baby bird.

Ye Hansheng could only feed him the dessert, and afraid of feeding him too much, he fed him half a piece of dessert and then coaxed him to drink a few mouthfuls of congee, he finally finished feeding him the bowl of congee. Wen Run burped a little, and when he stopped feeding him, he continued to stare blankly.

“Are you full?”

Ye Hansheng asked him tentatively, a bowl of seafood congee, a piece of dessert, he reckoned he was done. But Wen Run didn’t answer, he had to stretch out his palm, the he gently touched his stomach. The small abdomen was flat without fat, unlike his hard abdominal muscles, Wen Run’s was extremely soft, and because he was full, his stomach slightly bulged, which made him fondle it admiringly.

He couldn’t help but play with it for a while.

Wen Run suddenly laughed, and then twisted his body to escape. His foggy black eyes became slightly wet. He finally opened his mouth, his voice was a bit soft, “Itchy.”

Reluctantly taking back his hand, Ye Hansheng gently looked at him, “Let’s go back and sleep, OK?”.

His waist wasn’t itchy, so Wen Run stopped moving again, and stared at him blankly, seemingly not understanding what he was saying. Ye Hansheng helplessly looked at Yu Biao, then held his hand, ready to take him back to rest.

“Hey wait!” Guo Congfei saw them leaving, he scurried out to find something, he leaned over and said something to the others, then the girl took out a box of things from he small bag and handed it to him.

Guo Congfei smiled craftily and ran back to stuff the small box to Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng glanced at it, it was a whole box of Durex. He frowned and glared at Guo Congfei, then his gaze became fiery as he looked at Wen Run.

“Dad, good night!” Guo Congfei smiled and took Yu Xin and ran away, he could only help him there.

Ye Hansheng’s chest heaved, he closed his eyes, suppressing his thoughts, he threw the small box into the garbage can with a cold frown, and then gently held up Wen Run.

What he wanted was his heart. He didn’t want much from this world, he wanted Wen Run, but to have only his flesh, he would rather not.

Now that they were acquainted, he wouldn’t destroy it because of a momentary desire.

He couldn’t help but think of the first time the two met in the office. At that time he was full of desire to let this innocent child to feel some pain and understand the evil of the heart. At that time, Wen Run stood in front of him with his head hanging, blushing and obedient. If he really wanted to do something at that time, he wouldn’t have refused, but would be soft and obedient.

The reason was that he once unintentionally helped him when he was in the most difficult time, he was his benefactor.

Wen Run may have gratitude and admiration for him, but not necessarily love.

He had always been a well-behaved and understanding child, pure in character and easy to trust people. He could use his gratitude to easily cajole him and get him. But such a result wasn’t what he wanted. Once the relationship between two people was unclearly involved in desire, it would be difficult to remain pure.

What he wanted was for Wen Run to really put him in his heart, not as a benefactor, not as a boss, not as a friend who occasionally came and went, but as his lover.

He wanted Wen Run, but more than that, he wanted him to take the initiative to give himself.

Ye Hansheng exhaled a deep breath, tried his best to suppress the longing in his heart, and gently led him back to the wooden house, “Go back.”

Wen Run was obediently led by him, he was drunk and his feet was a little weak, Ye Hansheng held him tightly, and slowly accompanied him forward. Halfway through the walk. Wen Run’s steps slowed down significantly, he yawned, rubbed his eyes, and grumbled unhappily, “Sleepy,”

He was tired and sleepy, and didn’t want to walk.
Ye Hansheng looked at him like he was a naughty child, the smile in his eyes grew stronger, he took his hand and let him sit on his lap, he held the bend of his legs so that he sat cross-legged in his arms, his right arm held him steady, and he coaxed in a low voice: “If you’re sleepy, go to sleep, we’ll be there soon.”

Wen Run was really sleepy, the alcohol made him dazed, Ye Hansheng held him steadily, but he was uncomfortable at first and twisted a few times, finally he couldn’t stop the sleepiness, he buried his face in his neck and fell asleep.

Walking behind them, Yu Biao looked silly, Ye Hansheng glanced at him and whispered: “Push me back a little slower.”

And so the three went back.

Back to the cabin, Ye Hansheng chose not to wake him up, but let Yu Biao push him to his bed, and then took off his shoes, before gently putting him on the bed. As soon as the weight of his body left, the thighs that had been pressed for a long time began to tingle, with a bit of prickly pain, but there was no sensation below the knee.

Ye Hansheng didn’t care about his legs, he turned to Yu Biao: “Go get a basin of hot water.”

Yu Biao went out for a moment and brought hot water over. Ye Hansheng let him go out and took care of Wen Run himself. Wen Run slept very deeply, his thick eyelashes under his eyes created a shadow, his cheeks were red, and his lips were slightly open, he looked a little silly.

Ye Hansheng tried the water temperature, wet the towel and gently wiped his face. After wiping his face, he also had to wipe his body. He was silent for a while, but still rolled up his shirt and wiped his upper body, and then took off his pants and socks, to wipe his legs and feet.

Wen Run wore the clothes that he personally picked out today, from the inside out. He originally estimated the shape of his body, he didn’t expect it to be so suitable. The black fabric wrapped around his white body.

Ye Hansheng stared for a while, before reluctantly moving away. After a while, he went back, he couldn’t help kissing his lips, then he gently bit it, and softly scolded him: “Little drunkard, there better not be a third time.”

Otherwise he was afraid that he really couldn’t resist this temptation.

After wiping his body, Ye Hansheng covered him with the blanket, asked Yu Biao come in and take out the water basin, while he turned his wheelchair and went outside. The April night was still cold, Ye Hansheng couldn’t sleep, he just sat in the doorway, he thought a lot, but also seemed to think about nothing. As if from the time he met Wen Run, those past events seemed to be covered with a veil, hazy and indistinct, it could no longer easily sting his heart and lungs.

He smiled gently and went back to his room to rest.

The next day, Wen Run woke up in the morning, he stretched comfortably, the last trace of alcohol had evaporated. He lifted the covers and prepared to get out of bed to wash up, but found that he had gone to bed last night undressed, without even changing to his night wear.

He frowned and tried to remember, his memory stopped at when Guo Congfei made a toast, he had no memory of what happened after.

While brushing his teeth, he stared at himself in the mirror, Mr Ye probably sent him back, it must have been troublesome for him

When he washed up and went out, Ye Hansheng was eating breakfast at the dining table, and when he saw that he was up, he asked Ye Biao to order another set of breakfast. Wen Run thanked him and carefully asked, “I didn’t do anything crazy last night, right?”

He had no recollection at all, and was afraid that he had drank too much then misbehaved.

Ye Hansheng showed a meaningful smile, he shook his head and said no.

Wen Run was relieved and sat down to eat breakfast with him. The two just finished eating, when they heard someone talking outside, Wen Run looked out from the window, and saw Guo Congfei and Yu Xin.

Guo Congfei deliberately came over early in the morning, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Wen Run sitting there drinking milk with a rosy face. He blinked in confusion and thought Wen Run was gifted, but then he saw Wen Run finish drinking the milk and get up to go to the kitchen to wash the cup. Guo Congfei looked at his two strong legs, it wasn’t like they had been destroyed, he couldn’t be gifted to that extent, nothing happened at all, right?

His surprised eyes turned from Wen Run to Ye Hansheng. Guo Congfei sized up Ye Hansheng for a moment, it didn’t really work, right? After all, he was injured, maybe that place also suffered injuries …… He immediately looked at Ye Hansheng sympathetically, and hesitantly stammered: “There is a male doctor in the second hospital, I heard he’s very powerful, difficult and complicated injuries can be treated well, or go … …”

Before he finished speaking, a glass was thrown towards his head. Ye Hansheng’s face turned dark and he gnashed his teeth. “You … go … die!”

Guo Congfei was so shocked that he narrowly avoided it and dodged behind Yu Xin, while still howling loudly, “Dad, don’t get angry and hurt your health! You must be as powerful as ever, it’s my eyes that are blind!”

Ye Hansheng’s forehead veins jumped, he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

Yu Xin ripped off Guo Congfei, who was stuck to his back, pushed him aside, and sneered, “If you die one day, it will be because of that mouth.”

Guo Congfei was still quite aggrieved, he was concerned for his father’s s*xual well-being, he didn’t expect it to be a forbidden topic. It was true that no matter how many years a man was, you couldn’t say he can’t.

Guo Congfei sighed deeply, but didn’t dare to say anything more in front of him.

After eating breakfast, Ye Hansheng took Wen Run to the shooting room again to teach him shooting skills. He should have taught him yesterday, but he was interrupted by Guo Congfei, who came out suddenly, until today.

Guo Congfei offended Ye Hansheng in the morning, so as long as he got a little closer, Ye Hansheng coldly glared at him, his eyes were like sharp knives, he didn’t dare to ruffle the tiger’s feathers, and honestly stayed in a corner.

Without his disturbance, Ye Hansheng and Wen Run focused. Wen Run quickly mastered the skills, although his accuracy still needed to be worked on, but occasionally he could also hit a eight ring – nine ring results.

The next two days were spent in the shooting room. On the afternoon of the third day, they went back to B City.

These three days, Wen Run had a lot of fun, and when he went back, he was still a little unfulfilled, because of the two days of shooting instruction, he and Ye Hansheng’s relationship was closer, and they got along with each other with much less restraint, and they could also joke freely.

Ye Hansheng’s mood was also good, occasionally he would take him on trips. The only thing that made him unsatisfied was that Guo Congfei actually came with him.

He glanced at the rearview mirror, Guo Congfei was driving his tawdry red supercar, and stretched out his hand towards the front and waved gleefully.

The two cars entered B City one after the other, Wen Run and Ye Hansheng were both in Songhai Mansion, only Guo Congfei wasn’t here, he looked sadly at Wen Run, as soon as he wanted to open his mouth to suggest living with Wen Run, Ye Hansheng gloomily glanced at him. He instantly wilted, and reluctantly said: “I’ll go to the hotel to live!”

He looked at Wen Run eagerly and instructed, “Don’t forget to introduce your roommate to me, huh?”

Wen Run really forgot and said blankly, “Roommate? Which roommate?”

Guo Congfei looked at him with pain and condemnation, “When we drank, you promised me, I invested in a drama that’s just missing a male lead, I saw that Shen Muxun is quite suitable, I asked you to find time to ask him out for a meal ah.”

Wen Run didn’t remember that he had promised this. But if Guo Congfei really had a suitable role, it wasn’t a bad thing, so he quickly nodded and agreed, “Send me the script and shooting schedule, I’ll ask Shen Muxun if he’s available.”

Guo Congfei froze. What script? Before this, he hadn’t even been involved in the entertainment industry, What crew? It was all a lie, but of course he couldn’t tell the truth, his eyes rolled, then he smiled, “Okay, I’ll go back then send it to you.”

After saying goodbye to Wen Run, he didn’t go to the hotel, but went to his big brother in a hurry.

Since the words had been said, he had to find a script to round out the lie.

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