The hung-over Zheng Xuan sat up straight and looked amazed, “Who?”

  ”Wen Run.”

  Zheng Xuan: “…Never heard of him, don’t want to.”

After setting up studios successively from the movie emperor and queen, he had almost never brought up artist in the past half year, because he had a personal relationship with Ye Hansheng, he was directly signed with Starland, and it wasn’t that Starland didn’t want him to bring newcomers during his half year break, but he was at least a gold medal agent, he didn’t take any random cat or dog that was brought it in front of him.

What he didn’t expect was that Ye Hansheng had found his way to him as well.

“Just letting you take a look first.” Ye Hansheng stared at him with a sunken face.

Zheng Xuan stared at him for half a day and knew that this person was in a bad mood, he sighed and compromised, “If you want me to look at it you have to give me the information first, right?”

  ”……. “Ye Hansheng’s expression stiffened, turning behind his desk with an expressionless face and picked up the piece of information about Wen Run from the trash can again.

  Zheng Xuan picked it up, he was originally just flipping through it casually, after reading a few pages, the original frivolous look was gradually put away, he frowned and looked seriously, flipping through the pile of information, he had to admit that Ye Hansheng’s eyes were indeed good, “He’s indeed a good seedling, if he was in my hands, he wouldn’t have been delayed for so long.”

  ”Well.” Ye Hangsheng leaned back into the wheelchair and his demeanor faded again, as if he wasn’t the one who had just been urgently staring at someone, “If you think he’s good, go ask for the person yourself.”


 He hadn’t heard from the crew of Jinling terrace since that night. Instead, Lu Zhan had heard something from someone else that Xiao Xiao had passed the audition and the second female had been decided.

These were all expected things, and he had expected it since Wen Run threw away his room card.

Song Li hadn’t contacted him in the past few days either, so he thought he should have given up on him completely.

Wen Run tapped his face, trying to comfort himself that acting was no good, dirty and tiring, flying around all year round, it was good to be able to return home for the New Year. He silently planned in his heart, when the contract expired, he would become a civil servant, stable and comfortable. He read early, skipping kindergarten directly to the primary school, he was only twenty-two years old, about the same age as the new graduates, it wasn’t too late.

He thought so, but he discontentedly sighed, Wen Run held the professional book and continued to read. In the past at this time, he read books related to acting, but now that this road was coming to an end, he had to plan early.

As he was despondent, his phone rang while charging, Wen Run dragged his feet over and the caller ID was Song Li’s name.

  He was stunned, unable to figure out why Song Li was still looking for him at this time. But his hand still accepted the call first.

  Song Li’s voice on the phone was rare with a little hint of laughter, “Get ready, three days later to Karen Hotel “Jinling Terrace” audition set. I sent you the script, this opportunity is rare, take advantage of it.”

Wen Run’s head popped up a thousand question marks and he whispered to ask if it wasn’t a no-show.

It was rare to have a happy event, Song Li’s voice was eight degrees softer, he patiently explained: “The director named you to audition, it has nothing to do with the producer, you can prepare at ease.”

Wen Run said, “Oh”, hung up the phone and went to check his mailbox, there was an email in the mailbox, it was the script of Jinling Terrace.

Wen Run felt a little dizzy when he moved his mouse to open the document, just like a narrow path, it was not easy to walk through the thorns to reach the end, but he found a cliff in front of him.

  It was like a dream.

  The first time he saw it, he was in a daze.

  When Shen Muxun came out of his room, he saw him squatting in front of the sofa, staring at the computer screen with a dazed look.

  ”What’s wrong?”

  Shen Muxun stretched out his hand in front of his eyes, the matter of Wen Run being abandoned, Lu Zhan had told him, he thought he was worrying about the gray future, pursed his lips and deliberated, “I also have some resources in my hands now, next time if there is an event I will bring you with me.”

  ”Huh?” Wen Run stared at him and shook his head vigorously, joy creeping onto his face bit by bit, “Not this, Brother Song just called me and said that they asked me to audition for the drama <<Jinling Terrace>>.”

  Shen Muxun was also stunned, then a smile appeared on his serious face, he genuinely said, “Congratulations.”

  Wen Run eyes darkened, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up, “Well, I’ll take the opportunity.”


  The audition was just three days later, and Wen Run seized the time to read the script once more, then seriously wrote a short biography for the role of Yan Wu.

  In the original story, Yan Wu was trained as a killer since he was a child, he was no older than sixteen, but he was very good. He was on the verge of death from an accidental injury during a mission, and was saved by the male lead.

  In the original story, the male lead treated him as his younger brother, and always wanted him to do something appropriate for his age, so he often teased him.

  In the original, Yan Wu’s life was very short, only a dozen or so episodes in the script, but his character was mixed with many conflicts and contradictions, especially in the end, when he took care of the assassination for the male lead, and finally changed his name from “master” to “brother” before he died. The description in the script was only a few sentences, but the emotions contained in it were very complex.

  This part should be the strongest conflict and emotion in all of Yan Wu’s scenes. Wen Run combined with his previous audition experience, and felt that it was very likely that he would choose this part for the audition.

  He repeatedly tried to figure out the emotions of the characters from the script, and practiced correcting himself in the mirror.

 Song Li drove him over, but Song Li was busy with other things, so he sent him to the door of the hotel and said a few words of advice and then hurriedly left.

  Wen Run took the elevator up alone. He arrived half an hour early, the conference room staff was still setting up the scene, he decided to be quiet and wait outside. After that people came one after another, most of them were newcomers, some Wen Run knew, some he had never seen. He roughly estimated his competitors in his mind, estimating that there could be more than a dozen.

When the audition was about to start, a small noise suddenly came from outside the meeting room, Wen Run looked back and saw a boy wearing a red and white baseball uniform and a very trendy outfit walking over surrounded by his agent and assistant.

  Wen Run recalled and remembered that this person’s name was Ling Shangyao.

  At the end of last year, Ling Shangyao made a hit with an IP adapted urban youth idol drama. His role was a game God who was indifferent to others, but was too shy to speak to the female lead. He wasn’t bad in appearance. With the addition of the character’s behaviour, the drama was very popular after its broadcast. Countless hearts exploded. Ling Shangyao had also absorbed a lot of mother and girlfriend fans, and had a place in the entertainment industry.

 He didn’t expect that he would come to this audition as well.

Wen Run drummed his face, the sense of crisis getting a little heavier. Ling Shangyao was definitely the strongest among the newcomers.

Some people behind them were whispering about how Ling Shangyao was here, while others said that Lin Shangyao had been decided for the role of “Yan Wu” and they were just going through the motions….

Wen Run cheered himself up inwardly, gathering his thoughts and concentrating on the script.


  Behind the conference room screen, Zheng Xuan stared speechlessly at Ye Hansheng and questioned in a low voice, “Why are you following? Is it because your little heart out there you’re so attentive?”

  Ye Hansheng maneuvered the wheelchair and found an angle with a wide view, easy to watch and not easily spotted by anyone outside, and ignored him with a heavy face.

  He actually didn’t know why he had left a bunch of things at the company to come and watch a little newcomer audition.

  He just…ghosted his way here.

  Zheng Xuan was still chattering behind him, and Ye Hansheng wrinkled his eyebrows in annoyance and coldly said, “Shut up”.

  The raucous manager immediately shut his mouth, his right index finger and thumb together pulled his mouth together, to show that he really shut up.

While they were talking, the audition was already underway.

The audition was called by number, and Wen Run squeezed the number twelve number plate in his hand and breathed a soft sigh of relief.

  The director of this audition, Li Que, was also there. Li Que had a stern face, just those sharp eyes sweeping on the body could make people lose their breath. Wen Run heard that he was very serious in the crew, and many actors were scolded by him and cried because of his high demand for details.

  Maybe it was his fierce reputation, the first few were not too good, their emotions couldn’t be release properly, their action were also very stiff. Li Que had endured the first two, and when he reached the third, he finally couldn’t help speaking out. “You call that acting?” Robots have more feelings than you, next! “

  Number three went down in tears.

  From the third, the audition scene atmosphere was solemn, everyone tensed up, a nervous mind was poor, the first eleven were all scolded by Li but went down. Even Ling Shangyao, the biggest star there, was no exception. When Wen Run saw him come down, his fists were clenched and white.

  The assistant called out loudly, “Number twelve.”

  It was his turn.

  Wen Run took a deep breath and stood in the middle, humble, “Hello everyone, I’m No. 12 Wen Run.”

  Li Que impatiently glanced at him, after seeing so many decent and harsh looks, he harshly measured Wen Run with a glance, his appearance was okay, he frowned and then spoke impatiently: “Yan Wu near death scene, start.”

  Wen Run quietly let out a sigh of relief, he had gambled right.

Closing his eyes to get himself into the state, when his eyes opened again, he was no longer Wen Run, but Yan Wu.

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