Ye Hansheng closed his eyes, he could still feel the warm soft gaze resting on his body. Wen Run squatted there and looked at him for a long time before slowly getting up and walking away with lighter steps.

Ye Hansheng’s heart melted softly, even the hatred brought by the mother and son were washed away. He had heard Zheng Xuan describe to him how this child defended him in front of outsiders, but never imagined what a good and soft child would look like when he quarreled with someone.

Now he knew. And he saw it with his own eyes.

The child, who had always been good and soft, was like an enraged little puppy, showing his teeth and claws. He was like a treasure that he was guarding, as long as someone dared to covet it, he wouldn’t hesitate to pounce on it, even if the claws and teeth were young, there wasn’t the slightest fear.

For the past thirty years, whether before or after the accident, he had always played the role of protector. Except for his mother, no one had ever protected him like that. This was a soft and good-tempered person, but in order to defend him, he aggressively quarrelled with people, more surprising was that he even won the quarrel.

Ye Hansheng felt incredulous, and faint regret. Unfortunately, his back was against the couch, he couldn’t see the expression on his face. But he guessed that his dark eyes must have been lit up with anger, his long eyebrows wrinkled with displeasure, his cheeks would puff up slightly, the somewhat fleshy pale pink lips opened and closed, spitting out angry words ……

Ye Hansheng used his imagination to piece together little by little what Wen Run looked like at the time, but suddenly his mouth was a little dry. Then he became a little annoyed, he shouldn’t have pretended to sleep, so that the Ye family wouldn’t see him like that.

Such a beautiful side should only be shown to him.  The Ye family took a look at him, making him feel like it was a stain on him.

Wen Run didn’t know that his heroic scene had quietly fallen into the eyes of Ye Hansheng, he was talking to Zheng Xuan about going to see the new home arranged by the company.

Although it was mentioned a year ago that the company had arranged a house for him in Songhai Palace, but because it wasn’t long before he went to shoot a movie, so now he hadn’t had the time to come and take a look.

Ye Hansheng was sleeping now. He didn’t want to wake him. It was better to go to the new home, and what was missing in the house could be added, so that when he finished filming, he would just move there.

Zheng Xuan took a distant look at the sofa in the living room and said yes.

The two of them gently opened the door and went out. Then carefully closed the door. Wen Run walked towards the elevator, but was pulled by Zheng Xuan, “Where are you going?”

“Waiting for the elevator, which building is the house in?” Wen Run was puzzled.

Zheng Xuan showed an extremely subtle expression and quickly changed his expression and said: “In this building.”

His finger pointed it out, “There.”

The house arranged by the company was actually next door to Ye Hansheng’s house.

Wen Run’s eyes widened and he was confused for a while before he mumbled, “How could the company arrange a house here for me? I’ve heard that seniors who are much bigger than me in terms of popularity don’t live over here either.”

He wasn’t stupid, the company arranged the house in Songhai Apartments, and happened to be next door to Ye Hansheng, it wasn’t normal.

Zheng Xuan smiled faintly and took out the reason he had made up long ago, “Well, originally you shouldn’t live here, but recently the company’s housing stock is rather tight, and the houses in the high-end neighborhoods with better security are all full, and we temporarily can’t vacate other houses. It just so happens that I am familiar with Mr. Ye and know that he has a vacant house over here, so I spoke to him and let you live here temporarily.”

“So that’s how it is ……”

The little doubt in Wen Run’s heart immediately dispelled. He smiled, “Thank you, Brother Zheng. Mr. Ye should also be thanked.”

Zheng Xuan slightly raised his eyebrows, “This is my part of the job, but Mr. Ye’s side, if you want to thank him, go to his home when you have time.”

“You saw his family’s situation today, he doesn’t have a good relationship with his family, he moved to live here alone a long time ago. Over the years he’s often unstable because of the car accident, I live far away and I can’t visit him often, later when you move over, if it’s convenient, you can go over and talk to him, so he’ll be in a better mood.”

Wen Run’s brow wrinkled a little as he listened, and he finally nodded solemnly, “As long as Mr. Ye doesn’t mind me, I will often go over.”

Zheng Xuan smiled at him. He could only help up to this point, if Ye Hansheng still didn’t grasp this opportunity, then he deserved it.

“Go in and take a look.” Zheng Xuan entered the password to open the door and let Wen Run enter.

This house had the same layout as Ye Hansheng’s house and the area layout was similar. However, the decoration style of Wen Run’s apartment leaned towards the fresh rustic style. The furniture was white, curtains and tablecloths were light beige, the carpet was grass green, the overall look was lively and warm. Unlike Ye Hansheng’s home, which was mostly black and gray and looked depressingly dull.

After strolling around with light footsteps, Wen Run smiled and said, “I like this house very much, it seems that I really have to thank Mr. Ye.”

Zheng Xuan nodded and said, “When it’s time to officially move, you can invite Mr. Ye over.”

Wen Run said “hmm” and ran off to look at the kitchen again.

After he left, the smile on Zheng Xuan’s face faded a bit, and his gaze was somewhat obscure as he surveyed the house. The two adjacent houses on this floor were actually deliberately bought by Ye Hansheng. One set was prepared for his family, and the other was prepared to give to his sister Ye Jia.

Zheng Xuan still remembered a few days before the trial, Ye Hansheng deliberately came to see this place with him, he said with a smile that when his mother divorced, she would move over, the next set was Ye Jia’s graduation gift, and when Ye Jia got married later, it could also be used as a wedding house, living close after marriage, meant that his mother wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter being bullied after marriage.

At that time, it didn’t take long for him to express himself to Ye Jia, and he didn’t even plan how to explain to Ye Hansheng and his mother.

Ye Jia was three years younger than Ye Hansheng, and the two siblings had been admitted to the same university. During Ye Jia’s freshman year, he and Ye Hansheng had been roommates for almost four years. Their relationship was very strong. First year of school, he accompanied Ye Hansheng to pick up his sister, and then fell in love with Ye Jia at first sight. In order to get the beauty, he planned for more than three years, finally before Ye Jia’s graduation, he confessed successfully.

Both he and Ye Hansheng had planned well. But he didn’t expect to have a car accident on the way to court. His mother died on the spot to protect her daughter, Ye Jia became a vegetable, only Ye Hansheng escaped a disaster and recovered.

The two houses of Ye Hansheng hadn’t yet been given, but his Jiajia, stopped at twenty-two.

Zheng Xuan closed his eyes, and pressed back the tears, he exhaled, and returned to his usual nonchalant expression.

After moving out of the Ye family, Ye Hansheng lived in the apartment where the family was prepared to live. Ye Jia spent most of the year in the nursing home, during the New Year period, she was brought back for a few days. This set of house hadn’t been given out, so it had been vacantn.

Now giving it to Wen Run felt right.

When Jiajia woke up, she would like this little brother-in-law very much.

Wen Run had seen the house, ordered the missing things on Taobao, and then went back with Zheng Xuan.

On the sofa Ye Hansheng was still sleeping. This time he was really asleep, the hostility between his eyebrows dispersed, replaced by a shallow curve of his mouth.

After dinner, Wen Run was ready to go back, but under Zheng Xuan’s persuasion, he finally decided to stay overnight, and prepare breakfast for them before leaving.

Ye Hansheng didn’t say anything, but his face was very good. Eating and sleeping normally made him look better.

Zheng Xuan thanked the heavens.

The third day of the New Year, Wen Run bought a ticket to fly to S City at five o’clock in the afternoon, the crew officially started work on the fourth day, he had to rush over with Zheng Xuan.

After eating breakfast, the three of them sat in a row, watching Guo Degang and Yu Qian’s comedy, Zheng Xuan sat in the middle, Ye Hansheng and Wen Run sat left and right. Wen Run was still unaware of it, and laughed from time to time, but Zheng Xuan felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, he wasn’t even interested in his favorite comedy, he just wanted to pull out his legs and leave.

– – Ye Hansheng’s eyes scraped like a knife on his body, but now changing positions would be too obvious, he could only sit with a numb expression.

After another ten minutes, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Zheng Xuan stood up abruptly, the two people sitting next to him turned their heads to look at him at the same time.

Zheng Xuan drily smile, “I suddenly want to eat dumplings, I’ll go out to buy some.”

Wen Run’s eyes lit up, “Why don’t we wrap them ourselves, buy some dumpling skins and mix the filling ourselves.”

Zheng Xuan didn’t know how to make dumplings, and he didn’t want to eat dumplings at all, he just wanted to go away. But since Wen Run said so, he could only nod his head, he looked very happy and said, “Yes, I like dumplings the most.”

So the three of them went out to buy dumpling skins. Ye Hansheng was in a good mood today, so he also went out with them.

The three of them went to the supermarket and bought pork and leek and cabbage. Wen Run directed Zheng Xuan to drive to a small alley, after seven turns, they finally found a vegetable market, and went inside to buy two dozen of dumpling skins.

The three of them returned home with a good harvest, and when they arrived home, they heard Ye Hansheng’s cell phone ringing, Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair over, picked it up and looked at it, and hung up without any expression.

After two seconds, it rang again. This time, Ye Hansheng answered, but his voice was a bit cold, “What?”

A furious middle-aged male’s voice rang out, he first cursed and finally angrily ordered: “No matter where you are, get back here immediately.”

Ye Hansheng faintly said “not going”, and hung up the phone sharply, and then the blacklisted the number.

Wen Run remembered what the woman said yesterday, there was some kind of family dinner today, so Ye Hansheng had to go back.

But it looked like Ye Hansheng didn’t want to go back, Wen Run just pretended not to hear it and smiled, “I’ll go make the stuffing first, you guys wait a minute.”

He carried the fresh meat and vegetables into the kitchen, not long after, the sound of chopping was heard from the kitchen. Ye Hansheng moved closer with the wheelchair, the haze on his face receded, and he listened to the sound with some enjoyment.

“Really won’t go back?” Zheng Xuan came over.


The corners of Ye Hansheng’s mouth hooked into a cold smile, “Uncle’s side has already started to move, Ye Maokai can’t jump for long.”

Five years ago after he fell out with the Ye family, he withdrew from the management of Ye’s, and even sold a small part of the shares in his hand to Ye Maokai at a high price. After Ye Maokai bought the shares in his hands, he took up the most shares in Ye Corporation, so he was able to sit in the chairman’s position for so many years, and the company was almost his.

According to his plan, after Ye Maokai took over all the shares, within three years, the company was bound to go downhill.

Time proved that his prediction wasn’t wrong.

Ye Maokai was arrogant, headstrong and self-opinionated. The company in his hands was deteriorating, plus he and his uncle gave it a push, although the company on the surface still looked quite beautiful, but in fact, the root had rottened. Ye Maokai was determined to save the Ye family, and even wanted him to return to the Ye family to help, today he invited so many Ye family elders over to use them to pressure him.

Unfortunately, he was wrong in his calculations, he didn’t want to inherit the Ye family, and it was he who wanted to see the Ye family destroy itself.

Qiu Jihe calculated for the fortune of the Ye family, and Ye Maokai calculated for the shares in his hand. Then he let them have nothing, and they would watch as the company and their family capsize and their calculations would lead to empty answers.

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