These days Ye Hansheng was extraordinarily grumpy, and sometimes he couldn’t even control his violent emotions when he would lock himself in his room and smash the things inside to barely be able to vent a little.

Zheng Xuan at first didn’t know, after he found out, he didn’t go home for New Year’s Eve, he stayed to watch Ye Hansheng, but his temper couldn’t be managed, Zheng Xuan, in addition, to watching him to prevent him from doing more out of the ordinary things, he couldn’t do anything else.

But this year, there may be a turnaround.

Ye Hansheng agreed to let Wen Run over, which was a signal of reconciliation. Maybe in the future, they could all have a peaceful year. Zheng Xuan was shapelessly nestled on the sofa downstairs, gazing distantly at Ye Jia’s room upstairs, his face unconsciously revealed a smile, Jia Jia wouldn’t like to spend the New Year like this.

If the atmosphere changed, maybe she would be happier.


After packing the specialties he brought, Wen Run drove directly to Songhai Palace. The company had given him a car. Not very high-grade, it wasn’t eye-catching, but it was just right for daily commuting. Putting the bags in the back seat, Wen Run drove to Songhai Residence.

Even during the New Year period, the security of the Songhai Residence was still strict, Wen Yun arrived at the entrance of the community, sent a message to Zheng Xuan, and waited for Zheng Xuan to confirm with the security guards, before finally moving forward.

He had parked the car, just as Zheng Xuan came downstairs to pick him up, the two of them carried the bag of specialties and took the elevator upstairs, with the elevator numbers jumping, Wen Run somehow also became tense.

This was the first time he went to Ye Hansheng’s house, going to visit the other’s house, only close friends could do that. And now he was about to go to Ye Hansheng’s home to pay his respects.

Wen Run had some hidden joy inside, pursed the corners of his mouth that couldn’t help but curl up, and quietly exhaled.

“Here it is.”

The elevator stopped, Wen Yun was one step behind Zheng Xuan, followed behind him and walked forward, the carpeted corridor was exceptionally quiet, the corridor pillars and walls were plastered with delicate fortune words, even the plants on both sides of the corridor were also decorated with small red envelopes in response. But when Wen Run stepped forward, he felt that there was a lack of New Year’s atmosphere, even if the decorations were very rich and exquisite, it still permeated a cold aura.

Probably rich people didn’t pay attention to these? Wen Yun thought in his heart.

Zheng Xuan lost the password to open the door, and when Wen Run followed inside and saw Ye Hansheng’s house, this feeling became more and more intense.

Ye Hansheng’s home was very large, but there were not many things inside, in addition to the necessary furniture and furnishings, the rest was a large blank area. It was like a model house that had just been renovated, looking exquisite, but there was no little popularity, cold.

Wen Run put the specialties he brought on the coffee table and greeted the man sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window with his back to them.

“Happy New Year, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Hansheng looked back, and his flat lips seemed to hook up in an extremely shallow arc, “Happy New Year.”

After saying this sentence, he turned around again, leaving only Wen Run with a broad and silent back, unable to see his emotions.

“What did you bring? Is there anything I can eat directly?”

Zheng Xuan, however, did not bother to care about Ye Hansheng, who had not eaten anything since morning, he sat down and started rummaging through the gifts brought by Wen Run.

“There’s beef jerky made by my mom.”

Wen Run took out a sealed packet of beef jerky and handed it to him, seeing Zheng Xuan take it and start eating it, the strange feeling in his heart grew stronger, “Have you guys not eaten yet?”

“No.” Zheng Xuan ate the beef jerky, but also didn’t forget to complain, and only he knew whether it was said for Wen Yun to listen or for Ye Hansheng.

“Ate noodles for two days, the last bucket was finished last night, and I haven’t gone to buy.”

Wen Run instantly opened both eyes to look at him, “Noodles?”

Zheng Xuan sighed leisurely and tore another piece of beef jerky and put it in his mouth, “Hmm.”

“On New Year’s Eve, you also ate noodles?” Wen Run calculated, then wasn’t it true that Zheng Xuan came here after separating at the airport. Then the two of them ate noodles together?

Stealing a glance at the motionless figure in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Wen Run felt heartache and softly said: “Are there ingredients? How about I cook? It just so happens that I haven’t eaten yet,”

After saying that he added a sentence, “Eating too much noodles is not good for the body.”

“Go to the refrigerator and check?” Zheng Xuan actually didn’t know if there were ingredients. Ye Hansheng locked himself up at home on New Year’s Eve, the aunt who cooked went home a few days earlier for New Year’s Eve, and the caregiver who took care of Ye Jia took turns going out to eat. He and Ye Hansheng were left to fend for themselves.

Ye Hansheng was very unstable these days, most of the time, he stayed in the bedroom, Zheng Xuan kept an eye on him and could only rely on a few cups of noodles bought before he came.

These things, Wen Run naturally didn’t know. He went to the kitchen to open the refrigerator to look, and saw that the refrigerator was clean, nothing left.

With a soft sigh, Wen Run poked his head out of the kitchen and said, “There is nothing in the fridge, why don’t we go out and buy some?”

Zheng Xuan naturally agreed, the two changed their shoes and prepared to go out again, Wen Run looked at Ye Hansheng who was sitting alone, puffed out his cheeks and asked: “Does Mr. Ye want to go out for a stroll with us?”

“You guys go ahead.”

He didn’t turn around, he just straightened his back and sat quietly in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, speaking in a somewhat hoarse and dry voice. Because his back was turned, Wen Run could not see the expression on his face, but only vaguely felt that a heavy twilight aura was hanging over him. It was different from any time he’d seen him before.

He followed Zheng Xuan out of the house and entered the elevator before asking, “What happened to Boss Ye? I feel that he seems to be in a bad mood. “

Zheng Xuan did not explain too much and ust laughed: “Every year, during these days, he’s always in a bad mood, more accurate than a girl’s period.”

Wen Run just wanted to ask why he was in a bad mood these days, but suddenly remembered that Ye Hansheng’s mother was no longer there. He also only later learned that the car accident five years ago, Ye Hansheng not only broke his legs. He also lost his mother, and even his only sister became a vegetable.

He seemed to have a bad relationship with his father.

Thinking of him living alone in a big house with no-one, Wen Run seemed to understand why he was in a bad mood.

He didn’t press further, but said to Zheng Xuan, “We’ll buy more vegetables today.”


The supermarket in the area had not yet started to open, so the two drove to the supermarket outside. Wen Run pushed the shopping cart, bought half a shopping cart of vegetables and meat, and when he passed the stall selling chicken, Wen Run thought that Ye Hansheng seemed to like chicken soup, so she added another chicken. When the checkout was done, they went to buy a few more fruits, and the two of them returned with full bags.

When they returned, Ye Hansheng was still sitting in his original position, motionless, as if he was a still statue.

Zheng Xuan rolled his eyes at him and went to the kitchen with Wen Run to cook. Zheng Xuan was completely unable to cook, he tried to help a few times but after being driven out, he could only go find Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng was facing the floor-to-ceiling window, with his eyes downcast, he couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“It feels good to have someone at home to cook.” Zheng Xuan leaned against the wall with his arms wrapped around his chest and said to himself, “It feels like even the house got brighter.”

Ye Hansheng ignored him.

He continued, “Jiajia must like this brother-in-law.”

Ye Hansheng lifted his eyes to look at him and then moved his gaze, still silent.

Zheng Xuan couldn’t hold back, he glanced at the busy Wen Run in the kitchen, lowered his voice, and scolded him, “Keep trying to make him run away but don’t cry to me later.”

The deadly silent Ye Hansheng finally moved, thin lips slightly opened, and moved, “Roll.”


Zheng Xuan stood up straight, he grinded his teeth and replied, “If you have the ability, don’t eat later.”

Wen Run was completely unaware that the two men behind him took advantage of his inattention to secretly quarrel, he thought that the two of them didn’t eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, so he bought more dishes today to make up for it.

First, the chicken soup, and cut the sausage and bacon brought home. After nearly two hours of work, nine dishes and one soup were made.

These dishes were actually a little too much for three people to eat. But in Wen Run’s family, the tradition of the New Year’s Eve dinner was ten dishes, meaning “perfect”. There also had to be fish on the table, meaning that the year had surplus.

Since he had to make up for the New Year’s Eve dinner, he naturally had to follow the specifications of the New Year’s Eve dinner.

The long marble table was full of freshly cooked and fragrant dishes, bacon with garlic, prawns with green onions, and fish with sweet and sour sauce. Potatoes roast beef brisket …… Cordyceps flower chicken soup. Ten dishes with delicate bowls and plates.

Zheng Xuan went to the wine rack to get red wine, he passed by Ye Hansheng and deliberately said: “Wen Run, push Mr. Ye, his wheelchair seems to be broken.”

Wen Run didn’t know, he changed his apron and hurried out, he saw that Ye Hansheng’s hand on the wheelchair wheel didn’t move, so he believed it was true. He said, “I’ll push you over,” and pushed Ye Hansheng to the table.

The height of the wheelchair was a little short, Wen Run was afraid that it wasn’t convenient to eat, and moved another chair to put next to him and softly asked: “Do you want me to help?”

Ye Hansheng looked deeply at him, shook his head slightly, and moved from the wheelchair to the chair next to him.

His arms were strong, when he propped up his body, Wen Run even saw the muscles bulging under his clothes, Ye Hansheng moved his body skillfully to the chair, he noticed Wen Run still looking at him, he turned his head to look at him and quietly said “thank you for your hard work.”

Wen Run opened his eyes wide to look at him, smiled, and shook his head, and said it wasn’t hard. And in response to his hoarse voice, he gave him a bowl of chicken soup, “Drink some soup first to warm your stomach.”

“I also want to warm up my stomach.” Zheng Xuan came over with the red wine.

Unfortunately, Wen Run didn’t hear the complaint in his words at all, and honestly put a bowl of chicken soup in front of him. Zheng Xuan choked on his words, rubbed his nose, and sat down resentfully.

Ye Hansheng glanced at him coldly and turned his head to slowly drink soup.

Zheng Xuan didn’t open the red wine. Instead, he drank most of the warm pot of chicken soup.

After the meal, Zheng Xuan took the initiative to wash the dishes, Wen Run pushed Ye Hansheng to the living room, and after he sat down on the sofa, he picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. He didn’t know what Ye Hansheng usually did after dinner, with Zheng Xuan in the kitchen washing dishes, only he and Ye Hansheng were left, he didn’t know what to say, so he took the remote control to haphazardly adjust the channel.

The second day of the Lunar New Year, all stations were still replaying the Spring Festival Gala, on TV, Guo Degang and Yu Qian sang a harmony,  Zheng Xuan heard the sound and ran out to watch for a while before going back to wash dishes.

Wen Run thought for half a day and finally thought of a topic. Turning his head to speak, he found that Ye Hansheng had fallen asleep against the sofa.

The tall man nestled back into the black leather sofa, even when asleep, the corners of his mouth was still tightly pursed, under his eyes had green and black marks. His face was also a little pale, his light-colored thin lips were dry, he surprisingly looked somewhat pathetic.

Wen Run’s heart suddenly thumped up, he whispered his name, but he seemed very tired, Wen Run tried waking him up, but his pair of sword eyebrows uncomfortably wrinkled.

Zheng Xuan was still busy in the kitchen. Wen Run unconsciously leaned closer, hesitantly raised his hand, pressed on the folds between his eyebrows, and quickly retracted his hand.

His skin was very cool, Wen Run just lightly touched, but his fingers felt as if he had touched electricity, numb. He didn’t dare to touch him again, so he turned down the TV, got up, and went to the kitchen to find Zheng Xuan.

Hearing that he was asleep on the sofa, Zheng Xuan raised his eyebrows and took a look at him, but only saw half of his head exposed behind the sofa.

“Let him sleep on the couch, don’t wake him up, he hasn’t slept for two days.” Zheng Xuan lowered his voice and said.

Wen Run’s eyes showed surprise, but he didn’t ask anything more and only asked him where the blanket was, then turned around and went to get it and carefully covered Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng sat on the sofa, with his head tilted to the side, Wen Run was afraid that he would be uncomfortable if he slept in this position for a long time. After thinking about it, he half hugged him and put him flat on the sofa. He also took off his shoes and put his hanging legs on the sofa.

The couch was wide. But Ye Hansheng was tall and long-legged, sleeping on it was still a bit cramped, Wen Run tucked him in the blanket and squatted on the side to watch him. Zheng Xuan said he hadn’t slept for two days, no wonder the blue and black under his eyes were so heavy, he didn’t wake up when he moved him.

Wen Yun’s gaze moved to his legs again, this was the first time he had touched Ye Hansheng’s legs. Ye Hansheng had long legs, but his pair of legs couldn’t stand up, it had started to feel very thin, compared to his arms with muscles, his legs looked too thin.

He heard that if the disabled legs didn’t exercise for a long time, eventually the muscles would slowly degenerate. Some days, it would also be painful, to not suffer, one had to massage it every day, to promote blood circulation in the legs.

He didn’t know if Ye Hansheng had a regular massage …… Wen Run squatted on the side of the sofa, his brain had a lot of thoughts.

The doorbell suddenly rang, Ye Hansheng’s eyelashes trembled, he seemed to struggle to wake up, Wen Run subconsciously reached out to cover his ears, and whispered to him, “nothing, sleep ……”.

The doorbell stopped and his words worked. Ye Hansheng’s expression settled down again, and Wen Run carefully reached out to press the folds between his eyebrows before getting up to open the door.

Zheng Xuan had already opened the door first. He half blocked the door with his body and didn’t let outsiders in.

Wen Run went over and heard a woman softly say: “It’s the second day of the year, and Hansheng still refuses to go home, his father and I are very worried about him, so we came to see.”

Zheng Xuan’s voice was cold, with a little mockery, “Ms. Qiu, aren’t you tired of pretending like this every day? I’m tired of seeing you not tired. Ye Hansheng won’t go back, so you guys hurry up and get out.”

Wen Run’s eyes crossed over him to look at the door and saw a delicately dressed, gentle-looking woman with a young teenager standing at the door.

The woman was very young, looks only in her early thirties, and spoke in a soft and gentle voice, even if Zheng Xuan insulted her, she didn’t seem annoyed, she remained gentle: “The Ye family is his home, where else can he go if not back? And Jiajia’s illness, I heard that there is an expert abroad, who once successfully cured a vegetative person, his father and I want to send her to try ……”

“How dare you mention Jiajia?!” Before she could finish her sentence, she was choked by Zheng Xuan, gritting his teeth, “If not you, how could Jiajia be like this?”

“What are you doing? Let go of my mother!”

The teenager behind him fiercely broke his hand and shielded the woman behind him, looking at him with provocative eyes, “If it wasn’t for my father wanting him back, who do you think wants to care about that madman? He’d better die outside and never return to the Ye family!”

“Who are you calling crazy?”

Wen Run was hesitant to go forward, after listening to this for a while, he also guessed that the woman at the door should be Ye Hansheng’s stepmother Qiu Jihe, looking at Zheng Xuan’s attitude also knew that Ye Hansheng had a very bad relationship with this stepmother, this was someone’s family business, he shouldn’t get involved, he was ready to quietly back, but suddenly heard the teenager who came with her call Ye Hansheng a madman.

He instinctively felt disgusted by this word, just like once in the company when he heard those people say that Ye Hansheng had temperamental psychopath, he was angry.

Ye Hansheng was obviously very good, but these people, always tried to press these words on him, as if this would be able to step on him into the mud and they could stand cleanly on the high ground.

Striding to the door, Wen Run coldly stared at the angry teenager and said, “If you don’t leave, I’ll call security.”

Qiu Jihe didn’t expect a face she had never seen before to suddenly appear in Ye Hansheng’s house. She narrowed her eyes, coughed twice, and resumed her smiling face, “You’re a friend of Hansheng’s, right? I am his mother, this is our family business, you may not know much about ……”

“I do not understand your family affairs, but I also know that Ye Hansheng’s mother has long passed away.”

Wen Run interrupted her with a sullen face and pointed at Ye Qiuting behind her, “He was just abusing and cursing Ye Hansheng, if you are really his mother, can you listen to others curse your own son outside?”

“If you want to casually recognize your son, you should also see if you have the qualifications to be a mother.”

Qiu Jihe choked, she couldn’t imagine that this teenager suddenly appeared with such a sharp tongue, she almost couldn’t keep her gentle mask on her face, she took two deep breaths before pulling her son who wanted to say something else with red eyes, she forced a smile and said, “I know that Hansheng has been reluctant to acknowledge me as his mother, he has some misunderstanding about me and his father, I don’t want to force him either. It’s just that there’s a banquet at home tomorrow, and many elders from the Ye family will be there, so his father asked him to make sure he goes back.”

Wen Run had a taut face and coldly said to the security guards at the other end of the corridor who hesitated to come over: “These two people suddenly barged in and insisted on recognizing their son, I suspect they are a fraudulent gang, how does your security work? What did you do? You just let them in?”

The security guard came over with a smile and politely asked them to leave. Naturally, they knew Qiu Jihe. The wife of the chairman of the Ye Group, who could not know her?

The security guards who could work here couldn’t have poor eyesight, so as soon as they heard that the other party was looking for Mr. Ye, they let them go with pleasure. Who knew that the good intention to do a good thing, was unexpectedly hit by this kind of luxury family drama.

The security guard apologized again and again and did not dare to say anything serious to Qiu Jihe’s mother and son, so he could only ask the other parties to go down with caution.

“Next time if you let people up casually, I’ll have to complain to the property manager about you.” Wen Run coldly grunted, he didn’t look at faces of the mother and son and forcefully closed the door.

As soon as the door was closed, Wen Run was deflated, and like a puppy with drooping ears, he asked Zheng Xuan pitifully, “I’m not in trouble, am I?”

He felt embarrassed for overstepping his bounds, “I just heard them scold Mr. Ye and got too angry ……”

Zheng Xuan clasped his hands in his arms, amusingly sizing him up, he smiled and rubbed his head happily, “No trouble, you did a good job.” If Ye Hansheng had seen it, he might have even praised him.

“But you actually hate that woman so much?” Zheng Xuan was amazed. If people who didn’t know the inner workings of the Ye family were not aware of her, they might have been fooled by her when they saw her look of resignation. But he didn’t expect that Wen Run didn’t give her any face.

Wen Run puffed up his face and said with disgust: “Her acting skills are too poor. The lines are good, but the eyes and body details were too fake.” The moment he looked at her, he knew she didn’t have a good intention.

Zheng Xuan didn’t expect this reason, he froze for a moment and snorted out a laugh, he didn’t hold back and rubbed his hair hard.

The two of them whispered a few words in the foyer, and Wen Run lightened his footsteps to see Ye Hansheng, who was still asleep and not woken up by the noise at the door, probably because he had finally gotten some rest, and the folds between his eyebrows were loosened and flattened, and even the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, so he looked like he was having a good dream.

Only the blanket on him slipped to the floor, and one leg also slipped off the sofa.

Wen Run gave a small sigh, put his leg back on the sofa, and covered him with the blanket again, looking at him with a distressed gaze.

No wonder he didn’t even eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, and no wonder Zheng Xuan said he didn’t sleep for two days. Although Wen Run didn’t ask, he had some guesses. But uncertain guesses were far from seeing the truth with his own eyes. Wen Run thought about his stepmother who was a very poor actor and thought of his father who went to the company and smashed his head before, and felt deeply that once there was really a stepmother, the father became a stepfather. The poor Ye Hansheng didn’t have a home to return to and could only live alone in this big house.

In the future, if he had the opportunity, he had to visit a lot, Wen Run looked at Ye Hansheng’s sleeping face, while his thoughts wandered.

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