He raised his chin slightly. His eyes fell on the chicken soup in front of Wen Run and whispered, “To thank me, just serve me a bowl of chicken soup.”

Wen Run really poured a bowl of chicken soup and passed it over. Just as he stretched out his slender, good-looking hand to receive it, when he took the bowl of soup, their fingertips touched, and Wen Run shivered, retracting his hand quickly.

But the feeling lingered, he pinched his fingertips and didn’t dare to look at Ye Hansheng again, his chest felt like it was hiding a crazy bouncing rabbit, it jumped madly.

In a hurry, he filled a bowl of soup for himself, and drank the soup with a gentle bow and a small mouth, so as to conceal his discomfort.

Ye Hansheng also took the bowl and slowly drank it. As he drank the warm chicken soup, it felt like the hostility accumulated in his heart these days was emptied, leaving a refreshing sense of relief.

In a good mood, Ye Hansheng’s cold and hard face became softer, and his mouth was hooked into a shallow curve, he gently asking whether the filming was smooth and whether the crew bullied him or not.

He took the initiative to pass on the topic, looking much better again, Wen Run unconsciously relaxed and talked to him about the things in the group. Ye Hansheng listened with a light smile throughout, without any look of impatience. As if Wen Run had received a small bit of encouragement, his two eyes shone brightly and without realizing it, he spoke more.

He also said that he had recently encountered a lot of difficulties in figuring out the script, and had also encountered bottlenecks during filming, but fortunately, Mr. Wei had patiently explained it to him, and he had benefited greatly from it, and his acting had improved greatly, and even the director had praised him ……

He spoke happily, but Ye Hansheng only captured one main point, “Who is Teacher Wei?” He never knew that Wen Run had a teacher, and they seemed to be very close by the way he spoke.

Wen Run said it was Wei Ye, “Before I entered the group, I felt that my acting skills still needed to be honed, so I asked Agent Zheng to hire a teacher for me, and he hired Teacher Wei to teach me.”

“Wei Ye?” Ye Hansheng’s face was a little bit colder, the idleness of the party had been all but restrained, and his face was covered with dark clouds again.

Wen Run nodded cautiously, glancing at his expression, wondering why he was angry again.

Ye Hansheng secretly ground his teeth, as he rubbed Zheng Xuan against the ground in his heart for the ten-thousandth time. Wen Run couldn’t guess what he was thinking, and when he saw that he looked unhappy, he stopped talking and apprehensively kept quiet.

And Zheng Xuan, who was outside, reckoned that he had been out for such a long time, and the two should have finished what they needed to say and pushed the door in.

As soon as he came in, he found that the atmosphere seemed a bit wrong, Ye Hansheng had a gloomy face, Wen Run was separated from him by a seat, hanging his head and not saying anything.

With an anxious heart, Zheng Xuan recalled that he hadn’t provoked him during this time, so how did he offend him again?

Trying to figure it out, the three of them ate haphazardly, Ye Hansheng excused himself and asked Zheng Xuan to send him to the airport, letting Wen Run go first.

Zheng Xuan was forced to stay behind, and as soon as he watched Wen Run leave, his face turned drastically pale with Ye Hansheng’s cold gaze on him, “You found Wei Ye to be Wen Run’s teacher?”

“When was that?”

“Why didn’t I know?”

Zheng Xuan looked at him innocently, “Yes, I didn’t tell you? You were probably busy and forgot.”

Ye Hansheng’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, he looked at him and coldly said, “Wei Ye likes men.”

Putting such a person next to Wen Run and giving Wei Ye as a teacher seemed to make him lose control and worry that the treasure he was guarding would be stolen.

He was in an extremely bad mood. But Wen Run was so happy when he talked about it, he couldn’t even bear to tell him not to study for fear of seeing his disappointed and sad eyes, so he had to take on the culprit, Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan was simply dumbfounded, his hand trembled as he pointed at him, “Wei Ye has a lover, and you even want to eat this kind of dry jealousy?”

He was the f*cking King of Jealousy, right?

Ye Hansheng’s eyes narrowed, and he righteously replied, “So what if he has a lover, there’s no guarantee he won’t eat from the bowl and look at the pot.”


Zheng Xuan felt like he couldn’t communicate with this unbelievable old man.

It was true that Wei Ye liked men, but he already had a lover. They had been together for many years and their feelings were very deep. Wei Ye had never hidden it, and many people in the industry knew about it. He never expected that Ye Hansheng would still feel jealous.

He endured and endured, but finally, he couldn’t help but say, “With your heart that’s smaller than a needle’s point, if Wen Run makes kissing and bed scenes in the future, you will probably die because of jealousy!”

After hearing that, Ye Hansheng’s facial expression was filled with rage, as if Wen Run had already done a kiss or bed scene.

Zheng Xuan was deeply uncomfortable with his appearance, not daring to provoke him easily again, he could only admit, “okay okay, I just casually spoke, I will definitely not let him take bed scenes, kissing scenes will be done by a body double, okay?”

When the words fell, seeing that he looked a little better, Zheng Xuan didn’t dare to wrestle with the topic anymore and quickly got down to business.

“What are you going to do about Song Li and Ling Shang Yao?”

After the traitor in the crew was uncovered, Zheng Xuan went along to find the Song Li and Ling Shangyao who were hiding in the back, and also caught quite a few handles on them, but he didn’t spook the snake, it was up to Ye Hansheng to deal with them.

Ye Hansheng was indeed distracted, he smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes, “Expose the matter of Ling Shangyao’s drug addiction, and when he goes in, have someone take good care of him. As for the Song Li ……”

“Send him to the others, and tell them it was my idea.”

Zheng Xuan understood what he meant.

Since Song Li harbored a hatred for Wen Run since he had left the Starland, he also secretly designed to blacken him. Ye Hansheng would never let him go. Didn’t he hate to leave Star Domain, Ye Hansheng was going to make him not only unable to stay in Starland, no one even dared to want him from other companies, making him completely unable to stay in this industry.

After returning to the crew, Wen Run sank down to concentrate on filming, because it was close to the Spring Festival, the entire crew was in a hurry, and it was common that he could only sleep for three to four hours a day, but it was good that Zheng Xuan and his assistant followed to take care of him, so Wen Run didn’t have to worry about anything other than being tired from filming.

And there were some things that Zheng Xuan naturally wouldn’t tell him to bother him.

On the day of New Year’s Eve, the internet suddenly exploded with the news that the young fresh star Ling Shangyao was using drugs in a hotel. Even though there were still three or two fans who didn’t want to believe it, he was really hammered to death this time, and even if he came out of rehab, he wouldn’t be able to turn over a new leaf.

Ling Shangyao’s drug abuse incident was very noisy for a while, but the Internet was full of scoldings. The public hated drugs and even the stars arrested for drug abuse were pulled out and whipped, and it was raging on the Internet until another popular male star had a scandal, and the heat of this matter was suppressed.

A star who was long overdue and scandal-ridden ended up with so little attention left.

Song Li, who was not known to the public, also received a dismissal notice from Vortex.

When he left from Vortex’s office. Song Li was still unsure as to why he was fired, he wanted to go ask for a reason, but he was unceremoniously kicked out.

It was already close to the Spring Festival, many companies were on holiday, the street was a little depressing, he walked in a daze on the road, a huge panic suddenly overtook him, he took out his cell phone, he sent a message to all his friends who was in the industry, groveling and begging for a job.

However, these friends, who had been quite kind to him in the past, were now cutting him off.

The vast majority of the messages didn’t get a response, there were one or two former friends of his that sent a subtle reminder that he had offended someone, no company wanted him.

Song Li couldn’t believe it, and lowered himself to beg shamelessly, but really no one was willing to help him. He was disheartened, knowing that he was really finished.

In order to maintain a decent image in Starland, he spent a lot of money, and also had several lovers, immediately he left starland, his income plummeted. The former lovers also parted ways with him, and now, only a lonely man was left, after being fired, he didn’t even have a place to stay.

Song Li squatted by the side of the road in pain, and thought of Ling Shangyao’s drug arrest, only to realize in hindsight that the plan he thought was foolproof, had been discovered, and they had retaliated.

Song Li knew that he was truly finished this time. Not only could he not stay in the industry any longer, but he also couldn’t even stay in B City either.

The entire crew worked overtime and finally completed the shooting schedule as planned. On the morning of New Year’s Eve, everyone in the crew gathered in the hotel for a meal, and after the meal, the director gave out red envelopes, before everyone went home for the New Year.

The Spring Festival holiday was only three days long. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, they had to continue work again.

Wen Run booked a flight back to his hometown early in the morning. After saying goodbye to Zheng Xuan and his assistant at the airport, Wen Run flew directly to his hometown.

The two brothers met and hugged each other, and then drove home.

Far Mountain County was far from the airport, and by the time the brothers arrived home, it was almost ten o’clock.

The Wen family’s New Year’s Eve dinner was already prepared, they were waiting for Wen Run to arrive home to start the meal. This time the food was hot on the stove, when the sound of the car came from the door, mother Wen didn’t care to stay in the kitchen, she wiped her hands on the apron, and excitedly rushed out.

Wen Run was wearing a long gray down jacket, his sunglasses and face mask had been taken off, standing upright in front of the car, Mother Wen rushed to him and hugged him while crying, Wen Run gently patted her back.

Father Wen accompanied grandfather Wen and grandmother Wen stood aside, the rural man had dark skin, his face was creased with wrinkles, but at this time he wore a smile of joy and said to his wife: “Let’s go into the house, the food is still on the stove.”

Only then did Mother Wen wipe her tears, smiled, and hurried to the kitchen to serve food.

Wen Run’s second brother stepped forward, looking at his imposing youngest brother, he patted him on the shoulder in delight, then took him by the shoulders and went inside, “Brother brought back good wine, let’s have a drink with dad and grandfather later.”

Wen Run couldn’t move against his brother’s hold, so he followed him inside.

The Wen family’s small building was newly built, four floors in total, the first floor was the hall where the guests were waiting, while the second, third, and fourth floors were the bedrooms of the Wen family. At this time the hall had been set up with a round table covered with a red tablecloth, and Brother Wen helped Mother Wen bring out the warm food and set the table full of food.

Second brother Wen opened the wine, pouring for the men of the family, grandmother Wen, mother Wen, and Wen Xiaomei poured drinks, while Father Wen went outside to light firecrackers and the family made a toast under the festive atmosphere.

Wen Run drank, and his face became red after drinking a few glasses of wine. Brother Wen joked: “After our younger brother became a star, he’s getting better and better.”

“My brother has always been good-looking.” Wen Xiaomei immediately retorted. “There are so many people in school who remember him now.”

Wen Xiaomei’s grades were also  she and Wen Run were allowed to go to school, and when the year was over, she had to prepare for the entrance exam.

Big Brother Wen said, “Just third brother is your brother, I and second brother are not?”

Wen Xiaomei stuck out her tongue, “You said that yourself, it’s none of my business.” After saying that she pulled Wen Run again, grinding on him to give his autograph later, saying that many girls in her class liked him and were fans of him.

Wen Run asked about the harvest at home. Now his big brother and second brother were in the coastal business, they had made a small improvement. Wen Xiaomei was in high school. Father and Mother Wen were still home farming, taking care of the two old people. Now that the family conditions were better, they were willing to spend money to hire people to rent machines for sowing and harvesting, so it wasn’t not so hard.

However, Wen Run still didn’t want his parents to work so hard. He sealed a red envelope for his brothers and his younger sister, and took out a card and handed it to his parents. “You can use it, wait for me to save some money, and you should be able to buy a house next year. When the time comes, you will all be able to relax.”

Mother Wen held his hand, thinking of her son’s year-round absence, then the fact that he was just back for two days, her eyes became red, “Take the money yourself, we are not lacking. Your big brother and second brother have paid back the capital you gave to do business, mother saved it all for you.”

Wen Run wiped his tears, he muttered quietly, “I’m getting busier and busier in the future, if you live closer, I’ll come home often to see you guys.”

Father and Mother Wen lived in this small village for so many years, they didn’t aspire to live outside, so they didn’t respond to Wen Run’s words and only told him to take care of himself and find a girlfriend.

“My brother is a star, but so he wouldn’t get married so early.” Wen Xiaomei finally couldn’t help but interject after listening to her parents pushing her big brother and second brother, and now she was pushing her third brother.

Mother Wen pulled Wen Run’s hand and didn’t rush him, so she smiled and told him to take care of himself.


The Wen family’s New Year’s Eve dinner carried over into the early morning, Wen Run drank a lot of wine, went back to his room, and drifted off to sleep, he slept at home for half a day the next day and had to catch a plane back to B City at night.

The crew started work on the fourth day of the month, so he had to go back early. Mother Wen packed his luggage, filled it with a box of souvenirs, and reluctantly advised him for a long time, before her two sons to drive him to the airport.

Wen Run’s evening flight arrived early morning to B city, the second day of the Chinese New Year, the airport was not crowded, Wen Run was wearing a woolen hat, and tightly put on a mask and only exposed his eyes, before taking a taxi back to the original hostel.

Liu Zhan went back to his hometown for the New Year, and Shen Muxun wanted to take pictures just like him. When he got back, he came in a hurry after eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, but just happened to meet with Wen Run. They took the special products brought by Wen Run and drank a little wine before they rested.

The next morning, Wen Run packed up the souvenirs he brought and called Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan was a little quiet, and he sounded a little depressed when he spoke. Wen Run didn’t know what happened, and he didn’t ask many questions, so he just asked him to come and get the souvenirs when he was free.

The two of them said a few words, as he was about to hang up the phone, Wen Run still couldn’t help but ask, “I brought a souvenir for Mr. Ye, is he at home? I’ll send him one too.”

He was a little embarrassed after saying that, feeling that it was too weird, after all, his relationship with Ye Hansheng wasn’t familiar enough to be able to visit the other’s house, but he just didn’t know how to ask. Only after asking did he feel bad, and hurriedly corrected his sentence, saying that when he came to his office, he would also bring Mr. Ye’s gift, and hurriedly hung up the phone.

“Wen Run called, saying that he’s coming to deliver a gift to you.”

Zheng Xuan shook the phone at him, the haze on his face dispelled quite a bit, and he also had the heart to joke, “I see that this kid is still thinking of you in his heart.”

Ye Hansheng leaned into the wheelchair, his eyes dark and gloomy, the hostility that hadn’t dissipated remained in his eyes until he heard his words, his eyes moved and narrowed at him.

“Well? Do you want him to come over?”

After a long silence, Ye Hansheng’s hand clutching the armrest of the wheelchair popped out veins, before he slumped back down and leaned back, “Let him come over and clean up the house.”

Zheng Xuan laughed and gave Wen Run another callback. Telling him that Ye Hansheng’s house was at Songhai Haotian, and to come straight over.

Hanging up the phone, he started to clean up the smashed up room again.

At this time of year, Ye Hansheng’s temper would be so bad that he brought Ye Jia back from the nursing home to spend the New Year together, during which he wouldn’t see anyone but the caregiver.

Ye Hansheng’s house was a duplex. Ye Jia stayed in the specially cleaned room on the second floor, and the senior caregiver was rotated every twenty-four hours

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