The recording of “Farming” was over, when Wen Run returned to B city it was already 10 o’clock at night, Zheng Xuan came over to pick him up early, saw him in regular clothes no makeup and no styling, but also grinning, he wasn’t even wearing a mask, so he quickly let him put on his hat, “It’s not the same as it used to be,  also pay attention, now outside the terminal, there are pick-up fans waiting. ”

Wen Run had just returned from the small mountain village where he had recorded the show, wrapped in a thick long down jacket, his hairstyle was not done, and his hair was soft and rested casually on his forehead, luckily he had rested on the plane, his face didn’t look waxy and haggard, and although there was no makeup, he was still handsome.

“Pickup? Pick me up?” Wen Run’s eyes widened and he stretched his head to stare outside, “Are they still out there?”

When he wasn’t popular before, he never got this treatment, and he was actually a bit envious when he saw other people’s fans visiting the crew occasionally. He didn’t expect that he would have fans picking him up now.

Zheng Xuan wanted to laugh and cry, “Well, they’re all waiting outside, you can’t be so casual in the future, there will be more and more fans, and more and more people paying attention to you, so you should be careful. It’s also not good for you if you get any bad pictures taken secretly.”

Wen Run was just getting popular, and Zhuang Xuan was worried that he hadn’t gotten used to the change yet. When you’re not popular, no one cares about you even if you go out on the street like a normal passerby, but when you’re popular, you have to pay attention to your image at all times, and sometimes just a picture with a haggard face can make the media make up as much fake news as they want.

“Yeah, I know.”Wen Run nodded, his dark eyes couldn’t help but look out again, “Are we going over there?”

“They’re waiting outside the terminal.” Zheng Xuan raised an eyebrow, “Let’s just take the VIP tunnel out,”

“Huh?” Wen Run was a little disappointed, and looked at the sky outside again, inside the airport was heated, naturally not cold at all. But it was already late at night, but the outside of the terminal was cold and windy, thinking that there were still a group of fans waiting to see him outside, he felt it was a little unbearable, “They’ve been waiting for so long, don’t I need to show up?”

Zheng Xuan was actually not prepared to let Wen Run show up today, after all, this was not an officially announced trip, nor was he prepared to have fans there, he was worried that the scene would be too chaotic and there would be an accident.

But looking at Wen Run’s appearance as if he really wanted to go and have a look, he had gone to have a look before, those fans were very qualified, and did not all block the hall with their heads, but instead guarded the outside of the terminal with the cold wind.

“Then go show your face.” Zheng Xuan said, “We can’t stay too long, show up and we’ll leave quickly.”

Wen Run went to see his fans as he wished. As soon as he came out from the normal passage, two girls squealed lowly, muttering “out out out out” and rushed out excitedly. It should be a fan group sent out to squat and go forward.

After the two girls went down, a sea of lights lit up outside the terminal building, and the fans who had been waiting for a long time were all excitedly looking at the exit, calling out Wen Run’s name in unison.

It was still Wen Run’s first time facing such a scene, these girls should have been waiting outside for a long time, holding a light board until their fingers were freezing blue, they shouted Wen Run’s name, colorful lights reflecting their excitement, as if the next moment they would not be able to resist rushing over.

Wen Run stopped in his tracks, smiled, and waved at them.

The screams of excitement nearly toppled the terminal, but it was good that the fans, despite their excitement, refrained from crowding forward and instead took the initiative to divide a pathway to let Wen Run pass, while they tried to turn their heads to look at Wen Run, shaking the light sign up vigorously, hoping that Wen Run would see it.

“It’s too cold outside, let’s go home early.”

He was shielded in the middle by Zhuang Xuan and his assistant, his hat was off, his un-styled hair rested casually on his forehead, the strands slightly longer and covering some of his cheeks, making his whole face look even smaller. This was a person who looked soft and gentle, even his voice was soft, he spoke not too loudly, but the fans who were close to the front row heard, nobody knew who suddenly shouted, “Baby mommy loves you! You go home early too!”

Wen Run stayed for a moment, then smiled widely as he gave a final wave to the fans and was herded to the car. The fans outside were still reluctant to leave, moving in the same direction he’d left.

“Get some hot drinks to share with them to warm their hands, then tell them to go home early and be safe on the way.” Wen Run hesitated for a moment, but still told the assistant.

It was late, and it was cold outside, and it was quite hard for a group of girls to stay out.

The assistant got off the bus and contacted Da Fen to distribute hot drinks to the fans. Zheng Xuan drove him back, and he saw through the rearview mirror. He also looked out with sparkling eyes and was very happy.

“You won’t feel anything when you see more of it later.” Zheng Xuan said.

Wen Run, however, shook his head and said seriously, “It has nothing to do with how much I see, it’s just the thought of having so many people supporting me that makes me feel happy, and I don’t want to disappoint them.”

Zheng Xuan looked into his glittering eyes, smiled softly, and started the car to leave.


Sending Wen Run to the neighborhood, while going upstairs, Zheng Xuan was keenly aware of the paparazzi hiding in the flower bushes, he turned to look, but the other had already run away fast.

Zheng Xuan frowned, “It’s time for you to move somewhere else, the security here is too poor.”

This was the company’s place of residence for newcomers, usually three to four people stayed in a suite. The grade of the area was not high, and naturally the security could not be counted on. When he wasn’t popular before, Wen Run didn’t want to move, so Zheng Xuan let him stay, but in the future, it was expected that there would be more squatting paparazzi and b*stards, so it would be impossible not to move.

Wen Run also realized the problem, he slightly knitted his brows, “It’s time to move, but it will have to wait,” he was a little embarrassed, “I haven’t saved enough money to buy a house.”

B City was a little tight, and although he was earning more and more now, he wanted to buy a better house in the central district immediately.

“You don’t have to worry about the house,” Zheng Xuan didn’t think he was even worried about buying a house, smiling, “The company will arrange it for you.”

Wen Run was relieved to hear him say that and nodded, “Then I’ll listen to the company’s arrangements.”


After Ye Hansheng came back from the “inspection”, he was not in a wonderful mood. His usual cold face was already scary enough, but now for two days in a row he had dark clouds around him, his cold eyes was even colder, the secretary shivered.

The president’s office was privately guessing whether someone had tried to climb Boss Ye’s bed, otherwise, how could he be so angry? For two or three days, he didn’t look good at all, and the whole president’s office followed with trepidation.

Zheng Xuan didn’t know about this, he just told Wen Run about moving the night before, and the next day he knocked on the door of Ye Hansheng’s office during the day.

Ye Hansheng’s face was pitch black and he was very impatient, “What’s the matter again?”

Zheng Xuan raised an eyebrow, finally realizing that his best friend didn’t seem to be in a good mood, but he always liked to stroke the tiger’s whiskers, so he sat down now and crossed his legs and smiled, “Good news, do you want to hear it?”

Ye Hansheng stared at him with a pitch-black face, silent for a long time, and finally still said word for word, “Say it.”

Zheng Xuan felt more and more that he had finally pinched him and proudly said, “Wen Run can’t live in that place now, he’s not going to buy a house for now, he has to have the company rearrange a place to live.”

There were some words that didn’t need to be made too clear.

The dark clouds on Ye Hansheng’s face receded, and his fingers tapped the desktop, contemplating for a moment, “There is just a set of houses over at Songhai Heights, and the environment and security there is good. When is he going to move?”

Zheng Xuan spread his hands, “I have to go back and ask.”

Ye Hansheng nodded slightly, his cold hard face softening a bit, “Then you go and ask.”


Although he was moving, but it wasn’t that fast, this had been the place where he lived, Wen Run had a lot of things to pack. And after living with Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun for so long, Wen Run was somewhat reluctant to move out now.

He greeted the two of them in advance, and the three of them didn’t go out. Lu Zhan ordered barbecue and beers, and the three of them sat around the coffee table to chat.

Lu Zhan was a little childish in private, and was reluctant when he heard that Wen Run was moving away. “Will I ever get to play with you again?”

“Zheng Xuan said it’s Songhai Haotian.” Wen Run didn’t really know where it was, he just heard Zheng Xuan mention that furniture were being added there, so it would probably be a while before he could move there.

“Songhai Heights?” Lu Zhan stared with wide eyes and said, “F*ck,” incredulously, “Is the company so generous?”

Wen Run was puzzled, he was the one who hadn’t paid attention to the house, so he didn’t really understand, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Mu Xun replied, “Songhai Heights is a high-grade luxury residence, and they have all been liquidated long ago. The location is good, and the environment and security facilities are first-rate, and I heard that many tycoons as well as popular entertainers have bought properties there.” Naturally, the house prices of such a place were top-notch as well.

“It seems like Mr. Ye also lives there.” Lu Zhan added, “And I’ve never heard of any company arranging for their artists to live over there, even the top ones, ah.”

Besides, all the houses in Songhai Heights were priced out now. The building had long been sold out, to buy it, they had to wait for someone to leave. Where was it casually arranged?

Wen Run was also a bit confused, “I thought it was just a better neighborhood than this.”

Lu Zhan was still muttering about why the company was suddenly so generous, but it was Shen Muxun who looked at him with a somewhat complicated look, and he suddenly remembered Ye Hansheng who appeared with him at the recording site.

Although Ye Hansheng didn’t show any interest in Wen Run at that time, he somehow felt that it might have something to do with Ye Hansheng.

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