While Wen Run was busy, the second episode of “Farming” aired. Because of the previous program team released in advance of that Huang Ziyi tidbit, the fans’ enthusiasm reached an unprecedentedly high, they squatted early, while chatting in the comment section.

Wen Run at this time had a small base, his Weibo fans exceeded five million, the comments of the milk fans were not less than others. But because of the hateful Huang Ziyi, the other four guests’ fans got along surprisingly harmoniously, and the pop-up screen was much more harmonious than when the show first started.

They were expecting a continuation of the previous episode’s paddy cutting, but the show changed the rice cutting to cotton picking. Fans who hadn’t turned the corner yet watched their favorites picking cotton.

Picking cotton looked so much easier than cutting rice! Fans were rejoicing that the show was finally being human! Yet before they’d been happy for two minutes, they’d watched as Wen Yun and Qu Haowen went off to feed the pigs!!!

Feed the pigs!!!

Not only did they have to feed the pigs, they had to wash the pens. How could he be allowed to feed the pigs, the milk fans wanted to cry, indicating that their milk was warm and white and tender! Even Quo Haowan’s fans wanted to cry, their brother’s cleanliness fetish was being cured by the show’s forced therapy!!! How deranged was this show!

Although the fans were distressed, the people who should have been distressed were quite happy to be there, especially Wen Run, who even marked and named the fattest piglet ever!

Xiao Hua! What a lovely name!

Milk fans had been brushing off their jealousy: [What’s so great about piglets, why don’t you come and raise me, I’m so much cuter than a piglet!]

Just as the words were posted all over the screen by the milk fans, they heard Wen Run very gently saying to the piglet Xiao Hua, “When the show is recorded for another four or five episodes, you would have grown up, and then I might be able to have fresh pork to eat.”

Milk Fans: ….

Later, “Xiaohua I’m sorry” was screened.  

  The comment section was going crazy with laughter. Everyone never expected to Wen Run to make a mark for the piglet, instead of thinking that the piglet was cute and wanting to raise it, he was thinking about eating it later. Someone posted a screenshot of the comment section on Weibo, and the accompanying text was ‘Xiao Hua sorry’ and then added a long list of hahaha.  


  # Xiaohua, I’m sorry #, went on the hot search list.

   Everyone expressed their love for Xiao Hua, while milk fans said they wanted crowdfunding to send Xiao Hua something delicious so it could fatten up, so their Wen Run could have meat to eat!
  And just when the netizens became more joyful, Wen Run had entered the group to start the recording of the third episode.

This was already December, after the winter, everything withered, the southern countryside was depressing, cold and damp, he was wrapped in a down jacket on the road, it was as if he was poured stinging ice water, making his bones cold, it was naturally impossible to have any good scenery.

Before entering the group, Wen Run couldn’t figure out what the program could record at this time. Then when he arrived in the village and listened to the director team’s arrangement, he thought about who came up with this idea, it was so frustrating.

In the third episode of “Farming”, the guests didn’t cut rice or pick cotton anymore, they had to follow the villagers to prepare the dry goods for the New Year. The minimum requirements for the show’s task were that the guests must prepare at least ten kilograms of sausage, three preserved fish and a smoked chicken. If they were able to complete the task, the program would fund a new school building for the village’s primary school. If the task was not completed, then all guests will be punished.

And where to get the materials to make the dry goods, the guests had to earn money to buy it themselves, or go to work for the neighbors, random rewards may have the materials needed.

The money-making tool the show had prepared for them turned out to be a garden of cabbages, about thirty of them.

So the guests switched to being vegetable farmers this episode.

The five guests sat in the living room with heavy faces.

Xie Yupan looked at Wen Run: “What should we do?”

Zhang Lu also looked at Wen Run, “Can we sell all the cabbages to buy meat?”

Although Qu Haowen didn’t speak, he also gazed at Wen Run, obviously waiting for him to speak.

The new artist, Cai Wenyan, was unsure, so she had to follow suit and look at Wen Run as well.

Wen Run frowned and pondered for a while, and slowly said, “There are a total of more than thirty cabbages in the vegetable garden, and a single cabbage is about three to four pounds, and in winter cabbages are about eighty cents to a dollar a pound, and all of them can be sold for more than a hundred dollars.”

“But pork is usually thirteen or fourteen a pound, and ten pounds would cost at least one hundred and thirty dollars.”

Finally concluding, “Even if you sell all the cabbages, it’s probably not enough to buy pork for sausages.” Not to mention the need for three fish and a chicken as well.

“I can go work at Auntie Wang’s house,” Xie Yupan pondered, “The director said there would be what we need in the reward for working, and doesn’t Auntie Wang’s house have a dozen chickens?”

“I can fish.” In the meantime, Qu Haowen said, “Just no fishing gear.”

Cai Wenyan looked left and right, “I can work too.”

  In the end, the crew would never set a mission that could not be accomplished, so they divided up the work and Zhang Lu took Cai Wenyan to pick cabbages, then borrowed Ah Qing’s wife’s small tricycle to haul them to the morning market to sell. And Qu Haowen went to ask a few villagers to borrow fishing gear and bait to go fishing in the river. The rest, Xie Yupan and Wen Run, went to the village to find work.

Wen Run made a list of the materials needed and the approximate amount of money, and after passing it around, they went to work separately.

The first thing that Xie Yupan and Wen Run did was to go to Granny Wang’s house. Granny Wang’s house had more than a dozen chickens, and it was already the end of the year.

Originally the program team had not announced  the reward, but who asked Wen Run to be so pleasant, Granny Wang spoke with Wen Run for a while, then happily announced the answer, “Take care of the chickens for two days, and then granny will send you two, rural chickens.”

Director’s group: “…”

After getting the promise from Granny Wang, Wen Run stayed behind to take care of the chickens, while Xie Yupan went to help out at another house. On the other hand, Qu Haowen had borrowed fishing gear from the villagers, and after three days of fishing, he had caught six big fishes in total.

All that was left was to look at the vegetable buyers, Zhang Lu and Cai Wenyan. The two of them hauled the vegetables out to the morning market every morning to sell them, and after four days in a row, they had finally sold all the cabbages.

The five of them got together and counted, making a total of one hundred and twenty dollars from selling the cabbages.

Rather, it was enough to buy meat, so the five of them went to the morning market in a small tricycle to buy meat. Zhang Lu was originally a host by birth, and after selling vegetables for a few days, he was already well versed in the art of bargaining, and in the end, he only spent a hundred and fifty dollars to buy ten pounds of pork. The rest of the money was the processing fee to help process the pork into sausages.

By the time everything was ready to start making preserved fish and smoked chicken, it was already the fifth day. It was an extraordinarily cold day, and a large pot of hot water was boiling in the kitchen to be used later for plucking chicken feathers. The guests gathered in the heated house, chatting over melons and waiting for the water to boil.

Wen Run: “Granny Wang gave an extra chicken, why don’t we make a chicken soup?”

The others agreed that a bowl of hot soup couldn’t be more enjoyable on such a cold day.

So when Ye Hansheng appeared in the small courtyard, he found several guests salivating over the chicken on the table. And Wen Run, with his back to him, was stuffing spices into the chicken’s stomach.

Ye Hansheng’s eyes darkened, his gaze fell somewhat greedily on Wen Run, he hadn’t had the chance to see him since the last time, Wen Run was busy, and he was also busy, and when he managed to find time to look for him, he found that Wen Run had entered the group again. He had to work overtime to finish his company’s business, and squeezed in a day to fly over to “inspect the project”.

In addition to the new Cai Wenyan, the other people had seen Ye Hansheng before, at this time they greeted him, but they were also a little confused, they didn’t know why Boss Ye came again.

The accompanying staff smiled and introduced, “Mr. Ye is quite interested in the content of our program, so he stopped by to take a look.”

Wen Run glanced at him in confusion, not expecting Ye Hansheng to be interested in rural life.

Ye Hansheng nodded slightly towards the crowd and told them to continue filming without bothering about him, and went to inspect other places under the leadership of the staff.

Wen Run went on to stew his chicken soup.

The chicken’s belly was stuffed with spices and put into a pot on low heat to slowly simmer, it was only noon, and when it was simmered it would be just in time for dinner to be served. The others processed and marinated a few fishes, as the villagers had taught them.

It was busy until dinner time. Wen Run stir-fried a few small dishes with the stewed chicken soup and it was time for dinner. He stood at the door and looked around, but he didn’t see Ye Hansheng, so he thought that maybe he had already left and went back inside to prepare dinner.
  Shortly after he went in, the staff accompanied Ye Hansheng out from the village elementary school, the school building donated for this program was sponsored by Ye Hansheng, so the staff was very respectful to Ye Hansheng, and when he saw that it was late, he politely said, “Already booked a place at the hotel, I’ll drive you there?”

Ye Hansheng took a look at the small courtyard where Wen Run was, there was a vague fragrance coming from there, thinking of Wen Run who was eating with someone else, his face was gloomy, he stared at the small courtyard for a long time, and finally said coldly, “No, I’ll go directly to the airport.”


In the house, which was warmed by the heat, the guests were lively and eating their dinner. The chicken soup that had been simmering for hours was fragrant and thick, and a sip of it warmed them up.

Wen Run was a little distracted, he ran to the kitchen to see, a chicken stewed in a big pot of chicken soup, he looked at the gloomy weather outside and said to a staff, “This weather is too cold, why don’t we send some to the director team over there.”

The director’s team and the rest of the crew were in another small courtyard not far away, and there was no floor heating there, so it was probably even colder.

So soon a staff member came over to take the remaining half pot of chicken soup.

Wen Run took the opportunity to ask the other while they were talking, “Do you want to prepare a separate one for Mr. Ye?”

The staff waved his hands smilingly, “No, no, Boss Ye has already left.”

Wen Run said “Oh”, inexplicably feeling a little lost, he had really left.

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