After the last hot search, Wen Run had a nickname of “glowing teenager”. The people who were familiar with Huang Ziyu’s character knew that this was another opportunity to speculate. But those outside of the unfamiliar industry, began to enthusiastically put these two together to discuss, passersby didn’t care whether it was true or not, they just watched the fun.

Milk fans were about to explode, they quickly rallied under the call of a big fan, a swarm of people reported the exploding photo, but also quickly ran to Huang Ziyu’s Weibo page, saying ‘our Milk Run is still just a baby, absolutely will not talk to the big sister.

The others were reminded, only to remember that Wen Run was only 19 years old. And Huang Ziyi was already twenty-five.

Angry milk fans said, [This marriage, mama does not approve, our milk is still a baby!]

[All this stuff about pulling Wen Run’s hype and not seeing if you’re worthy, get out!!!]

Huang Ziyi had a lot of topics since her debut. She looked gorgeous, her figure was convex before becoming warped, and she had a good voice. When she spoke, she seemed to be wearing a hook. Naturally, there was a kind of anger. When she went live on a website, she got a lot of male fans by this. No matter how dark she was outside, this group of male fans firmly protected her. This time was no exception. But these guys may be willing to throw money, but they couldn’t compete with the organized sisters fans, and were defeated in the first round.

They were not satisfied and wanted to fight again, but were rubbed on the ground by the other fans who came out. It was not the first time that Huang Ziyi had been pulling and stomping and tying everywhere, and several fans had a deep grudge against her, but this time she was messing with the milk fans that protected their cub, and several fans joined forces to control the scene, and Huang Ziyi’s fans were beaten to a pulp, making Huang Ziyi a group taunt.

Zheng Xuan saw the opportunity to send out the group photo that he got from the show. It also came with a serious clarification statement, saying that Mr. Wen Run and Ms. Huang Ziyi only had a collaborative relationship, not any personal friendship, and asking the media to delete the rumor-mongering microblog immediately, and Wen Run and his team would use legal weapons to defend his rights at the necessary time.

If there were still people who didn’t want to believe the clarification statement, then Zheng Xuan popped out the show’s trivia photos, which was the real stone hammer.

  The photo released by the Weibo page, in the farmhouse, was of Huang Ziyi and Wen Run looking deep into each other’s eyes. But the photo released by Zheng Xuan, also in the farmhouse, was not only Wen Run and Huang Ziyi, but also the other three guests. The five people sitting side by side, from left to right are Xie Yupan, Huang Ziyi, Wen Run, Qu Haowen, and Zhang Lu.

This was a scene of the five sitting in a small courtyard, sunbathing and chatting after dinner. It looked like Wen Run was smiling brightly at Huang Ziyi, but the real situation was that Wen Run had passed Huang Ziyi and was joking with Xie Yupan. It was just that Huang Ziyi was in the middle and made a blushing face, and only the two were intercepted, as if Wen Run was smiling at Huang Ziyi.

But in reality, it was just that Huang Ziyi was in the middle and Wen Run had to lean over a little to talk to Xie Yupan.

The first episode of the broadcast, they all knew that Wen Run and Xie Yupan’s relationship was not bad, Xie Yupan was straightforward, not pretentious, had always liked to tell jokes to Wen Run, he always called Wen Run “little brother”. At this time they naturally didn’t feel that these two had any ambiguous feelings.

On the contrary, after Huang Ziyi had gone through such a time, such as making a colourful press release and holding herself to step on Xie Yupan, and the recent one, such as dragging Wen Run and speculating gossip, adding new and old hatred together, many passers-by who had seen Farming had said that it was no wonder that she was so unpopular with other people in variety shows. Who liked to play with a woman who was just like a sieve and always calculated against her teammates?


Huang Ziyi’s already bad reputation had hit rock bottom once again.

However, that was not the end. After Wen Run’s team made a statement to clear up the scandal, the “Farming” program released the second episode of the video, and coincidentally, it was chosen to be the one in which Huang Ziyi was petulant about not wanting to pick cotton.

In the video that has not been post-edited, Huang Ziyi’s eyes were reddish, and she looked pitiful and spoiled. “There are still insects in the cotton, I don’t want to pick it.”

Wen Run temperamentally said: “Then I’ll go pick it.”

In the video, Huang Ziyu’s eyes was smiling, but before she could wait for two seconds of complacency, she heard Wen Run say again, “Then you’ll go with Qu Haowen to feed the pigs.”

Huang Ziyi’s expression instantly looked like she had eaten sh*t.

The short one-minute tidbit was sent out for an hour and was forwarded more than 20,000 times, and the comments were all hahaha.

[ Huang Ziyi: I’ll show you guys a face change live.]

[Hahahahahahahaha I’m laughing to death, what did Qu Haowen do wrong again?]

[What did Qu Haowen do wrong again +1 that he couldn’t be left to feed the pigs?]

[Or forget about it, Xiao Hua also has pig rights, Xiao Hua will also be aggrieved.]

These tidbits, it was no surprise that it went on the hot search list, now everyone knew that Wen Yun and Huang  Ziyi had nothing, but instead Huang Ziyi was an old cow who wanted to eat young grass, six years older yet she wanted to slack off while her junior worked.

Huang Ziyi really became an object of mockery, not only fans mocked her, even passers-bys also snickered, remembering her expression in the tidbit like she ate sh*t.

Huang Ziyi went home and smashed all her furnitures.

After coming back from the recording of “Farming”, she was full of hope that the news would give her a chance to take advantage of the opportunity to talk about the endorsement that she hadn’t been able to get for a long time. However, things didn’t go as she expected, and her plans fell through.

The agent at her side coolly said: “You smashing the whole house is useless, you’ve never been mocked before? More or less, is it not the same? As for being so angry?” She had chosen this path herself in the first place, and now she lost her temper and didn’t know what to do.

Huang Ziyi hated his stare, “What am I raising you bunch of losers for? Just to watch me get mocked?”

The agent didn’t remind her that she was raised by the company, so when she got to this stage, she started showing her power and prestige.

“Mr. Qin said you should just rest at home for a while, until this storm is over.”

Huang Ziyi’s eyes stared at him tremendously, and she couldn’t care less if her eyeliner fizzled out at the corners, “What do you mean? Did Mr. Qin leave me alone? I don’t believe it, I’m going to see President Qin!”

The agent’s patience also finally ran out and impatiently said, “Mr. Qin has taken his daughter on vacation, so I advise you better not make any small moves.” After saying that, regardless of the terrified looking Huang Ziyu, he left.

  However, on Ye Hansheng’s side, he had been in a good mood since he returned from the show, and even his efficiency in handling company affairs had increased quite a bit. He had been in a cheerful mood, and only after being busy for a few days in a row, he finally had time to rest for a while, so he couldn’t help but turn on “Farming”. The next episode of the first phase of “Farming” had already aired, but he hadn’t had time to watch it, so now that he finally had some free time, he opened the comment section and watched the variety show carefully.

After the last episode was broadcast, it wasn’t mostly about Wen Run. In the next episode, there were more Wen Run related comment, and many fans were crying out. Ye Hansheng looked at the comments that was no less than the other guests, and his mood became more cheerful. He liked to watch Wen Run being held by his fans, and he commented from time to time. He had learned a lot of slangs, and his face wasn’t red and he didn’t become breathless when the comment section went fast.

After following the milk fans to boast Wen Run, Ye Hansheng began to seriously look at the variety show, the result was, in not even two minutes, the very harmonious comment section began to tear, frowning for a while, Ye Hansheng only realized what happened, he opened the long-unused Weibo search keywords, saw what caused countless fans to tear the comment section.

Ye Hansheng’s face darkened.

He was just busy for a few days and didn’t pay attention, but someone dared to pull a Wen Run scandal. Ye Hansheng’s face was gloomy and he held fire in his heart and called Zheng Xuan.

Zheng Xuan was busy and received a call from this master not knowing what he wanted to do again, so he could only hurry up and wait for instructions.

Then he got a lecture from the gloomy-faced Mr. Ye.

Zheng Xuan was simply baffled! He managed to clear up the scandal, and Wen Run was half unaffected, even taking the opportunity to gain another batch of fans. The matter was satisfactorily dealt with, and it was overturned in his place. He was busy picking scripts for Wen Run again, and as a result, Ye Hansheng called him up just to turn over old scores and scold him!

Zheng Xuan was very aggrieved and he sneered, “You can do it! Be his agent!”

Ye Hansheng was silent for a while, actually knowing that Zheng Xuan had handled it right, but seeing the scandal between Wen Run and others made him a little irritable and he couldn’t control his emotions.

His fingers tapped heavily on the desktop, and finally Ye Hansheng could only say, “Have people remove all the online explosions, I don’t want to see Wen Run’s scandal with anyone else in the future.”

“Also, report to me regularly on Wen Run’s schedule from now on.”

“Who was the one who kicked him out in the first place, saying that he didn’t want to see any more news related to him?” Zheng Xuan clasped his hands in his arms and sneered, “Mr. Ye can really be a nobleman who forgets things.”
Ye Hansheng’s face was pitch black, and he stared at Zheng Xuan gloomily. Zheng Xuan met his gaze without fail, their eyes fought for a moment, and finally it was Ye Hansheng who took the lead and said, “I’ve changed my mind. I shouldn’t run away.”

He said this like he was speaking about Wen Run or something else.

Instead, Zheng Xuan stood straight up in shock and looked at him with a burning gaze and finally smiled, “It’s good that you figured it out.”

Ye Hansheng smiled and patted his shoulder, “It’s been hard for you.”

Zheng Xuan slapped his hand away in disgust, “It’s not hard, I’m not doing it for you anyway.”

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