In addition to the renewal of his contract for “Planting Farm”, Zheng Xuan said that he also got him an interview. Because of the airing of “Planting Farm”, Wen Run was in the limelight these days, and the variety show itself was quite positive, and Wen Run had led a good start, but it had drawn a lot of attention to the countryside and farmers. The subsequent followers were somewhat of a show, but the impact was good no matter what.

So one of the interview programs of Dongxing TV invited Wen Run as a guest.

Wen Run had never been interviewed before, no fame was like this, walking on the road passers-by may not look at you more than once, reporters and paparazzi naturally did not bother to pay attention. But now Wen Run was on fire, so many olive branches had been thrown over, and Zheng Xuan had carefully selected and accepted the invitation for this interview.

The host, Feng Jing, was from China, and her hosting style had always been very stable. She was also very concerned about current affairs topics, and her interviewers were not limited to the entertainment industry. The interviewers were not limited to the entertainment industry, but all walks of life had been invited by her. The show as a whole was about promoting the main theme and positive energy.

<<Hear Your Voice>> had been on the air for five years and the word-of-mouth response had been good, which was why Zheng Xuan accepted the invitation. The most important thing was that if he accepted the invitation to the show, the interview was bound to talk about Wen Run’s background and family matters.

Zheng Xuan was worried that Wen Run wouldn’t be able to accept.

In fact, the stars nowadays couldn’t wait to pretend to be a rich, handsome, white, and beautiful person, and it was even better if the turtle was gold-plated. There were very few artists who were willing to admit that they came from rural areas. Zheng Xuan instead wanted Wen Run to be honest, he felt that being from a rural area was not Wen Run’s shortcomings, and if he used it well, he might even be able to make Wen Run’s reputation better in the future.

When he brought this suggestion up, he actually had many sets of explanations prepared in his heart to convince Wen Run, but he didn’t expect Wen Run to listen to him and directly say, “Yes.”

Instead, Zheng Xuan was stunned and looked at him in surprise, “You don’t mind? When you’re famous later, a anti-fan might use that to attack you.”
  ”Even if I don’t say anything, anti-fans will attack me with something else later on ah.” Wen Run didn’t think so much about it, his thoughts were simple, since he was originally from a rural area, what was wrong with admitting that?

Zheng Xuan gazed at him, and seeing his open face, he couldn’t help but smile and pat him on the head, “That’s good, I’ll drive you over the day after tomorrow.”


The interview was recorded at the show’s studio. Wen Run had already read the stage book beforehand to know the general procedure. He first chatted casually with the host Feng Jing for a while, and his initially somewhat tense emotions relaxed under Feng Jing’s gentle guidance.

Seeing that the tension was completely gone from his face, Feng Jing smiled and said, “Then we’ll officially begin.”

Feng Jing was indeed an excellent supportive person, between one question and one answer, both of them were relaxed and natural, as if two friends were chatting in their spare time, the outline of the interview was listed out in advance, and with a slight smile on the corner of her warm mouth, she gently spoke out her questions.

As the interview progressed, Feng Jing really asked about Wen Run’s origin, her voice still soft and her eyes smiling at Wen Run, “You recently participated in the ‘Farming’ variety show which was a hit and also brought a wave of returning to the farm, I saw that you were very skilled at cutting rice in the show, did you learn it beforehand before recording the show?”

Wen Run drooped his eyes and thought for two seconds, he raised his eyes and smiled frankly, “No, before I was in high school I used to help my family with farm work, so I’m more skilled.”

Feng Jing’s expression was just the right amount of surprise, “You have such good skin, you can’t tell at all that you’re a regular farmhand.”

“It’s all in the past.” Wen Run curled his eyes apologetically, remembering the old times he also felt a bit nostalgic, he said slowly, “My family was from the countryside, we were was too poor and couldn’t afford to use those modern machines, it was my dad who brought me and my two brothers down to the field. It wasn’t until I was in high school and my family wanted me to continue my studies for fear of delaying my studies that I was not allowed to farm.”

In fact, those days, the family was very bitter, far from being so understated as his words. When he was a sophomore, his mother had a serious illness. He went to high school and spent a lot of money. At home, his Dad took his son to farm hard, and when he was idle, he went to the county to do odd jobs. While his only sister stayed at home, attending school while taking care of her sick mother and her old grandfather. The family was too poor. His two brothers didn’t study early because of their poor grades. Instead, his grades were good. his father said that selling iron in saucepans would be for him to study, so he kept working. If it wasn’t for the scholarship funded by Ye Hansheng later, he might have really dropped out of school to work in the county town with his father and brother, and he wouldn’t have this life today.
There was some emotion in his words, his look was gentle and tough, and his posture was straight, like a thriving green sapling.

“Your family’s choice wasn’t wrong, I heard that later on in the entrance exam, you were the city’s top scholar in that term, right?” Feng Jing said with a smile.

“Mm.” Wen Run nodded, he was never very good at bragging about anything, and said plainly, “That year, by luck, our teacher bet on the last big question of the college math entrance exam, and the question was exactly what had been repeatedly taught. I scored a perfect score in math, just five points higher than the second place.”

He said and laughed again, his eyes tinged with pleasure, “After becoming the city scholar, the school, county and city gave out bonuses, if not for these bonuses, my family wouldn’t have been able to afford to send me to Q University.”

Feng Jing was amused by him, not expecting him to be so honest. The two of them chatted along for a while about the current situation of Wen Run’s family. She heard that after he signed Starland to debut, all the money he earned was sent back home, and now that his mother’s illness had been cured and the family had built a new house, the couple stayed in their hometown to take care of their two old people and planted on the land in the meantime. Now the farming was also carried out with machines, a lot easier than before. The two older brothers took some capital to the coastal area to do small business, and his younger sister, who was still in the sixth grade, was admitted to the city’s key high school, and this year was already a senior in high school, if her grades were good,  she may also want to come to B city.

The interview was recorded for more than three hours, and Feng Jing was deeply touched by Wen Run’s non-arrogant appearance and concluded, “As long as you don’t choose to give up first, luck will always favor you.”

Who would have thought that this young man, whose family was poor and almost dropped out of school to work, would grit his teeth step by step and finally get into Q University, the top school in the country, and then step by step to where he was now. His future, however, was only slowly spreading out from under his feet.


The three-hour interview was finally edited out and compressed into forty minutes. But these short forty minutes still sparked a wave of discussion on the internet.

Two topics, #Hear Your Voice Wen Run# and #The Teenager Who Glows#, had climbed up the hot search. Netizens initially went with the mindset of watching the fun, after all, Wen Run was in the limelight right now, and there were many people who followed him overtly and covertly.
 Especially from the “Farming” broadcast, information about Wen Run was exposed bit by bit, and some people secretly poked that he was born in the countryside, trying to attack Wen Run with this, but it was quickly pressed down by his milk fans after this symptom appeared. What everyone didn’t expect was that Wen Run admitted it in the interview. He even talked a lot about the hardships of his past life. When he said it, he was smiling, and his expression was somewhat understated. Those hardships did not bind him, but seemed to wrap him in a cocoon and helped him become a butterfly.

Milk fans were crying out for their love. Wen Run looked white and clean, and didn’t seem to have suffered at all. No one thought that the story behind him was so hard, because of that, many milk fans flocked to his weibo page to kiss and hug and express their love for him.

Besides the milk fans, some passers-by were also attracted. They were attracted by Q University, it was the top institution of higher learning in China. How many people sharpened their heads and wanted to squeeze in? Wen Run was born in a remote rural area, and the educational resources could be imagined. However, he was admitted to Q University, and he was the top scholar in that session. This could no longer be called a bookworm, this was a student!

After the school was exposed, some people worshipped the gods, while others naturally believed in evil spirits. Were there fewer stars who mentioned their academic qualifications after becoming famous? The anti-fans who were rubbing their hands went after Q university, it would be better if they could pick out some other black materials by the way! [black material is basically material that can put someone down, mock, or vilify them]

The anti-fans were excited, and they scraped all the way down from the Q Post Forum, and found that he not only had no black materials, but was an excellent graduate who got a scholarship every year. That was too much. Most people had to go out and get a girlfriend in college. But not Wen Run. He had been in school for four years, and he had been rated as a school grass every year, but people didn’t have any gossip. Why? [school grass: most handsome boy in school]

Because he was studying! When he wasn’t studying, he was working!

Now Wen Rundu had graduated for more than a year, and they could still dig up the posts that secretly poked and secretly photographed the school grass. They didn’t know how many girls were heartbroken because the school grass only loved to study and make money.

No black material, no gossip, the anti-fans felt heartbroken.

There were even anti fans-to-fans, who sent screenshots of old posts to Weibo, crying and saying that Wen Run was really nice, he was her role model, and would never vilify him again.
 # Teenager who glowed # This topic had reached the top of Weibo hot search.

Wen Run’s experience had once again triggered a wave of positive energy discussion. Some of his experiences from high school to university had been dug up. Many people had beaten chicken blood[extreme excitement] to show that people could pass a Q exam when they were so miserable, and yet some enjoyed the best educational resources, but only deserved to be a scum. Therefore, many young netizens had forwarded Wen Run’s Weibo page and vowed to study hard from now on. There was still hope for being a school master! Of course, whether they could insist on it later was another story.

With this wind, the number of Wen Run’s Weibo fans suddenly exceeded 3 million. Although not all of them were milk fans, it was already a good omen. As long as they were willing to pay attention, it was only a matter of time before they became fans.

During the heated discussion on the Internet, Ye Hansheng was also looking at the old posts that had been dug out. Some of them were known to him, and some of them were unknown to him. When he carefully looked at them, his eyes suddenly set on a screenshot.

It was a news screenshot from six years ago, with a childlike boy standing on the podium, holding a big envelope in his hand, and standing with a group of men and women who were obviously older, and standing beside the boy, there was a young and healthy Ye Hansheng.



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