Ling Shangyao hated Wen Run. He felt that all the discomforts started from that time when Wen Run dodged his sneak attack. If it wasn’t for Wen Run blocking him and making him feel unsettled, he wouldn’t have made repeated mistakes behind him and even caused Li Que’s angry scolding. Thinking back to the words that Li Que scolded him with in front of everyone, Ling Shangyao felt his blood screaming all over his body, he had to teach Wen Run a lesson!

Wen Run had become a hurdle across his heart, and he would never be able to get over it until this hurdle was removed.

Pressing the cigarette butt hard into the ashtray, Ling Shangyao shook his hand and lit another one, then took out his mobile phone and dialed the number.

It took a while for the other end to pick up, Wang Hao’s voice was a bit impatient, but Ling Shangyao who was immersed in a warm dream of revenge didn’t hear it, he softened his voice, low and dumb like a hidden hook, “Brother Wang, I miss you, are you free tonight?”

“You’ve got the time, you might as well read the script, because how much progress has your acting delayed?” This day was burning all the money, he was willing to hold him, but it didn’t mean he was willing to throw money into the water because of such a thing.

He was the one who recommended Ling Shangyao to Li Que, a man who could act and was liberal enough, so he recommended him to Li Que when it was fresh in his mind. Originally, the role Ling Shangyao was interested in was “Yan Wu”, but Li Que  picked someone else, Wang Hao didn’t want to conflict with Li Que because of this small thing, so he finally decided to cast Ling Shangyao as the “Prince of Zhenbei”. But he didn’t expect Ling Shangyao to be a sissy, a mere superficiality!

Wang Hao was itching with anger, although he was willing to hold someone up, but the person also needed to hold himself up too.

Ling Shangyao lowered himself to say those words, but Wang Hao was not as eager to let him over as he expected, even though there was already coldness in his words, Ling Shangyao finally heard his impatience. He was dumbfounded and still wanted to say something when he reacted, but the other had already hung up the phone.
He stared at the phone incredulously, veins bulging in his neck, eyes red, and smashed it viciously on the floor.


After skipping Ling Shangyao’s scenes, the filming schedule finally caught up, and needless to say, the acting skills of several of the main actors, even the supporting cast, under Li Que’s strict requirements, increased to twelve percent of their strength. Especially Wen Run, because Chen Yun intentionally or unintentionally raised some points and took care of him, his progress was the greatest, and even Li Que, who had strict requirements, praised him with two sentences.

Of course, when he got the favorable eyes of Li Que, naturally some people were not happy with him, but he usually has a good personality. He treated people kindly, and had a good relationship with Chen Yun and Xiao Xiao. No one dared to say anything at the moment, and they could only suppress their unhappiness.

The most detestable of them all, Ling Shangyao, felt like he was already suffocated to the point of going crazy. The more anxious he was, the worse his state of mind got. The usual scenes were fine, and he could barely get by, but as soon as he got into the martial arts scenes, he became a puppet again. No matter what, he couldn’t get over the hurdle in his heart.

He was going crazy, he went to Wang Hao’s room in the middle of the night, and now only Wang Hao could help him.

But Wang Hao had already gotten sick of him, not only did he not help him, he even drove him out without mercy.

Ling Shangyao’s heart felt like ash, he simply called in sick and didn’t go to the crew, so he drank in the hotel room. He drank to the point of death and only woke up at night in a daze.

He took his phone and looked at the time, but found that his phone had been called by his agent and assistant, and he was wondering and ready to call back, but he saw the news headline of the push, “Highly Cool Male God Ling Shangyao’s sexual orientation exposed, hidden rules on top.”

Ling Shangyao’s face was white, with shaking hands he clicked the news, and when he saw a few photos inside, he knew that he was finished.

 Inside was the bed photo of him and Wang Hao. Although Wang Hao’s face was blurred out, he could see it at a glance. And he himself, in addition to the key parts, his face could be seen clearly.

What he didn’t know was that during the time when he was drunk to death, this group of  bed photos were posted crazily by major marketing numbers within two hours, and then climbed the hot search.

# Ling Shangyao’s bed photo #, # Ling Shangyao’s sexual orientation exposure #, # Ling Shangyao’s hidden rules # were all pushed up, and only the coded photos with key parts were spread all over the place, even if his brokerage company wanted public relations, it was too late.

At first, everyone was just picking up Ling Shangyao. After all, his last drama was a little popular. Although the characters were popular, the actors weren’t, but it was a little splash. Ling Shangyao attracted most attention, but a small number of people noticed Wang Hao, who was rolling with Ling Shangyao. Although the mosaic was made, the mosaic was not well done. It was not too big for netizens to put together. After scraping the photos and excluding several possible candidates, they finally picked out the identity of a man, the producer of Jinling Terrace.

It was going to be hilarious.

Wang Hao was married and had a three-year-old daughter.

So excited netizens pushed Wang Hao up, and even the crew of Jinling Terrace went on the hot search list.


Ling Shangyao was afraid to go out in the room, and his mobile phone kept vibrating. He threw his mobile phone to the ground and it made a dull sound. However, these were not the problems that he could solve by escaping. In the evening, “Jinling Terrace” officially issued a statement saying that they would consider changing actors. At the same time, Wang Hao himself tweeted that the person in the photo wasn’t him.

But it didn’t matter whether he admitted it or not. The netizens had concluded it was him.


Ling Shangyao was removed quietly, and the filming of the crew went on as usual, while Wang Hao acted like nothing happened, as if it really had nothing to do with him.

After filming, everyone was quietly watching the gossip. Xiao Xiao also took Wen Run aside to gossip. She went on Weibo, found a bed photo and secretly compared it. The more she looked, the more she was convinced. “I think it is him.”

Wen Run knEW a little inside information. After all, Wang HaO also gave him a room card. The other should like men, but he didn’t say much. What he was thinking now is that Wang Shizi’s role in Zhenbei would be replaced by someone?

He asked the assistant director privately, but there was no candidate yet. Because of Ling Shangyao’s scandal, his scenes couldn’t be used, and all of them had to be shot again after the substitution. Wen Run thought, and went to recommend Shen Muxun to the assistant director the next afternoon.

Shen Muxun and Ling Shangyao had the same build. Wang Shizi of Zhenbei was born in the north, and was born as a military commander. His image was very tall and rugged in the north. Wen Run didn’t tell Shen Muxun about it. Although he recommended him, the assistant director may not be able to use him. If he could achieve it as a surprise, he would not be disappointed if he couldn’t.

But what Wen Run didn’t expect was that Shen Muxun was seen in the crew three days later.

It was said that because they were a hurry to find a candidate, the schedule of the people who could be found by the assistant director were either in conflict or unwilling to get into trouble. After Ling Shangyao’s scandal was exposed, a group of small fans fought like chickens to defend him, insisting that he was forced. At this time, whoever held the position of Ling Shangyao’s former role was expected to be attacked. However, Shen Muxun wasn’t afraid, and his popularity in the industry had always been good. The assistant director inquired about him and let him play the role.
 After Shen Muxun entered the group, the crew worked overtime to catch up all the scenes that had fallen before. Li Que’s dark face finally looked better. A month later, after Wen Run’s character death, the film crew gave him a little farewell party, he said goodbye to them.

Not long after the killing, the variety “Let’s Farm Together” finally started broadcasting.

Because Qu Haowen and Xie Yupan invited by the program group were both traffic bringers, fans had been watching their idols early before they started broadcasting. The official blog of the program group had released several rounds of tidbits, and the hot searches of several guests had also been repeated in turn, and finally it was broadcasted to the joy of the expectant fans.


Ye Hansheng went home after dealing with the company. He moved out of the Ye family in after the car accident and lived alone for so many years. At this time, the nanny had come home from work. He sat alone in the living room and remembered the push page he accidentally saw. After a long silence, he went to the study to open the computer and clicked on the input field to search: Let’s farm together

When he started watching “Let’s Farm Together”, five guests had already arrived in the village, and the director was assigning them tasks. The barrage was full of fans’ posts. Ye Hansheng looked at it carefully and found that few of them were about Wen Run.

He frowned and continued to look down.

This program group was very cruel. On the first day of the guests’ arrival, they didn’t even give rice, so they provided some sickles for the pampered guests to go cut unhusked rice by themselves and exchange ten kilos of rice for one kilo of good rice.

The guests were shocked. Later, they were given a bleak background music and rain special effects, and the barrage exploded.

[So hard core? ]

[program group NB! ! ! ! ] [NB means awesome]

[The program group is stupid. Push it? How can my brother do such menial work? ]

The barrage was still noisy, but the guests had already begun to assign tasks. Because apart from changing rice to cut unhusked rice, they had to go to the neighbor’s house to work before they could get meat and vegetables.

Everyone worried about three sickles, and finally decided that three boys would go cut the unhusked rice, and two girls would help them work at home.
  The two girls had gone to visit their neighbors, leaving the three men staring at the sickle sadly. Zhang Lu was sad, “How is this going to be done?”

“……. “Qu Haowen stared at the sickle with bitter hatred.

In the end, he still looked at the youngest and thinnest Wen Run who coughed softly and said, “Go, I’ll do it.”

After Wen Run said this, the pop-up screen was full of question marks, and a few were still asking who he was.

The three of them each took a sickle and walked with heavy steps towards the rice fields not far from the courtyard. These rice paddies were all set aside by the program team in consultation with the villagers beforehand. The rice were golden and full, and after post-editing, it looked very pleasing.

Qu Haowen didn’t say much, he gestured twice with his sickle and frowned, “How do we get this?”

Wen Run went straight down to the field, and he didn’t mind getting dirty, his hands skillfully grabbed a cluster of rice, and with a stroke of his sickle, a cluster of rice was cut and thrown to the ground by him.

[???? Why is he so skilled?]

[This is a variety show not a farming show, right?]

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