Ling Shangyao was filled with the thought that it was absolutely unavoidable. Although the sword in his hand was not sharp, the tip of the sword was sharp, so it was not difficult to make a cut on his face by impulse. As long as Wen Run’s face was hurt, he didn’t believe that the cast won’t replace him. “Yan Wu” was supposed to be him, but it was robbed by Wen Run halfway. From the moment he learned the news, he couldn’t wait to tear Wen Run apart with his own hands.

He even thought about the reasons. Anyway, there were so many accidents caused during scenes, and he was just a little transparent star with no name. It wasn’t clear at a glance who the cast would help then.

He planned well, even when he rushed past with his sword, he almost couldn’t hide the deep malice in his eyes, but unexpectedly, Wen Run actually escaped his attack with a back flip.

His movements just froze, with a surprised expression on his face. Wen Run made a back flip and watched as it came towards him again. He clenched his sword to block it, and the two long swords crossed, making a crisp “duang-” sound. Wen Run barely stabilized, but Ling Shangyao was not so lucky. He wavered in the air, but before he recovered from the shock, the loose sword in his hand fell.

Director Li shouted “Cut” with anger.

The staff hurriedly lowered the two of them down, Wen Run’s feet were on the ground, a pair of clear, lingering black eyes looked at Ling Shangyao, he wore makeup, a pair of slightly rounded eyes that were stretched out in the shape of his eyes, long eyebrows, the ends of his eyes slightly flickered, he looked at him coldly, the long sword was still in his hand, the slightest movement made it shine with a cold light, as if he really was the murderous black-clothed guard.

“You’re making a mistake.”

Just a light movement, neither reproach nor questioning. But Ling Shangyao spoke with a guilty conscience, he subconsciously wanted to take a step back, and when he reacted, he stopped, his face ugly, “Sorry, I was too nervous.”

Wen Run didn’t say anything, the malice in Ling Shangyao’s eyes as he rushed towards him was genuine. But he couldn’t make a scene with something without proof, after all, the drama had to go on.

Rearranging his costume and wires, Wen Run stood back to the starting position and waited for the restart.

The staff had already picked up the fallen sword and handed it to Ling Shangyao, and the martial arts instructor stepped forward to show him the moves again. Ling Shangyao nodded gloomily and retreated back onto his horse again.

Start again.

This time Ling Shangyao didn’t dare to make any small moves, he spurred his horse to run, opposite him, Wen Run leapt up with the help of the wires, the long sword was unsheathed at the same time, stabbing straight at him, the silver sword shining with a cold light.

When the tip of Wen Run’s sword pierced in front of him, he just stared at it, not making the original blocking action.

Wen Run could only pull back his sword.

Ling Shangyao also realized at this point that he had done something wrong again, and barely smiled as he apologized, “Sorry, I was too nervous, this is the first time I’m hanging on a wire.”

Director Li but didn’t say anything, those who knew him well already saw the anger gathering on his face, it was the eve of a storm.

Everyone was back to square one, starting again.

It was said that once you make a move, then you fail, then you fail again. Ling Shangyao was like the proof of this saying, he failed the first time he wanted to harm Wen Run, followed by a guilty conscience. Plus, he hadn’t done the hanging scene before either, and all the factors added up to a third reshoot, and he forgot the action again.

Fourth, fifth, sixth…thirteenth.

Ling Shangyao’s face had been faintly somewhat pale, he was resentful of Wen Run, but also anxious, he was momentarily distracted, so when the director shouted “action”, he foolishly stood in the same place and didn’t move.

“Are you here to make a movie or are you here to drag your feet for the entire crew?”

Li Que’s anger finally erupted completely after being suppressed several times, and he stared coldly at Ling Shangyao, “If you can’t shoot well, get out of here as soon as possible! My crew doesn’t raise losers!”

Ling Shangyao’s lips trembled and he could only apologize in the end.

Li Que, however, did not give him any thought of saving face, in his crew, no matter who was slowing down the progress, he would not give face.

“Directly prepare for the next scene.”

That was to skip the fight scene.The staff were afraid to breathe, the props group quickly rearranged the scene props, lighting photography in their respective positions, even left Ling Shangyao hanging there and directly started shooting the next scene.

The scene operator was afraid that he would provoke Li Que’s anger again, so he quickly asked Ling Shangyao’s assistant to pull him down.

Because of Ling Shangyao repeatedly NGs, the crew wasted more than three hours, they had to make up for three hours of shooting, everyone was tired, but didn’t dare complain, afraid that Li Que would be angry.

Wen Run’s body ached, hanging on a wire was not an easy job, not to mention that he repeatedly tossed more than three hours, and then rushed to shoot the next scene, it was hard to be able to rest, it simply felt like the bones of his whole body were falling apart.

Liu Feng unscrewed the water bottle and asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

Wen Run shook his head, thinking that a little rest should be enough, and he let Liu Feng go and get him a meal, and without caring about his image, he sat down on a small stool and took a big bite.

After going back to the hotel when it was already completely dark, Wen Run endured the pain to take a shower, and took off his clothes only to find that his waist, back and chest had large bruises. Although the clothes had been added protection, but being tossed for so long, his skin was white, so looking at these bruises was particularly scary.

Pressing on the bruises, Wen Run painfully sucked in a breath, he was afraid that tomorrow’s injuries would become more serious and affect the shooting, so he could only put his clothes back on and let Liu Feng go buy medicine for him.

Liu Feng lifted up his clothes and looked at him, his eyes were red, and said he wanted to talk to the director and go to the hospital tomorrow.

Wen Run shook his head, he was not a big name actor, but he was a little bruised on the hanging wire, taking time off to go to the hospital would instead look petty. At the time he was first exposed to filming, there were also scenes of hanging on a wire, at that time he was inexperienced, and the injuries he got were much more serious than now.

When Liu Feng saw his insistence, he could only pick up his phone and go out to buy medicine.

He didn’t expect to run into Chen Yun who raised his hand to knock on the door immediately he opened it.

“Mr. Chen?” Liu Feng looked surprised, “Are you looking for someone?”

Chen Yun smiled mildly, “I saw that Wen Run was tossed around on the hanging wire quite a bit today, I guess he needs to use this.” He said picking up the small transparent bag in his hand and shaking it. It contained two bottles of medicine wine.

Liu Feng immediately became happy and made his way to the door to welcome him in, “What a coincidence, I was just about to go buy it.Will it be too much trouble for you?”

“It’s no trouble.” When Chen Yun walked in with a smile on his lips, he saw Wen Run sitting cross-legged on the sofa, rubbing the bruise on his waist as he grimaced in pain.

“Brother Wen, Mr. Chen brought you some medicinal wine.”

Wen Run turned back, just now he was too concerned about the pain to pay attention, when he saw Chen Yun carrying the medicine over, he quickly put down his clothes and got up.

“The bruise has to be rubbed away with medicinal wine or it will get worse tomorrow.” Chen Yun handed him the medicinal wine, “Do you need my help?”

Wen Run didnt dare to ask for his help, he was already flattered that he personally sent the medicine over, so he politely declined and said he could do it himself.

Chen Yun saw that he was reluctant, and after sitting there for a little while, he took his leave.

Liu Feng took the medicinal wine to rub the bruise on his back, and was praising Chen Yun as a really nice man.Wen Run also felt that since he joined the team, Chen Yun had been taking care of him, and today he even personally brought him medicinal wine. He vaguely felt that the other was too good to him, and although Chen Yun was usually very gentle, Wen Run had never seen him so concerned about others.

After pondering in his mind for a while, Wen Run felt that Chen Yun didn’t have any malicious intentions, so he simply let go.

However, after Chen Yun returned to his room, his assistant also had a strange face, “Sending a medicinal wine,  couldn’t I go?”

“Entrusted by someone.”Chen Yun shook his head with a smile and went back to his room to rest. After avoiding his assistant, he clicked on his phone and sent a message back to his friend, [The medicinal wine was sent over, the person saw it, and the injury isn’t serious. But I see that Ling Shangyao probably hates him.]

In their line of work, it was inevitable for all of them who were dedicated to their profession to suffer from injuries of all sizes, but he didn’t expect that good friend of his to be so worried.Thinking of that Ling Shangyao again, he was really too stupid, did he really think he was hiding it well and no one else could see it at all?

There was a message back after a while, only a few words, [Thanks, I’ll fix it].

Chen Yun shook his head and lost his smile, momentarily somewhat curious as to what these two were playing at, but also had to be secretly concerned, even he was not allowed to mention it.


The pressure on the set was very low these days. All the staff members were tense, afraid of what might go wrong that would make the director sweep them out. Even the artists became less likely to joke around with each other and rushed back to the hotel after their scenes, not daring to stay too long.

Xiao Xiao complained to Wen Run, “That Ling Shangyao is really an embroidered pillow [useless]. With this kind of acting skills, how exactly was he popular at that time?”

Wen Run sighed, also annoyed.The first time he saw him, he thought it would be a good idea to watch out for him, but he didn’t know that Ling Shangyao was just like a puppet.

But the Prince of Zhenbei had more parts to play than Yan Wu.The Prince of Zhenbei was just a prince when he first appeared, but later, when the mountains and rivers were in turmoil, the King of Zhenbei passed away and the royal family was in turmoil, he inherited the title with the support of his eldest sister and had to take on the responsibility of protecting the entire family.

The first time he saw him, he was a bit of a nuisance, but he was no worse than Yan Wu.

It was just that Ling Shangyao was indiscreet and pulled the entire crew’s leg. Li Que these days was like a turret, he just sat there and aimed the cannon at Ling Shangyao.

The atmosphere in the crew was low, not only the director Li Que but also other people were complaining about Ling Shangyao’s delay.

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