Shu Qiao was very regretful.


He felt himself being tossed to death, the lower half of his body had lost feeling. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he felt the air conditioning piercing into his skin, but he couldn’t move.


Hiss ……


He knew he was young and beautiful, but he couldn’t be tossed like this.


Shu Qiao forced himself to sit up in discomfort, fumbling to turn on the bedside lamp.


It was raining outside, and the sky was gloomy, he didn’t know what time it was, so he turned on the switch with a snap, and opened his eyes in a daze to see his pillow in the warm yellow light.


He first saw a pair of hands with sharp bones.


The fingers were white and slender, and the fingertips were soft and pink and the skin was brittle.


He knew he was a great beauty at a glance.


Shu Qiao thought.

Even when he was sleeping.


Last night, he pinched his chin while half drunk.


The warm yellow light faintly shone on the face of the person next to the pillow. Suddenly, a thunderclap went out of the window. Shu Qiao was shocked and saw the other person’s face clearly in the weak light——


The shimmering light concealed half of the other person’s face, but his features seemed more three-dimensional.


The high bridge of his nose, slightly curved and crimson lips, it seemed to carry a sense of coldness and detachment, his messy hair was thick and his long eyelashes seemed to be entwined as one, with the quiet breathing sound of obedient trembling.


It was a great beauty.




It was fucking Shen Gu!!!






“Rumble ……”


He didn’t know whether it was the sound of thunder outside the window or the alarm bell in his heart.



Shu Qiao only felt his blo-od freeze for a moment, then he instantly broke out in a cold sweat.


He only remembered that yesterday he finally finished paying off a large debt, solved the old thing with a thousand problems, his mood was high to the point of no return, and he even gave a polite nod to the anti fans on Weibo, and went to the bar to drink.


At that time, many people approached him, he didn’t accept, and someone finally got anxious, He was almost forced to drink a glass of high concentration cocktail. He couldn’t push it away for a while but someone stopped him from drinking.


Shu Qiao vaguely saw that it was a man who came to save him. Even though his eyes were covered with fog, the man’s beautiful features were not blurred.


They talked for a while, and eventually somehow ……

He was dragged to the bed.


At that time, when he was getting drunk, he still wondered how anyone could look so beautiful.


The nose wasn’t the nose of ordinary people, and the eyes weren’t the eyes of ordinary people. They were more than ten times better than ordinary people.


Good heavens.


It was Shen Gu!



The person who stopped him from drinking last night and sent him back to Room 1302, and did what he loved to do with him again.


Shen Gu!



No one in the upper-class business circle didn’t know, the name of the young master Shen.



These two identities combined into one, even if people outside the industry hadn’t heard of the Shen family, they all knew that there was a person named “Shen Gu”.


Shen Gu’s origin and appearance were extremely superior, he was only twenty-seven this year, his career and education weren’t delayed. He graduated from a famous university several years earlier than others then he entered the entertainment industry. His films became popular, and gave him a name that others could not reach:
The Movie Emperor.


“Movie Emperor”.


Senior directors had to respectfully shout “Mr. Shen” when they saw him, although the price of the perfection of Emperor Shen was that he had a poor temper and didn’t like to care about people, but with the fan filter, it had completely become a personality.

What do you mean by bad temper?


That’s called being real! Our brother Shen is not as pretentious as you!


What do you mean by not caring about people.


This is called noble and cool! Our brother Shen is a god, where does he have time to chat with you!?




Shen Gu’s family background, status and fan base was there.


Even his bad could be said to be good.


Black could also be said to be white.



But, coincidentally.


In this industry, there was a person named Shu Qiao.



Yes, he was the clown.


In any case, the worst star was at least half black and half red. He had been black since his debut. The good could be said to be bad, and the white could also be said to be black.


[TN: half black, half red —- half notorious, half popular.]


He took a lollipop, and the next day there would be a hot search:


#Shu Qiao smokes late at night and is suspected of being dumped by a rich businessman#


He had dark circles under his eyes when he played games all night long. The next day, he would be popular:



#Shu Qiao is full of tears and scars, 15 people orgy party last night#



Shu Qiao: “…”


Shu Qiao: “……”



Anyway, he had a black and red constitution. If he stepped on a garlic carelessly, they could say that he mistreated animals. What else could he say?



But he and Shen Gu were two extremes, which meant they wouldn’t deal with each other.


At first, they didn’t intersect much. After all, they didn’t belong to the same industry. But the first time they met, he felt a little wrong——


Shen Gu looked at the script without expression, but when he saw him, he suddenly frowned uncontrollably.


Not only frowned, he also lowered his head, and gently looked at him. He even bit his lower lip, hesitated to say something, and finally walked away with a cold disdainful snort.



Shu Qiao stopped trying to say hello politely.


Good heavens.


This expression!


This move!

But wasn’t that n-akedly looking down on him!?


“Who’s afraid of who? I hate rich people, celebrities and good-looking people, too!”


Shu Qiao looked at him with disdain from then on.


So every time they met, the two men frowned, glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes, and then grunted and walked away, without saying a word.



Of course, such obvious news was sent to the hot Search list by the media, which successfully stepped on Shu Qiao again and blackened him from inside to outside.


Whether it was because of the marketing number or Shen Gu himself, since then Shu Qiao took a detour whenever he saw him.


He knew that some interactions couldn’t be avoided, what should come would always come, but he never thought ……



F-uck, it actually came so soon!


And in this way!


Shu Qiao wanted to cry.


Although the outside world said he had money and had a backer and was very wild, it was a beautiful lie.


But he had nothing but beauty.




What to do.


If Shen Gu woke up, would he be harmed?


How could this be?



It was obviously he who was slept with.


He was the one who was prone to tossing and turning and backache.


He even had to worry about the person who slept with him!


Shu Qiao was sad.



He looked down at the person who was still sleeping – Elder Young Master Shen was sleeping soundly, and his back was white and beautiful, just a smooth shoulder and a few scratches.


Shu Qiao: “…”


He was really finished.


He slowly turned around and dragged out a lollipop from his pocket. He didn’t smoke, so he put the lollipop in his mouth and held the stick between his index finger and middle finger, slowly blowing out an imaginative air ring.


The ancients said that a cigarette afterwards was good.


When the muscles were extremely tired, nicotine could stimulate the sympathetic nerve and release the hormones on the body.


Although he didn’t have a cigarette, only a lollipop.


Shu Qiao sat on the edge of the bed for a while, until the wind from the air conditioner blew harshly on his butterfly bones, he slowly got up, looking for his clothes in the pile of clothes that he had thrown aside last night and slowly put them on.



The first and second buttons of his shirt had flown off to who knows where.


He wrapped up his jacket and opened the hotel door shakily, then suddenly thought of something and turned back.


He fumbled in his pocket for another lollipop, grabbed the hotel pen and wrote a few words on the bag.


Then grabbed the Sleeping Beauty’s fingers and slipped them into his hand.



“I know you can’t hear, but I still want to tell you.”


Shu Qiao’s expression was complex, his voice held a hint of mournful despair.



“When you wake up, stay calm. Calm down a little, remember …… Don’t mess with me.”


After saying that, he held his waist, limping out the door to go.


Of course the account wasn’t settled by him. Where did he get the money to pay for a night presidential suite, Shen Gu opened it, of course, he had to pay.


The door was gently closed.


Half an hour.


The rain was still falling and the intermittent sound made people sleepy.


The man on the bed moved and finally woke up.


He pressed his fingers against the snow-white sheets, and just wanted to get up and turn on the light, he felt something in his hands.


Shen Gu scratched his messy black hair, squinted his eyes, raised his hand and used the weak light to see.



In the palm of his hand rested a lollipop …… strawberry flavor. The pink bag also had a skewed sentence written on it.



“Open your eyes, slow down; get up, stretch; a beautiful day has begun again, I send you greetings for the early morning, wish you blessing like the East Sea, long life, happy mood, don’t be angry. Good morning!”



Shen Gu: “……”


Shen Gu: “?”



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