Although the aura in the Yi Gu Dao antique street aura was scattered, Yun Jing could directly see the aura, so buying things was very convenient, he didn’t even have to take a detour, he directly went towards the next aura that was more dense than the small stall.


This stall was obviously much smaller than the last one, and there was a cart, the goods were directly on the ground over a layer of plastic, a variety of antiques were placed on the plastic.


Such a casual and simple stall, the people who came and went, although they occasionally patronized, but most didn’t stay a moment before they were attracted by other stalls.



Although many people wanted to pick up leaks, there were too many things to see down this street, and at this time, they could only look at the eye margin.


Yun Jing walked to the stall, then he reached out and picked up a gray puffy Buddha statue that he had been looking at from a distance.



Previously, the aura of the Buddha was sensed at a distance. At this moment, when he looked at it closely, he realized that it wasn’t the entire Buddha image that really exuded aura, but a small object inside the Buddha image that possessed aura. Originally, this aura was hidden by the Buddha image, which was extremely difficult to detect. However, at this moment, there was a leak in the base of the Buddha image, and the aura leaked out through the Buddha image, which made it easy for Yun Jing too sense.


With this Buddha statue as an example, Yun Jing couldn’t help but carefully check other objects on the stall and quickly noticed a common pendant beside him.

The pendant was about the size of a ping-pong ball, the main body was an earthy pebble, the pebble was black and gray, mixed with a little bit of moss that couldn’t be washed away, like an earthy stone hanging a hook, it was extremely crude workmanship, that reluctantly put together a pendant.


From the surface, this pendant was really not worth mentioning, it was more deeply hidden than the Buddha statue, even Yun Jing almost looked away, but only after careful consideration, he found that this pendant was by no means ordinary.


It had the same structure as the Buddha statue, the treasure wasn’t this pebble, but something hidden inside the pebble.


A dense aura coalesced inside, covered by the pebbles, according to the degree of aura emitted, it was even more dense than the Buddha!


Yun Jing immediately became more interested in the pendant, and was about to put the Buddha statue down, when suddenly, a voice interjected abruptly: “What a coincidence, we ran into each other again!”


Yun Jing twisted his head and saw Chen Song, whom he had just met, coming up to greet Yun Jing with a big smile.


This person seemed to be enthusiastic, but the bottom of his eyes didn’t show the slightest smile, and was even a little sinister.


The first time they met was a coincidence, but this Yi Gu Dao was so big, he wandered for so long, he hadn’t even met old Zhao and Jin Jingshui, yet he met this young man twice, who would believe it was a coincidence?


Yun Jing smiled slightly: “It is indeed a coincidence.”


“Why, what treasure have you seen again? With your vision, the things you see are certainly not bad, come, come, brother’ll check for you!” The next moment, the bodyguards standing behind Chen Song immediately stood behind Yun Jing, the implication was self-evident, if Yun Jing dared to resist, they would not be polite with Yun Jing.


After Chen Song snatched the things, he carefully observed Yun Jing’s reaction, the strange thing was that Yun Jing not only didn’t snatch the things back, he didn’t even reveal a trace of shock or annoyance, he was surprisingly calm.


Chen Song was slightly surprised, but when he remembered that Yun Jing caused him to spend more money to buy things, he was suddenly angry, he proudly held the stone statue and loudly commented without any regard, to be heard by the side of the stall owner: “Yo, brother good vision, you can pick a treasure!”


The stall owner saw Chen Song move so much, and realized that he could review the treasure, and also attract the attention of people coming and going, he immediately enthusiastically came forward: “This young man looks like a connoisseur, why don’t you review, see if you are accurate?”


Chen Song glanced at the stall owner, if it wasn’t revenge, how could such a small stall invite him!


However, with the thought of defeating Yun Jing, Chen Song was energized again, he held up the Buddha statue and examined.

He had made up his mind to blow even a piece of trash into treasure, but the more he looked at it, the more surprised he became. Not to mention, it was indeed an antique, but it was only damaged and not worth much, but it was enough to make a hole in the cloud.


Chen Song: “This is a statue of Tara. Tara is a female Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism, and it is also the ultimate savior of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva incarnation. In Tibetan Buddhism, all sects have a high faith in Tara. Also, because Tara is embodied by the right hand of Amitabha Buddha, and also the embodiment of Tara in Tibet, such as Yixicuo Buddha Mother, it is particularly beneficial to the interests and cause of all living beings. As long as we pray for Tara, it is possible to successfully complete it.” Therefore, the Tara image has always been said to be prosperous in business and wealth.



“This Tara statue is made of gilded gold. The overall height of the Buddha statue is about 25 centimeters, and if it weighs about five kilograms, I would estimate that removing the dust and debris from the exterior will result in about five kilograms. Looking at the Tara as a whole, it will wear a crown of treasure, with a pendant of treasure, a handsome and gentle face, a naked upper body, a wreath hanging on it, and a skirt underneath it. Sitting on a lotus seat, with a lotus flower treading on its right foot, it will be enchanting, with a slender waist and graceful appearance, which is truly beautiful…”


The vendor didn’t expect that the trash he threw on the top was really an antique. After hearing Chen Song analyze the statue in a clear manner, the vendor looked at the statue that Chen Song was holding in his hand and couldn’t believe that it was really his.


After asking, the stall owner immediately regretted.


Now everyone knew that he himself didn’t understand the value of this statue, and now he actually consulted the buyer!


The stall owner’s face turned red, he hesitated to go back on his word to take the statue back, he wanted to take it to the connoisseur to take a look, and then sell a high price, just at this time, Chen Song faintly smiled and said: “In fact, I have not come to the point, I think you must have found out, the Buddha lotus base is printed with the words ‘Daming Yongle year Shi ‘, it is clear that this is an antique of the Ming Dynasty. According to my understanding, in 1989, Sotheby’s New York auctioned a Ming Dynasty gilt Maitreya Buddha statue with a reserve price of $80,000, which was sold for $210,000, shocking the global cultural market, and the price of gilt crafts has only formally increased since then; in 2005, a Ming bronze Medicine Buddha statue was sold at the Hanhai Autumn Auction for The most frightening thing is that in October 2006, the Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction, Ming Yongle cast bronze gilt Sakyamuni seated statue, was sold for more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars …… This is the price of some years ago, in the present, well … …”


“Twenty million!” The stall owner immediately made an offer to Yun Jing.


Yun Jing expressionlessly stared at Chen Song.


Chen Song looked at Yun Jing’s expression, he was extremely happy, Yun Jing caused him to spend 500 yuan on a 50 yuan item, so he ‘helped’ Yun Jing turn a 2,000 yuan item into 20 million!


Chen Song was secretly happy, but he pretended to be concerned and said to the small stall owner: “20 million is slightly expensive, I am afraid that my brother can not accept.”


The stall owner said with difficulty: “Eighteen million, can’t be lowered, this treasure was sold ten years ago for 100 million Hong Kong dollars, let alone today! Although more people are interested in Sakyamuni, but the statue also represents the wealth and career luck, which man does not want to have, which man is willing to miss?”


The stall owner glanced at Yun Jing and sinisterly added: “Unless, he is not a man!”


Chen Song was happy and secretly gave the stall owner a nod of approval, he nodded deeply, then turned his head to look at Yun Jing: “Some people may not necessarily see this thing in their lifetime, let alone touch it, now you have the opportunity to buy it, this is your destiny with it. Brother, I do think this price is acceptable, you might as well buy it, really can’t, by the way, ask the stall owner to gift you some trinkets, maybe you can also pick up a bargain.”


Chen Song said this sentence purely because he wanted to provoke him. He didn’t believe that Yun Jing couldn’t see it, so he was waiting to appreciate Yun Jing’s colorful face.


During the four weeks, there were already people coming and going, and Chen Song’s bustle suddenly caused many people to stop. As soon as people heard that an 18 million treasure had been unveiled, they all crowded in. While marveling at the Buddha statue in Chen Song’s hand, everyone looked at Yun Jing to see if Yun Jing would buy this thing for a high price of 18 million.



Chen Song became more and more satisfied with the increasing number of onlookers. Although the Yun Jing had a good temperament, he didn’t seem like a child from an ordinary family, but that was all. Although the clothes he wore were plain and clean, he knew at first glance that they were Taobao goods, and his entire body was worth a little less money than a famous brand bag. However, this backpack could only cost several thousand yuan at most, and 18 million yuan was a very high price for Chen Song, Not to mention the poor kid.


It was as if he had already seen the picture of Yun Jing leaving the scene with a face full of embarrassment.


Chen Song decided to add another fire: “Honestly brother, this thing if you hadn’t seen it, I would like to buy, but a gentleman doesn’t take snatch things, you …… if the money is not enough, I can lend it to you.”


After Chen Song finished speaking, the bodyguard on the side was closer to Yun Jing. He didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, but he even kneaded his fist and heard the sound of “crackling”. If it were an ordinary person, it would be terrifying. Don’t mention borrowing money. It was important to hurry away and avoid disaster.


Yun Jing understood that today’s matter may not be resolved.


Although he had only just arrived in the real world, how could anyone who had been able to stand at the top of the other world be frightened by such a small scene.


Yun Jing smiled slightly and asked Chen Song, “Are you sure not?”


Chen Song was amused when he saw that Yun Jing was still trying to be brave, ‘It seems that brother is interested. You can buy it. I won’t rob you!'”


Yun Jing nodded, slightly released a little bit of spiritual power, and took the Buddha statue from Chen Song’s hand.


Although the two limbs didn’t touch, but the moment Yun Jing received the Buddha statue, the two were considered to be in contact with the same thing together.


The aura was still leaking out, Yun Jing could see that Chen Song was also a cultivator, but his strength was a little poor, he took so long yet he never sensed the internal mystery.



But at this moment, under the influence of Yun Jing’s spiritual power, for a second, Chen Song suddenly sensed the abundance of spiritual power within the statue.


Chen Song was stunned, but before he could regain his senses, the Buddha statue had already been taken away by Yun Jing.


Chen Song looked at the Buddha statue in a daze, and at this moment a feeling of loss suddenly welled up in his heart, as if he had lost a treasure that was vital to him.




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