“I said… Mr. Jin, Xiao Jing… can I still live in this house now?” Old Zhao asked weakly. He spent hundreds of millions to buy this house. After buying it, he became a pauper for two years. He made the brothers under him very miserable. He hadn’t even lived here for several years now, he couldn’t bear it!


Yun Jing looked around and found that the rich aura under the ground had been sucked up when the egg formed. After Mr. Jin’s guidance, the sparse aura on the surface also flowed smoothly without any abnormality.



Seeing that Yun Jing didn’t speak. Jin Jiangshui said after a moment, “Although the landscape painting was turned into an evil thing by the spirits, before the spirits entered, the landscape painting was really a good magic tool. It is good for you to have a treasure to suppress the evil spirits. Now that the magic tool is gone, I’m afraid your fortune will decline a lot in the short term. It’s better to add another treasure.”


Old Zhao immediately asked: “Does Mr. Jin have a suitable magic weapon for sale?”


Jin Jiangshui coughed dryly.


Would a magic weapon still be called one if it was so easy to find?

On Jin Jiangshui’s body, only the ball could be regarded as a real magic weapon, and the compass could only be counted as half. He had a tight life when he was young. How could he sell the surplus to Old Zhao?


However, Jin Jiangshui collected for quality rather than quantity. He had a special occupation, so he had high requirements for magic weapons, so the quantity was so small. Old Zhao was rich, and as long as it could soothe the spirit, the requirements for magic weapons weren’t as high as Jin Jiangshui’s. Jin Jiangshui pondered for several seconds: “There is an auction on Yigu Road today, we can go together to see if it is suitable for you.”

“Yi Gu road, is it the antique street in Anping City next door?” Old Zhao asked.



Jin Jiangshui nodded.


Old Zhao said: “Fortunately, it used to be very close here. It’s not far to come back and go back. Today we start and tomorrow we buy. It’s estimated that we can come back here tomorrow night, Xiao Jing, this…”



Yun Jing recalled the words of Luo Xiaotian before, it seemed that there were still four days of vacation from the class, Yun Jing was also extremely interested in buying magic weapons.


The magic power in the magic weapon was actually the spiritual power that Yun Jing needed, now in addition to his need for spiritual energy, there was also the dreamer that also needed to absorb, the more spiritual energy that it could be exposed to was naturally the better, so Yun Jing nodded, “I’ll go too.”


Both Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui were overjoyed, at this moment they were convinced of Yun Jing’s strength, they only felt that with Yun Jing following them, this trip would certainly be rewarding.



It was another three hours’ drive, but this time there was an extra egg besides the original three.

For the convenience of Yun Jing, Old Zhao specially sent his younger brother to buy a bag for Yun Jing to carry. Yun Jing looked at the sign on the bag, which looked familiar and should be a famous brand in the world. Yun Jing originally intended to pay Old Zhao, but was rejected.


Once Old Zhao got up, he was very unpretentious. Compared with the first meeting, It was completely different: “Ah, who are you? Who am I? What is the relationship between you and me?! We are brothers. We have a life of friendship! What is this money? Tell me how much my life is worth. Don’t mention a small broken bag. It’s right for me to hand over all my belongings! Xiao Jing, you should incubate your egg and have a good rest. When we get to Yigu Road, we will count on you!”


Yun Jing nodded, said nothing more, and closed his eyes to recuperate.


Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui were talking to each other about magic weapons. After today’s encounter, the relationship between the two people had improved by leaps and bounds. Mr. Jin had slowly become casual in his conversation, and Old Zhao no longer held the posture of the big brother of the underworld. The more they talked, the more speculative they were.


The vehicle soon drove into Anping City to Yi Gu road, before entering the antique street, a huge advertising sign was in front, advertising that the auction would start today at 15:00, it also listed several treasures, Yun Jing didn’t recognize them, but old Zhao and Mr. Jin sighed, the auction was still more than two hours away, so old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui intended to check the antique street stalls first.


They wanted to take a stroll through the stalls in the antique street, in case they could see something that suited their eyes.



Yun Jing had no objection to this. He nodded and wanted to go inside. However, Old Zhao suddenly took a package of money from his younger brother and shoved it into Yun Jing’s arms.


As soon as Yun Jing was about to refuse, Old Zhao immediately said, “In the previous gambling, I promised you that if you won, I would give you some money to buy the stone. Unexpectedly, Xiao Jing was so capable that you cut out a royal purple and sold it for 12 million yuan. The money Mr. Jin gave you was sent to your bank account. This antique street stall would cost cash to buy things, so you should take it first, so as not to miss what you like. Isn’t it a pity to miss it?”


Yun Jing took it, secretly decided to return the money to Old Zhao when he got back, and then intended to put the money into the bag, with the dream egg in a separate pocket.



But then the dreamer in the bag began to protest, the egg in the backpack constantly vibrated, seemingly not wanting an extra roommate.



Yun Jing looked at the dreamer suspiciously, and made sure that it hadn’t yet awakened, this was only his instinctive consciousness, he helplessly had to carry the bag of money in his hands, and then towards the antique street.


Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui smiled and quickly followed, intending to follow behind Yun Jing and get some benefits.



But after entering, old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui realized that they were really naive.



Today was a holiday, and there was an auction on Yigu Road. There were numerous insiders and antique lovers who came to Yigu Road, not to mention a lot of tourists.



Moreover, the speed at which Yun Jing could see the treasures was too fast. He could almost judge whether there were good things at a glance, and then turned around and left without hesitation. Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshu knew that they weren’t as good as him, so they had no choice but to surrender and let Yun Jing go first. If he saw the good things, he would help them out.


Yun Jing nodded and strolled slowly in the antique street alone.


This was the third place where a lot of aura gathered. Unlike the previous two places, if you compared the aura of the stone casino and the aura under the Zhao house to an erupting fire stream, then the street was full of small shops, people came and went, and countless auras were like wisps of smoke, floating in the air. Although it wasn’t as concentrated as the stone casino, it was also worth visiting.



This phenomenon wasn’t surprising, the street was full of stalls and stores, all kinds of real and fake treasures were countless, some emitted aura, some couldn’t, the stars were scattered around, resulting in the aura being this way.



At this time, Yun Jing walked to a small stall, like other small stalls, this stall also placed a lot of ancient objects, each looked like an antique, but Yun Jing immediately saw that only a thumb-sized rusted beads emitted a little spiritual energy.



At this time some people gathered in front of the stall, most people were still in a wait-and-see state, only a young man picked up the object to observe, this young man’s Qi flow and Jin Jiangshui’s were a little similar, but his strength was far less than Jin Jiangshui, about four times as much as ordinary people.


When Yun Jing saw that he was holding a porcelain bowl with no aura, his expression was very focused and he wasn’t interested in anything else, he was no longer polite, he picked up the rusty bead and asked the stall owner: “Boss, how much is this?”


The boss had been waiting for half a day, although there were many people coming and going, and many patronizing his stall, there were not many who really asked the price and intended to pay for it, and it was even rarer for those like Yun Jing who looked at it and directly intended to buy it.


He was about to make an offer, but the young man who was observing the porcelain bowl suddenly got anxious.


“Wait!” The young man immediately stopped between the boss and Yun Jing, he turned his head to look at Yun Jing, “Hello, my name is Chen Song.”


Yun Jing looked at him inexplicably and didn’t say anything back.



Chen Song was the son of a real estate magnate in Anping City, in addition to his other mysterious identity, seeing that Yun Jing didn’t recognize him at all, Chen Song was sure that Yun Jing wasn’t a native of the city, and wasn’t an insider, he immediately relaxed and pointed to the rusty bead in Yun Jing’s hand: “I have been looking at that bead for a while, I put it aside to buy it together with the porcelain bowl, this thing is the first thing I saw, I hope I hope that you can abide by the rule of first come, first served and give me the bead.”



Yun Jing raised his eyebrows and immediately saw through this person’s little trick.



He was drooling over the real treasure, but he didn’t want the stall owner to take the opportunity to raise the price, so he pretended that he was looking at another thing, and then bargained a bit to take the real treasure with him, so that he took advantage of a small bargain and bought a good thing at a low price.


He somewhat understood. After all, he also didn’t like suffering losses.


This rusty bead wasn’t very good, and Yun Jing didn’t take it seriously, otherwise he wouldn’t ask the price directly.


Since the other party wanted it, Yun Jing was too lazy and tossed the rust bead directly to him: “Here you are.”



The young man was afraid that the rust bead would fall off, and hastily reached out to catch it. After the rust bead was caught, the young man’s heart completely stabilized, and he looked at Yun Jing more and more unfavorably.



Even if Yun Jing didn’t know his identity, looking at his temperament and stance, he should understand that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

He almost took the treasure from Chen Song. When he sent it back, he didn’t respect him at all. He threw the treasure directly and didn’t pay any attention to him!


Chen Song snorted coldly in his heart and turned around with the intention of buying this rusty bead, he asked the stall owner, “How much is this?”


“Five thousand.” The stall owner said in one breath.


Chen Song looked at the stall owner incredulously, “How much did you say?”


“Five thousand, fixed price!” The stall owner didn’t hesitate to say.


Chen Song looked at the stall owner’s very sure look, he tightly squeezed the bead and fiercely glared at the stall owner.


He saw the conversation between Yun Jing and Chen Song just now. If he didn’t raise the price at this time, he would be really stupid.



And at Chen Song’s reminder, Yun Jing didn’t recognize Chen Song’s identity, but the stall owner recognized it. In the face of such a fat sheep, how could he not be ruthless!


Chen Song gritted his teeth: “This rust bead, if placed in the usual, it’s less than fifty yuan ……”


“What you said, Mr. Chen, is it really worth 50 yuan? If you buy a fake and put it at home, it will make you lose face. Or if you just bought it casually, you will throw it into the trash can. This is a real waste! This treasure has caught Mr. Chen’s eye today. Mr. Chen hesitated for so long. If there is another person like that young man, I will not be able to explain it to others. ”



Chen Songqi was livid. He didn’t care about the five thousand yuan, but he originally intended to secretly search for goods, and then go back to tell others that he bought it at a low price to prove his vision, but today he was cheated.

According to his estimation, even if it was really used to identify the estimated value, it would only be about two or three thousand yuan. But it happened that he just showed his identity directly in order to get the treasure, and also showed that the treasure was his favorite. At the moment, he would be even more shameless if he contradicted.



In desperation, Chen Song had to pay for it. He didn’t pick it up at a low price but he had to bear to spending double the amount to buy it.


Chen Song got the rust bead and couldn’t stay any longer, so he turned around and left, heading straight for the direction Yun Jing had just left.



Since Yun Jing made him feel bad, he also had to make Yun Jing suffer some losses, otherwise today’s anger, he, Chen Song couldn’t swallow!



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