Yun Jing ignored the landscape painting and the struggle of the spirits, then he happily and easily reached out to take off the landscape painting.


That miserable white hideous appearance, at this moment in the eyes of Yun Jing wasn’t at all horrible, but extraordinarily lovely.


He lost most of his aura, so he could only absorb, but he couldn’t break the barrier, like that gambling stone before, it couldn’t be obvious, so Yun Jing had to control the amount he took.


This mountain was the same, this was after all someone else’s residence, Yun Jing couldn’t take everything.


At first, he was worried about how to get through the mountain and slowly guide the massive aura underground. Now, with such a good thing, wasn’t it a ready-made tool?!


With this in mind, Yun Jing’s movement didn’t stop at all. He released his mental energy, first suppressed the monsters in the painting, and then Yun Jing stretched out his hand and pressed it on the landscape painting.



The faces in the painting showed a look of fear, and one by one fled to get out of the landscape painting, but all escape routes had been blocked by him, and those souls couldn’t escape.


Under the suppression of Yun Jing, the ghosts were crying in a twisted way, and the people who listened to the sad voices seemed to be torn apart. Yun Jing knew that Brother Zhao and Mr Jin couldn’t bear the terrible sound, so he simply released a little more mental energy and directly blocked the sound.

As the ghosts gradually faded, the darkness that generally cut off people’s sight with thick ink also gradually recovered to light, and finally the ghosts and darkness disappeared together.


The spirits disappeared, turned into countless auras and went into the painting then the landscape painting gradually changed back to the appearance of an ordinary portrait, but Yun Jing wouldn’t let it go. His mental energy went into the landscape painting and directly erased the imprint on it, and then Yun Jing didn’t hesitate to absorb the aura in the landscape painting for his own use.


Seeing that the landscape painting was about to be dried up, Yun Jing left a bit of spiritual energy for it, and then controlled the landscape painting and slammed it to the ground!




Before Zhao and Jin Jiangshui, who had managed to get out of the darkness, could react, they suddenly felt a shaking of the ground, and when they looked up, they saw Yun Jing with one hand slightly raised, palm facing down, and the landscape painting, under his control, smashed towards the ground again and again, and with each smash, the house shook, causing people to panic.



And in stark contrast, Yun Jing’s expression remained flat, as if everything was natural.


Jin Jiangshui and Brother Zhao were dumbfounded at Yun Jing’s actions, for a long time they didn’t know what expression to make, they simply couldn’t imagine that all this was done by this young man.



A few moments later, the landscape painting was smashed to pieces, the earthquake also finally stopped, brother Zhao and Jin Jiangshui was about to ask questions. But they heard the strange sound of “peeling” that shook the eardrum. there was no crack on the ground, but it seemed like something broke out of the ground and saw the day again!


It seemed that there was an invisible airflow coming up from the ground, and it completely engulfed the atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Brother Zhao, as a human being, was the first to feel uncomfortable. He gasped violently, and his chest fluctuated violently like a goldfish without oxygen. The Jin Jiangshui beside him was greedily absorbing the aura. Seeing Brother Zhao’s appearance, he threw his compass at him, and suppressed the aura with the compass. At any rate, he’d help Brother Zhao share some pressure.



Brother Zhao, after all, lived in a place full of aura all the year round. If the aura below wasn’t so strong, he wouldn’t have gotten like this.



At this moment, with the help of the compass, Brother Zhao’s symptoms were immediately relieved, and his body began to absorb the aura and automatically repair the vitality that had been lost.


Jin Jiangshui absorbed spiritual energy to a certain extent, then also automatically stopped.


He was only ten times more than a mortal, as a first-class spiritual master, so much spiritual energy couldn’t be managed, it was great to get a little benefit from it, but greed would ruin everything.


Therefore, the two people who could no longer absorb aura looked forward again.


At this moment, the aura was so strong that even the two of them could see the trace of aura. They could see that aura was like white fog, rising like a rainbow through the sky and into the sky, and Yun Jing was standing in the center of aura, surrounded by white fog, but Yun Jing wasn’t looking at the massive aura, but staring at a void in front.


Jin Jiangshui and Brother Zhao followed Yun Jing’s gaze, at first glance they only white fog composed of aura, there was nothing surprising, but with a closer look, there was a shadow of a man’s figure.


Because of the white fog haze, they couldn’t see the specific clothes on the man, they only vaguely saw his appearance, his skin was extremely white, his eyes were purple, his appearance was alarming, but Yun Jing was looking at him, and he was also staring at Yun Jing.



Suddenly, the man’s eyebrows raised, an obvious smile was revealed, the white fog seemed to have receded.


“Good looking!” Offender Jin Jiangshui.


“This beauty is ……” Second offender Zhao muttered.


But soon, the man’s figure faded, like an illusion.


Then, where the man disappeared, the white fog surged crazily, and was rapidly inhaled at the speed visible to the naked eye. A huge vortex appeared in front of the two people. In less than ten minutes, the white fog that was originally soaring was completely absorbed, and what happened in it, whether it was Jin Jiangshui or Brother Zhao, they didn’t know.


They watched the aura being sucked up, and then Yun Jing slowly walked towards them.


They noticed with sharp eyes that there was an egg in his hand.


This egg shell surface was smooth and snow white, slightly smaller than a soccer, oval, and it looked white and tender.



“What is this, can you eat it?” Brother Zhao said with some curiosity, only after finishing his words, he suddenly felt a chill all over his body, he hurriedly retracted the hand he had just extended.


Brother Zhao, who had seen Yun Jing’s strength firsthand, wasn’t the innocent Zhao he was before.


Such a big scene, even Jin Jiangshui was weak, but Yun Jing lightly handled it.


Looking at his calm look and his extraordinary temperament. This wasn’t an ordinary poor boy. This was a giant chicory with hidden strength!


The evaluation of Yun Jing changed, brother Zhao’s IQ also finally came online, and hurriedly looked at Jin Jiangshui.


“Could it be ‘Qi’ condensed from the heavenly spirit?” Jin Jiangshui stared at the egg in confusion.


Yun Jing held the egg: “Heavenly spirit?”



Jin Jiangshui: “The sky breeds strange things, there are creatures and spirits, and there are bodies and gods, which are the spirits of heaven. It is said that the ancient unicorn, the phoenix and other sacred things are the higher spirits of heaven.”


Yun Jing nodded, looking down at the egg in his hands, he didn’t speak for a long time.



When he came here, he could sense the difference between this place, and at that time, Yun Jing guessed whether it was possible that the Dream spirit had stayed here, thus causing the different aura pattern here, but when he thought that the Dream spirit had come through the black hole with him, and had just arrived in this world today, it was unlikely to be the Dream spirit.


The result was that he didn’t expect to find the Dream spirit here!

This mansion had been built for at least ten years, and the large amount of aura was so deep that it was impossible to hide the breath of the dreamer so perfectly in a few years. Yun Jing and the dream spirit had a contractual relationship , yet he didn’t sense it.



It could be seen that when crossing the black hole, not only did the space change, time had also deviated, the dream spirit came to this world decades earlier than Yun Jing.


Perhaps the time travel was too costly, the dream spirit then perched here, retreating to its infancy, waiting peacefully for Yun Jing underground.


What they saw in the white fog just now wasn’t the dream spirit, but part of his consciousness.


That consciousness had no thought, it only inherited a hint of the dream spirit’s wish, when it confirmed the arrival of Yun Jing, it dissipated.


At this moment, the real dream spirit had already incarnated in this egg made of aura, only waiting to absorb enough aura, then it could slowly awaken.


“I can’t imagine that there was still a divine beast hidden under my house!” Brother Zhao sighed, seeing Yun Jing raise his eyes to look at him, he hastily added, “but this thing is destined to be Xiao Jing’s, oh no, brother Jing’s, you see I have lived here for so many years, yet i didn’t find such a big treasure, also the landscape painting almost killed me and brother Jing saved me, yes, the treasure automatically revealed itself to brother Jing, probably only brother Jing can suppress it, if ordinary people get it, i don’t know if it’ll be a blessing or a curse.”



Yun Jing smiled faintly at his words.



He knew that Brother Zhao was shocked by his move just now, and was now praising him, but in fact, Brother Zhao was also right, encountering a dream spirit that liked to eat people, if not for him, he would really meet a big disaster.


“Brother Zhao is being modest.” Yun Jing said.


“Don’t, calling me brother Zhao is rusty, my surname is Zhao, name is Xiaoqiao, Brother Jing can call me Xiao Qiao!” Brother Zhao righteously said.


Zhao Xiaoqiao ……

Although Brother Zhao wasn’t tall, that name couldn’t really be put on Brother Zhao, who had dark skin and a beard and was a big dark man.


On the side, Jin Jiangshui couldn’t listen any more, and came up with a compromise: “It’s better to call you Old Zhao.”


Yun Jingg hurriedly nodded: “I’ll call you Old Zhao. You can call me Xiao Jing.”



Brother Zhao smiled. Seeing that Yun Ying didn’t really want to be call him “Xiao Qiao”, he no longer refused. He rubbed his chest and accepted it with joy.


Jin Jiangshui was less dramatic than old Zhao. He was more interested in how Yun Jing dissolved the landscape painting and subdued the spirit. But he also knew that everyone had secret skills, which wasn’t so easy to reveal. So Jin Jiangshu could only beat around the bush, “The way Xiao Jing subdued the spirits is different from ordinary people, and it isn’t the way of any of the aristocratic families. I wonder what discipline and school Xiao Jing is from? ”


Yun Jing knew that it would have to be explained clearly sooner or later. He recalled the fantasy novels that Yun Jing used to read, Then came up with an all-around explanation: “A few days ago, I ran into an old man who said that I was born with extraordinary ability, but I had not yet grown up and could not show it. When I was 16 years old, my talent would begin to show itself. Then the old man patted me on the forehead, and said that he had made an imprint, and would come back to see me in a few years. I thought the old man was crazy, but I didn’t expect that it would be different in recent days…”


The old gentleman was mysterious, and he also implied that the old gentleman would come back sooner or later to enhance credibility.





“Old gentleman…” Jin Jiangshui suspiciously looked at Yun Jing. Seeing that he was calm, it didn’t seem like a lie at all, he had to put his doubts down , “Oh, what’s the difference?”


Yun Jing didn’t speak.


Jin Jiangshui also knew that he was asking too much, but he really couldn’t hold back.



Although Jin Jiangshui was indeed much stronger than ordinary feng shui masters, but after all, he didn’t have a famous family heritage, nor a family origin, he just relied on his strength to struggle to this point, if there was no accident, this would have been the end of his life.


In this small city of Baofeng, there were places where Jin Jiangshui was extremely popular. Out of this area, his figure was almost immediately submerged by bigger masters.


In terms of asking price, it also most intuitively reflected the identity and value of feng shui masters themselves.



Although Jin Jiangshui’s price was high, it still stayed at the step of money. It was the first time that Jin Jiangshui requested the treasure of Old Zhao. Seeing that Old Zhao didn’t agree, he eagerly went to the gambling area to meet Old Zhao. But a real master didn’t bother to ask for money. What they wanted was the best magic weapon, antiques, and the secret treasures of heaven and earth!


Originally, Jin Jiangshui was about to die. After all, he was an old man. It was very good to be able to get to this point, but now there was Yun Jing.


Obviously, he was a young man, but his spirit could be compared with that of a feng shui master, and his mysterious and unpredictable means made him unable to speculate. Such a person wasn’t easily encountered. How could he not be moved when he met him? If Yun Jing could teach him some moves, even if he had to kneel down and kowtowed to call him Master Yun Jing, Jin Jiangshui was willing.





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