They finally arrived in Zhao House, the three got off, Mr. Jin took out his compass and Feng Shui ruler to check up, in addition, he also carried a small orb.



Once the orb was taken out, Yun Jing’s eyes were immediately attracted, at first glance, the orb looked a bit like a human eye, with a white background black pattern, but after taking a closer look, he found that it was a small black fish.



The orb itself contained aura, and this aura had long been fused with Mr. Jin, that was, one person and one thing shared the aura, this was probably Mr. Jin’s life-sustaining object.



After a moment, Mr. Jin’s expression turned grave, “Was this road built in recent years?”

Brother Zhao took a look at the straight road in front of the house, the road was wide and straight, from the outside of the house straight to the main house, it looked majestic. When the car came in, the most magnificent side of Zhao’s house was fully displayed. It wasn’t so exciting, but it was clearly not a good thing to be mentioned by Mr. Jin at the moment, Brother Zhao swallowed heavily: “It’s a renovation. Recently, more and more people have moved in. Some changes have taken place in some places. Before making these transformations, I asked professionals to make it bright and spacious, like the imperial palace, with the imperial spirit. It can wish me a better career…”



“Monsense. The imperial palace is only open to the imperial palace. Which emperor put his palace in this position?”



“It’s also a reception hall. My master bedroom is not in this direction…” Brother Zhao retorted weakly.



“Are you the emperor?”


Brother Zhao shook his head.

“Why can some people sit on that dragon chair, but some people can’t ask for it all their lives? Since ancient times, emperors have inherited the great aura of the world, with respect from the people outside, and the blessing of dragon spirit inside. Although you have both the dragon and the phoenix, but…” Mr. Jin said this, and didn’t say more. He turned to look at Brother Zhao’s house, “The fake aura comes straight from the front, straight as an arrow, slightly inflexible, close to the acupoint and directly towards the inner hall, and then the real aura in the acupoint is shot by the incoming cars. Although the acupoint is rich, it’s fleeting.. ”



Brother Zhao, as the top boss of the underworld, was mostly afraid of this result. He was so frightened that his cold sweat came out: “Are you serious, Mr. Jin?”


Mr. Jin didn’t look at him: “The main building of the house is a two-story short horizontal bungalow, the open space in front of the building has a covered garage, where the vehicle is placed, although taking its convenience, but the garage building is tilted towards the main building door, which is unfavorable to the owner of the house.”


Brother Zhao hurriedly said, “Thank you for your advice. I hope you can tell me what’s wrong.”



Mr. Jin nodded and continued: “The house is full of aura and evil spirits. It is supposed to be full of external and internal emptiness. At this time, the sun should enter the house to drive away evil spirits. However, your tall tree covers the house, especially the main house, but there is no blessing under the shade. The dark room will only nourish the evil spirit, attract them to be in charge, and they will stay…”

Brother Zhao’s face became paler. He had wondered that he hadn’t slept well for a while. Looking at the house blocked by trees, he didn’t know whether it was his illusion. He felt it was quiet and elegant before, cool and transparent, but now he only felt it was ghostly. It made him feel bad, and he had no desire to live in it at all: “We will rebuild it all according to what you said!”


Brother Zhao said, and immediately invited Mr. Jin into the room to check whether the feng shui decoration in the room was inappropriate, and Yun Jing naturally followed.

As soon as he entered Brother Zhao’s master bedroom, Yun Jing’s eyes slightly widened, and there were large groups of aura rising from the ground and rolling in the room. Everything in the room had been nourished by aura for years and months, and even brought some aura. No wonder Brother Zhao’s aura was so much stronger than that of ordinary people. He was affected by the room.



After hearing Mr. Jin say so much just now, Yun Jing also knew a little about Feng Shui. Brother Zhao’s room was specially designed to concentrate the aura in the room and nourish the host’s body and mind.


Yun Jing’s eyes rested on the landscape painting placed opposite the bed for a moment, and then he turned to look at Brother Zhao.



He didn’t know when countless translucent things appeared in front of and behind Brother Zhao. At a closer look, they looked like human beings, like incomplete souls, intertwined with each other, and with the help of the aura in the room, they climbed to Brother Zhao greedily.



Influenced by these ghosts, the aura, which was supposed to be somewhat warm, turned out to be a little chilly. For Yun Jing, whether it was cold or hot, it wasn’t bad. With his mental power, as long as the Aura could be inhaled into his body for cultivation, it was fine, but it was different for ordinary people.


Every time Brother Zhao’s body absorbed the aura around him, some of these ghosts also followed into his internal circulation. Although the inhaled part was very small, and some would be discharged by Brother Zhao after one cycle, it was strange that those ghosts passed through his body.



At the moment, Brother Zhao’s expression was indeed different from that of ordinary days. It was clearly a closed room, but it seemed like there was a faint cold wind blowing around Brother Zhao, which made his back cold. Although he tried to endure, his blue face couldn’t hide the abnormality in his body.



“Why… I feel more uncomfortable coming in today than usual…” Brother Zhao muttered in a low voice.



Yun Jing and Mr. Jin noticed brother Zhao’s abnormality at the same time, under their gaze, the group of souls were obviously a bit afraid, especially in the face of Yun Jing’s strong spiritual power, none of the spirits dared to come close to Yun Jing’s side, and even the direction in which Yun Jing was standing, half of the spirits all pushed and shoved to the other side.



Although Mr. Jin couldn’t see these ghosts, he could vaguely feel the existence of the “aura”. In Yun Jing’s direction, the “aura” was the weakest, and he was slightly surprised. Finally, he concluded that it was due to the Extraordinary talent of Yun Jing.



Brother Zhao’s situation wasn’t optimistic. Mr. Jin didn’t delay any more. He immediately controlled the ball and compass, walked around the room, and then went to the center of the room. He threw the ball up sharply. It fell slowly, but didn’t completely fall to the ground. Instead, it hung above the compass, and began to turn, like it was watching everything.


Yun Jing clearly saw the spiritual energy in Mr. Jin’s body surge up quickly, spreading in all directions with him as the center, and then he established a second aura point on the orb, the two points weren’t far apart, Mr. Jin’s aura was a normal spiritual weapon, while the aura on the orb was similar to that of the yin spirit, one yin and one yang, echoing each other.



A few moments later, the pearl locked onto the place where the clump of Yin spirits were located, and Mr. Jin immediately opened his eyes slightly and also manipulated the pearl to release a stream of aura, and the Yin spirits’ aura began to clash with each other.



The spirits were afraid at first, but they were soon agitated and attacked the orb together!



The aura around them immediately surged more rapidly, while counter-attacking, the Yin spirits drew aura from brother Zhao’s body to strengthen themselves.


But that aura had long been fused with brother Zhao’s body, and at this moment, when it was rashly withdrawn, brother Zhao’s body involuntarily jerked forward, followed by a heart-breaking scream.



Brother Zhao’s scream came too abruptly, Mr. Jin was affected by Zhao’s voice, making him hesitate for a moment, and the spirits used Mr. Jin’s moment of pause, and immediately the ghosts ‘ counterattack hit him, making him take a step back. He was shocked.



“I thought it was just the dark room that gave birth to yin energy. Because Xiao Zhao has blood on his hands, there were a group of ghosts that got agitated. But I didn’t expect that these things would dare to take root in the human body and use it to nourish themselves!” Mr. Jin said with an angry look on his face. He held up the compass with one hand, and quickly tore out a yellow paper from his waist with the other hand. The originally wrinkled paper suddenly became straight and new after being infused with aura, Mr. Jin bit his middle finger, and then quickly wrote on the paper. Just as he finished writing, the paper automatically stuck on Brother Zhao’s forehead.


The group of ghosts screamed, and were scattered on the spot and fled everywhere. While fleeing, they also looked at Mr. Jin viciously. Their irregular mouths closed one after another, as if they were shouting something.



Yun Jing took a closer look and found that the spirits scattered and fled not back to the ground where the aura was most dense, but to a landscape painting in the room.



Mr. Jin followed the “aura” sense, when he saw the Yin spirits going towards the the landscape painting, Mr. Jin then noticed the painting, a few seconds later, Mr. Jin’s expression changed: “bad, not good!”



Unfortunately, Mr. Jin found out too late.



As one by one, the ghosts burrowed in, countless fuzzy skeletal faces appeared on the landscape painting, and eventually the whole landscape painting was covered with human faces, densely packed with no gaps at all, each with a long mouth, constantly wriggling in the painting, like countless dark and deep black holes rotating, causing people to fall into deep fear.



The sky outside the window darkened at some point, just for a moment, the surrounding five-meter range wasn’t very clear, a coolness constantly sweeping in the room, if it was a normal person here, they would be shaking from the cold.


The first one that couldn’t hold on was Brother Zhao, who was extremely weak under the absorption of the spirit. Now he sat down on the ground with a “pop” and looked at the front in horror. His body was cold and shaking like a sieve.


The ball suspended in the air had returned to Mr Jin’s hand, he held the ball tightly in one hand, the other hand squeezed the compass, he seemed very calm: “No wonder this Yin spirit can be so vicious, so there is this thing to assist …… this landscape painting is a magic weapon, the magic weapon looks the same as an ordinary painting. Once the Yin spirit enter, the magic weapon is activated, immediately the person will be dragged into the painting, devoured by the Yin spirit, until drained of life – this thing wants my Huntian ball, Xiao Zhao, where did you find such an evil thing!?”



Brother Zhao shouted: “I bought it from the gentleman who instructed me, he said I was heavy with evil energy, I had to use this magic weapon to suppress it in order to collect money and gain power, in fact, after I bought this landscape painting back, I did climb up to one of the top positions in the ga-ng ……”



Mr. Jin shook with anger: “If there were no Yin spirits, this object is indeed a magic treasure, but with the Yin spirits on the side, this thing can help you get power in the short term, but also will kill you!”



“Sir, what do we do?!” Brother Zhao shouted miserably, turning his head to look at Mr. Jin, but found that no one could be seen, and within the space where he couldn’t see his fingers, it was as if he was the only one left, except for the landscape painting emitting a miserable white light, not only did it not make him feel at ease, it made the countless human faces inside more and more hideous.


Brother Zhao wanted to move his body slightly, away from the landscape painting, he just moved a little, when hundreds of faces inside the landscape painting looked over together, staring straight at him.



“S, sir, are you still there ……” Brother Zhao’s voice shook with a little tremor, although he was a Taoist and he had seen all kinds of scenes, but this was beyond common sense.


At the moment, he was cold and almost unconscious, as if he had become a human ice cube, and his body and mind were hit.


The good thing was that although his vision was affected, but at the moment he could still hear voices, Mr. Jin’s situation wasn’t better than brother Zhao, his body was trapped by the spirit and he couldn’t move, his aura began to gradually fade, Mr. Jin quickly spoke: “If I found the painting and eradicated it as I entered the room, we would have had a chance, but now it’s too late! ……”



Mr. Jin sighed, “Unfortunately, I just saw a great genius, but he fell with me and became the rations of this landscape painting and the Yin spirits, Xiao Jing, I, Jin Jiangshui, am sorry!”



Yun Jing, who had finally figured out the landscape painting and the yin spirits, realized at this time that Mr. Jin’s original name was Jin Jiangshui, and seeing that the two were in a bad situation, he couldn’t continue his research, Yun Jing quickly walked to the landscape painting while saying soothingly, “It’s no harm, Mr. Jin and Brother Zhao don’t need to worry, everything will be fine.”




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