Yun Jing looked at brother Zhao without moving, and was about to release his spiritual energy, when at that moment, a much more condensed aura than normal slowly appeared not far in front of Yun Jing.



Yun Jing immediately focused, he looked up and saw an old man with white hair and white beard slowly walking towards them.


The old man wore a Chinese style buttoned suit, although his face was old, his essence was excellent, he was different from an ordinary old man, his body was thin but extremely upright. He even walked with a little wind blowing his spacious clothes, which made him seem more and more immortal.



The old man’s gaze was originally looking at brother Zhao, but was soon attracted by Yun Jing, he slowly walked in front of him, sized him up then breathed out a sigh of relief.



“Eyebrows are thick, peach eyes, nose is straight and powerful, with a broad body. The young man has a good face.”


Yun Jing still didn’t respond, but Brother Zhao immediately went forward, “Mr. Jin, how come you’re here?”


Mr. Jin couldn’t bear to look away from Yun Jing: “The Zhongyue Mountain is long and straight, and the Nanyue Mountain is square and powerful. Although he’s young, he’ll become brighter and brighter!”


When Brother Zhao heard the words, he turned around and looked at Yun Jing in astonishment. This old man was very famous, but he was also a famous avaricious man. Fortunately, he took money to do things. He was always fair to both old and young. If many rich and powerful people needed it, most of them would bear the pain and ask him to see the Feng Shui they had. For example, Brother Zhao was going to ask him to help see what was going on in his house this time.


It was the first time that Brother Zhao had seen old man Jin show his face without collecting money, and he still spoke highly of him!



“The old gentleman is very complimentary.” Yun Jing could also see that this old gentleman wasn’t ordinary, if brother Zhao’s body aura was already twice as full as a normal person, this old gentleman’s aura was about ten times that of a normal person, even if he entered Yun Jing’s world, if the old gentleman relied on these auras, he could be directly rated as a first class spiritual master.



“No, no, I don’t know how much you have seen, but it is rare to see something like you. You have facial defects, from a perspective, your forehead is not bright and plump enough , which represents your hard work in your youth. Your ears represent the luck of your childhood before the age of 16. Your ears are round, which represents the hard journey before the age of 15, the difficulty in learning, the rebellious and lonely nature, the divorce of your parents, and the bad family. I wonder if this old man is right?”



Yun Jing smiled faintly: “Sir, you’re very powerful.”



Mr. Jin waved his hand: “If this old man is correct, you are sixteen years old this year, this is the year of your destiny, the hardships of youth will be far away, from now on, glory and wealth are at hand, from now on, it is not a dream to walk on the green cloud. However, your destiny is very different, but you need someone to guide you in order to embark on the road to the clouds, the fact that we met, it means that you and I have a destiny, just, just as a good fate, the old man will check your future, young man, what is your name?”



Yun Jing roughly understood what Mr. Jin meant: “My name is Yun Jing.”



“Clouds open to see the sky, the sun covers the capital, good name!” Mr. Jin praised, “I would like to gift you something, but this old man will never return empty-handed, give and take, that’s the way of balance, how about this, I will guide you a little, then you’ll accompany me for about a month, how about it?”



As soon as brother Zhao heard Mr. Jin’s request, his eyes almost bulged out.


He fell in love with Yun Jing because the boy’s gambling ability was so strong! Yet the old man Jin had the idea of ​​staying with him for a month!


Brother Zhao could no longer watch. He immediately went to the front, “Mr. Jin, Yun Jing is still a minor. He’ll start school next week. It’s not good to delay his life!”



Mr. Jin immediately raised his hand and knocked on Brother Zhao’s forehead: “Don’t talk nonsense. I like him very much. I want to give him some advice to make his future journey easier!”



Brother Zhao hadn’t been knocked on his head for many years. He was scolded in front of his subordinates, and immediately raised his eyebrows. But the next moment, Mr. Jin’s words immediately made Brother Zhao open his eyes and laugh.



Mr. Jin said to Yun Jing: “He’s young, I’m afraid he doesn’t believe in metaphysics, why don’t you go with this old man to take a look at the feng shui of Xiao Zhao’s house, how about it?”



Mr. Zhao immediately seized the opportunity to climb up the pole: “It’s a blessing that Mr. Jin is willing, Yun Jing, not going with Mr Jin will cause regret for life ah, to accompany Mr. Jin for a month, is a great honor, don’t worry, if you can’t stay, I’ll immediately take you back, I promise you, my words are always valid! ”



Yun Jing looked at Brother Zhao with a faint smile, and finally followed the two of them in the car, driving slowly towards Brother Zhao’s house.



He looked up the original body’s memory, characters like Mr. Jin were generally known as fortune tellers or feng shui masters, influenced by childhood education, in the original body’s heart, this type of person was labeled as “feudal superstition and fraudulent hooks”.



But Yun Jing could see auras, naturally he knew that Mr. Jin was genuine.



After all, the spiritual energy in his body was ten times more dense than normal people, and Mr. Jin could see at a glance that Yun Jing was extraordinary.


His spiritual energy was strong, but there wasn’t a trace of spiritual energy in his body. Mr. Jin was afraid that he directly saw Yun Jing as a supreme genius with a strong innate soul, and Yun Jing guessed that Mr. Jin intended to keep him around and guide him to use his strong spiritual energy to sort out the spiritual energy in Mr. Jin, so that his cultivation would go further.


It was because of this that Mr. Jin, who said in one sentence that he would never go empty-handed, was willing to give brother Zhao a free feng shui reading in the next sentence.



At the same time, Yun Jing was also very interested in Mr. Jin.


What he lacked most now was aura, besides the gambling market, there were other ways to get aura, which was very attractive to Yun Jing.



Mr. Jin suddenly asked Yun Jing, “I heard that Xiao Jing cut out a piece of royal purple jade?”


Yun Jing nodded: “Yes.”


“Can you show it to me?” Mr. Jin said.



Brother Zhao had a sense of crisis. Compared with him, Mr. Jin’s property was much more. If he fell in love with the Royal Purple jade, what else could he do? But when he thought Mr. Jin going to check the feng shui of his house, he could only bear it. His beloved tea cup vs the Royal Purple jade, he decided to keep his wife.



Mr. Jin took the royal purple jade and examined it for a moment, the purple jade was like a bitter cold ice spring flowing in front of the eyes, making it hard to let go: “For this old man, it’s not precious because of its beautiful appearance, but the inside is more moving. Xiao Jing, is this purple jadeite for sale?”



“As long as the right price is available.”



“Twelve million.” Mr. Jin wasn’t ambiguous, and directly opened the highest price that Yun Jing had heard so far.


Yun Jing knew that Brother Zhao’s previous offer of 10 million was already quite a high price, Mr. Jin directly added two million more, showing his sincerity, Yun Jing was now short of money, he wasn’t ambiguous and directly agreed.


As they got closer and closer to Brother Zhao’s house, gradually, the look on Yun Jing’s face also became somewhat grave.


Before, he didn’t feel it when they were far away. Now, as he got closer, Yun Jing’s heartbeat started to accelerate slightly, as if something extremely important was waiting for him.


Yun Jing immediately released his spiritual energy and felt it carefully, but no matter how he observed it, he couldn’t find any problems. In desperation, Yun Jing had to temporarily calm down to cope with changes.



The Zhao family was located in the southern half of the city’s residential area, where the land was high and sparse, it was quiet and secluded and surrounded by trees, the landscape was very pleasant.



Although Yun Jing had the original body’s memories, the original body was just a poor boy, he had never been to a place like this, Yun Jing himself was from another world, so the things he saw was extremely different.



Looking around here, it was clear that the aura was much more dense than elsewhere, it was clear that although the world was different, but the situation of the dignitaries was the same, they placed their homes in the mountains or near water, where the aura was abundant.



Yun Jing’s curious appearance was seen by Brother Zhao and Mr. Jin, Mr. Jin intended to make friends with Yun Jing, and when he saw Yun Jing’s interest, he slowly pointed out.


“Xiao Zhao chose a good location, the terrain here is known as the Crane Knee Gorge, it had the dragon vein gathering, it’s easy to receive the spirit of the earth.” Seeing that Yun Jing didn’t seem to understand, Mr. Jin pointed to the terrain outside the window and sketched out a general line, “Crane knee, that is, the middle part of the crane bird’s foot, which is characterized by a large middle and slightly smaller ends, and relatively thick and long. In addition to the crane knee gorge, there is also the bee-waist gorge, which together is the Longdu bee-waist crane knee gorge, where the bee-waist gorge is the opposite of the crane knee gorge, being large at both ends and extremely small in the middle, and relatively short. In the case of good dragons with strong vitality and medium to high grade caves, there are many bee-waisted gorges, while the weaker branch dragons are often the majority of the crane-knee gorges.”



“However, Xiao Zhao’s residence was arranged by experts. You can see where the house is located. It is basically oriented according to the dragon’s breath. I’m afraid it will cut off the energy of crane knees. The pool is also designed to impress the dragon god and retain the dragon spirit.”



“In most places, this pool can be larger, and a larger pool can help you get energy. But it can’t be here. You can erect a house at the Crane’s Knee Knot. If the pool is too large, the energy will dissipate, Xiao Zhao’s pool is just right. The size of the pool affects the energy and money. This pool can help Xiao Zhao gain vitality and wealth in recent years.”


“Look at the mountains facing each other. The left and right mountains are guarded by two sides, facing forward and backward. The mountain is high, sharp and deep. The layout of the mountain is called “Double Recommendation of Noble People”. the key is to support. There is wealth, luck and value. Xiao Zhao can be described as having fulfilled this Feng Shui.”



Yun Jing nodded at his words, he didn’t understand the meaning of Mr. Jin’s words, but he could understand the aura, each of the places Mr. Jin referred to, were important locations for the flow of aura, it was because these layouts promoted the flow of aura, aura would be much more dense than other places.



However, Yun Jing’s focus wasn’t on the mountain, but underground.



During the three-hour road trip from the gambling site to the Zhao residence, they passed through countless landscapes, he saw many houses but none of them had ever been as thrilling.


The closer they got, the more Yun Jing could feel a palpitating energy hidden beneath the ground, it was this energy that triggered Yun Jing’s senses, so he expected something to happen.



Like a volcano about to erupt, countless aura was shrunken into a ball, trapped under the land, it would erupt at any time, which was frightening.



This aura energy was so terrifying, but hidden so deep, even though Yun Jing’s spiritual energy was so close, he could barely observe something different. Looking at the Zhao family mansion, Yun Jing became more interested in the things below.



That mysterious feeling came again. Could the things hidden under Zhao’s house be what he hoped for?



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