The people around them! immediately bid on the Royal Purple: “Little brother, is this Royal Purple for sale, I offer two million.”


“Two million and you want to buy the Royal Purple, you’re still dreaming, five million!”


“Six million, no more!”


“I’ve been coveting the Royal Purple for years, and all the royal Purple on the market are not as good as I want them to be. This stone has excellent color and texture, but it’s too small to be made into a bracelet. 8 million, that’s my limit.”



Brother Zhao immediately jumped out, “What’s wrong with a small piece, you can make a ring with one piece. Xiao Jing, we don’t have much to say about our relationship. I will buy it for ten million yuan, and Brother Zhao will give you the money within a week!”



Yun Jing looked at Brother Zhao with a smile: “Is Brother Zhao serious?”


With his dark and deep eyes on him, Brother Zhao felt guilty.



He wouldn’t lie for ten million yuan, but how to give it to him would be very important.



Yun Jing collected the purple jade, “Sorry, I don’t want to sell it yet. When I want to sell it, I will contact you.”


Now wasn’t a good time to trade. When the reputation of Royal Purple spread, it’d be a good time to really sell.


This gambling field was so full of aura, and Yun Jing planned to rely on them for the next aura draw.



The price of the original stone varied, it was up to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. Although he could pick up good stones by relying on his strength, he couldn’t always do this. Most of the sellers here still had real talent, and the chance of missing was very low. If Yun Jing wanted to develop in the long run, he had to have sufficient capital.



Some people suddenly understood, they came forward hoping to exchange phone numbers.



Yun Jing wrote them down one by one, and would naturally contact them when needed.


Brother Zhao looked at Yun Jing that went from a poor boy who nobody cared about to a fragrant cake surrounded by a large group of people. It wasn’t a really good feeling.


Suddenly, Brother Zhao saw the beaten girl beside him and looked at the stone in her hand.


The female companion sensed his gaze, and immediately became alert to the stone in her hands, she quickly walked to the side, looking for a stone solver on the spot.



As soon as they heard that the original stone in the hand of the female companion was a gift from Yun Jing, the people on the side immediately got excited and continued to circle around, wanting to see if there were any more miracles.



“Eggplant purple!” When they saw the color of the stone, many people immediately boiled up!


Although eggplant purple wasn’t an dignified and noble as royal purple, it was also somewhat purple. It was worthy of being cut from the same pile of waste rocks. The color was very pure.



However, it was a pity that the more they cut it, the more complicated the color was. Except that the rice sized eggplant purple at the beginning was authentic purple, the later purple was mixed with a little blue, and the color was slightly darker , so the stone wasn’t so valuable. What was more, the waste stone was originally small, and the jade cut was finally as big as the thumb nail cap.



When the jadeite was cut out again, complete in front of the crowd, although it was far less than the royal purple, but a pile of waste stones that brought out two good pieces of jadeite in a row, was also considered a strange and unusual thing.



Someone immediately opened a bid, and finally this small piece of purple jade sold for three thousand yuan, the female companion got the money, and immediately went to Yun Jing to hand him the money: “Thank you ah …… this three thousand yuan …… ”


“It’s your good luck.” Yun Jing said.


The female companion was also extremely moved by the money, if not for lack of money to the point of no return, she wouldn’t come to work part-time as a female companion, she was also beaten for no reason, she pocketed the money, and then extended her hand towards Yun Jing: “My name is Luo Xiaotian, a second-year student of Boyang High School, you’re not too old, you are still a student, right?”



Yun Jing politely extended his hand to gently hold her fingertips: “I seem to be from Boyang High School as well ……”


“Ah, we turned out to be schoolmates! Are you a freshman in high school? I’ve never seen you in school before.” Luo Xiaotian said curiously.


Although Yun Jing looked ordinary, his temperament was too outstanding, It was impossible to move one’s eyes away from him if she looked at it a little more. He would never forget what he had seen. Luo Xiaotian had always actively participated in various activities of the school. She had seen everyone who came and went back to the school at a glance, but she had no impression of Yun Jing.


Yun Jing smiled, “My name is Yun Jing, a freshman in Boyang.”


Luo Xiaotian cocked her head and thought back for a few seconds, then her face suddenly changed for a moment: “The one who was criticized several times by the whole school, often skipped classes and didn’t come to school, and set a record of nine fails in the monthly exams, Yun Jing?”



Yun Jing: “…… Well …… it’s me ……”



Luo Xiaotian’s mouth opened into an O-shape, looking back and forth at Yun Jing for half a day, unable to merge the rumored poor student with the person in front of her.


“You… did you study hard, but you just couldn’t learn well, so you skipped class when you were discouraged, didn’t you? The person who criticized you must have deliberately provoked you first. You really can’t stand it, so you did it, isn’t it?! True man, it should be like this! Don’t worry, there are still many other people with strong abilities that didn’t do well in school , so don’t be sad.” Luo Xiaotian immediately said.


Yun Jing blinked.



Brother Zhao came up at this time and pulled Yun Jing to take him to buy the original stone.



Faced with the fierce Brother Zhao with several bodyguards, Luo Xiaotian was still a bit afraid, so she left a phone number for Yun Jing and left reluctantly.



After Luo Xiaotian left, Brother Zhao looked at Luo Xiaotian’s back and smiled: “You are lucky. That girl is beautiful. You should catch up with her in the future.”



“Brother Zhao, don’t tease me.” Although Yun Jing wasn’t very old, Luo Xiaotian in his eyes was a small girl.


Brother Zhao nodded in satisfaction: “Don’t worry, after you follow me, I will treat you well.”



Yun Jing smiled faintly and didn’t say much.


Brother Zhao turned his head to look at Yun Jing, and couldn’t see the slightest hint, once he thought of Yun Jing’s ability to make money, his heart was on fire again, and that weird feeling was immediately ignored by him.



Just now, when Yun Jing and Luo Xiaotian talked, Brother Zhao already got Yun Jing’s information from his subordinates, he checked, this little guy background was simple and clean, since childhood, his parents divorced, his father married a beautiful young wife and didn’t care about him, if he couldn’t get such a person, he wouldn’t be brother Zhao.


With the help of Yun Jing, Brother Zhao haggled a bit and finally bought a raw stone for five and a half million yuan and cut it up with great interest on the spot.


There was Yun Jing buying scrap for 500 yuan and cutting out royal purple. At this moment, Yun Jing instructed Brother Zhao to buy stones. There were only a lot of people around. When the ice pure green jadeite was gradually cut out, the atmosphere of the whole discussion was pushed to the climax.



“Full and upright, pure without impurities, ice and water, without any cotton wool and impurities… superior old pit glass jade!”



“The color and fullness are very high, rich but not dark, pure but not biased, rich and steady, green and full of imperial spirit, this is the best kind of glass imperial green!!”



“Although there is some moss on the edge, it’s a little pity, but if you remove the moss, this jade will be enough to carve a set of jewelry. This is big!!!”


“I have seen this stone before. Although it looked good in appearance, the moss was prohibitive, and the price of more than 5 million yuan was a little expensive… If I had known that the moss inside was just so little, the rest was the purest glass king green, and I should have bought it if I had lost my fortune! If not… Alas, this jade would have been mine!”



“Too beautiful …… such a beautiful jade, watching it fall into the hands of others, alas ……”


The onlookers were all amazed by this piece of glass imperial green, they couldn’t help but sigh with each other, and looking at this group of stifled people, brother Zhao was extremely happy.



Once upon a time, he was also a member of the crowd of onlookers, watching others cut out good jade, but he cut out a mass of cotton wool, today finally favor turned towards him, he couldn’t not be happy.



“It was good luck. We’ll all be able to find our favorite treasure.” Brother Zhao maintained the prudence of a gan-gster, he smiled humbly to everyone, raised his hand and clasped his fist. Brother Zhao ignored all the offers he got. He planned to take this jade back and polish it according to his own wishes, and then put it in his home in Jiazhong Town.



Recently the house wasn’t peaceful, this glass imperial green jade may be able to drive away those demons and ghosts.


The master who he made an appointment in the morning could also be postponed temporarily. If the jade could suppress those little ghosts, it would save him money.



That unscrupulous master, although famous, was also wide mouthed lion. This time he asked him to bring the tea set from the Qing Dynasty. That was the treasure that Lord Kang Xi had drunk from. How could he give it away easily!


He quickly pocketed the jade. Seeing that Yun Jing was holding the royal purple and he didn’t plan to buy any more raw stones for the time being, he waved his hand and asked Yun Jing to leave with him.


Yun Jing knew that he had made a big splash today, although there were many jadeite in this field, but the best jadeite were only a few, in one day he cut two, there were already many people paying attention to him.


Today was enough, he’d wait for a few days and come back for the auras.



With this in mind, Yun Jing followed brother Zhao out.

The bodyguards around surrounded the two people. They seemed to protect them, but it had a vague feeling of imprisonment. At this time, Brother Zhao said slowly: “Let me tell you a little story… I don’t talk secretly. You should be clear about who Brother Zhao is. Follow Brother Zhao, and you will never suffer. Don’t take what Brother Zhao said to you before. Brother Zhao looked at you shallowly and didn’t find your good.
You are different. Brother Zhao won’t treat you the same as others. As long as you accept me, Brother Zhao promises to treat you well. One day with Brother Zhao, you will never be short. Brother Zhao will help you solve the mess in your family, and your school will also guarantee that even if you fail the tests every day, Brother Zhao will send you to the best local university. If you want to study abroad, no problem, Brother Zhao is very open-minded. You are so young and want to fly around like a bird. Brother Zhao understands and I don’t mind letting you out for a year or two after you grow up. Xiao Jing, do you understand Brother Zhao?”



Yun Jing lost his smile.



Although he had lost his cultivation, his spiritual power wasn’t comparable to ordinary people, his Spiritual Master’s pressure was still there, and to use the perspective of people in this world, his aura was extremely powerful, enough to crush anyone in terms of aura and cause psychological pressure on the other.


It was because of this that the group of minions before feared Yun Jing from the bones, that was the difference in soul strength.



The two times that Brother Zhao wanted to adopt him, Yun Jing used his spiritual energy to give him a small warning, hoping that he would dismiss this absurd idea, but now it seemed that this man was bold and greedy for profit, so he dared to propose again.


Of course, Yun Jing also understood that Brother Zhao repeatedly ignored his inner fears because the original body’s past was too weak, and who couldn’t be moved in the face of a weak person with extraordinary abilities?



However, between the two, it wasn’t clear who was the weaker one.



Yun Jing was also very interested in Brother Zhao, with such a person’s help, he would be able to act much easier, which was why he followed him out.



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