The owner of the stone was so furious that he slapped his companion, “You fuc-king scourge! I’ve gambled so many times, but it’s the first time I’ve encountered this kind of bad luck, it’s all your fault!”



The woman fell to her knees, covering her face and crying, but the man was still not relieved and kicked her again, then shouted at the people around him, “Is anyone buying this stone? The stone is so good, maybe if you cut it further, you can really cut out a treasure!


People on one side immediately hissed, it was smaller than their fists. Looking around, it was all cotton wool. Only fools would want it.



Yun Jing stared at the waste rocks all over the ground, and was somewhat moved.


In that ground of waste stones, there were two thumb-sized waste stones in the aura, one of them was very strong, its aura content accounted for one percent of this site.


Don’t underestimate this one percent, the whole site was full of raw stones, such a thumb-sized thing, could account for one percent, which showed its degree of concentration.


The other one was relatively much lighter, but also had the aura contained in it.


Brother Zhao was so smart. Since he realized the difference in Yun Jing, he only looked at the stone, but also observed his expression. Seeing that Yun Jing was obsessed with the waste rocks, Brother Zhao immediately came up , “Is there something good in the waste rocks?”


Yun Jing nodded: “You can go pick it.”


Brother Zhao laughed and was secretly happy. It was time to brush off his good feelings.


At the beginning, he didn’t find Yun Jing’s talent, so he looked down on him. This was a good time to save their relationship. What good things could be cut out of that pile of waste rocks? Brother Zhao’s goal was glass seed. Maybe there was something in this waste rock but it was better to give Yun Jing a favor at this time.



Brother Zhao immediately smiled heartily, went forward to talk with the man for a few words, and finally took the pile of waste rocks for 500 yuan.



Yun Jing wanted to buy the waste stone himself. But the stones were too expensive for him, so he tried to borrow money from Brother Zhao to buy the stones.



Yun Jing recalled that some of the money he borrowed before was recharged to the online bank for reading novels. Now was the time to withdraw it.

He asked Brother Zhao for his account number and planned to transfer money through online banking.


Brother Zhao immediately laughed, “This money will be given to you by Brother Zhao. You can help Brother Zhao to choose stones later. Don’t pay it back!”


“After choosing the stones, Brother Zhao promised to lend me some money, which I remembered, but I want to buy these waste stones myself.” Yun Jing said.



When he saw how serious Yun Jing was, he gave an account number and asked Yun Jig to help him top up as a member.


Yun Jing just finished recharging, he looked up and saw that the owner of the original stone had long since taken Zhao’s money and slipped away, but the female companion was still on the ground, seeing that someone had really bought the waste stone, she curiously looked up at Yun Jing, and heard their conversation Yun Jing was poor, she sighed in a small voice: “Little fool, that animal cheated you, they’re all a pile of broken stones, you fell for it!”



Yun Jing pursed his lips and smiled at her, took out a piece from the waste stones and handed it to her: “This is for you.”



“Who cares about broken stones!” The female companion said casually, her eyes met Yun Jing’s eyes, and immediately couldn’t move away, although the little kid in front of her looked ordinary, his eyes could make people involuntarily stunned, and then comply with his words.


By the time the female companion came back to her senses, she was already holding the stone given by Yun Jing, while Yun Jing turned around and started communicating with the stone solver.


The casino offered free stone solving, but the stone had already been cut to a small size, and Yun Jing asked to continue cutting, and repeatedly stressed the need to be careful here and there, the stone solver listened and gradually became a little impatient.


Zhao was looking on, a little angry, and was about to rush up and brush up on his goodwill, when he heard Yun Jing say to the stone cutter, “Okay, I’ll cut it myself.”


The stone solver immediately laughed: “Kid, don’t think stone solving is simple, there is a lot of learning involved, you want to cut it yourself, but don’t blame me for not reminding you ah, cutting recklessly is likely to cause mistakes, your stone, if it is really as valuable as you say, wouldn’t it be a pity to cut bad?”


“No problem.”



“Then you should be careful, novices are prone to make all kinds of mistakes, it doesn’t matter if you cut the stone, be careful of cutting your hand.” The stone solver said, while giving way, standing aside to watch Yun Jing fail.


He had seen a lot of people who were picking up the pieces, but there were few who were sensitive as Yun Jing.



The stone had already been solved once, so Yun Jing didn’t need to do it again. He went straight to the cutting machine and started to cut the stone intently.


People on the other side found that Yun Jing’s hand was very stable, and his posture was no less than that of an expert stone solver. The only thing that proved that he had never been stone solver was his operation technique, which was known to be a novice at a glance.



What made people sweat was that his technique was so crude and childish, but the cutting was unambiguous. In order to ensure that the stone cut was 100% perfect, Yun Jing’s hand was close to the cutting machine, and others were frightened to see it, but he wasn’t afraid of cutting his own hand.


As the machine cut the stone open, the people around couldn’t help but look out at the small stones, among which Brother Zhao was the most active.



A little bit of violet light was shown like flowing water, although it was small, but in the middle of the cotton wool, this little bit of violet light was so refreshing that it instantly made people’s eyes freeze.


“Purple jade! Purple jadeite has been cut out of the waste stone!” Immediately, someone shouted.



There were not many people watching, but when this person howled out, those who heard the voice nearby immediately turned their heads curiously and saw that Yun Jing had cut out a purple jadeite, and the number of people around him increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.


“It’s so small, but there’s still hidden material!”



“This kid is lucky, violet jade is one of the three high colors of jadeite jade, this piece of purple jadeite is a little smaller, but as long as the texture is good, it will look good in a ring.” Another person commented.



“Red jadeite, green jadeite, and purple jadeite are expensive. 500 yuan is a good deal, even if the jadeite is not of good quality.” Another person opened his mouth.



The third person simply turned to Yun Jing: “Little man, bid, this thumb-sized thing, you don’t know what is inside, I advise you to sell it now, how about this, I’ll bid 2000 and quadruple it for you directly. How about that?”



When this person opened his mouth, people around immediately sighed in surprise.


A few minutes ago, he bought it for 500 yuan. In the twinkling of an eye, someone offered him 2000 yuan. Looking at Yun Jing, he looked like a student. If he could make money, it would be too fast.


“Not for sale.” In an exclamation, Yun Jing refused directly.



The bidder went to Yun Jing’s side and carefully examined the purple jadeite in Yun Jing’s hand and said with a smile: “Well, the color is even, the brightness is medium, I must say you are lucky, the cut out is really beautiful, but according to my experience, further cutting will bring a little bit of green, it will be a ‘spring color band’. I’ll raise the price a little more, three thousand, no more, after all, it is really too small.”


Yun Jing didn’t respond again, he directly picked up the stone and slowly wiped it, cutting to this point was enough, the next was to slowly polish the jade to complete the whole show.


The bidder saw that Yun Jing was so insensitive, and was immediately a bit unhappy.


Seeing this, Brother Zhao immediately became angry.


Okay, this guy wasn’t very insightful. He didn’t know who brought Yun Jing. Was the price a lot? Brother Zhao would show him.


Brother Zhao immediately came forward with his bodyguard. He didn’t pay any attention to the bidder, but directly aimed at Yun Jing: “Xiao Jing, what is it like? Are you sure?”


“Hmm.” Yun Jing replied while wiping, its real appearance gradually appeared in front of everyone.


The more he rubbed in, the more translucent and pure the color of the jadeite became. The intense and vivid purple color, even without the light deliberately shining, reflected a heart-stopping light, and what was even more surprising was that this thumb-sized piece of stone was 80% purple jadeite, an extremely complete jadeite, the borders were all moist and pure, with a graceful and generous sense of beauty.



Yun Jing squeezed this small piece of jadeite, his fingers were extremely white, forming a sharp contrast with the pure purple, but also complementing each other, it was impossible to take one’s eyes off.


From when this purple jade completely appeared, around five meters, there was an eerie silence, and it wasn’t far away from the noisy environment, so it formed a vivid and bizarre contrast.


Half a second later, a man finally pointed at the purple jade in Yun Jing’s hand and shouted, “Royal, royal purple!



Yun Jing restrained himself from accidentally sucking the aura out of the jadeite and turned his head to look at Zhao: “Royal purple?”


Brother Zhao was too excited. It was the first time for him to see such a superb purple jade after he gambled for so long!


Thinking that Yun Jing had reminded him to pick up the stones before, he refused, and now he was regretful.


Who could refuse this expensive purple?!



As a reserved gangster, he needed such a seemingly low-key but actually high-profile thing!

However, Yun Jing was able to find superb jadeite, even more precious than the purple jadeite, Zhao kept reassuring himself in his heart, then he excitedly said to Yun Jing: “A very rare kind of purple jadeite, the chance of it appearing in the purple jadeite is less than one percent! This is the most valuable jadeite among the purple jadeite! Although this piece of jadeite is a little smaller, but the overall color is good, this size, can be made into a ring and a pair of earrings, you’re very very lucky, you know, when many jadeite are cut out, even if the size is big, the real value is only the most central!”

The man who had offered 3,000 for the stone was now red and white, he understood that he couldn’t afford to buy this purple jadeite, so he turned around and left to save his face.


The face of the stone solver was even more ugly.


How many stone cutters took pride in cutting the best jadeite, and it was so hard to finally see the royal purple once, but he let the opportunity to cut the stone go by and let the owner of the stone cut it himself!



If Yun Jing didn’t cut anything out in the end, the matter would have been passed by with a smile, but with the royal purple surface, today’s dramatic scene would certainly be spread by word of mouth, and he, would be the complete scandal in this incident!



He would be relegated to a sidekick to set off the preciousness and mystery of the royal purple, against Yun Jing’s vision.




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