Twenty minutes later, Yun Jing and his group arrived outside the entrance to the river bank, in the eyes of ordinary people, there was only a piece of stone gambling area in front of them, in Yun Jing’s eyes, the fullness of the aura was close at hand, as if reaching out to suck them all into the body, but the magic was that the aura could be seen but couldn’t be taken, as if wrapped by a layer of something.



It so happened that when they came in, a man cut open a piece of raw stone and the bright emerald green color came out little by little as the machine cut.



This was an aura that could be absorbed!


Yun Jing immediately released his spiritual energy to absorb the aura, as the aura faded away from the emerald green, the refreshing emerald green little by little dulled.


Cutting was still in progress, the crowd saw this piece of the best ice imperial green, the more cut it was, the more garbage it became, and even just a little tip of the emerald green, now looked like layers of color, they immediately revealed a look of disappointment.


Yun Jing immediately understood that the spiritual energy was sealed in these stones, when the spiritual energy was sucked away by him, the value of the stone also immediately became scrap.



Yun Jing immediately released the aura, as the aura returned to the stone, just now the jade, which seemed ordinary, turned out to be different in the blink of an eye.



The owner of the original stone was bawling in frustration, having spent a large sum of money, he originally thought he had bought a good stone, but it turned out to be such a piece of junk, this sudden joy and sadness, he almost collapsed, when the imperial green was cut out at the beginning, he should have promised the bidder on the side.


The owner of the stone rubbed his eyes, then jumped up from his spot and shouted: “Ice green! God, this is the best imperial green!”



His voice immediately called back the people who had gradually left, and when they saw that what they thought was garbage had once again turned into treasure, they were all astonished and felt that they had witnessed a strange event today.



“Brother Yun Jing, Brother Zhao is over there.” The youngest brother at the side has seen enough hustle and bustle, and only then remembered that there was still a fierce god standing beside him, and hurriedly said.





Yun Jing looked in the direction pointed by the little brother, and saw a short, stout man about 1.7 meters tall standing in front of a stall, picking and choosing from a large pile of stones, seemingly hesitant about which one to start with.





Yun Jing walked up to the man and pointed to one of the stones: “Buy this one.”



Brother Zhao turned his head to look at Yun Jing, his gaze filled with severe scrutiny.



Yun Jing found that this man’s spiritual energy was slightly more than most people around him, his body wasn’t sturdy, but the muscles were strong, and the speed of spiritual energy traveling in the body was slightly faster than normal people, so it was clear that this person’s body quality was better than the average person.



It was a pity that his body was still stagnant, the stagnation was mostly concentrated in the head, specifically his eyes, it couldn’t be seen, but Yun Jing speculated he hadn’t had a good rest for several days.





Yun Jing was also a person who had been trained. At a glance, he could see that this person was a practitioner, and he was calm. Obviously, he had experienced countless scenes, which wasn’t comparable to that brother Xu from before.



Brother Zhao looked at the indifferent Yun Jing and his eyes narrowed a little.



Being one of the best local ga-ngsters, Brother Zhao naturally had his own vision. Yun Jing looked ordinary, but he gave him a different feeling from ordinary people.



Moreover, the stone he was referring to was just one of the stones that Brother Zhao liked before, but he was also optimistic about the other two stones. The three stones were bought together at a slightly higher price, so he hesitated all the time.



But as a mo-b boss, brother Zhao naturally had to be a little more reserved, so he didn’t respond, he was waiting for Yun Jing’s next response.




Seeing Brother Zhao’s look, Yun Jing said slowly, “Brother Zhao, do you know me?”





Brother Zhao quietly turned to look at him, “Why, are you an old friend?”





Yun Jig smiled: “Brother Zhao is so forgetful. I owe Brother Zhao money and now I’m here to pay it back.”




Brother Zhao was stunned. He turned his head and saw his little brothers with him.




He had always cherished his life and had bodyguards on standby to protect him. Just now, when Yun Jing walked directly to him, he thought Yun Jing’s identity had been checked by the bodyguards, but only now did he realize that his men had brought him here.





Brother Zhao had collected money from countless people, but it was rare for someone to take the initiative to come to the gambling arena. After confirming Yun Jing’s identity, Brother Zhao relaxed a little and smiled, “Oh, how do you want to return the money?”





“I’ll help Brother Zhao look at the stones, and we’ll write off our debts, how about that?”





Brother Zhao compared the stone on the ground, “Little man, I don’t know how much you owe me. You didn’t report to me, i won’t pay much attention to that. But do you know how much this stone costs?”




The stall owner was very smart and immediately quoted: “This is the cheaper one that Zhao is referring to, just a few hundred thousand, the ones that Zhao just saw are worth a total of ten million and one million.”





Brother Zhao stretched out three fingers: “Three stones, more than ten million, if I lose, even ten of your lives won’t be enough to fill it.”





This original stone was a half bright color material. At the moment, a part of the jadeite was exposed. The exposed jadeite was high green, bright in color, straight and thick in color, with few cracks and cotton, which strongly attracted people’s attention . The wax covered with it was also looked upon as yellow green wax with red tinged rust. The wool was old and the water head was excellent.





But even so, it wasn’t without risks. Most of these stones had relatively many cracks. It was often said that “the more they are rubbed, the more they are cut, the more they are broken.” Once they were cut in, they could be from bean seeds to ice seeds. At this stage, it was just luck.





This piece of stone had a very good color appearance and was bought at a price of nearly 20 million, now to be cut, they were immediately surrounded by many people, Yun Jing looked at the stone, not waiting to start the formal cutting, then directly asserted: “to compensate.”




Brother Zhao turned his head to look at him: “You are so sure?”



“If I lose, I’ll double the money I owe you. If I win, how about you let me help you pick a stone once, so we don’t owe each other?” Yun Jing said.



Brother Zhao really laughed this time, he waved his hand, “You’re a funny guy, Zhao likes you, if you lose, come stay with me for a few days, if you win, the money you owe me will be written off.”




Zhao meant by staying with him for a few days.





Yun Jing also slowly smiled. No one had ever dared to talk to him like this. If his dreamer pet knew, he would k-ill this Brother Zhao with one claw.





When crossing the black hole, Yun Jing’s contract beast Dream held him tightly to protect him, Yun Jing had now become a transmigrator, he also didn’t know where it was.





The world was so big, aimless search wouldn’t make him find Dream in a lifetime, it was that only when he had recovered some of his strength, he could break through the shackles of the world’s spiritual energy, and connect with the contract to find its location.





During their talk, the stone had been gradually cut. To the astonishment of the people around, the original stone with such good momentum seemed to be full of cracks when cut in. The patterns were dense, like spider webs, it seemed like almost a little touch would scatter it, almost like powder.




This stone was totally worthless except for the exposed jade!





This could be explained by the word “loss”. If the knife went down, the owner of the original stone would almost lose his fortune!



The owner of the original stone stared at the waste for a long time. His face was as gray as a sheet, and he couldn’t make any expression for a long time. People around him were very sympathetic.





Seeing that someone rich became poor, Brother Zhao took a deep breath and said to Yun Jing with some regret: “Luck is good, but it’s a pity…”



It wasn’t clear whether he was sorry that Yun Jing didn’t accompany him, or sorry that the original stone was bad.



“Little man, how did you see it? The original stone, no matter from which side, there was a very high possibility of ice seed ah.” Brother Zhao asked with some curiosity.




“Yes, isn’t that why it’s called gambling stone?”


After such an incident, Brother Zhao couldn’t help but be suspicious of Yun Jing. But once he was sure Yun Jing wouldn’t disclose his professional knowledge at all, it really didn’t mean anything.



Brother Zhao felt itchy. He lowered his attitude a little, “Why don’t you look at it a few more times? If it’s all right, Brother Zhao will ask you to help choose the stone. Once you win, Brother Zhao promises to give you a big red envelope! How about that?”





“If you win, let Brother Zhao lend me a share of the money to buy a stone.” Yun Jing said.





After paying off his debt, he should consider making money for himself. After all, in this world, it was hard to move without money. On the way here, the boys paid for the taxi.




At present, there was no doubt that gambling stone was very suitable for Yun Jing. Today, he must seize the opportunity to earn his first pot of gold.





“No problem!” Brother Zhao agreed at once.



Next, Yun Jing and Brother Zhao wandered around the court. They gathered together where there was a stone. Yun Jing judged the stone very quickly, and could almost tell the quality of the original stone at a glance.





When Brother Zhao saw how fast he was, he was half-trusted at first, but after watching ten consecutive stone solving sessions, Yun Jing hit all of them, the way Zhao looked at Yun Jing changed completely.




Darling, depending on your age, you should be a minor. You should be an expert in hiding?!






At this moment, Brother Zhao had completely given up the idea of ​​keeping Yun Jing. He could hardly wait to marry him. With such a wife, who would worry about getting rich?!





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