C4— The Runaway Bride III


His voice trembled as he spoke, “…… your bride?”

Cr*p, was that what he thought it meant?

The little puppy looked up at him, his expression seemed a little puzzled, “What’s wrong with you? Brother, didn’t you know?”

Kou Dong: “……”


Cr*p, how could he know!

He pinched his fork with heartache.

This was too difficult.

Couldn’t the difficulty level be friendly for a newbie ……

Kou Dong kind of wished that the meal would never end. Unfortunately, the people sitting on both sides of the table felt that this was something that should be done, and even discussed the style of his wedding dress in a harmonious manner. Kou Dong listened to the little puppy and uncle discuss the length of the veil in the end, the back of his head felt cold.

One was already a problem, but this was two.


Kou Dong didn’t think he was a scum, his feelings in real life were as clean as a blank sheet of paper. After returning to society after his accidental loss of memory, he never had an emotional entanglement with any man or woman.

The worst thing he had done was becoming a love game anchor and performing tricks for everyone in the live broadcast room.

Kou Dong in the game was far more open than usual. According to the audience in the live broadcast room, he was pure and funny. He was born with a good appearance, drooping eyes, black pupil, and it always showed natural innocence when he looked at people; This appearance made it much easier for him to win the audience’s favor.

After all, real life was so difficult that people in the game wanted to see two people with great facial values come together to engage in a sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet – love.

The type that made people blush.

Kou Dong originally wanted to get only one NPC, but immediately afterwards, the audience encouraged him with bounties and subscriptions.


“Get Uncle! Must get uncle!”

“How can the little puppy be spared?”

“The male god can also be gotten ahhhhhhhh, I want to see him cry ……”


In short, with the audience’s relentless enthusiasm, Kou Dong eventually unloaded a part of the game, ripped off his righteousness, and got all four.

But at that time, he didn’t know that they would retaliate.

This feeling ……

Kou Dong was caught between the two. The two NPCs finished talking about the wedding dress and also laid out dishes for him. The one on the left side served soup and the one on the right side poured water.

Kou Dong stiffened, and drank from the cup and bowl, as he drank, he felt extremely sad.

He really didn’t have the guts to choose, so he had to accept the scum title, treat them equally and feed each of them a sweet date.

“Thank you for the water.”

This was said to the little puppy.

“The soup is very good.”

This was said to the uncle.

The sweet dates were clearly effective, and the uncle’s expression softened to the naked eye. He reached out his hand and placed the napkin meticulously under Kou Dong’s table, helping him to spread it out.

“Eat slowly.”

He said in a low voice, staring at Kou Dong’s eating appearance, as if he was interested.

Kou Dong’s movements paused, then immediately sped up – such a gaze, it didn’t feel like he was looking at a person, but like he was looking at a plate of food.

He was really worried that halfway through eating, he himself would be served.

After the meal, he went to the wedding dress fitting. The two grooms also wanted to follow into the dressing room, but was forcibly refused by Kou Dong.

In order to avoid a crisis, Kou Dong tried to pamper the NPC.

“I’ll be shy ……”

He whispered, as if he was timid, he  secretly grabbed a bit of the hem of his uncle’s coat and shook it.

He had a shrewd heart and knew which one was in control, so he only rushed to his uncle.

He could still act cute to the NPCs, right?

At this moment, even the game system was a little stuck. Uncle bowed his head and looked at him, until Kou Dong felt as if he was going to be seen through by such burning eyes, and his instinct flared up again, he subconsciously pulled his hand back-uncle immediately pressed down his little finger trying to escape, and said faintly: “Shy?


The hell I’m Shy ah!

Kou Dong felt a million thoughts running through his head, but his face was still scarlet, as if he was really pure and unaware of the world – a virgin bride.

He lowered his head and suddenly felt a slight pinch on his cheek by a cold hand.

The pinch made him freeze.

“Then go in by yourself,” The uncle withdrew his hand, his voice was still unhurried, more like a gentleman by nature than the little puppy, as if the word noble was engraved in his bones, “Don’t get a bad idea, change and come out.”

Kou Dong was happy, and he hastily replied.

“I will be out as soon as possible!”

–That’s not true.

The first thing Kou Dong did was to search the locker room. The locker room was small and had no windows, so he only found a brass key under the carpet. The key didn’t look big, it was delicate and had a fine pattern engraved on it.

Kou Dong hid the key just as he heard the maid knock on the door outside.

“Young master,” the maid said, “do you want me to help you?”

Kou Dong said no, he wasn’t so spoilt that he couldn’t put on his own clothes, “I will do it myself!”

So the maid waited at the door quietly. In a short while, the young master inside slowly stuck his head out again.

“Can you give me a hand,” he said, lowering his head, “I can’t put it on ……”

The dress felt heavier than him.

Both grooms had a light smile on their lips.

After being strangled almost out of breath, Kou Dong could finally come out of the dressing room.

The wedding dress was beautiful, the white veil with a wide tail hem was enough to make any bride ecstatic.

Unfortunately, Kou Dong was not included in this scope.

The tailor who had fitted him stood by and whispered in admiration, “This color suits you so well……”

He had never seen such a beautiful bride. His hair color made his skin look extra white and delicate, the ivory white silk wrapped around him as if he was Goddess from the temple of Athens. Kou Dong didn’t have a robust body shape, and his waist was also slender. The full back hem easily outlined his thin waistline, he was wrapped in this holy wedding dress, the fluttering lace moved around his skin.

He stood there, as if wrapped in a cloud of bright moon.

Even though the tailor had seen many brides, he couldn’t help but be lost in thought and looked at him with wide eyes without blinking, repeatedly admiring his finer-than-usual skin.

“You are a truly outstanding work of God ……” he murmured, lowering his head to kiss the corners of his gown.

This action made Kou Dong’s heart slightly tight, he vaguely felt he was a little too close. He turned his head to look at the two NPCs, but saw that the NPCs looked calm, as if they didn’t see the tailor getting closer and closer, they didn’t even move a step.

Kou Dong frowned, something was wrong.

He didn’t immediately put the suspicion out, he just observed the NPCs more carefully than usual.

The little puppy suddenly rubbed his nose, his face flushed red, as he lowered his head in embarrassment.

“What is it brother,” he said coyly, “don’t keep looking at me ……”

Kou Dong: “……”

He twisted his face in shock and wanted to shout for someone to see the drama queen.

Cr*p, this person pretending to be pure was too much, did he forget how he acted yesterday!


He didn’t find out much during the daytime. In the company of the butler, Kou Dong could only walk around the ancient castle. The three towers in the ancient castle, which had close to two hundred rooms, whether from the outside or from the inside, looked magnificent.

But wrapped in this endless fir forest, it seemed that even the castle was also dyed with cold air, without any human. Occasionally, he met two servants who were in a hurry and only had time to lower their heads and greet them briefly. When Kou Dong turned his head to look, he could only see the hem of their skirts swirling, and these servants trotted upstairs, not even daring to look at him directly.

The butler explained, “Please forgive them, young master, they are busy with your wedding with our lords.”

Kou Dong’s stomach hurt when he heard the word wedding.

His mind was spinning with various thoughts, when he suddenly saw the butler beside him take a step closer to him and say with concern, “Do you have something on your mind?”

Kou Dong wasn’t too impressed with this butler. On the first day he arrived, it was the housekeeper who led him in.

Other than that, the butler more often than not just stood silently behind him, as if he was a background painting in a game. He didn’t even think that the butler, as an NPC, would have other lines.

Kou Dong shook his head. The butler’s voice became softer, as if it was sugar water with honey, with a compelling meaning, “Young master, you can tell me everything. In this world, there will never be anyone more loyal than me.”

Sweet oaths came out of his mouth one after another, and he said, “I will be a dog at your knee, and I will give my life and my loyal soul for you. Please believe in me, please use me–”

Kou Dong lifted his eyes to look at him and saw the fire that was building up in his eyes. This light, he had seen the same in the eyes of the little puppy and uncle.

…… very well.

It was only the first copy, he thought dryly, this was the third person.

Should he be proud of his charm?

–But this was a horror game NPC, Kou Dong knew something wasn’t right …

“How do you want me to use you?”

“As you wish.”

“What if I want the stars in the sky?”

“I will pick them for you.”

“What if I want the moon on the water?”

“I will hold it up for you.”

“-What if I want to escape?”

Kou Dong suddenly stood still. He stood on the steps and looked at the butler jokingly, “What if I don’t want to marry them?”

Still with one hand behind his back, the butler gave him a salute, and when he looked up again, those eyes glittered, “I will help you escape.”

At his back, which Kou Dong couldn’t see, the hand that was holding the pocket watch was trembling uncontrollably.

If Kou Dong saw it, he would be able to tell.

It wasn’t fear, worry, it was excitement ……

He paused and his voice became even sweeter and smoother.

“Do you need me to help you escape?”

At the same time, the game popped up a new choice.

[In the face of the NPC’s request, you say: A: Yes. B: No.]

[Please note that every choice will affect the player’s final ending. Please choose carefully.]



Poor KD. But I feel like the amnesia is a clue.




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