C3— The Runaway Bride (II)


  It seemed to get dark extraordinarily early in the scene.

The candelabra in the old castle were lit one after another, and the silent male servant brought Kou Dong to the room upstairs, where a dim candle flame was burning, and under the bright red drapery was a fluffy bed.

Kou Dong fell asleep almost as soon as he was next to the bed. When the maid saw him close his eyes, he blew out the candelabra and quietly closed the door.

Kou Dong was the only one left in the room.

It was only when there was silence in his ears that he opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

It was naturally impossible to stay inactive at night. He only had three days, and he was always under the close supervision of two NPCs during the day, so there was no chance of escaping from the castle. Just thinking about those two NPCs gave Kou Dong a headache.

Then at night ……

Kou Dong stood in front of the window and pulled the heavy curtains open. As far as the eye could see, there was a forest of firs that could barely be seen; only by looking closely could he discern the spiky top of the iron gate from the shadowy trees.

He had to get out of there to do so.

The room where Kou Dong rested was on the third floor. He searched through the room and didn’t find half of the tools useful to him. The sheets and bedding were all delicate silk, beautiful, but it was impossible to withstand his weight, couldn’t not be tied into a rope so he could hang from the window.

In addition, the room was full of flowers placed everywhere – the flowers were placed everywhere, even under his pillow also had a thick layer, with a strange smell of vile, squeezing out the crimson flower juice.

Kou Dong then realized that his hands were also stained with flower juice, which should be stained when searching the bed. He searched carefully along the root of the wall again, and finally felt a not quite normal bump in the gap between the cabinet and the wall.

The wall paper was torn open, and there was half a sheet of paper hidden behind it.

Kou Dong unfolded the paper and turned sideways to light the candle as well. He sat on the bed and saw the messy words on the paper, as if someone had hastily written down in an unbearable panic.

“Demons covet the beautiful skin and make it their most prized collection.

Stranger, buried under the jeweled head ……”

The handwriting on the second half of the sentence became increasingly difficult to recognize, and Kou Dong had to work a little harder to make it out. He gestured with his hand in the direction those handwritings extended, and suddenly a shiver ran through him, vaguely feeling that something was wrong.

He lifted the candlestick up and moved violently to a wall he had never noticed.

There were several paintings hanging on the wall, like portraits of the parents of the little puppy. Kodon examined them carefully. The noble couple was wrapped in robes full of folds and patterns, and under the heavy wig were two miserable white faces.

At first glance, nothing special.

Kou Dong was silent for a while and slowly put out the candle in his hand. The room fell back into darkness. He didn’t sit back on the bed, but stood behind the side cabinet, staring at the two portraits without blinking.

A moment later, the black pupils on the portraits suddenly moved.

They turned, searching around, seemingly not finding the hidden Kou Dong.

The movement was quite subtle, and if Kou Dong had not been staring, he would almost have thought it was his own illusion.

When Kou Dong paid attention to get a closer look, there were only four small empty holes left.

The eyes were gone.

Kou Dong stood in front of the cabinet, a fine layer of sweat seeping out of his back.

He squeezed the paper in his hand and stuffed it into his sleeve. Then hr hesitated, and hid the paper back in the compartment behind the rail, and only then did he lay back on the bed.

Before he could pull up the covers, a soft knocking sound suddenly came from the door.

The sound was monotonous and tedious, and the smile on the person’s face was audible in his voice.

“Are you in there,” he said softly, “my brother, my bride?”


Kou Dong’s heart beat wildly, and he turned his face sideways without answering.

The little puppy knocked a second time on the door of the room, and his voice seemed full of joy.

“Are you in there,” he repeated the question, “my brother, my bride?”

This time there was still no answer, so he pushed open the door and came striding in, heading straight for the big bed. His eyes glittered in the darkness, filled with unspeakable excitement, and he couldn’t wait to reach out and touch the bed-

Kou Dong suddenly spoke out, “You’re looking for me?”


The NPC’s movement stalled in the air.

“Brother ……,” he said slowly, “So you’re here.”

His voice was full of disappointment, and he licked his lips.

“I thought, brother didn’t listen to my words ……”

Kou Dong didn’t move: “I just fell asleep.”

He looked searchingly at the person in front of him and said, “But you’ve woken me up now, and I can’t sleep.”

“Really?” The NPC said, looking a little anxious, “I’ll have someone bring brother a cup of hot cocoa?”

Kou Dong cut him off, “You can take me for a walk around the neighborhood.”

After he finished this sentence, he stared closely at the little puppy’s face.

The NPC’s lips hooked up as he slowly said, “No way.” The curtains were pulled back and there was a layer of dull light in the room.

This sentence didn’t surprise Kou Dong, he stared at the little puppy.

“You’re not a good boy if you go out at night,” the little puppy’s exhale was a little cool, his fingers stroked the side of Kou Dong’s face, almost intoxicated, “Besides, brother is so good looking, if he is found out …… He will definitely be pulled to a corner to be devoured, right?”

Kou Dong slightly shivered, he simply couldn’t believe that it was the little puppy saying such words.

Especially after saying it, the little puppy also had a yearning expression, as if Kou Dong needed to be caught by him ……

Kou Dong: “……”

This NPC, had always been in the pure and sweet, eager, and was sticky. The viewers gave him a nickname, milky sugar.

In other words, Kou Dong really didn’t dare to try it.

But now, the milky sugar was fast becoming sesame sugar.

…… this broken game, made the NPC collapse into this!

Kou Dong painfully wailed in his heart.

He finally understood. This group of NPCs with nearly full favorability points could eat him on the spot.

Why in the world would he, a relationship game live anchor, have to encounter this?!

Kou Dong never mentioned the words of going out at night again. This made the little puppy look quite regretful, he waited for a while before standing up and saying, “Then brother, rest.”

Kou Dong buried his face into the bedding, thinking, he would be damned if he could sleep.

He said to the system, “Is what he said about being devoured true or not? I’m a game anchor with modesty.”

It was impossible for him to sell meat in the game!

Game system: [Please consider for yourself, player].

“It’s fake, right,” Kou Dong was hopeful, “It’s not in line with the core socialist values ah, are you not afraid of being reported?”

The game system was as dead-faced as ever, even the punctuation hadn’t changed, [Please consider it yourself.]

Kou Dong was angry.

“You pulled me in and yet you still won’t talk to me clearly, where do I make a complaint ah?”

This time, the system finally changed the answer, [If the player has questions about the game content, we recommend that you call our customer service after exiting the game.]

Kou Dong’s breath almost didn’t come up.

This was crazy, leave the game to call customer service – he had to go back out first ah!

He was still the only player ……

Kou Dong felt his head going bald.

The only thing to be thankful for was being able to avoid the groom. If avoiding the little puppy wasn’t a big problem, planning a good escape route wasn’t impossible.

If they added an NPC …… then he was really going to die.

Kou Dong sorted out the current situation, at night if the light was lit, it would attract eyes to peek in secret.

If the eyes didn’t see him, the little puppy would immediately come.

This basically also cut off the possibility of lighting the room at night.

If he needed to act in the dark ……

Kou Dong pondered for a while, and by dawn, he pulled out the half sheet of paper again to look at it.

“The foreigner, buried under the jewels, the white bones have been piled up into mountains.

The flowers of the vile, the grass of corruption.

The end of the night, the Lord’s judgment will come at last.”

Kou Dong didn’t come up with any clues, but memorized these lines and tucked the paper back in. This choice was correct, because the manservant rummaged through the bed, as if he was looking for something.

But in the end, nothing was found, and the valet had to take him out.

In the hallway, Kou Dong asked, “Who lives in the room to my left?”

He was referring to the room with the prying eyes.

The manservant dutifully led the way and replied, “That is your and the lord’s wedding room, which is currently unoccupied.”

He turned on his heel and extended his hand, “Please.”

Kou Dong walked inside and saw a long table full of food. Now there were only two people sitting at the table, one was the uncle and the other was the little puppy.

There were only three chairs at the table, except for the one they were sitting on, only one was left empty.

The position was right in the middle of them both.

Kou Dong: “……”

Could he choose to sit on the floor?

He stood still, but the little puppy looked up and saw him first, then smiled and waved at him.

“Brother, come on!”

Kou Dong’s legs and stomach felt a little twitchy. He could never forget that he caused the NPCs to blacken because he had his feet in four boats.

Now sitting right in the middle of two blackened NPCs ……

Kou Dong reluctantly said, “I’m not hungry.”

…… looking at you two, I really can’t eat ah.

Uncle NPC glanced at him, but his glance felt provoking.

“Sit down and eat,” he said indifferently, “after eating, someone will send the wedding dress.”

Kou Dong: “……?”

Kou Dong’s face slowly showed a hesitant expression, “You said the wedding dress–”

Did I hear it wrong? It was dress, right?

“Naturally it’s a wedding dress,” the little puppy smiled up, “the first time I saw brother, I was imagining how brother would look in a wedding dress – I’m allowed to follow you to the dressing room later, right? ”

The latter sentence wasn’t to Kou Dong, but to uncle.

The uncle’s white napkin was slightly pressed at the corner of his lips before he replied, “Yes.”

The little puppy gave a small cheer.

Only then did Uncle fill in the second half of the sentence and said unhurriedly, “I will also go.”

“That’s for sure,” the little puppy replied, “after all, brother is our bride–”

Kou Dong: “……?”

Kou Dong: “……?”

Kou Dong: “……??!!!!”

His vision went black.


This game was going to kill him.

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