C27—– Dating

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Kuo Dong’s most recent mantra had changed, and the most common words hanging on his lips every day was ‘lack of socialist education at first sight.’


Especially after watching the story, he grumbled at the mermaid’s face for three minutes, and told the villain, “Don’t follow him, he is not your father.”


Villain: “…”


Ye Yanzhi’s expression was cold, and he gave a perfunctory hum.


It was as if the person who forced him to call his father was not Kou Dong himself.


Kou Dong: “Alas, you can see at a glance. This antisocial personality can’t produce a son as smart as you.”


Ye Yanzhi: “…”


As if he could have been born.


Kou Dong put gold on his face, “I’m different. I have a high IQ.”



Come on…..


The villain sighed with great sophistication, what else could he do with the person he liked?



Although he insisted on being called father…..

Kou Dong looked at the balance and was very happy: “Your father has money, father will support you.”


After two copies, he had 57 points left, so he could draw two cards in the exchange pool.


“Maybe I can give you two brothers.”


Ye Yanzhi asked, “Isn’t it bad to have more lives?”


He had vowed to have only him, and live a happy life.

“That was before,” Kou Dong waved his hand, “we have to follow the national policy – now the second child ban has been lifted, in order to retain the demographic dividend, giving you two siblings is imperative!”


After this copy, Kou Dong was more excited about the card draw. At least his son was there to offset his lucky E attribute, it shouldn’t be as bad as before, right?


He opened the exchange pool interface.


The card pool was still the blo-od pool as always, with an unknown red color and small blisters rising.

This time the hand bones in the pool had learned a lot, after the last time, no one dared to try to stop him again. Kou Dong took a few steps over, the glow on the platform was bright again.



Ye Yanzhi pulled his hand out of his collar, and revealed a head that wasn’t as big as Kou Dong’s finger, and read the words on it.



[ The exchange pool: players can use forty points to extract once, the object of extraction is not fixed.]


After reading, he calmly turned his head and said to Kou Dong, “I’m afraid your dream of three children will be shattered.”


Kou Dong hadn’t seen it yet, and asked in passing, “What?”


The villain silently pointed his finger to the critical number.


“The prices are rising, look.”


Kou Dong: “……”
Kou Dong: “…………”
Kou Dong: “………………”


Kou Dong was angry.


This was called fuc-king price inflation – this was called inflation, okay! Where was there such an increase? Before it was only twenty, now it was forty?



What was this, were they planning to collapse the market?


He frantically called the system for half a day, only to get a cold electronic voice, [What is the player’s problem?]


Kou Dong pointed to the number and asked it to explain.


The game system was even colder: [This is the normal lottery mechanism. As the difficulty increases, the contribution points obtained will also increase, the point value used for redemption will naturally follow the growth.]



Da-mn, natural growth – Kou Dong almost wanted to kick over this dialog box.


And what did that mean, [It will increase after that?]


System: [Naturally.]


Naturally again, Kou Dong had never found himself hating this word so much, and he seriously wondered if the system simply didn’t want him to get out of the game.


When he put this query out, the system was silent for two seconds: [The player is joking. As a game system, I treat all players the same.]


Kou Dong: “…… You think I can’t hear you during that two-second pause?”



System: [Besides, players can get points through the dating section.]


This was the fourth time that the system had mentioned the dating section to him since he entered the game, with the implication that it obviously wanted him to experience one personally.


Kou Dong opened the dating section and was surprised to see an additional NPC figure inside. The tall figure of Siren filled up the grid where it was located, and the static image had the appearance of a male NPC that Kou Dong had once raided, with seaweed-like hair floating and a slippery milky white bead in his pointed hand.


Kou Dong originally thought that it was Siren’s tears, but only after a closer look did he think it was wrong – the translucent texture was clearly the ones that had accumulated in the petri dish.


Realizing this, his scalp exploded.





How deranged did he have to be to go on a date with such a thing?


Sure this thing wouldn’t take him directly into the bottom of the sea to procreate?



The Siren’s crimson eyes gazed straight at him, and Kou Dong surprisingly saw the hurt from inside.


…… Forgive him, he felt that none of the NPCs here were qualified to be hurt.


The most qualified to be sad was clearly him, okay?


He wanted to just close the dating interface, but his cub suddenly opened his mouth and said faintly, “The props are important.”


Kou Dong naturally knew that it was important too.


“If you didn’t have the help of your teammates, you wouldn’t have necessarily run out,” Ye Yanzhi said flatly, “To be on the safe side, it’s best to get hold of two props.”


Kou Dong didn’t say anything for half a day. Ye Yanzhi was puzzled, only to hear the youth speak slyly: “Alas, cub, don’t push the wave, my modesty is already in jeopardy ……”


The NPCs in the box were significantly more active when they sensed the change in his mind, the Siren even cupped the bead at him.


Kou Dong: “…… No, thanks.”



He decisively put his hand to the first.


The black-robed godfather’s serious, cold face showed a little light of delight. Kou Dong put his hand on it and felt a wide hand firmly grasp his, and then a violent drag-



Kou Dong was then yanked into the frame by this hand. As he was dragged in, he heard his cub’s low admonition, “Be careful.”


The youth froze and subconsciously wanted to ask if he wasn’t going to follow along – but it was too late to say more, he was pulled in completely by the godfather.


Ye Yanzhi, however, didn’t get in, he was ejected by an invisible barrier. This didn’t surprise him, and he sat alone and alone on the ground, it was a moment before he moved the corners of his mouth.


“If we’re lucky, he’ll find something.”


He murmured, his gaze gradually running out of landing points and floating in the air.


Even if it was tainted-


Those NPCs, too, would forever keep the youth in their core memories.


Dissecting the paranoia, gloom and recklessness, the real love was covered by dust and ash, buried in the depths.


With luck, it would be discovered.


He hoped the youth had enough luck.



In front of him was the familiar old castle, with the dark red tapestry hanging high, on which was painted the likeness of the Son and the Virgin. The warm and loving Mother of God was holding swaddling clothes, presenting the innocent baby’s face to the people who were closely surrounding her.


Kou Dong had never seen this decoration in the ancient castle.


The carpet under his feet was as soft as ever, he looked at himself and found that his figure seemed to have shrunken, he went to the bronze mirror and looked at it, he was indeed shorter.


It was like the appearance of a 17 or 18 years old, although his eyebrows and eyes hadn’t changed much, but his cheeks revealed a little naivety and childishness.


There was a knock at the door, and then came in a manservant with blond curly hair, who looked relieved to see him.


“Young master, the lord is looking for you, please go quickly.”


Kou Dong stared at the manservant and always had a strange feeling of déjà vu.


It wasn’t until he stepped out of the room that he remembered that he had seen this face before.


In that cabinet full of human skins.


At that time, these servants had long been made into soft skins through and through, waiting to be worn by whomever. And now, here he stood alive, looking like just an ordinary person.


“It’s almost the social season,” the manservant said, “and we all heard that you stepped on Lady Leslie a few times yesterday during your dance practice -”


He couldn’t help it, he pursed his lips and smiled.


“His Excellency has called you over now, so he’ll definitely be teaching you personally.”


Kou Dong kept his eyes on him, seeing no stitches on his neck. This was no mannequin, this was a person.



This discovery made him breathe a slight sigh of relief, knowing that this was the point in time before the demons had arrived.


Nolan’s genetic disease, hadn’t yet revealed the first signs.


All the way, many servants bowed to him. They all looked at him with eyes that were quick and loyal, glowing with enthusiasm, and called out to him respectfully, “Young master.”


“Young master ……”


Kou Dong walked forward in the midst of these gazes, the manservants and maidservants all eyed him, and after a few dozen steps forward, Kou Dong could still feel those fond gazes.


This was strange, Kou Dong thought to himself.



He had a strange feeling, as if he was loved by everyone. But this kind of love was very different from the kind he had experienced in the game – the NPCs here loved him, just pure, side-desire-free love, a love without any semblance of gloom.


This was a group of normal people.


In the copy, on the other hand, the ones who loved him were simply a bunch of outright psychopaths.



The door to the parlor was pulled open by servants on either side, and Kou Dong stepped inside and saw the Godfather’s figure in the deep red velvet chair. The Godfather was still in a sober black robe, with a quill pen between his long fingers, and was writing something down.


Hearing the rattle of the door pushing, he looked up and saw his godson walking in.




Augustine’s frown loosened. His grim scowl softened and he said lightly, “There you are.”


He tapped his hand on his knee, “Come here.”


Kou Dong: “……”

Forget about it, the contribution points were the most important.




It was important to make NPCs happy, coaxing NPCs to be happy ……


Kou Dong came forward and put his head on the man’s leg, leaning on it with respect.


The godfather’s fingers inserted in his dense hair, and there was laughter in his voice, “Early this morning, Mrs. Leslie told me when she came to visit that you stepped on her feet several times during yesterday’s dance class.”



What a trashy plot, I have such a high IQ and physical coordination, okay! But the NPC was imaginary, he also had to um, very cooperatively hold his red face, “Godfather, don’t make fun of me.”


After this sentence, he had the urge to vomit.



But the godfather laughed softly, obviously very pleased with his pampered attitude. He repeatedly rubbed his godson’s soft hair, “It’s almost the social season, is Nolan going to step on the feet of all the ladies at the ball?”


I’m sure I won’t step on it!


Kou Dong guessed the NPC’s meaning, he had to dryly speak: “How can that be? Nolan can not disgrace godfather.”



Augustine hummed and the corners of his lips slightly curled up.


…… cra-p, old man, he obviously wanted to dance with him but still refused to speak straight.



It’s clear that even the servant knows your intention, okay?


Kou Dong looked up at him.


“Godfather, teach me, okay?”


This voice was extremely soft, and with a bit of righteousness, completely a spoiled child looking at his elder who indulged him. The godfather’s expression tightened even more without tensing up, he smoothly patted his godson’s back, “Then get up.”


He said lightly.


“Since you have said so, godfather should naturally teach you.”




Big tail wolf, he was still pretending really well.



At this time there was no gramophone, the ball were asked to play live. But the godfather obviously had no intention of letting bystanders disturb them, he only clapped his hands, and the manservant had the good sense to change the furnishings of the room to make enough open space.


“Here,” he rushed to Kou Dong and extended his hand, his voice low, “Nolan, put your hand on my shoulder.”


Kou Dong felt a little off.


“Godfather, then your hand ……?”


Needless to say, the hand spontaneously touched Kou Dong’s waist, and naturally gathered the waist tightly tied by the waistcoat.


With this effort, Kou Dong was so close to the man that he could even smell his faint fragrance.

It was completely different from the rotten flower scent that he smelled of later. It was thick and introverted, like woody incense, which was very suitable for the godfather.



Augustine’s other hand held Kou Dong’s hand, whispering and counting the beats.


With force in his hand, he guided the teenager to spin.


“Here, slow down a little–”


Kou Dong jumped. It was normal. He didn’t really learn from the school dance, and he didn’t learn the social dance like dance steps in the Middle Ages, so he accidentally stepped on the godfather’s foot.


Kou Dong was still worried when he felt that there was something hard under his feet, the NPC shouldn’t get upset ……



But look again, the godfather actually laughed out loud, he was obviously very happy.


“Is this how you stepped on Mrs. Leslie yesterday?” He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his demeanor was clearly indulgent, “How many times did you step on him?”



Kou Dong muttered to himself, “No way, does this have to be contested too?


Well, since he was stepped on happily-


He simply let go and danced with his understanding. Didn’t turn when it’s time to turn, and didn’t turn around when it was time to turn around. Augustine, a real noble, who had been indulged in the dance since he was young , was so confused by his misfortune that he just let himself be stepped on it. The godfather didn’t step on him, but Kou Dong stepped on his shoes.


Augustine’s laughter became clearer. He grabbed his godson, it was hard to control his expression, “How can you dance like that?”





Kou Dong looked at him speechlessly.


Brother, find a mirror to look at yourself, look at your frowning look!!!


You obviously want me to dance like this, okay?



Augustine obviously liked his liveliness, although he said he wanted to teach, but the undertone had a permissive meaning, “again.”



Kou Dong was now bold enough to finally raise his doubts: “Godfather, should I dance the male or female step at the ball?”



Augustine said calmly, “Naturally, the male step.”


There was no reason for his beloved godson to dance the female step.


“Really,” his godson blinked, and then caught him off guard with his next question, “but Godfather, why did you just ask me to dance the female step?”


And spinning him everywhere, was he expecting a flower to come out of his pants?



The godfather was so surprised that he was shocked speechless by this question.


Kou Dong took this opportunity to put his hand on his waist.


The godfather’s brow finally frowned slightly, “You ……”



Kou Dong simply raised his eyebrows and looked up at him.


“Didn’t you say you were going to teach me?” He laughed, “Shouldn’t that be taught?”


Augustine couldn’t refute.


With a noble status like his, he had naturally never condescended to learn the female step. But if it was to match the teenager, it seemed that it didn’t matter much which role he played.


He was silent for a while, and finally slowly raised his hand and put it on the teenager’s shoulder.


The dance began again.



The man was far taller than Kou Dong, every time he turned around, he had to crouch down a few points to barely get past Kou Dong’s arm. He looked a bit comical, not the usual silent and serious and gloomy look.


The person who had been noble and elegant, now actually seemed cute.


Kou Dong endured quite a long time, he finally couldn’t help laughing. The godfather naturally heard, he was at a loss, but he was also a little angry. As soon as he took his hand away, he called his name lightly: “Nolan.”


Kou Dong suppressed a smile, “I’m not laughing at you -”


This was a lie, and the Godfather himself knew it.



He looked at the godson who was having fun, and finally closed his mouth and pulled him hard.


Kou Dong thought he was about to get angry and his heart jolted. But Augustine just patted his lapel and straightened his expression, “Dry lips.”


His thumb rubbed slightly against his godson’s lips.


Kou Dong met his godfather’s eyes. His eyes were blue and transparent like two pieces of water glass. Only this glass swirled with water waves and held light.



He was looked at by such eyes and saw a depth of feeling that couldn’t be mistaken.



“-Nolan.” Godfather whispered, “Grow up fast ……”



You have to grow up well.



Kou Dong also looked at him steadily and suddenly spoke, “Godfather.”



Augustine nodded in response.



“If one day I go away,” Kou Dong asked, “what will happen to you?”


The godfather was slightly surprised by his question, but still answered, “You will not go.”


Kou Dong: “What if I do go?”


The godfather slowly pursed his lips and used a little force in his hands, gripping his godson’s arm.



“I will get you back.”



Kou Dong’s voice was soft, “What if it’s life and death?”





The godfather closed his eyes, “Nonsense.”



“Not nonsense,” Kou Dong whispered, “if one day, I really can’t be by your side anymore ……”



“Please make sure you live well.”


“Don’t believe the demon’s nonsense, he doesn’t mean well.”





After this word was spat out, Kou Dong saw that his arm was becoming transparent, and he realized that it was time, “You ……”


The godfather looked a little flustered, his face was shaking in front of him, as if he was shouting loudly for a doctor. Kou Dong got out of his arms, his legs went violently soft, it was a stumble. Only when he stood firm did he find himself back at the dating interface.


Ye Yanzhi was waiting on the ground and saw him come out, all of a sudden he stood up.


The little man watched Kou Dong’s face.



“How is it?”


Kou Dong let out two breaths, “Better than I thought.”



He originally thought that going on a date with an NPC in this game would be a nightmare, but in fact he actually had a good time and didn’t even feel the time passing.


He crouched on the ground to catch his breath, and Ye Yanzhi tugged on his sleeve.



“I just have this weird feeling,” Kou Dong murmured, not hiding much in front of his cub, “-I feel like, Nolan is almost like me.”


Not some character that existed in the background, but Kou Dong himself.



The living Kou Dong.



Kou Dong always thought that the NPCs loved him because of the system operation. He came in and naturally didn’t consider why these NPCs loved him.



These so-called former fates, in his opinion, were just derivative plots of the game.



However, after really experiencing the dating, it seemed like it wasn’t like that at all. Kou Dong had an absurd feeling, as if he was originally living in these episodes – he was the child who was taken back to be raised by Augustine.


Ye Yanzhi didn’t say anything, but just raised his head and glanced at the upper right corner.


There was still the system dialog box in that place.



He pursed his lips.


Kou Dong rested for a while and finally tried to speak, “How many points did I get?”


A prompt popped up from the system.



[Congratulations to the player for completing the dating trip with the first character.
This date gained points: forty-three points.]



Kou Dong looked at it and the full frame was fifty.



The godfather was really happy from the bottom of his heart.



He stared at the ground for a long time before abruptly letting out a deep breath.



“Let’s go,” he let go of the cub, “to the lottery.”


After entering the redemption pool again, Kou Dong selected redemption.


Two large snakes appeared again from the pool, and immediately, the teeth of the snakes loosened and spat out a bronze ball.


A small paper figure fell out of the ball. Kou Dong picked it up and saw a prompt pop up on it.



[Prop name: Paper Man.
Use: With camouflage effect, can help players to resist an attack.
Expiration date: Next copy only.]


Kou Dong understood, this was a double.


He looked at the redemption pool, showing that the next redemption required sixty points.


If he drew one more time, he would really become a veritable pauper.


The kind with zero assets.


Kou Dong thought twice and finally put his hand on the redemption pool again.



He was ready to draw a second time.



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