C26: It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings (XIV)


The mermaid’s scarlet eyes lit up slightly, and the look was surprisingly like anticipation.


“Soon,” he said to Kou Dong, “soon ……”


“I will take you back.”


Back to the bottom of that sea.


It was something he had longed for since he first saw the man, and from the first glance, the mermaid had chosen a mate.



His strong, powerful fish tail slapping on the ground, revealed a kind of alarming impatience. Kou Dong’s heart skipped a bit, as he moved slowly. According to this situation, if he didn’t find the egg, the mermaid was obviously going to drag him back on the spot ……


He asked his cub in despair, “What should we do?”


Your father is about to find out that you are not his real son!



Kou Dong was worried as all the cheating men in the world who were worried about the disclosure of things. He didn’t dare to look at the man who had been c-uckolded.


Ye Yanzhi tugged at his clothes and looked a little nervous. After a long time, he replied, “Wait a minute.”


“What are you waiting for?” Kou Dong whispered, “The door should have been opened. Why don’t we run?”


“Can you outrun him?”





That wasn’t going to work.


The villain was indifferent.


“He’ll be more angry if you get caught after running away.” He said, “It’s to run-but not now.”


When was that?


Kou Dong was a little unsure. But he accepted his words, he’d stabilize the experimental body first.


Kou Dong: “……”


Well, well, life was hard.


He couldn’t hide any more, so he had to hold the broken eggshell to the face of the experiment.


The mermaid looked at the eggshell and then at him, and his face gradually cooled.


“What is this?”


Kou Dong stubbornly said, “Your son.”


The mermaid turned over the biggest egg shell with his thin hand.


There was nothing underneath.


His lips pursed tightly, his expression somewhat ghastly, “Where is he?”


The corners of Kou Dong’s mouth twitched twice, he lowered his head and a kind of sadness from the inside out covered his face.


Two big tears fell, soaking his clothes with two dark dots.


“No more,” Kou Dong started bawling, “What to do ah, child’s father, my child ran out of ……”


Mermaid: “……”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


Ye Yanzhi didn’t even know exactly why he should be angry.


Why in the end, was he forced to recognize so many fathers?


Kou Dong choked on one side, the other side of his face also leaned on the mermaid’s chest. He was completely out of ideas.


He wasn’t sure if such nonsense could fool a mermaid with a fairly high IQ.


But no matter what, he couldn’t just sit back and wait – at least he had to find a reason to explain why his child was missing ah.


The mermaid didn’t answer, his expression was extremely tense. After a long time, he suddenly smiled slightly, his expression was surprisingly a little warm.


“No more?”


He asked gently.


Kou Dong nodded his head with unusual difficulty.



“It’s okay,” the mermaid said slowly, “there will be other children.”




Even though Kou Dong leaned on him, he still couldn’t help but shiver. He listened to the mermaid’s voice, only to feel a burst of coldness into the bones.


“There will be many more …… many more.”


He opened his mouth and smiled, the fangs inside glowing like snow. He didn’t hold back, his strong and powerful arms captured Kou Dong – Kou Dong was at least an adult, although it was a slender body, but the height and weight was there, yet he was lifted like a chicken.


The mermaid carried him, step by step, and slid back upstairs.


He put the man back into the petri dish, soaked in the light blue nutrient solution.


A string of gold necklaces collected from nowhere was placed beside Kou Dong, looking like it had been stripped from some poor researcher’s body.


The mermaid placed it with those slippery milky white beads, and his blo-od-red pupils turned in dissatisfied.


It wasn’t enough.


He jerked his tail up, his eyes searching around in the midst of this.


–Not enough.


To decorate his nest, he still needed many, many more of these things.


At the other end, despair couldn’t help but well up within Song Hong’s heart.


“According to you, won’t we be able to do nothing halfway?”



They found the research data of Experiment S within the institute, and the combat power of this one mermaid was equivalent to fifteen adult men.


And the few of them, at most, counted as two and a half.


Not enough to stuff the mermaid.


Ah Xue quietly responded, “No, there is a method to try.”



She licked her lips and continued, “In the Norse legend, if the mermaid has chosen a man for his nest, in order to appease his mate, he will bring a lot of gold and silver jewelry to decorate his nest for spawning -”


“They would often bring up gold coins from the midst of the deep, and the chosen nests were in the piles of gold coins.”


In the pitch-black, half-lightless deep, in the middle of that golden glow, the mermaid would arch his back and relentlessly inject eggs one after another into the nest. These eggs would stretch the belly of the human nest, and after two or three months in it, they would be expelled one by one outward, and roll down into the gold nest as well.


Thousands of eggs were produced, but usually only two or three actually grew into baby mermaids. They also fought with each other, squeezing other siblings to survive and sending them into the mouths of sharks or something next to them.



The weak were stronger than the strong, even if they were young.


Song Hong’s eyebrows loosened and he finally understood what she meant.


“You mean–”


Ah Xue pulled out a dazzling gold chain from her luggage bar. The chain was a prop she had obtained when completing the last copy of the ghost of the accomplice, and also had a function that could turn a fixed place into a locked space, which was the same as putting an invisible lock on the place. The person who stepped into it couldn’t get out, and the person outside couldn’t get in either.


But the number of times the prop could be used was limited, and she only had the last one left, it was something to save her life, and she didn’t dare to use it easily.


Now, she intended to use this gold chain to try.



She placed the gold chain in the corner of a laboratory, hidden behind a box.


Song Hong said, “Why don’t you just place it in the middle?”


The little girl laughed instead.



“What do you think mermaids are?” She said, “They were never animals that would be gullible.”


“-They are fierce animals.”


Fierce beasts, often, believed only in what they had earned by themselves.



She placed the gold chain in the depths and hid with Song Hong, silently waiting for the arrival of the experimental body. Finally, they heard a subtle scraping sound, as if a snake was slithering rapidly towards the place – and when they quietly looked up from behind the test bench that served as a cover, both of them saw the mermaid.



This glance was even clearer than before. The mermaid’s nose twitched slightly, as if he was sniffing something. He sped up, not even thinking about sliding in the direction of the two hiding something, and suddenly lifted his head up and looked around vigilantly.


Ah Xue also has no other choice but to pray it wouldn’t find the difference. The good thing was that after the experimental body searched, there was nothing to find, and slid again towards the hidden chain. His long and slender hand violently lifted the box in the corner and immediately found the envelope placed next to the box.


What was inside was a chain made of gold.



The experimental body pulled the chain out of the box and held it tightly in his hand. A mermaid nesting was instinctive, and whether it was a bird or a fish, they were fond of beauty. The mermaid held it well and stuffed it into his pocket by hand.



He turned around and was about to leave.


Now was the time!

Ah Xue grasped the time to chant, then suddenly heard a soft sound of locking in the air. It was as if a door of some kind was locked in an unseen place.



“Did it work?”



She said anxiously.


Song Hong didn’t answer, he just stared closely at the mermaid in that room. The mermaid pushed in the air and surprisingly failed to push the invisible door open, and at that moment opened his mouth and let out a heart-stopping roar.


The prop worked, both people breathed a sigh of relief. Song Hong said, “Go!”



The young girl looked back while running upwards and heard the strong mermaid clanging the invisible wall, followed by a surprisingly alarming cracking sound.



Song Hong twisted his head and his scalp went numb, “Oh no, that’s a low-level prop, it can’t trap him, he’s coming out!”



“- Quick, find him!”



Ah Xue gritted her teeth, “He should be upstairs–”



However, just as they ran upstairs, they heard the shrill chirping of the mermaid below. This sound was simply a trumpet, countless experimental bodies follow this sound to cross out of the petri dish, tall, short, large, small, with handsome human face, odd-shaped …… dense in front of their eyes, there was no place to get down.


“Go this way!”



The two were familiar with the structure of the Institute, and immediately changed direction and ran wildly. Countless monsters followed them, tentacles spread from one to another, the scene was almost like a zombie siege.



Kou Dong naturally also heard the sound.



His hands and feet were still a little weak, trying with difficulty to climb out of this huge petri dish. Before leaving, the experiment used mind control and asked him not to leave this tank.



Ye Yanzhi said that at this time, the mermaid was prepared to bewitch him and took the lead in covering his ears with his hands but he still fell into it. He slapped Kou Dong twice and finally woke him up from this mental obsession.


Living domestic violence.



However, Kou Dong’s face was still not good looking, and his turning movement was quite difficult.



At that moment, he saw Song Hong’s face through the glass.


Kou Dong was stunned.


“You –”


Why didn’t he leave?



The key in the petri dish was gone, and he thought that the three remaining people had already left through the open passage.



Song Hong also didn’t have time to elaborate, he first rushed to him and held out his hand, “Come down! He’ll be out in a minute -”



He gave Kou Dong a little push and helped the youth turn out of the petri dish wet. Even Kou Dong’s hair was soaked through, and his whole body was shivering slightly, but he couldn’t wipe it off in time.


“Where do we go from here?” The young girl shouted, “The experimental body outside is blocking the door!”


The army was pressing the city.


The only way out was blocked, and the roar of the mermaid on the floor below became clearer and clearer, crashing hard. There was no need to listen to know that the invisible door could not hold him back for long.


Kou Dong’s scalp was also a little numb, he suddenly gritted his teeth and pulled something out of his luggage and threw it towards the group of experimental subjects –



It was the white coat that his character was wearing when he first entered the game.



After taking it off, Kou Dong was afraid that he would need it somewhere, so he kept it in his luggage.



The clothes unfolded in the air with a whirring sound and were thrown a long way. The monsters snapped their heads up, hatred overpowering the mermaid’s hold on them for a moment.



The unintelligent experiments rushed in that direction, struggling to tear that one dress to pieces. Even the few with spiritual intelligence tried to rush up to stop them, but they were blocked by the large number of monsters, and a traffic jam occurred.




Without Kou Dong’s words, they understood and immediately began to pull their legs and run wildly!



At this point, Kou Dong really thanked these NPCs for their full good sense value – if they had been determined to kill him, he would have been buried here even if he had nine lives.



The good thing was that even though they were awake, they were only wailing and growling, trying to catch him back again.



They finally ran to the door and saw the light behind the door representing the pass. Song Hong first heavily pushed the little girl beside him and let her go first, and he himself stepped out immediately after. At the same time, Kou Dong also heard the mermaid’s voice, the experimental body S’s voice was far from the previous gentleness, it shook as he shouted loudly, trying to mind control him again.



However, Kou Dong had one foot in the door, and the little man sitting on his shoulder stood up, frowned, and reached out to cover his ears.



“Don’t listen.”


Ye Yanzhi said calmly, firmly blocking his ears, “Don’t listen.”


Kou Dong finally ran out in spite of everything.



As he fell heavily forward, he felt a sharp chill on his back – it was the sharp nails of the mermaid that caught up with him that cut his clothes. He used the impulse to fall to the ground at once, his elbows hitting the cold ground.



In the moment he crossed the door, the two people around him violently disappeared.



The only one left on the floor was Kou Dong.



The mermaid was at the other end of the door, his body standing tall, his scarlet eyes gazing at him. With this door in the way, he could not take another step forward.


He just looked at Kou Dong, and a low growl slowly came out of his throat, like a vicious dragon that has been robbed of its treasures.


“My,” he muttered, opening his mouth, “my ……”




The villain suddenly opened his mouth and retorted with a frown, “Not yours.”


The experiment slowly shifted its gaze upward, as if it finally saw Ye Yanzhi. In the copy, he was never able to see, but now through this narrow door, his pupils suddenly tightened and found something.



This discovery made him incomparably shocked and angry, he revealed his k-illing intent like never before.


“It’s you!” He roared, “-it’s you!”
“Give him back to me–”
“Give him back to me!”



Kou Dong heard the voices of countless experimental bodies, voluminous like a symphony. They all poked their heads out from behind the thin door panel, roaring in near desperation, and the sound was so numbing to the ears that they couldn’t bear to listen.



It was funny, but Kou Dong did hear the sadness of losing his love. Those sequins like eyes were focused on him, each of them clouded with a hazy watery luster – they always turned in his direction, colorful pupils, shining almost like a star.



Kou Dong looked at his cub.



Ye Yanzhi tugged a strand of his hair, but his expression was faint.



“No need to care.” He said calmly, “And no need to feel sorry for them.”


“They just want to keep you.”



Kou Dong didn’t say anything, but just turned his head to look at them again. For some reason, such a scene made him feel somewhat familiar, and his heart was sour.


It was as if such a thing …… had happened before.


But when was it? What was the reason?



He tried to think and think, but he couldn’t remember.


Kou Dong walked towards the direction of the back away from the door. Two steps later, he heard a voice from the system.



[Congratulations to the remaining players,] the system said mechanically, [You have completed this copy: Fly Without Wings.]


Kou Dong didn’t hear any congratulations in its tone.



He even felt that the system was extremely sorry that he didn’t stay in it.



[The following is the mission settlement.
This copy points: 200. number of team participants: 7.]

[Player one gets points: 21. Player two gets points: 7. Player three gets points ……]



It reported one by one, including one with zero points, which must be the unlucky one who just entered the copy and was occupied by the NPC. The system finally said: [You are player seven, gained 52 points.]



Team quests were indeed more profitable than individual quests, his points was more than doubled compared to the previous one.


[Since you are the player with the most points in this copy and have opened the hidden plot, you have obtained the prop: Siren’s Tears.]



Kou Dong’s pants pocket fell violently, and when he pulled it out, it was a glossy, round pearl, very different from those slippery, translucent milky white beads that had accumulated at the bottom of that petri dish.



The rumor was that mermaid tears fell to the ground and became pearls, and it turned out to be true.


His hand squeezed this pearl and immediately saw the prompt box.


[Prop name: Siren’s Tears.
Function: Siren is good at seducing people’s souls with songs, wear the tears on your body, you will also have the ability of mermaid compulsion.
Use times: Once.
Use range: limited to one creature, cannot be used as a group weapon.]


It was equivalent to a simple version of hypnosis.



Kou Dong had personally experienced it, so he understood how powerful it was, if not for the forced intervention of external forces, it was extremely difficult to break.



The few times he broke it, he relied on his cub to wake him up hard ……



Just thinking about it made his face hurt.


Like he read his mind, Ye Yanzhi pursed his lips proudly, “No thanks needed.”


Kou Dong: “……”


Alas, forget about it, domestic violence wasn’t good.



At the same time, he saw the icon of an envelope shining in the upper right corner. He clicked on it to realize that it was a message sent to him by Song Hong in the same team.



Song Hong, naturally wasn’t his real name, but he kept calling this name in the game, he politely invited Kou Dong to continue teaming up next time, “Your whimsical ideas some times make me puzzled.”


The translation was probably, I’ve never f-ucking seen such a tawdry operation ……



Kou Dong also had a good feeling about him, not to mention that those two people were willing to put down the escape opportunity to turn around to save him, it was enough to make him moved.



There was true love on earth, there was true love on earth ah!



The socialist comradeship really touched the heart!



He decisively responded with an okay.


Ah Xue also sent him a message, but the little girl was cool and sent a message with few words, just a lone period.



Kou Dong sent a smiley face.



It was only after doing this that a new reminder popped up from the system, [About to enter the plot flashback.]


[The birth of a Siren came at a price. Out of thousands of eggs, often only two or three could survive, and the rest of the brothers were reduced to the rations of these two or three strong ones.
They had to devour their companions in order to survive.
For this reason, the fishermen in the nearby waters called them: the evil fury from hell.
They were afraid to see the sharp teeth of the Sirens, and they didn’t like their human-like faces.
The good thing was that the Sirens tended. to grow in the deep sea, and seldom came to the surface. Gradually, few people remembered their stories, even the religious prophecy book also recorded the legend of these strange fish.
Legend had it that the Sirens would only look at one person in their lifetime. After they fell in love with a person, they would shift their gender to match them.
After that, even if that person was on the other side of the mountain, the Siren would find him. They would lure him to the surface with their compelling voice, and then drag their loved one to the bottom of the sea, so that they could develop gills and reproductive cavity, and become a permanent, warm nest.
Before determining their s-ex, they have no weaknesses. They are hard as a sheet of iron, from top to bottom.
Until they fall in love with someone.]


Until you fall in love with someone ……



The Siren looked longingly over the water. It poked its head out of the water, its seaweed-like hair floating away, and from a distance, it looked like an unusual swimmer.


Although it was a shallow sea, there weren’t many people swimming in this area. Most of the people nearby were afraid of the unknown creatures in the water and didn’t dare to enter the water easily.


Only tourists from abroad, seeing this clear sea, couldn’t resist taking off their shoes.



“Be careful,” his companion frowned, “this is the sea, not a joke!”



“It’s okay,” the teenager said, brushing his hair aside quickly. His skin was white, his black hair and eyes, in the sunlight, reflected a glowing light, “I’m very good at swimming, maybe i can even see a starfish up–”


He went into the sea.


The siren looked at him almost fascinated, he couldn’t help but swim closer to him. The teenager’s companion was still shouting something on the shore, but the teenager heard nothing. He dove into the water, like a flexible and nimble fish and swam quickly towards the distance.


The Siren couldn’t help but follow him, along the track he swam.



It was a clear summer day.


It saw the sun.


It saw the sunlight, pouring down on the sea. It saw the sparkling waves, swirling one after another.



It saw slender arms, stirring up a snow-white wave as it stroked across the water.




It slowly opened its scarlet eyes wide, and a glint of light unique to predators flowed from them.




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