Mo Yuting rushed in and admitted that she had administered the dr-ug, and was incredibly cooperative, which made Jiang Chengyi very satisfied, but Mo Nan’s face turned blue: “Yuting! What are you talking about?”


“Dad, I’m not saying nonsense, I’m the one who put the dr-ug.” Mo Yuting spoke with a little puff of anger.


From the very beginning, she didn’t like Jiang Chengyi. In her opinion, Jiang Chengyi was just like those little white guys in the company who tried to please the rich women, and was only with her because of her status.



But after getting along for a long time, she also had a certain change of outlook on Jiang Chengyi, but before Jiang Chengyi started filming the drama, not only the actress scandal, there was also a scandal with a man!



And, besides acting, agat else could Jiang Chengyi do? Han Tian at least could write scripts and songs, but Jiang Chengyi, he couldn’t even write …… Yesterday when she complained to Han Tian about Jiang Chengyi, Han Tian asked her if she wanted to teach Jiang Chengyi a little lesson, at that time she didn’t agree, but this morning again she saw the scandal and was instantly angry.



Mo Nan was so angry with his daughter that he couldn’t say anything, but Jiang Chengyi knew that at this time, it was his turn to act.



He hadn’t been an actor for so many years for nothing, acting bitter was never a problem, and, at this time, as long as he performed well, he could get rid of Mo Yuting completely! Therefore, as soon as Mo Yuting’s words fell, Jiang Chengyi’s face was already tragically white: “Yuting, why did you dr-ug me?”



“Chengyi, don’t think too much, Yuting is lying, how could she dr-ug you? And where could she find laxatives?” Mo Nan saw Jiang Chengyi’s expression and hurriedly spoke up, helping his daughter.



When Jiang Chengyi first arrived at their company he wasn’t concerned at all, but later he learned of Jiang Chengyi’s identity, so because of Jiang Chengyi’s identity, he got the idea of marrying his daughter to Jiang Chengyi …… these years down, he was more satisfied with Jiang Chengyi, the only thing that he felt sorry for was that the woman hadn’t been identified with Jiang Chengyi this point.



However, Jiang Chengyi, no matter what, was the woman’s only child.



“Yes! Yuting, even if you want to find laxatives, there is no place to find them, maybe it was the congee store people that who did it, it’s better to leave this to the police to investigate.” Jiang Chengyi helped Mo Yuting find a reason, like a man who didn’t believe that his fiancée would do such a thing. He knew very well that Mo Yuting was still a young girl, and she was still a bit afraid of the police, her dru-gging method wouldn’t be clever, and it was estimated that a look at the surveillance would expose everything, so Mo Yuting was definitely not willing to leave this to the police.


Sure enough, Mo Yuting was a little flustered when she heard Jiang Chengyi’s words: “I said it was me. If you hadn’t ho-oked up with someone else, how could I have done that?” When she said this, she felt more righteous.



“I didn’t!” Jiang Chengyi looked even sadder.




Mo Nan was the big boss of Chenlight, to him, gossip was just something to look at casually, of course, he knew that Jiang Chengyi hadn’t done anything wrong to his daughter, in fact, it was because Jiang Chengyi had always been clean that he was willing to marry his daughter to him: “Yuting, why are you talking nonsense?!”



Mo Yuting pouted and looked at Mo Nan: “Dad, have you seen the news? Jiang Chengyi went to the movies with a man and let that man stay at his house! I just want to make him feel bad, what does it matter? What’s more, he’s not the one with dia-rrhea!”



Mo Nan also saw the entertainment news and even knew Yu Rui, but in the current situation, he couldn’t help his daughter nor let her be so guilty: “Yuting! How can you dr-ug someone just because you are jealous? Did someone urge you to do it?” He knew his daughter, even if she could think of dru-gging, she couldn’t necessarily get laxatives.



“Yuting, you are jealous, right? Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, I called you and you said you were very busy and didn’t come, then Yu Rui came to take care of me.” Jiang Chengyi followed Mo Nan’s words and looked at Mo Yuting expectantly. With his pale face, it seemed that as long as she admitted that she was jealous, he wouldn’t investigate.


But only he knew that his explanation could only make people think that Mo Yuting was unreasonable, and Mo Yuting, too, was unlikely to admit that she was jealous.


In fact, Mo Yuting was still very “frank”, at least she never said she loved him even after she agreed to his proposal, he used to think Mo Yuting was shy so she didn’t say anything, but now he already knew that Mo Yuting really didn’t like him. She used to just listen to her father’s words. But now that she had a sweetheart she adored, how could she still be willing to be with him?



Mo Nan wanted to make things small, if Mo Yuting admitted to dru-gging just because of jealousy, then the two quarrels weren’t a big deal, and Jiang Chengyi wasn’t affected this time, so he wouldn’t pursue it too much, therefore, when he heard Jiang Chengyi’s words and saw Jiang Chengyi’s face, he thought it was fine. Unfortunately, he still didn’t know his daughter well enough.



“It’s not because I’m jealous! I don’t like him at all! Dad, it was you who told me to be with him and I was with him!” Mo Yuting spoke up loudly, shocking all the people present. She paused and saw that the other people had different expressions and didn’t say anything, so she spoke again in a low voice: “I went to buy the laxative myself, I told the pharmacist that my grandmother was constipated, and they recommended a bottle of medicine.” This was of course made up, but Han Tian gave her the laxative at that time, said it was for long-term constipation of the elderly, there was no harm to the human body.



After Mo Yuting said the word “don’t like”, Jiang Chengyi’s face became even more ugly, and even Mo Nan didn’t know what to say. At this point, Mo Yuting’s later explanation was actually completely unimportant, because her loud words were really too explosive.



There were many other actors’ offices near Jiang Chengyi’s office, and there were many people coming and going. Many people heard about Xiao Wang’s diarrhea, so when Mo Nan came here at the beginning, someone had already secretly followed him.



When Mo Yuting eavesdropped outside, those people still considered that Mo Yuting was concerned about Jiang Chengyi, but then Mo Yuting rushed in and issued such a declaration ……


Jiang Chengyi looked at a few people in the office, and then glanced at the door, he knew that the people who heard Mo Yuting’s words, should be quite a few.



If the person who dr-ugged him was another artist, then there would always be a result that satisfied him in the end, but the person who dr-ugged him was Mo Yuting …… Mo Nan only had such a daughter, and even spoiled her, she was naïve and didn’t know the world, how could he really chastise his daughter?


So from the beginning, his goal, too, was to put himself in the position of a victim so that he could better break off his engagement with Mo Yuting, and now, his goal had been over-achieved.



“Yuting, you can’t be jealous like this!” Mo Nan was also angry, if Mo Yuting had said clearly at the beginning that she didn’t want to be with Jiang Chengyi, since he loved his daughter, he wouldn’t necessarily force the other party, but Mo Yuting didn’t say so at the beginning, but at this time, turning things into such a state!





He and Jiang Chengyi’s relationship had gotten very good, Jiang Chengyi completely treated him as a trusted and respected elder, he also focused on his daughter, but now ……



“Dad, I don’t like him, and don’t want to marry him, I just hate him, that’s why I dr-ugged him!” Mo Yuting spoke directly.



In fact, after getting along for so long, she and Jiang Chengyi were more or less affectionate, and the reason why she dr-ugged him was more because of the two scandals. But at this time, facing the angry eyes of her father, she couldn’t choose her words.



Jiang Chengyi covered his eyes with his right hand, looking very desperate, yet he felt that Mo Yuting was really too cooperative. In that novel, Mo Yuting, although she dr-ugged him, she still came to comfort him and felt guilty when she saw him sad because of the failed audition, At the same time, Mo Yuting regarded him as her brother. If he hadn’t fought with Han Tian again and again, maybe Mo Yuting wouldn’t have completely fallen over to Han Tian.



Because of this, and because Mo Nan helped say good things, Jiang Chengyi originally thought that to break the engagement with Mo Yuting wouldn’t be too easy, but now, it seemed that he didn’t need to do anything more, things were perfect.



“Uncle …… I ……” Jiang Chengyi let his voice change a bit: “Uncle, take Yuting back first! ”


His daughter was really uncooperative, Mo Nan also had no other way, he sighed and pulled his daughter out of the door, and closed the door behind Jiang Chengyi to isolate all the prying eyes.



In the office, Jiang Chengyi sat on the sofa, covering his eyes with one hand. Tang Chengping and Xiao Wang knew Jiang Chengyi’s feelings best, and for a while, they didn’t know how to comfort him.


But just after Tang Chengping considered what he wanted to say and decided to persuade him not to separate, Xiao Wang said ahead of time: “I can’t help it anymore…” Before he finished, he ran to the toilet.


In fact, he had long been a bit unable to hold it, but before the atmosphere was too tense, he really didn’t dare to go to the toilet, and by now, he couldn’t bear it anymore.



Xiao Wang went to the toilet before Jiang Chengyi spoke: “Brother Tang, hasn’t my salary for the drama I just shot arrived yet? Why don’t you go check it out for me?”



Tang Chengping knew that Jiang Chengyi was trying to get rid of him, so he nodded cooperatively, took some information and left the office.



Only after everyone had left did Jiang Chengyi put down his hand. His plan succeeded, but he wasn’t extremely happy, after all, Han Tian, hadn’t been handled!



He still remembered Han Tian’s hideous expression when he stuck the needle into him, he would get back at him little by little! He wouldn’t k-ill and dirty his own hands, and now his biggest reliance was that he knew the plot, knew what Han Tian would do.



Han Tian’s hands weren’t clean, and in that novel, the police were always played by the protagonist in the palm of his hand, the law was more like a joke, but Jiang Chengyi knew that this wasn’t the case.


He thought about a lot of things, everything he’d experienced, the plot of the book, the role played by all kinds of people …… to the end, the only thing that came to mind, it seemed, was Yu Rui with a smile on his face.



When he was alive, his father didn’t hold him, his mother didn’t love him, the people who were good to him were carefully narrowed down to only Yu Rui.



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