Jiang Chengyi’s words surprised Li Hui a little: “Which role do you want to play?”



“Cheng Jun.”


This was supporting role in this film that appeared quite a lot, he went to Japan to study, he was a hardcore traitor from the beginning of his appearance, helping the Japanese to do wrong, the male protagonist had been very disgusted with him, until the final victory in the war, he was in contact with him as a liaison, only to inform the crowd that he was the person that most contributed in this war as an undercover spy.



When Li Hui heard this name, there was a sincere smile on his face: “Then try one more scene, the one in which Cheng Jun kil-ls someone.” Cheng Jun had been suspected in the scene, and in the end he ki-lled several Chinese people to make the Japanese believe him again, and the scene where he turned his back on the Japanese and ki-lled them, in Li Hui’s opinion, was the most difficult to grasp.



“No problem.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, Cheng Jun was a role he had pondered for a long time and he had confidence in himself.



However, today he was wearing a specially made military uniform, to play Cheng Jun, he would have to change his clothes again to do so. But the good thing was that when Cheng Jun appeared, he usually wore a white shirt with western pants, so even if he wasn’t prepared, he could still find it.



“Jason, sorry, I ……” Jiang Chengyi went next door to change again, Xiao Wang came to his side, apologizing repeatedly, he had run to the toilet several times.



“It’s okay, Xiao Wang, you were fine this morning, why do you have an upset stomach now? Could there be something else going on?” Jiang Chengyi spoke worriedly.



At the beginning, the person who ate that bowl of porridge was him, so it was he who made frequent mistakes during the audition …… At that time, not to mention Li Hui’s face, even Mo Nan’s face didn’t look good.


Occasionally, there were people in the industry who used unfashionable means. Although Xiao Wang had never met them, he had also heard about it: “Boss Jason…” His expression changed a little.



“I can’t leave now, go find Agent Tang, this matter must be carefully investigated!” Jiang Chengyi looked at the other with a serious expression.



Xiao Wang saw Jiang Chengyi’s expression and immediately nodded, he frowned and thought, but he couldn’t think of anything, soon it was difficult again, he could only cover his stomach once again and run out.


After changing his clothes, Jiang Chengyi opened the door once again, before he was like a gan-gster, but this time he became a nobleman again, coldly speaking ruthlessly, then he took the bay-onet and ki-lled several people in front of him, these few people, there were soldiers of the resistance against the Japanese, but also the ordinary people who were arrested for protecting this soldier.



After ki-lling them, he gave a complicated look at the bayo-net, but when he turned back to face the Japanese, his expression changed completely, with a disgusted expression, he wiped the bayo-net and rubbed the blo-od-stained shoes, not to mention that he coldly said a few words of abuse to the people who were killed.



After the performance, Li Hui immediately clapped: “This role is difficult to shape, but you played it very well!”



“Thank you, director Li, for your compliment.” Jiang Chengyi immediately responded. Such a big director like Li Hui, even Mo Nan had to personally accompany him, of course, he also had to be properly befriended.



In the past, he always had his own arrogance and refused to slip up, but now, he was going to start changing himself.



“Have you really decided not to play the lead role in this role? If you’re sure, the contract can be signed tomorrow.” Li Hui smiled, he was the gold director of the World Media Group, this time he came to Morning Glory Entertainment just for casting, but originally he only prepared the contract for the lead role, now if Jiang Chengyi didn’t play the lead role, the contract would have to be signed tomorrow.



“I’m sure.”



In fact, he also felt a little strange, at the beginning he wondered why Li Hui had a problem with him, after all, Li Hui was such a big director, even Mo Nan had to entertain him well so that he would choose the artists in his company …… Also, since Li Hui wasn’t satisfied with him, why did he specially come to Morning Glory to let him audition? Then reveal that the male lead should be him?



However, right now wasn’t the time to think about this, now, there was Mo Yuting’s matter that needed to be resolved!



Jiang Chengyi performed well, which made Li Hui’s attitude towards him much better, and seeing such a scene, Mo Nan also showed a smile – although Jiang Chengyi got a supporting role, sometimes, a supporting role could also be better than the main character.



After a few words about the upcoming film, Li Hui suddenly spoke: “For the male lead, in fact, I originally intended to enable newcomers, it is best to find someone from the countryside.” He got the script last year and started preparation half a year ago, he considered a lot for the main character, and then also had such an intention. In fact, if that person hadn’t said hello to him, he wouldn’t have put his eyes on Jiang Chengyi, but the fact that that person approached him for Jiang Chengyi made him a little unhappy.



Jiang Chengyi’s doubts were even greater, but he was also amused by Li Hui’s latter sentence, so, in Li Hui’s eyes, Han Tian was a newcomer with a rustic atmosphere?



“What is director Li’s plan?” Mo Nan immediately asked, Morning Glory had signed a lot of artists, and when the artists got a paycheck, Morning Glory was allowed to take 30% of it. The movie Li Hui made was a big production and the pay was high, so of course he couldn’t wait for all the actors to be chosen from his company.



“Let’s see.” Li Hui didn’t make a decision either.



When he failed his audition, Li Hui came out and saw Han Tian, and immediately chose him as the main character, but this time, although Li Hui also looked at Han Tian and paused slightly, he didn’t make a decision immediately, but quickly left the company.



“Xiao Jiang, this is a good opportunity, it is estimated that by the end of the year, this film will be the most outstanding, how come you gave up being the lead actor?” After sending away Li Hui, Mo Nan spoke with some regret.



Jiang Chengyi’s feelings for Mo Nan were very complicated, Mo Nan had always been very good to him, but later when the matter between him and Yu Rui was exposed, Mo Nan stood on his daughter’s side.



“Uncle, I think it’s a little inappropriate for me to play the lead role, and director Li was also a little unhappy …… uncle, do you know why director Li looked for me to audition?” Jiang Chengyi felt that Mo Nan should know something.



“Xiao Jiang, you have a valuable person helping you!” Mo Nan spoke mysteriously.



If Jiang Chengyi was just an actor, he wouldn’t have let his daughter agree to Jiang Chengyi’s proposal.



Jiang Chengyi vaguely thought of something and frowned slightly, but right now, there were more important things to deal with. He and Mo Nan walked back together, and not long after, they met Tang Chengping.



Tang Chengping had always been very stable, but at this time, he was a bit flustered, and only when he saw Jiang Chengyi and Mo Nan, did he feel relieved: “Chairman, Jason, what happened to Xiao Wang us simple, he should have been dru-gged.”



Mo Nan thought highly of Jiang Chengyi, and Jiang Chengyi was dating Mo Yuting, so of course he knew Xiao Wang, Jiang Chengyi’s assistant, and when he heard this, his expression immediately changed: “What did you say, Xiao Tang? Dr-ugging?” Morning Glory wasn’t one of those entertainment companies that were messy or directly controlled by gan-gsters, how could such a thing happen in Morning Glory?



“Chairman, Xiao Wang was fine in the morning, but now he keeps having diar-rhea, at first I didn’t react, but then it occurred to me, could it be that someone didn’t want Jason to get the role so they dr-ugged him? Of course, it doesn’t have to be someone from our company who put it.” Tang Chengping actually felt very depressed, dr-ugging was really too unorthodox, Jiang Chengyi was now also a big star, it was reasonable that no one would use such a tactic on him, but even if Xiao Wang ate something bad, it wasn’t possible to get to this point ……



“Uncle, I have seen Xiao Wang, his situation is really not quite right …… this matter must be investigated!” Jiang Chengyi sounded very resolute.



The dr-ug was from Mo Yuting, this was what he already knew. The reason why Mo Yuting dr-ugged him was simply because she saw the scandal between him and Yu Rui and wanted to punish him slightly.



To be honest, Mo Yuting was actually really simple, simple to the realm of stupidity, that was why she was attracted to Han Tian because of his few words at the first meeting, and then complained to the other about her fiancé. And hearing that a beautiful woman didn’t like her fiance, Han Tian was sure to think of a way for the other to relieve her anger, and the way he came up with, was to put laxatives.



In the novel that Jiang Chengyi read many times, Han Tian had been very “innocent”, he urged Mo Yuting, completely unaware that Jiang Chengyi was to participate in the audition, he also didn’t know that the role would finally fall on him, and even later when he put the aphro-disiac, it was also just a moment of anger and he didn’t think of the consequences …… he could only say that his “luck” was really good!



The famous artist in his own company was almost dr-ugged, and this was when Li Hui, the big director, was around …… Mo Nan, of course, had to pursue it.



Several people went together to Jiang Chengyi’s office, but just in time to see Mo Yuting hovering outside the door, Jiang Chengyi saw Mo Yuting and knew that the other should be planning to come over to destroy the evidence, but Mo Nan wouldn’t think so, and seeing his daughter, his mood was also a little better: “Yuting, you are here to find Xiao Jiang, right?”



“Dad, I still have something to do, I’ll leave first.” Mo Yuting glanced at Jiang Chengyi sheepishly, turned and ran away.


Sure enough she was still just a girl in her early twenties who hadn’t experienced storms …… Jiang Chengyi watched Mo Yuting run away and took the key to open the door.



Mo Nan, however, still wanted to set up the two young people: “Xiao Jiang, that child is easily shy, don’t mind.”



“Uncle, how could I possibly mind?” Jiang Chengyi immediately spoke, Mo Yuting would soon have nothing to do with him, how would he mind?



Opening the door and entering, Jiang Chengyi saw the congee bowl on the table at a glance, he wasn’t the only one, even Tang Chengping and Mo Nan saw it.


Xiao Wang was still uncomfortable, with a miserable white face, he was brought over by Tang Chengping, while Mo Nan sat on the chair and seriously asked: “What have you eaten today? Do you know why this is happening?”



Jiang Chengyi was usually good to the people around him, so Xiao Wang wasn’t afraid of him, but Mo Nan was different, seeing Mo Nan, the chairman, Xiao Wang was very nervous: “I did not eat anything today, breakfast was eaten at home, and later I didn’t feel any discomfort, but before that I ate a bowl of skinny meat porridge.” Xiao Wang had long thought carefully, the only thing that could cause an upset stomach, was that bowl of skin egg thin meat porridge.



“Skin egg thin meat porridge? This is the bowl, right? Who brought it?” Mo Nan pointed to the bowl of congee on the table.



Although Xiao Wang felt that the matter was most likely done by Mo Yuting, at this time he didn’t dare to help Mo Yuting hide: “Miss Mo asked me to buy it, and I also brought it over, only Miss Mo touched it ……”



“How is that possible?” Mo Nan was completely unconvinced, Mo Yuting was his daughter, Jiang Chengyi’s girlfriend, how could she dr-ug Jiang Chengyi?



Xiao Wang also thought it was impossible, but this was the truth, and by now, he carefully recalled, that time Mo Yuting’s expression wasn’t quite right.



“Could it be that Xiao Wang just had an upset stomach? Isn’t the congee bowl still here? We can find someone to take a look, we have to check things out.” Jiang Chengyi helped Mo Yuting speak and also expressed his intention of not wanting to put an end to things easily – if the porridge bowl really had something……



Mo Nan didn’t believe that his daughter would do this, he knew his daughter, Mo Yuting was a simple girl, how could she possibly think of putting laxatives to harm Jiang Chengyi? Moreover, she had no reason to do so: “Then this matter will be left to the police, Chengyi, I will give you an explanation.” If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Wang had really diarrhea and didn’t seem to be afraid of making a big deal out of it, he really thought the person who dr-ugged it was Xiao Wang.


“Then I’ll trouble uncle, uncle, there are cameras everywhere, I think this matter can definitely be investigated clearly.” Jiang Chengyi spoke with a smile.



In the novel, when he was investigating this after the audition, Mo Yuting was actually eavesdropping outside the door, he just didn’t know …… this fiancée of his, was spoiled growing up, if she heard such words, she would definitely panic, right? In the novel, he intended to fire Xiao Wang, Mo Yuting was trying to step forward to admit it, but later because she saw that her father had stormed out, she didn’t dare to come out.



The girl he once loved, “kind and pure” ah …… Jiang Chengyi smiled to himself and looked at the door.



The office door suddenly opened, Mo Yuting rushed outside, her expression filled with discontent, she glared at Jiang Chengyi before turning to Mo Nan: “No need to look for the police, I dr-ugged you!”




***shocked pikachu face****

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