Jiang Chengyi quietly discussed the script with Yu Rui, the two of them were very serious about their work, so unknowingly, it was already eleven o’clock.



“I’m a little hungry, are you hungry?” Jiang Chengyi ended the conversation and closed the script in his hand.



“A little, I’ll go make something to eat, what do you want?” Yu Rui immediately stood up, and was also kind of relieved – Jiang Chengyi talked to him for so long without going to the toilet, the stomach problem should be better, right? It was common for young people to eat incorrectly and occasionally get an upset stomach ……



“Anything is fine.” Jiang Chengyi smiled at Yu Rui.



At that time, he couldn’t stay at home, and returned to a foreign country, but his days weren’t good, although his father would help him, but he never cared about his life, so before and after, there had been some years no one cared about his diet, but now there was Yu Rui …… Jiang Chengyi’s smile became brighter.



The fact that Jiang Chengyi could be an actor and still be popular, his looks were naturally good, in fact, even compared to the almost “omnipotent” Han Tian, he was better in appearance. And as an actor, he knew best how to smile to look good, so after smiling, the person across from him was a bit stunned.



Yu Rui went to the kitchen, but Jiang Chengyi was a little smug, the person he liked also liked him, this was definitely a thing that made him happy!



It was already very late, so Yu Rui only made two bowls of noodles to fill his stomach, and after he ate, he got up to say goodbye.



“Yu Rui, it’s already late, and it’s not convenient for you to go back,” Jiang Chengyi paused for a moment: “The guest room can be cleaned up a little and you can sleep there.”



Yu Rui was a little hesitant, but thinking that Jiang Chengyi’s body was still a little uncomfortable, he nodded: “That’s fine, I’ll stay here and take care of you.”



Jiang Chengyi slept well this night, and when he finally got up after dressing, he found Yu Rui already busy in the kitchen.



Such a scene was familiar, but unfortunately, he didn’t cherish it before.



“Okay, okay, I know.” Yu Rui’s voice rang out from the kitchen, he should be on the phone.



Jiang Chengyi looked at the time, but it was only six in the morning, so early, whose call was it? He thought about it and pretended to ask inadvertently, “Yu Rui, who are you talking to?”


“Huh? Nothing, someone asked me something.” Yu Rui hung up the phone quickly when saw Jiang Chengyi standing at the kitchen door, and replied uneasily.



Jiang Chengyi naturally saw Yu Rui’s panic, he had just confirmed his feelings yesterday, but Yu Rui’s expression was obviously wrong, of course, he was also a little upset, but his face didn’t show anything, he just smiled at Yu Rui and gently asked, “Who called? Why did they call so early in the morning?”



Yu Rui completely didn’t notice that Jiang Chengyi’s attitude was somewhat inappropriate, he took a slight pause before thinking of a good way to say it: “Li Chao …… said that there was another scandal of us.”



Hearing the word scandal, Jiang Chengyi frowned, he was extremely nonchalant about scandals, but now his mentality had changed, after all, when Han Tian forced him to go abroad, he relied on a scandal.



There was also Li Chao …… Jiang Chengyi heard this name and felt itchy teeth, Li Chao was Yu Rui’s best friend, after what happened to him and Yu Rui, he spread a lot of fake news about him, although the other did it for Yu Rui, Jiang Chengyi still didn’t like this person, so when he heard that it was Li Chao, the hostility was even more.



Unfortunately, at this moment he had no position even if he wanted Yu Rui to cut off his friendship with Li Chao, after all, he and Yu Rui were just friends: “Another scandal? I’ll go check it out.”



“Well, breakfast is almost ready.” Then Yu Rui turned back



Nowadays, if there was any news, it’d definitely appear on the internet first. Jiang Chengyi opened his tablet to brush up on the entertainment news, and in a short while he saw the one related to him – “Jiang Chengyi’s mysterious ‘boyfriend’ showed up at his apartment “.



The news wasn’t long, with a photo attached of Yu Rui carrying something to his house, it was following the news of the previous day, saying that the man who ate with him was considered to be in the house this time.



The news was written in a very ambiguous way, and Jiang Chengyi looked at the comments and found that there were quite a few fans who spoke for him, but no one took this seriously.



“The news is wrong, you didn’t just show up at my apartment, you spent the night with me.” Jiang Chengyi saw that Yu Rui had already served breakfast and teased him, not taking it seriously.


Yu Rui was a little uncomfortable hearing Jiang Chengyi’s words, he replied with an apologetic expression: “Sorry, I didn’t even notice the reporters yesterday.” He was really careless, he was so worried about Jiang Chengyi’s health that he didn’t even notice anything else.



“It’s okay, the reporters are just writing carelessly.” Jiang Chengyi saw Yu Rui’s cautious expression and felt some discomfort, but unfortunately, he hadn’t even sorted Mo Yuting’s matter, how dare he confess to Rui?



The breakfast was still congee, the congee with diced meat smelled very fragrant, and the celery sprinkled on it was a beautiful decoration.


Jiang Chengyi ate a lot, and as soon as he finished eating, he received a call from Tang Chengping. Yesterday, Tang Chengping came to his house, however, the audition today was in Morning Glory. So Tang Chengping didn’t come, he only asked the driver to pick him up.



When Jiang Chengyi arrived at Morning Glory, he saw his assistant Xiao Wang already waiting at the door: “Jason, Brother Tang is already waiting, have you eaten yet?”



“I’ve already eaten.” Jiang Chengyi replied, then walked towards his office.



Today’s Morning Glory wasn’t much different from the past, but there were several starlets and newcomers standing in the downstairs hall chatting in twos and threes, Li Hui was coming over, everyone knew about it, so they all wanted to look good in front of the director.


Jiang Chengyi waa already thinking about changing agents, but he couldn’t deny that Tang Chengping was very suitable for this position, he was careful, smooth in the world, he also had resources, and later with Han Tian, he helped Han Tian solve things. But such a person, he, Jiang Chengyi, couldn’t afford to keep.



“Jason, the audition is at nine in the morning, you still have time to familiarize yourself with the script.” Tang Chengping saw Jiang Chengyi come in, he raised his head for a moment then went back to his business.



Jiang Chengyi sat down on the sofa next to him, not surprised by Tang Chengping’s attitude, he just took out the script and read it again.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t say anything, after a while, Tang Chengping put down the work at hand: “Jason, last night scriptwriter Yu went to your home? Now that the TV series you just shot is about to be released, there are many reporters staring at you, you need to pay more attention to things!”



“I was a bit unwell yesterday, and Yu Rui came over.” Jiang Chengyi good-naturedly explained, when Tang Chengping defected to Han Tian, ​​he could still blackmail him in front of the media. This time, he wouldn’t give the other party this opportunity again. Moreover, Tang Chengping’s affairs should have a spot in an article… So it seemed that he only needed to wait for that day.

“So how are you doing now?” Tang Chengping asked immediately.


“I’m fine now.” Jiang Chengyi laughed, then the office door opened and Mo Yuting walked in.



Mo Yuting was wearing a dress, the white on top and black on the bottom gave her a student look which made her look younger than her actual age, while behind her, she was followed by Jiang Chengyi’s assistant Xiao Wang.



“Jason, how is your health?” Mo Yuting said with concern, but Jiang Chengyi could see that she was a bit reluctant.



“I’m already better.” Jiang Chengyi smiled.



“It’s good if it doesn’t delay the audition later.” Mo Yuting smiled, “I asked Xiao Wang to buy you a bowl of congee, so you can eat some before you go to the audition.”


Jiang Chengyi looked at the bowl of porridge and knew that he had eaten this bowl of porridge before he got an upset stomach, he just didn’t know that then …… However, he still didn’t show anything: “Thank you.”



Mo Yuting sat down for a moment before she left, the previous Jiang Chengyi would think that the other was busy with work, but now Jiang Chengyi was no longer naive – Mo Yuting, simply had no feelings for him at all, so she didn’t want to stay with him more than what was necessary.



The bowl of congee was skinny egg and lean meat congee, it smelled very good, Jiang Chengyi picked it up and gave it to his assistant: “I ate a lot this morning, I’m not hungry now, do you want it?” If Xiao Wang didn’t want to take the blame when she was looking for someone to settle the score later, he had to eat this stuff himself.



“Yes.” Xiao Wang quickly nodded, his family was average, such porridge for him was a good thing that he couldn’t afford to eat. Speaking of it, being a star’s assistant was also hard work. If the salary wasn’t really high, he wouldn’t have chosen such a job.



Xiao Wang was a young man in his early twenties, of course, he had a very good appetite, after few spoons the bowl of skinny meat congee was gone, then he patted his stomach and proudly spoke: “Jason, such a bowl of congee is a few dozen yuan, I actually ate it for the first time!



Jiang Chengyi glanced at Xiao Wang: “Next month I’ll give you a salary increase, then you can go buy a few bowls to try.” If Xiao Wang had diarrhea, he would have to give him a bonus.



When Xiao Wang heard that he could get an increase, his eyes lit up: “Jason, boss, you have to keep your word!”



“I won’t lie to you.” Jiang Chengyi spoke.



After sitting for a while longer, it was almost time for the three of them to go out together, thinking of the congee bowls on the table that hadn’t yet been disposed of, Jiang Chengyi naturally locked the door.



Although Jiang Chengyi’s fame wasn’t small now, Li Hui’s fame was even bigger, and except for veteran stars like Zhao Ziwen, there weren’t many people who could make Li Hui wait, so Jiang Chengyi waited there early, and then not long after, he saw Morning Glory’s boss Mo Nan accompanied by two middle-aged people.



One of them was Li Hui, and the other was also a director of some fame, but this time he was acting as an assistant director.



Mo Nan had always been very warm to Jiang Chengyi, this time he also smiled and gave them an introduction, but Jiang Chengyi clearly felt that Li Hui was somewhat dissatisfied with him.



The protagonist of this movie was a man born in poverty, who became a ba-ndit in the wa-r years, and only later did he suddenly awaken to become a soldier that resisted the invaders with a gan-gster’s temperament, and he always acted in roles similar to that of a nobleman, of course Li Hui would think it was inappropriate. He just didn’t know why, obviously Li Hui hadn’t yet made a decision, yet rumours had already spread ……



“You’ve read the script, right? Put on the costume and perform a scene for me.” Li Hui spoke directly.



As Jiang Chengyi went next door to change, Xiao Wang came over to help, but unfortunately not a moment later, the young man held his red face: “Boss Jason, I need to go to the bathroom.”



“Go ahead.” Mo Yuting didn’t use a heavy hand, it was just enough to keep him in the bathroom for half a day only, after Xiao Wang went to the toilet a few times, he should also be fine.


However, this time Mo Yuting actually dru-gged him again …… but this time, the porridge bowl was still there, the person with diarrhea became Xiao Wang, then Mo Yuting couldn’t put the blame on Xiao Wang, right?



Jiang Chengyi took a deep breath, threw this out of his mind, and then while getting ready, he thought about the scene.



His acting skills weren’t bad, but it wasn’t the best, at first, when he was abroad, he followed Jiang Heng to learn, and then played a lot of supporting roles before leaving to get his own experience.


To really play a role to the best, in his opinion, there were two ways, one was to treat yourself as the role, feel the joy, anger, sadness and true expression of the character, the other was to stand aloof, look at the overall situation, and then direct his acting.


He could do both, and freely switch.


When the clothes were on, Xiao Wang hadn’t yet come over, but Jiang Chengyi’s whole temperament was already very different. In the past, he was always courteous, but at this moment, it gave people a completely different feeling.



Jiang Chengyi opened the door, then carelessly glanced at Li Hui: “What, I, your grandfather, came here. Don’t you know how to greet?”



This was a scene at the beginning of the film, the Japanese caught some revolutionaries who resisted them, they were eating in the restaurant, the protagonist went in when the owner of the restaurant and the waiter lectured and kicked the shopkeeper, and fawned on the Japanese, then after the Japanese had relaxed their vigilance, the restaurant boss stunned everyone, After kil-ling the aggressors and rob-bing the money and gu-ns, they also robb-ed the revolutionaries by the way.


Jiang Chengyi was in good shape, arrogant when he should be arrogant, flattering when he should be flattering, and soon finished the performance.



“Very good!” Li Hui called a halt and had a smile on his face, “You acted very well, beyond my imagination, although I think your looks are not quite suitable for this role, but …… the makeup artist should have a way.”



Jiang Chengyi didn’t expect to pass, but he could also see that Li Hui was still a bit reluctant. Moreover, although this drama had a large investment, but because it was a war theme, later although the rating was very high, even if he played the lead role, if Han Tian created a script to make a movie on his own, the final response would be better than his, maybe.



Han Tian has enough scripts to take out, Jiang Chengyi didn’t want the other side out of his control, and at this time, Yu Rui had a script written specifically for him.


At the beginning, he took the script written for him by Yu Rui. Finally, he overshadowed the other at the box office and made Han Tian have a bigger opinion of him. At this time, of course, he didn’t want to give up the film.



“Director Li, I have carefully read the script and found something, but I really hope to work with you, Director Li.” Jiang Chengyi’s expression was full of sincerity.



The gangster just now turned into an honest man all of a sudden, a trace of amazement flashed in Li Hui’s eyes, but Jiang Chengyi’s words made him a little unhappy.



From the beginning, he had no intention of letting Jiang Chengyi take the lead role, but someone was pressuring …… the person in front of him acted well, but this alone already made him unhappy.


Jiang Chengyi also saw that Li Hui’s expression wasn’t very good, and Mo Nan winked at him, but he acted like he couldn’t see: “Director Li, I think another role in this script is more suitable for me. I wonder if Director Li would give me a chance?”




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