After Jiang Chengyi talked to Yu Rui on the phone, he was in a good mood.




The driver in front of him was still focused on driving carefully, Jiang Chengyi played with the phone in his hand, but inadvertently saw the familiar phone case.






His and Mo Yuting’s relationship was a secret, but young people were always eager to show affection, the phone case on his phone had been a gift from Mo Yuting.





Jiang Chengyi smiled faintly, took off the phone case, then opened the car window and threw it out, he thought about it and opened his phone again.




His contact list was ranked by initials, he didn’t like Mo Yuting’s name being ranked below, so he changed Mo Yuting’s name to “love” so that Mo Yuting could occupy the first position in the contact list.





This may seem very boring, but in the time of passionate love, it had felt sweet to him.




After clicking on the word “love”, it rang  but it took a while for it to be picked up.




Mo Yuting’s voice was very gentle: “Jason, what is it?”





Jiang Chengyi sneered in his heart, although he disliked Mo Yuting and he knew Mo Yuting hated him, at this time, he really didn’t mind bothering Mo Yuting and disturbing her date with Han Tian: “I’ve finished filming that drama, I wanted to go over to see you, but I had a bit of a stomach bug ……”





Before Jiang Chengyi could finish his words, Mo Yuting interrupted him, “If you’re not feeling well, just rest at home.”





“Sorry I can’t accompany you again.”





“It’s okay, as long as you’re fine, remember to rest well”




“I will, can you come over?” Mo Yuting didn’t offer to come over, so Jiang Chengyi simply asked.




“Jason, right now I have quite a few things on my hands ……”





“Then forget it, you’re busy.” Jiang Chengyi hung up the phone.



Mo Yuting’s reaction …… was really like that, just like what was written in that book, Mo Yuting had never liked him.





The feelings he had for Mo Yuting had faded long ago, but before he always thought that if she hadn’t met Han Tian, would she have feelings for him? After all, Mo Yuting agreed to his marriage proposal.



But now Mo Yuting’s reaction …… to this woman, did she see his proposal as child’s play as well? And, since she really didn’t like him, why didn’t she refuse?





Jiang Chengyi took out his cell phone and changed the word “love” to “Mo Yuting” and then clicked on Yu Rui’s name. He really wanted to change Yu Rui’s name to “Love”, but when he was filming, Tang Chengping answered his phone for him …… After thinking about it, Jiang Chengyi finally changed his name to “Ah Rui”.




After putting his phone away, Jiang Chengyi looked forward to meeting Yu Rui, although he was with Yu Rui when he was reborn, at that time he was so excited that he didn’t have a chance to talk to him properly.




As for Mo Yuting …… he liked Mo Yuting once, but now, Mo Yuting was just one of Han Tian’s women to him, and what Mo Yuting did to him in his last life, he had to pay it all back!




He, Jiang Chengyi, wasn’t a saint!


Not long after Jiang Chengyi got home, he heard a knock on the door, and when he opened it, he saw Yu Rui standing there carrying a lot of things.





“Chengyi,is your stomach feeling better? I bought some medicine.” It was summer, Yu Rui must have been in a bit of a hurry when he came over, so he was covered with sweat.




“It doesn’t hurt anymore ……” Jiang Chengyi smiled at Yu Rui, then he saw the vegetables Yu Rui was carrying: “Why did you buy so many things?”






“You said you have a bad appetite, I wanted to come over and make something light and appetizing for you.” Yu Rui opened his mouth, after he received Jiang Chengyi’s phone call, he went to the pharmacy to buy medicine, thinking about the empty fridge in Jiang Chengyi’s home last night, he went to buy some food ingredients.




Jiang Chengyi was speechless, his eyes blurred a little, but he knew how to control his expression, so he still maintained the smile on his face.




When Yu Rui followed him, he and Yu Rui had a good relationship, and he trusted Yu Rui. Because since childhood, Yu Rui was the best person to him, at that time, he saw Yu Rui as a big brother.




Later, when Han Tian pressed hard, he could only rely on Yu Rui, and the two became more and more intimate, because of this, when something like that finally happened and all the evidence pointed to Yu Rui, he was blinded by his disappointment.


“Yu Rui, what did you buy?” Jiang Chengyi gathered his mood and went to look at the things in Yu Rui’s hand, and after seeing that there were many ingredients for the dishes he liked, the smile on his face became much more sincere: “It’s all my favorite things! I’m going to experience your cooking skill today! ”



“I’m not a chef, what kind of skill can I have?” Yu Rui laughed, Jiang Chengyi’s behaviour nowadays made him relieved, he knew that Jiang Chengyi was devoted to his fiancée and he didn’t like scandals, so before he came, he was still a little worried, he was afraid that Jiang Chengyi would feel unhappy when he saw that previous scandal.




“You don’t have to be one, it doesn’t take a chef to make a good meal either,” Jiang Chengyi laughed, “it’s getting dark, if you don’t cook, I’m going to starve to death.” He had tossed and turned all day, and now it was getting late.





“Your stomach hurts, you can’t eat much today, it won’t be good if it continues tomorrow.” Yu Rui smiled, then went to the kitchen.




He had been living alone for a while, although he couldn’t cook complicated dishes, he could still make home-cooked dishes very well, but because of Jiang Chengyi’s health problems, he only made a few simple small dishes, and took a packet of millet he bought at the supermarket, using it to make millet porridge.


Jiang Chengyi ate a lot at noon, but with the smell coming from the kitchen, he quickly became hungry, but unfortunately, in the end, Yu Rui served a lot of dishes, but the main food was just a pot of millet porridge.





“How is it porridge?” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth with some disappointment, although he couldn’t eat much now, as a man, he still liked to eat meat.





“Millet porridge is good for digestion.” Yu Rui quickly replied, when he was cooking, he specially put less oil and salt, he was afraid that Jiang Chengyi’s stomach discomfort would continue.



Since Jiang Chengyi told this lie, he could only accept his fate.




After he filled his bowl, Yu Rui also filled his own bowl. He didn’t think that he’d accompany him, Jiang Chengyi felt a little guilty, but looking at Yu Rui sitting in front of him drinking porridge, his heart felt warm.



Jiang Chengyi wasn’t fond of porridge because it wasn’t filling, but now that the millet porridge was made by Yu Rui, and there were several dishes to go with it, it made his appetite grow.





“Why did you eat so much?” Yu Rui asked with some concern.




“Your cooking is really good, so of course I have to eat more.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, Yu Rui made three kinds of vegetarian dishes and meat dishes, but the portions were small, he didn’t dare to eat more at the beginning, but seeing that Yu Rui drank two bowls of porridge and put down the bowl in his hand, he ate the rest of the dishes.



Yu Rui felt a bit suspicious, he wasn’t eating like a sick person …… but since Jiang Chengyi ate well, he felt happy and ignored everything else, then he took the dishes to the kitchen and washed it: “Do you want me to make you some food to put in the refrigerator? When you’re hungry, you can microwave it.” Although Jiang Chengyi ha become too busy to eat, keeping food around would encourage him to eat more.



“You still want to go back?” Jiang Chengyi understood the meaning of Yu Rui’s words and was a bit reluctant.




In his memory, after he dismissed his assistant Xiao Wang, Yu Rui lived with him, and since Yu Rui had come over today, he didn’t want Yu Rui to go back.



Yu Rui was a bit stunned, but still smiled gently, “Of course I have to go back, I still have things to do at home.” He had known Jiang Chengyi for several years, and it wasn’t that he couldn’t stay here with Jiang Chengyi, but it was still early, and Jiang Chengyi had no major problems …… Moreover, previously when Jiang Chengyi was with him, he always complained about the things he encountered at work, the Jiang Chengyi he saw today, why did he seem a little different?



“I’m a little uncomfortable today, so don’t leave, and also, I want to ask you for advice about the audition tomorrow.” Jiang Chengyi immediately responded, according to this situation, Yu Rui wouldn’t refuse him.





Yu Rui indeed couldn’t refuse, thinking of Jiang Chengyi’s audition tomorrow, he quickly nodded: “I’ll help you look at it.” He didn’t know how to act, but perhaps because he had seen more, he still had some insight, especially in terms of lines. As a screenwriter, this was the part he understood best, and Jiang Chengyi’s weakest link was also his lines.



Jiang Chengyi took out the script, it was almost impossible for a movie script to be written without any changes in the filming process, it was more than normal, but now he had to go to the audition again, even if he knew it had been changed, he still had to be familiar with the script. However, even though he had read the script before, now he had no memory of it.



After Yu Rui discovered this, he immediately frowned.





Jiang Chengyi knew that although Yu Rui was very gentle, he was also very serious, so he immediately promised: “I’ll go read it now!”




“It’s more important to be healthy, rest first, I’ll read the script.” Yu Rui spoke, although he was a bit puzzled by the fact that Jiang Chengyi hadn’t even read the script, but when he thought that Jiang Chengyi had just finished shooting a drama and was a bit unwell, he could understand.


“Let’s read it together.” Jiang Chengyi sat next to Yu Rui, it was still early, he had a lot of time to think about what to do tomorrow.





He was going to audition tomorrow for a war movie that Aaron Li, the top director in China, intended to shoot. It was a big investment. Unfortunately, the box office of this movie in his previous life wasn’t outstanding. Even if he won many awards, the investors didn’t earn much …




Jiang Chengyi failed to audition in his last life because Mo Yuting gave him a laxative, and also because of Aaron Li’s unfriendly attitude toward him. But Jiang Chengyi also knew that even if Aaron Li’s perception of him wasn’t good, as long as he could show enough strength, he could impress the other, and now he knew that his appearance wasn’t suitable for playing the lead role.




However, even if he didn’t play the lead role, it didn’t matter, in that movie, his favorite role was the supporting character.



Back then, it was this movie that made Han Tian popular, and it was also when he appeared in this movie that many things happened to make him successful in the entertainment industry.




To seek revenge on Han Tian, let’s start from tomorrow!



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