After Yu Rui left, Jiang Chengyi made a phone call to his father, Jiang Heng.

        Jiang Heng quickly picked up his call, “Jason, what’s up?” Because of the time difference, it was exactly daytime at his place.

        “Dad, I’m fine, are you okay?” Jiang Chengyi replied, yes, Jiang Heng was swirling around between many women and didn’t care much about him, his son, which was the reason why he insisted on returning to China and didn’t want to contact him more, but thinking about what Jiang Heng did for him later, he couldn’t blame him anymore.

        Moreover, even if he was still dissatisfied with Jiang Heng, so what? A bit of communication with his own father could bring huge benefits, so what reason did he have not to do such a thing?

        “It’s already late there, right? Why are you still awake so late? If there’s something going on, just tell dad.” Jiang Heng’s voice came through the phone, his son hadn’t reached out in so many years, and now he suddenly contacted …… it was hard for him to him believe he was fine.

        “I’m really fine,” Jiang Chengyi suddenly didn’t know what to say to Jiang Heng, “Dad, take care of your health, I’m hanging up, goodnight.” Jiang Heng had always liked to play with women, but didn’t care about him as a son, that time, he hadn’t seen his father for half a year, then Jiang Heng said he would celebrate his birthday with him and went to a nightclub with a woman and didn’t come home all night. He wouldn’t have returned home alone to enter the entertainment industry …

        “Okay.” Jiang Heng replied.

        After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chengyi smiled to himself before he got into bed. No matter what it was for, he would always try to get along with Jiang Heng, but his mother …… that was completely unknown when he was alive and then he died before he read about her in the book, for a long time Jiang Chengyi was at a loss as to what to do, since this was the case, it was better to let go first, anyway, in the next few days, he would be busy with things.

        In fact, Jiang Chengyi also didn’t think about going back abroad to make a name for himself and over power Han Tian, but after he left the country, even if the impact of domestic matters on him was very small, even if he had the help of Jiang Heng, as an Asian man, he could only play some supporting roles, but in his country, he could be in the limelight ……

        In fact, the cause of everything, was Han Tian, right?

This night, Jiang Chengyi slept badly, in that white world at the beginning, he didn’t need to sleep, and now although he fell asleep, those things from the past kept replaying in his mind.

        He dreamt of many people and many faces, and in the end, he felt that he had become that Jiang Chengyi who had no way to leave that book again, and then had to look over and over again, turning the pages of that book and watching the tragedy that belonged to him inside.

       The good thing was, he finally woke up with a jolt, and then looked at the familiar room in front of him with a sigh of relief.

       Jiang Chengyi looked at the time, and when he saw the year today, he was finally sure of the fact that he was reborn.

        When he was eighteen years old, he returned to China and signed a contract with Morning Glory to become an artist, and now it had been seven years.

       Twenty-five years old wasn’t old for an actor, and even for men, this was the prime age to be in the industry. Jiang Chengyi got up and washed up, then smiled in front of the mirror with a smile that looked incredibly sincere but was fake – he was still very young.

      Today he still had to go to the set and act some scenes, but when it was done it would be fine, maybe then he could go meet Mo Yuting? He had no feeling for the woman he once liked, he even felt very disgusted, since this was the case, he didn’t want to have any relationship with her.

       “Jason, are you awake?” A man’s voice came from outside the door.

       Jiang Chengyi’s English name was Jason, and that was what everyone called him. Hearing the familiar voice, Jiang Chengyi opened the door, and sure enough, he saw his manager Tang Chengping.

Tang Chengping was an honest man who was easy to get along with, and had always been liked by Jiang Chengyi. Because Tang Chengping was assigned to him by Morning Glory, his salary was paid by them, while Jiang Chengyi often gave him some bonuses, but what surprised him was that Tang Chengping would eventually defect to Han Tian’s side. Moreover, in that book, when Tang Chengping talked about him to Han Tian, his tone was very bad, and he said he felt that he had a bad temper and was difficult to serve.

Jiang Chengyi asked himself if he had ever deliberately embarrassed Tang Chengping. He couldn’t understand his words, but it wasn’t really uncommon for people like Tang Chengping!

“So early? Have you eaten?” Jiang Chengyi asked.

“Not yet,” Tang Chengping spoke, “but I sent Xiao Wang to buy breakfast.”

       “Hmm.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, Xiao Wang was his assistant, he always focused on privacy, so he only had one assistant, later because he had diarrhea during an audition, Xiao Wang was fired, finally it was Yu Rui who took the initiative to fill the position of assistant.

       “Jason, if you can, let’s leave early.” Tang Chengping said, he and Jiang Chengyi had been working together for a long time, Jiang Chengyi had signed the contract and he was immediately assigned to him, so now, he felt that without him, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t have achieved what he had now.

       In the past, he didn’t think there was anything wrong, but now Jiang Chengyi knew Tang Chengping’s mentality.

      After Tang Chengping treated him that way, there was absolutely no way he could trust Tang Chengping anymore, he had to find a way to replace Tang Chengping first ……

      “Okay.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, he also wanted to finish things early, and then go to the company.

       When Jiang Chengyi went downstairs and got into the car, he saw that Xiao Wang had already bought breakfast, he wasn’t old, but he was very diligent, and he was different from Tang Chengping, Tang Chengping was sent to him by Morning Glory, but Xiao Wang was hired by him, if he trained Xiao Wang properly, he might be able to become a confidant?

        Dealing with Han Tian would be hard, however, if Han Tian just entered the entertainment industry, it wasn’t a problem, but because Han Tian’s woman had a triad background …… If they fought openly and honestly, Jiang Chengyi believed that he would never lose, but if he used those methods… … …Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help but frown, did he have to find a way to destroy Han Tian’s woman?

      Jiang Chengyi ate his breakfast and then the driver sent to him by Morning Glory drove the three of them to the set.

      Jiang Chengyi remembered that after he dismissed Xiao Wang, partly because he happened to be the lead actor in the script written by Yu Rui, and on the other hand, because he wasn’t willing to hire a new assistant, it was Yu Rui who accompanied him and took care of him. Now that Yu Rui wasn’t with him, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Shooting TV dramas wasn’t as simple as movies, there weren’t many scenes to reshoot, but despite this, it always took a long time, so from the beginning, Tang Chengping had planned to spend the whole day here.

      But the final result was unexpected to Tang Chengping, he didn’t know if it was because Jiang Chengyi was in a good state, but he hadn’t made any mistakes or laugh in the middle of a scene, so everything was completed according to schedule!

       And Jiang Chengyi never liked to talk and laugh with other actors, originally it was because he didn’t want any scandals, but today, Jiang Chengyi talked to her, and even gave some tips and advice, stunned the actress.

       “Jason, you’ve changed a lot today!” Tang Chengping said, after staying with Jiang Chengyi for so long, he also knew that Jiang Chengyi was considered a rare gentleman in the entertainment industry, perhaps, he was still a virgin?  Thinking so, Tang Chengping felt it was a little funny. But Jiang Chengyi had to be like this, because his girlfriend was Mo Yuting, the only daughter of his boss. Jiang Chengyi managed to climb Mo Yuting. He definitely wouldn’t hook up with other women.

       Of course Jiang Chengyi didn’t know what Tang Chengping was thinking, he just smiled casually, “I’m in a better state today.” After he was exiled abroad, he was specially trained by his father, so his acting skills were naturally much better, the scenes he had today were too simple to make any mistake.

    “What, because you went to see a movie with screenwriter Yu last night?” Tang Chengping asked with a smile, then moved the tablet in his hand and said, “You’re in the entertainment news again today.” Nowadays, anyone could see the latest news online.

     Jiang Chengyi was a little surprised: “Let me see.” He took the tablet, flipped through it, and then saw it in the entertainment news.

      The headline was “Famous artist shows up at the cinema to see a low budget movie”.

And in the report, it had an attached photo of him and Yu Rui leaving the cinema, Yu Rui’s career was behind the scenes, the public didn’t know him, so they just made some speculation about his dentity, and teased that Jiang Chengyi hadn’t had a girlfriend because he liked men.

    This report was normal, Jiang Chengyi remembered his past life when he and Yu Rui went out of the movie theater to eat barbecue, they were also photographed, the media directly said he was having a private meeting with his same-sex lover ……

    “Writer Yu’s picture was also taken?” Tang Chengping continued: “Jason, Writer Yu isn’t popular, so you have to be wary of him. “

      Although Tang Chengping had followed him for a longer time, there was no doubt that after experiencing Tang Chengping’s betrayal and his own misunderstanding of Yu Rui, the person he trusted more was definitely Yu Rui: “I want to act in screenwriter Yu’s script, of course I have to have a good relationship with him.”

       Seeing that Jiang Chengyi just brushed off his reminder, Tang Chengping’s face became somewhat unsightly, he had followed Jiang Chengyi for the longest time, but in these years, Yu Rui and Jiang Chengyi were getting closer and closer, it made him feel very dissatisfied.

        “Well, since it’s still early, let’s go to Morning Glory first.” Jiang Chengyi spoke again.

       It was already one o’clock in the afternoon, and Jiang Chengyi hadn’t eaten because he had rushed the scenes earlier, so as soon as they got into the car, his assistant Xiao Wang handed him a boxed lunch.

        Although he didn’t eat, he knew this lunch was much better than the general box lunch, Jiang Chengyi took the box lunch and subconsciously asked, “Have you eaten?”

     “I’ve already eaten,” Xiao Wang looked at Jiang Chengyi with surprise, not understanding why he suddenly cared about him, “Brother Tang and I have eaten.” When they were eating, it was Jiang Chengyi himself who refused to take a break, saying that he would eat after filming.

       “Oh.” As Jiang Chengyi ate the meal in his hand, he remembered that later on when Yu Rui followed him to take care of his diet and living, he always got up earlier than him and slept later than him, and would definitely wait for him for dinner ……Even after being treated badly by him, he still found a way to find his new number to send him text messages.

Was it that Yu Rui liked him?

Thinking of this possibility, Jiang Chengyi suddenly felt warm as he thought about when Yu Rui was doing assistant work by his side regardless of his writer’s identity.

He knew his parents later tried their best to help him take revenge, but those two relatives, whom he hadn’t had much contact with, he was unable to genuinely like them, his mother, although in the book she also fought for him, but in his mother’s eyes, her son wasn’t considered a good person, she said something – “Jiang Chengyi is indeed not a good person, I also don’t like him, but he is my son, even if he is bad, you can’t murder him and still get away with it!” These words were said by his mother to Han Tian, but when Jiang Chengyi saw it at first, he just felt it was ironic.

      That book was written by someone else, but this world was real, and his mother clearly knew of his existence but was unwilling to acknowledge him …… Even if he was grateful to her for remembering him, there was no way to be close to the woman he had never met.

        That said, the only one who had been with him and never left him was Yu Rui.

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