The death after being injected with h*roin, the uncertainty and despair of facing one’s life alone in that silent world, at this time, all seemed to be just things in one’s dreams ……

        When Jiang Chengyi opened his eyes again, he was sitting in a movie theater, the air conditioner overhead blew cool breeze, while “Nightclub” was playing on the big screen in front of him.

        Nightclub was the second movie that Han Tian personally wrote the script for, when this movie was shot, Han Tian was still working with the gang, but just after this movie was called good and got a relatively good box office with a very small investment, Han Tian fell out with the gang. Even the only daughter of the gang leader, Li Qianqian, who had become his woman, was also broken up with …… Of course, Jiang Chengyi knew that later these two would still get back together.

“Nightclub”, was about a supermarket where all sorts of bizarre things happened at night, the filming location was also that small supermarket only, and the number of actors wasn’t much, the investment was quite small, but it looked very interesting. Jiang Chengyi had read the novel, of course, he knew it was based on a movie Han Tian once read, and then he added a few funny scenes from other movies.

        “Chengyi, you’ve been too tense lately, after watching this movie, did you relax a little?” A familiar voice rang in Jiang Chengyi’s ears, and as soon as Jiang Chengyi turned his head, he saw Yu Rui.

        Yu Rui was four years older than him, he was very tall, but very thin, as for the looks …… Jiang Chengyi looked at the face that he had not seen for a long time, for a time, he couldn’t distinguish between reality and illusion.

        And just at this time, Jiang Chengyi suddenly thought of the words that he heard before – “Do you want to start over again? Do you want to change your destiny?”

        Now, he was reborn? After experiencing everything before, Jiang Chengyi seemed to have accepted everything today within the shortest time.

Yu Rui wasn’t bad looking, but maybe it was because he stayed at home all day, his skin was white, Jiang Chengyi stared at that face for a while before he suddenly came back to his senses. After he went to the United States, he felt that even he couldn’t distinguish his own sexual orientation, because occasionally in his dreams, he dreamt of Yu Rui n*ked, even if he still hated Yu Rui because of misunderstandings at that time, he couldn’t stop it from happening.

        On the contrary, his fiancée Mo Yuting ……

Jiang Chengyi once liked this simple and lovely fiancee very much. He was with his father since childhood, and his father was a man who went with the crowd in the entertainment industry. He watched many women climb to his father’s bed for a role, and of course he hoped that he could have a clean and simple girlfriend, and Mo Yuting just met his requirements, which made him particularly fond of her.

Of course, now he would never like Mo Yuting, but instead Yu Rui ……

        When he was abroad, if not for his emotional cleanliness, Jiang Chengyi believed he would have found someone to try out his s*xuality.

        “Chengyi, you’re definitely able to get that role, don’t worry too much.” Seeing that Jiang Chengyi didn’t say anything, Yu Rui spoke again.

        “I’m not worried.” Jiang Chengyi smiled at Yu Rui, now the thing he wanted to do the most was to break off his engagement with Mo Yuting, because as soon as he thought about what Mo Yuting did, he got a headache because he still had an engagement with the other.

        “Well,” Yu Rui smiled, “although you haven’t worked with director Li Hui, but since director Li Hui has approached you, then you will definitely be able to pass the audition.”

That wasn’t necessarily true. Jiang Chengyi knew that at that time, Mo Yuting had given him a laxative that made him fail the audition, but he didn’t need to tell Yu Rui this now: “I’ll try my best then, by the way, have you read the script? What do you think of the script?”

        “Director Li Hui is one of the most famous directors in China, the script chosen this time is related to war, and the investment is also large, I think the social response should be very good.” Yu Rui analysed it calmly, he was also a screenwriter, but the subject of war wasn’t his specialty, the script they had in hand wasn’t complete, so he wouldn’t make more comments, moreover, Li Hui often liked to change the script when shooting, this was also well known.

    “I also think so.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, the initial response to this script was indeed good, but such a heavy story wasn’t loved by young people, so the box office wasn’t high compared to the investment.

        The main actor of that movie was Han Tian, although Jiang Chengyi later criticized him as worthless, but he took the movie very seriously, he had to say, Han Tian acted really well, the former bandit later became a qualified soldier, acted by Han Tian who had a natural gangster temperament, it was very suitable, but, as soon as he thought of what Han Tian did to him …… Jiang Chengyi sneered, even if Han Tian was more suitable for the lead role, even if the director was biased against him, so what?

He, Jiang Chengyi, was still Mo Yuting’s fiance at this moment, and President Mo’s promising son-in-law, he couldn’t even play a supporting role in this movie?

At the beginning, in this movie, what impressed him most was not the leading role, but the supporting role.

        In the film set in the anti-Japanese war, there was a traitor, at the beginning, he was simply bad, all his relatives also broke off relations with him, but in the end, everyone found out he was actually the deepest undercover agent from China, it was for the victory of the revolution, that he did so many things that went against his heart. This was a difficult role to shape, but unfortunately the person who played this role at that time was a novice, he completely didn’t perform with the right feelings, so the character didn’t get the audience to like ……

        And, Jiang Chengyi was very clear, at this time, at this time the script in Yu Rui hands wasn’t finished, when Han Tian acted in this war film, he acted in a movie written by Yu Rui, and finally at the box office, because he was a veteran star and had good publicity, they also tried to suppress Han Tian!

        Looking at that Han Tian on the screen, Jiang Chengyi faintly smiled.

        He had started over again, he wasn’t willing to be a supporting role or a cannon fodder, he also didn’t allow the people around him to suffer because of his sake!

        Han Tian, Han Tian …… he knew that Han Tian had all kinds of scripts and songs in his head that he knew before he transmigrated, he knew that Han Tian’s luck was always incredibly good, but he, Jiang Chengyi, wasn’t bad either!

In the past, although he hated Han Tian, he always appreciated Han Tian’s talent, but died in Han Tian’s hands, now he  knew that Han Tian didn’t even have that kind of talent …… In his hate-filled heart, Jiang Chengyi knew, if Han Tian got the same fate as his last life, he would really be happy!

        After the movie was finished, Yu Rui once again looked at Jiang Chengyi: “Are you in a better mood? Do you want to go for a snack together?”

        The cinema was already lit up, under the reflection of the light, Yu Rui’s eyes became particularly bright, Jiang Chengyi thought about it and nodded: “I seem to be hungry, where should we go?”

        “Of course you’re hungry, the night is long and you dislike the crew’s food,” Yu Rui smiled, “With the recent hot weather, should we go eat barbecue with cold drinks?”

        Jiang Chengyi grew up abroad as a child, so he had always been fond of  Chinese food, and before, he hadn’t eaten these things for many years, because of Han Tian ……

        Suppressing the anger in his heart, Jiang Chengyi wanted to agree to it, but thought of the phone call he received before he died – Yu Rui died of stomach cancer.

        Stomach cancer …… he knew that Yu Rui’s stomach hadn’t been very good, especially after he and Han Tian’s fight became more intense, Yu Rui was often too busy to eat ……

        “No, let’s go eat noodles, it’s evening, so we should eat a little lighter.”

        “Okay.” Yu Rui smiled and nodded, he was mild-tempered and generally wouldn’t hold an opposing view to Jiang Chengyi’s decision.

        After all, a long time had passed, Jiang Chengyi felt unfamiliar with this city he was once very familiar with, so he simply sat in the passenger seat and let Yu Rui choose the place.

        “Chengyi, you know I rarely eat out.” Yu Rui spoke helplessly.

        After sitting in the car, Jiang Chengyi did remember one more thing, when he was in that white place, he read that book very carefully, Han Tian seemed to be the one who saw the scandal of him and Yu Rui, and the source of the scandal was exactly the picture of the two of them eating barbecue together from this evening, and besides their scandal, there was also the scandal of veteran star Zhao Ziwen and Star Zhou Yunyun. As for why?

   Turning his phone and looking at it, Jiang Chengyi saw that the time shown on it was exactly May 19, 2013, and tomorrow, it was the day Han Tian joined Morning Glory.

        The timing of this rebirth was really coincidental.

        “Yu Rui, let’s go home, I remember your cooking isn’t bad.” Jiang Chengyi spoke again, his cooking skills was also okay, when his father was fooling around outside and didn’t have time to take care of him when he was young, he had to be responsible for his three meals.

        Thinking of his father, thinking of the man he originally disliked, Jiang Chengyi flipped through his phone and saw the two words “Jiang Heng” marked.

        Perhaps, he should call his father ……

  “This is also good, you have to go to the crew tomorrow, you can rest early today.”  Yu Rui spoke with understanding.

        Jiang Chengyi thought about it, at the time Han Tian joined Morning Glory, he seemed to have just finished filming a drama, he wasn’t the most handsome actor, but his looks was still considered good, he had just finished filming, although it was a workplace drama that he found boring, but later the ratings were very good.

        “Hmm.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, one of the good qualities that Han Tian had always been praised by the media for was that he was easy-going and had no temper, maybe, tomorrow he should also be good-natured?

        After returning to his own place, Jiang Chengyi finally relaxed a bit.

        Yu Rui was really good at cooking, but it was hard to cook much without ingredients. Given that Jiang Chengyi only had toast and eggs in the fridge, Yu Rui ended up frying four poached eggs.

        Jiang Chengyi divided it into two and then smeared both with ketchup and used two slices of toast bread to make a simple sandwich to eat before he asked, “Yu Rui, you’ve been writing a script recently?”

        “Didn’t you already know that?” Yu Rui spoke: “But I think the writing is not good enough, many places need to be changed.”

        “You write it and show it to me, then I will play the lead role!” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, he remembered that it was Yu Rui’s film, which later won several domestic awards.

        “Didn’t I tell you long ago? In the future, all the scripts I write, I’ll let you play the lead role.” Yu Rui spoke with great certainty.

        Jiang Chengyi looked at Yu Rui’s appearance, and was lost in thought, Yu Rui was very good to him, this he knew, when he was so hurt and wronged, Yu Rui was still willing to open up to him ……

Yu Rui was a screenwriter, he wasn’t famous, but he had a good director, when he returned to China at the age of eighteen was signed by Morning Glory, at the beginning, he couldn’t find a good film contract, at that time, it was Yu Rui who gave him a chance to play the leading role in the drama he wrote, and it was that movie that made him popular.

Because of heredity and his education from childhood, his facial expressions were completely fine when he started acting, and he also had a very good sense of the camera, but he couldn’t grasp the lines in the drama, at that time, it was Yu Rui who taught him little by little, told him which word to repeat and which word to read lightly, he taught him how to grasp the emotion when speaking, told him where to pronounce …… Later, all the scripts written by Yu Rui were also his favorite.

        “Chengyi, I’m going back, go to bed early.” Yu Rui suddenly stood up and spoke.

        Jiang Chengyi was stunned, and only then did he remember that at this time all the people around him hadn’t left because of all the conflicts with Han Tian, and Yu Rui, of course, didn’t live in his apartment in order to watch over him and take care of him.

        After watching Yu Rui disappear into the night, Jiang Chengyi went back to his room. The reason why he thought that the person who drugged him was Yu Rui wasn’t only because of Mo Yuting’s scheme, but also because Yu Rui was too good to him. During that time, his career and love were hit by Han Tian, his agent also left, and the only one who stayed with him was Yu Rui, who, as a screenwriter, served him like a mother ……

        Later, when that happened, Yu Rui didn’t defend himself and disappeared, and Mo Yuting took the evidence out, he rightly thought that Yu Rui had done it. However, in the past, even if he still hated Yu Rui because of his disgrace, he had an indefinable affection for the other, and now that the stone had fallen …… Jiang Chengyi thought of what Yu Rui did for him back then, and later on, after the two were separated, those encouraging text messages, his heart suddenly felt sweet.

       After taking a deep breath, Jiang Chengyi pressed down those inexplicable emotions, but why did he feel that today’s Rui Rui wasn’t as enthusiastic?

        However, now that everything was back to the beginning, apart from revenge, shouldn’t he make some more correct choices?

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