Jiang Chengyi slowly read down, at the beginning he was indignant at Han Tian’s good fortune, but he later calmed down, and when he made an appearance, he faced the book calmly.

Just, why was his life written in a book? Could it be that he was a character in the book?

Such a thought made Jiang Chengyi a little confused.

But he soon came to his senses again.

Even if he was a character in a book, so what? Everything he had experienced was real. The painful feeling of death was still very clear …… all this, how could it be fake?

Jiang Chengyi endured the discomfort and continued to read.

He looked at Han Tian wandering among many women, looked at Han Tian’s career and love, double success, looked at the depiction of his unpleasant actions ……

He had already calmed his heart, but now if felt as if it was put on fire.

Everything that had happened, was really because of Han Tian!

It was only at this time that he learned that what he originally thought was an assistant’s mistake in buying unclean food was actually Han Tian encouraging his fiancée to give him a laxative.

His scandals were also fabricated by Han Tian after he had a conflict with him.

And his agent …… who suddenly betrayed him with a large number of contacts, betrayed him because his daughter had leukemia, and then Han Tian gave him money!

He, Jiang Chengyi wasn’t without money! After working together for so long and cooperating so well with his agent, how come he didn’t tell him about his daughter’s accident? Why did he not tell him about his daughter’s accident?

  Just because he was in a bad mood so he was afraid he wouldn’t agree? Han Tian stole his fiancée, how could he be in a good mood!

Of course, whether it was his former fiancée or his former agent, Jiang Chengyi didn’t care anymore, those people betrayed him, why should he care about them?

Just that the most serious, the most terrible thing ……

Sure enough, the person who put the aphrodisiac in his and Yu Rui’s food, was Han Tian! And that text message Yu Rui sent to his fiancée ……

Mo Yuting asked Yu Rui where they lived and said that he had something to tell him, and Yu Rui told her.

Yu Rui certainly couldn’t have imagined that that woman, in order to help Han Tian get off the hook, had used this text message to plant things on Yu Rui’s head!

At that time, the photos of him and Yu Rui were spread everywhere and were said to be disgusting.

He publicly cut off his friendship with Yu Rui and was considered by his fans as having no commitment.

The fact that he had a marriage contract with that woman came to light and fans thought that he cheated on his fiancée.

His various scandals were all over the internet at once, and his fans concluded that his previous cleanliness was all a sham.


His fiancée, Mo Yuting, who was in this book as Han Tian’s third woman, also had a distinguished identity – the only daughter of the boss of Morning Glory Entertainment.

Mo Yuting’s father was initially very positive about him and always supported him, but after he and Yu Rui’s bare bodies lying together was seen by so many people …… he was snowed out without even a chance to defend himself.

Six months later, he left China, and Han Tian’s story, however, didn’t stop ……

Jiang Chengyi went down page by page, about how Han Tian had been around several women, had a one-night stand with whomever, and how he had written a script and made a movie, and of course, about Han Tian’s involvement in many things.

Finally, Jiang Chengyi saw the scene of his death.

Mo Yuting and Han Tian came to receive the award, and happened to run into him who also won the award, Han Tian despised him and was jealous of him, so he brought Mo Yuting over to greet him, but in the end, his coldness stabbed their pride. At that moment, Han Tian was having an affair with a foreign actress, and promised to write a tailor-made script for her.

Mo Yuting had accepted the two women Han Tian had before her, but at this time was jealous, and said that Han Tian couldn’t compete with him ……

How could Han Tian stand his woman saying that? He was used to lawlessness, so he caught him and killed him …

Jiang Chengyi looked at the scene of his own death, it was incredibly funny, after Han Tian got involved in the underworld, he wasn’t the first person Han Tian k!lled …… Han Tian was such a demon, how could he be the main character?

Just because he was in front of Han Tian, just because he was better than Han Tian, he was destined to become a  cannon fodder?

No, he was no longer a mere cannon fodder, right? The book made a lot of descriptions of him as a person who suppressed Han Tian by virtue of his identity, and in the book, he had always loved Mo Yuting, one of the female leads, so perhaps, he could be considered a malicious supporting character?

Jiang Chengyi took a deep breath before he continued.

He was killed by drug injection, and the news headline the next day was that he died of a drug overdose.

His father, an internationally renowned director who had just married his fourth wife, picked up his body and then found the injuries on his body and the word “Han Tian” he had scratched with his fingernails on his hand, and had since launched a series of attacks against Han Tian.


But Han Tian, on the contrary, had a blessing in disguise- before he died, he injured him, and then Mo Yuting because of heartache, quickly forgave him, as she tended to his injury, she was directly pushed down, followed by thousands of words describing the scene……

Han Tian was the protagonist, of course, he wouldn’t die, and his father’s revenge, he was finally destroyed by Han Tian, resulting in the internationally renowned director losing his prestige, which made Han Tian internationally famous.

Not to mention that Han Tian, who was with several women, had the face to accuse his father of being promiscuous ……

Jiang Chengyi found this scene very funny.

And then …… Out of nowhere, his mother started working against Han Tian, which made Han Tian more famous and powerful ……

Jiang Chengyi finished reading this book, Han Tian finally had control of the entire entertainment industry, he just wanted to say that it didn’t make sense!

And at this time, he saw that the author wrote some words at the end.

  [This was my first book, thank you all for your support]

Then there were some comments and replies.

  Book Review: The person I dislike the most in this book is Jiang Chengyi, because he is a useless rich second-generation, but he also dared to covet Han Tian’s woman! The chapter with the aphr*disiac was the best!

Reply: Yeah, yeah, I don’t like him either!

  Book Review: How did Jiang Chengyi’s mother suddenly appear at the end? Not only did she appear out of nowhere, but she also had a big company …… It was just to drag the word count, right? But the scene that dealt with the old woman was still very nice!

Reply: I really had less scenes, forgive me ah ha! But this strong woman was angry at her husband for abandoning her, so she didn’t recognize her son!


When he turned to the last page, Jiang Chengyi no longer knew what kind of expression he should have.

As a vicious cannon fodder, all those who were on his side, later either defected to Han Tian or were killed by Han Tian ……

  This situation of his, it was tragic, right?

Jiang Chengyi took the book and tore it ……

But he couldn’t tear it …… no matter how much force he used, he couldn’t destroy a single bit of this book.

In this quiet space, all there was was him and the book in front of him.

There was no sound here, and no sense of time passing, even if he shouted, he couldn’t get a response.

Jiang Chengyi felt that if he continued like this, he would definitely become a madman!

Why did Han Tian, the evil and uneducated punk, finally become famous?

Why did he have to lose everything?

He wasn’t willing to!

He didn’t know how long had passed.

Jiang Chengyi was in despair, he read that book back and forth many times.

He regretted that he didn’t reconcile with his father earlier, he regretted that he didn’t get to see his mother whom he had wanted to see for decades, and he regretted that he didn’t treat Yu Rui properly, and of course, he regretted that he had given too much to people who did not deserve him.

Here, he couldn’t feel pain, he couldn’t feel hunger, but his heart felt like it was burning, and it kept hurting all the way through.

“Do you want to do it all over again? Do you want to change your destiny?” A voice suddenly rang out.

“Yes!” Without thinking, Jiang Chengyi gave an answer.

Even if it was just a book, it was still his world, where were his family and friends were!

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