There were three cameras working in the room that had been decorated to blend in with the small restaurant, probably because it was the first scene, Li Hui looked serious and slowly pushed the camera in his hand, catching the different looks on the faces of the Japanese who were eating and all the revolutionaries who were rebelling against them.


“Start over!” Li Hui frowned, and one of the people playing the revolutionaries looked wrong, so it was an NG.


In the opening scene of this film, both the male and female protagonists were expected to appear. Zhou Yunyun, who dressed up as a man and spread her hair to cover her face, had the worst image of any movie she had ever played, with almost no charm to speak of. Of course, in wartime, if a woman looked too beautiful, she would also suffer, so it was normal for her female protagonist to have such an image.


After two NGs, the expressions were almost in place, at this time, it was Han Tian’s turn to appear.



The camera was repositioned, and the workers took care of the piece at the door. Then, wearing a wig and makeup, he held a dog tail grass in his mouth. Due to the heat, the protagonist played by Han Tian, who had curled his clothes under the creaking pit and exposed his abdominal muscles, walked in casually. His loose pants and shoes seemed ready to fall off his feet at any time, regardless of which scene, It was like telling someone – I’m a little thug.

“What, the big man didn’t even know to greet me when I came?” Han Tian glared at the shopkeeper: “How are you a waiter?”


“Very good!” Li Hui opened his mouth, this scene, Han Tian did it only once.


Jiang Chengyi stood with his arms on the side, although he was disgusted by Han Tian, he had to admit that his portrayal of the main character was the best.


In the next scene, the protagonist would kick the store owner and fawn over those Japanese, this scene was stopped by Li Hui many times, sometimes it was because of Han Tian’s, but the other actors weren’t spared.


But overall, the fact that Han Tian could do so well, had exceeded the expectations of others!



“Xiao Wang, the schedule issue will be arranged later, go and inquire about Han Tian first, ask him if he really intends to shoot the movie, and then ask him what exactly he intends to shoot.” Jiang Chengyi saw Wei Na leave and walk over to Xiao Wang.


Han Tian had made many critically acclaimed movies, Jiang Chengyi knew some of them. Nowadays, as people’s living standards improved, the box office was getting higher and higher, so later Han Tian would only earn more and more …… but he didn’t know what the script he took out this time would be, “My Savage Girlfriend” or “Mobile Phone”? At the beginning he used these two scripts to coax two girls respectively.



“Brother Jiang, no problem!” Xiao Wang immediately responded.


Jiang Chengyi watched Xiao Wang leave, and then focused on Tang Chengping who was walking towards here. Xiao Wang had snubbed Han Tian’s parents and was bound to be on his side in the future, so he wasn’t worried at all that Xiao Wang would betray him, but Tang Chengping was different …… Perhaps, by the time he was going to invest in a movie next, he should find himself an agent.


“Chengyi, Xiao Wang has told you, right? There’s a problem with the schedule,” Tang Chengping spoke, “You’re already in Alternative Heroes now, why do you want to make your own movie? The script written by Yu Rui didn’t earn much before, so if it was given to a big company, it would be okay, but if you invest yourself, you might as well take on a TV series.” If others were interested in finding Jiang Chengyi to act in a movie or TV series, they usually looked for him first, and at this moment in his hands, there was a TV series that he was very optimistic about.


“I want to try.” Jiang Chengyi retorted, how to promote, how to shoot, he had been studying all these things, he couldn’t easily give up.


Speaking of which, the publicity before the release of the film was really important, if his film could exceed the box office “alternative heroes”, it had a lot to do with the publicity.


Although he enjoyed the life in front of the screen, he couldn’t help but admit that many times, fame wasn’t much, money and power were the most important!


Tang Chengping frowned at Jiang Chengyi’s resolute attitude and didn’t continue. He felt that Jiang Chengyi had become increasingly eccentric these days, he fell out with Mo Yuting unwittingly, he even wanted to invest in making a movie on his own…..



After all, Mo Yuting was Mo Nan’s only daughter and the future boss of Morning Glory. However much Mo Nan admired Jiang Chengyi, he was definitely incomparable to his daughter! Also, an acquaintance of Morning Light greeted him earlier and said that Mo Yuting would come over, he didn’t know why she came….


This morning, Jiang Chengyi didn’t have to act, but in the afternoon, he had to shoot the indoor scene in which he talked to the Japanese. The scene wasn’t difficult, as long as the look was well grasped. Jiang Chengyi’s expression was respectful when facing the Japanese officer, and his face was cold when talking about the defiant revolutionary soldiers, his expression was very much in place, just like the initial Han Tian’s performance, which was also passed in one go.


“Very good, the look is well grasped.” Li Hui asked the set crew to pack up their things and change places, then he walked over to Jiang Chengyi: “I heard that you have a script in your hand that you plan to start shooting?”


“Yes, director Li.” Jiang Chengyi’s move wasn’t small these days, so many people already knew, and he certainly had nothing to hide.


“It’s good for young people to venture, put in more effort, and also, if you have a good rest tonight, you may have a lot of scenes tomorrow, “Li Hui said again.



When Jiang Chengyi heard Li Hui’s words, he knew that the other should be planning to add more scenes, which was a normal thing, after all, unlike Han Tian, he was only a supporting role, and his role wasn’t much: “Thank you, director Li!”


Although the Studios wasn’t far from the city where Morning Light was located, it was still a few hours’ drive away. Therefore, the crew was currently stationed near the Studios. Li Hui had always been generous, so the accommodation conditions for the crew and actors were good.



After taking a shower, Jiang Chengyi just wanted to give Yu Rui a call, the doorbell rang and it was Xiao Wang who came over: “Brother Jiang!”


“What? Did you find out?” Jiang Chengyi asked.


“I asked around, I heard that two days ago Han Tian had gone to several film investment companies to negotiate, but I didn’t find out much about the script, it seems to be a thief-related subject matter.” Xiao Wang spoke.


“Thief?” Jiang Chengyi froze, but remembered that Han Tian once made a movie “The World Without Thieves”.



Should it be that the news that he was going to make a movie stimulated Han Tian? Han Tian also wanted to make a movie, but “The World Without Thieves” had a good box office at the beginning. If Han Tian shot it, he didn’t know what everyone’s box office situation would be like in the end…..


“It’s just about a thief, Brother Jiang. Although Han Tian has written scripts for small budget movies and made a small profit due to the effective promotion of the production of Emperor Jin’s films, it’s not necessarily that he will always succeed. I still believe in the screenwriter. “Xiao Wang said,” Han Tian can write scripts and perform in movies, but it’s not necessarily that every movie he writes will be popular.”


“Well, I also believe in Ah Rui.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, since Han Tian also wanted to shoot, then he must strive to do better to do!


However, when it came to Yu Rui, Jiang Chengyi felt a little uncomfortable, this time he came over to shoot, of course Yu Rui couldn’t follow, he just didn’t know what Yu Rui was doing at this time ……


Jiang Chengyi was thinking about Yu Rui when the doorbell rang once again, Xiao Wang got up first and opened the door, standing outside the door was actually Yu Rui.


Yu Rui was now carrying a computer bag and a small box, standing at the door, At a glance, he knew that he was just coming to take a look and was about to leave.


“You’re here!” Jiang Chengyi’s eyes lit up. Although he deliberately said that he wanted Yu Rui to visit the set, he always felt that Yu Rui would come to see him only after a few days, but now he came over on the first day, which was a bit of a surprise to him.


“Well, I don’t have anything to do anyway, so I just wanted to come over and see the venue with you.” Yu Rui opened his mouth, in fact he would come over, there was another reason – he just got the news that Mo Yuting was coming over to work as an assistant to the art director of the crew.


Now Jiang Chengyi just lost his love, if Mo Yuting and Han Tian were to show their love in front of him …… he finally decided to come over to see it himself as well.


Jiang Chengyi immediately nodded and took the things in Han Tian’s hand: “Have you found a place to live? Do you want to stay with me?”


“Brother Jiang, I still have something to do, I’ll leave first, you guys take your time!” Little Wang flashed out of the room quickly, and deliberately winked as he left.


Yu Rui saw Xiao Wang’s expression when he was leaving and felt a little embarrassed: “I just came over and was planning to find a place to stay.” Live with Jiang Chengyi? In the past at Jiang Chengyi’s residence, the two of them slept in separate rooms, but there was only one room here ……


“I still have a lot of things to ask you,” Jiang Chengyi immediately said, seeing some reluctance on Yu Rui’s face, he softened his tone again, “Ah Rui, my scenes are scheduled for these days, I’ll be very busy, and I have to contact others, if you live somewhere else, I have to worry about you running back and forth.”


Yu Rui in the end didn’t dare to promise, and quickly spoke: “No need for you to run back and forth, I have nothing to do anyway ……”



“It’s a deal, you’ll live with me!” Jiang Chengyi directly interrupted the other party’s words, without giving Yu Rui a chance to retort.


Yu Rui’s hand subconsciously clenched, perhaps because he was a little nervous, he couldn’t even speak for a while, and only after a while did he find his voice: “I’ll go find someone to add a bed.” If he hadn’t repeatedly told himself to be calm, he would almost want to run away.


Jiang Chengyi’s room had a double bed, he didn’t mind Yu Rui sleeping with him, but this development seemed to be a little fast …… he and Mo Yuting just held hands, because Mo Yuting always dodged, they didn’t even kiss, so it was a bit abrupt to suddenly sleep with Yu Rui , So at this moment, Jiang Chengyi really only dared to think about it: “I’ll let Xiao Wang go, we can talk.”



Unfortunately, as it was hot today and Yu Rui was in a hurry to come over, so he was covered in sweat, he couldn’t pull the other party and just start chatting: “Ah Rui, do you want to go take a shower? When you’re done washing, let’s go out for a walk.”


Sleeping in a room, it was inevitable to use the same bathroom to take a shower or something… Although Yu Rui repeatedly told himself not to think too much, his face was red, but sooner or later, Yu Rui took a deep breath and calmed down before taking out a change of clothes from his suitcase and deciding to take a shower first.



From the time Yu Rui took his clothes, Jiang Chengyi began to stare at him, which made Yu Rui even more flustered, and after hurriedly rolling his clothes and pants into a ball, he walked to the bathroom.


If in the past, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t necessarily find Yu Rui’s peculiarities, but this time was different, obviously he was shy, it was interesting: “You like purple?”



Yu Rui was already at the door of the bathroom, but when he heard this, he couldn’t help but stumble, and at the same time, he closed the door with a bang – inside his clothes, only his underwear was dark purple, so Jiang Chengyi’s words were clearly wrong, right?


He was very confused, Yu Rui leaned on the bathroom door for a while to calm down, and then quickly unlocked the door, but after locking the door, he felt that he was being self-absorbed ……



After Yu Rui took the clothes into the bathroom, Jiang Chengyi felt an itch in his heart, and when he heard the sound of water inside, he couldn’t help but fantasize about it – no matter what, he was also an adult and always had desires.


Jiang Chengyi walked around the door several times, almost lying on the door to listen carefully, and just when he decided to do something not very bright, knocking on the door to go in and use for a toilet, the doorbell rang again.



When Jiang Chengyi heard the doorbell, he finally gave up his somewhat lewd behavior and opened the door with some reluctance: “The bed is brought?”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Jiang Chengyi realized that he seemed to have made a mistake. The person who knocked on the door and came in now was not the hotel staff he thought, but a woman he was very familiar with – Mo Yuting.


Wearing suspenders hot pants and a pink short-sleeved jacket, Mo Yuting looked youthful and beautiful, but after seeing Jiang Chengyi, he expression was agitated: “Jason …..”



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