In the few days before the shooting of “Alternative Heroes”, Jiang Chengyi added a lot of things to his house. Of course, most of these things were for Yu Rui. Then, he contacted some people and said hello in advance to prepare for the production team.


The director was still Qian Zhengming, but some other people would have to change. At the beginning, many of the cast members were from Tianxia Film Co., Ltd., but now he planned to invest by himself, which depended on his own preparation . The producer’s art director and so on, he needed to contact them one by one.



The World Media Group was the largest entertainment company in China, and Li Hui was discovered by the World Media, so if he cooperated with the World Media, things would be much easier, but Jiang Chengyi knew very well that he couldn’t always be an actor. After all, being an actor wasn’t as good as being a boss who could manage many actors.


When he first left China and returned to Jiang Heng, Jiang Heng had taught him how to be a director, but unfortunately because of the short time he didn’t learn much, now, maybe while acting, he should also start paying attention to the information in this area.



Because there were too many things on hand, Jiang Chengyi didn’t have time to think about his mother. Moreover, Morning Glory Entertainment was in the north, but Yuan Ying Entertainment was in the south, so it wasn’t easy for him to see Chen Yuan.


“Chengyi, you are about to go to director Li to shoot a movie, if you are at ease, the crew can be prepared by me.” Yu Rui saw that Jiang Chengyi had little free time and spoke tentatively, although he was only a screenwriter, he knew many people.



“Ah Rui, I want to try it myself!” Jiang Chengyi smiled, and suddenly thought of something else: “Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of ‘Alternative Hero’, after the official start of filming, you must come to visit the set!” Li Hui didn’t allow idle people to approach when filming, but with Yu Rui’s status, it was definitely okay to come visit the set.


“I will definitely go to see you,” Yu Rui said. Tang Chengping had come many times these days, and Li Hui had also called. They roughly understood the shooting situation.



Jiang Chengyi played a supporting role, and most of the scenes were shot in the film and television city. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to go on a visit.



“Then I’ll be waiting! Also, I will set up the crew during the shooting, so that when I finish filming “Alternative Heroes”, our own drama can start shooting right away.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, they were shooting a movie, it didn’t take long, with his part in Alternative Heroes, he would only have to stay there for half a month at most, and the rest of the time would be free for his own business.


He remembered when their crew filmed in the same film city with the crew of “Alternative Heroes”, he and Han Tian also had some minor friction ……


“Okay!” Yu Rui nodded.


“Ah Rui, I have planned to shoot in the film and television city that Director Li now chose. I’ll go see the venue, so don’t worry too much.” Jiang Chengyi added when thinking of Yu Rui’s temperature.



Yu Rui did have this intention. He wrote the script, so he understood that he had to find time to see the venue. However, Jiang Chengyi’s special explanation made him feel warm: “I know.”


These days, Jiang Chengyi was really good to him, but he felt that Jiang Chengyi had changed a lot. Perhaps it was because Mo Yuting had hit him so hard that he decided to devote himself to his career?


Jiang Chengyi was unaware of Yu Rui’s doubts. Although he had money in his hand, it wasn’t enough. So he was going to borrow money from Jiang Heng.


After the film was released, if the box office was good, the director could get a lot of money. So even if Jiang Heng liked to enjoy and spend money, he still had a lot of money. It was estimated that the total investment was more than enough, let alone half.


However, although he had made several phone calls with Jiang Heng these days, the relationship between them had always been cold… After thinking about it, Jiang Chengyi still intended to wait until it was almost done, and then officially reach out. Of course, he could also give Jiang Heng a share.


He was so busy, in a flash, it was June 12.



The opening ceremony of “Alternative Hero” was very grand, but Jiang Chengyi, who had experienced many opening ceremonies, was completely used to it.



But although he was used to the opening ceremony, he was still a bit uncomfortable to face Han Tian with a smile, and so should Han Tian.



Of course, this was in front of the media after all, even if he wasn’t used to it, he had to do it well.


At the opening ceremony, the flash was almost on, but for the media, there were two things to focus on today. One was whether Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian would have more conflicts when they were filming together. The other was whether Li Hui suddenly chose two actresses to join the cast because of his early intention or because of other reasons.



Both Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian said they would work well together and then looked at each other with sparks flying, while the two actresses who had just been chosen by Li Hui to join the cast were surprised and honored, and seemed to be completely deaf to the media’s implication that they had made some kind of deal to get into the cast.


Jiang Chengyi knew the two actresses, one of them was Zhou Yunyun, the other, he had seen in the company, Wei Na.



Li Hui and movie star Zhao Ziwen also had a few collaborations, his evaluation of Zhao Ziwen was also very high, so when Zhou Yunyun was selected as the female lead, there were doubts that Zhou Yunyun got the role through Zhao Ziwen.



Li Hui didn’t answer the media’s question directly, but said in a sarcastic tone that the beauty and a hero was a perfect match, and what else could make a young man’s blood boil but a beauty! At the same time, the topic was shifted to the next trip.


Li Hui said this, but on the one hand, he teased Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian, which diverted the reporters’ attention, and made the reporters stop bombarding Zhou Yunyun.





Unlike the film Jiang Chengyi and Yu Rui intended to shoot, “Alternative Heroes” was a w-ar film, and w-ar films, necessarily had to have big scenes! Therefore, the number of people in the crew was very large, not to mention the mass actors needed during the period, was certainly not a small number.



It was at this time that Jiang Chengyi got the script that had been changed.


Today’s script wasn’t much different from the movie he saw at the beginning, but the role of Cheng Jun played by him was a little more and the ending had changed. The heroine played by Zhou Yunyun also became Cheng Jun’s girlfriend when he studied in Japan. Later, she broke up with him because he became a traitor and turned into the arms of the main lead.


Seeing this arrangement, Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help laughing bitterly. The fight between him and Han Tian had nothing to do with the movie. But now there was such a fight. It seemed that he and Han Tian were being used to get attention. Li Hui’s idea was easy to guess!



Zhou Yunyun was the main female character, the other female character in the play, played by Wei Na was given to the Japanese by her parents and her role was very little. But this woman, who only showed up in a few scenes and was once helped by Cheng Jun, ended up killing herself after Cheng Jun’s death.


Yes, Cheng Jun died. In the original script, Cheng Jun didn’t die. But this time, after the victory of the w-ar, Cheng Jun was ki-lled. When the people who knew his identity were going to explain, he was killed by the child of a couple he k-illed to win the trust of the Japanese.


Cheng Jun found the child at the beginning, but pretended not to see him and let him go. Finally, he happened to die in the hands of the child. Although it was a causal cycle, it also made people want to sigh.



It was really a tragedy, but, in this way, this role was estimated to be more popular. Jiang Chengyi looked at the script, but felt that he had made the right choice.



“Teacher Jiang!” While Jiang Chengyi was reading the script, Wei Na suddenly walked over.


“Hello.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, Wei Na had seen him several times before, he knew that the other party must have something to say to him, at this time he was also curious.


“Mr. Jiang, I don’t have much experience in acting, so I’ll have to trouble Mr. Jiang to teach me more in the future.” Wei Na smiled happily and didn’t feel the least bit awkward about calling Jiang Chengyi, a man younger than her, teacher Jiang.


“If you don’t understand anything, just come and ask me.” Jiang Chengyi immediately said.


The first scene to be shot at this time was his, and it was the same one that Jiang Chengyi played when he was auditioning for the role. At this moment, both the crowd actors and the dragons had already taken their places, and the field workers were busy, but Jiang Chengyi had nothing to do, so of course he didn’t mind getting along with the people around him.


At first, his interpersonal relationship wasn’t good, he grew up living abroad and live with grandparents who didn’t speak English, because of the surrounding environment, he couldn’t make friends, and slowly got used to it, but now, he didn’t mind more contact with the people around.



Wei Na immediately revealed a smile: “Then I will have to trouble Mr. Jiang more! By the way, Mr. Jiang, the reason I can join the crew is partly because of you!” She had been with Li Qianqian these days, and Li Qianqian was willing to talk to her about everything, so of course she knew the reason why Li Qianqian would go to Morning Glory.



When she was insulted by Han Tian, she went to the smoking room but happened to see Jiang Chengyi, she knew that Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian wouldn’t be willing to give up, but she did not expect that she would also unintentionally benefit from the fight between the two.



After following Li Qianqian to Li Qi and being called by Li Baqiu to explain some things, Wei Na had already made up her mind to stand against Han Tian. Originally, she thought it would not be easy to persuade Li Qianqian to forget about Han Tian, but she didn’t expect it to go smoothly in the end, so she, who had only been able to get minor roles, finally got the most valuable role in her life experience.


“Yeah? What about this?” Jiang Chengyi asked with some surprise.


Wei Na saw that there were not many people around, and Jiang Chengyi’s agent and assistant were also not there, so she explained.



As Jiang Chengyi listened to what Wei Na said, he felt lucky.



If he hadn’t planned to calculate Han Tian at that time and didn’t let Li Chao release those photos, maybe Li Qianqian would have been coaxed by Han Tian in advance, right? And Li Qianqian, who had reunited with Han Tian, would it have been possible for her to let him go, who wanted to do harm to Han Tian?



Fortunately, Li Qianqian finally gave up Han Tian because of his several attacks! And without the support of the gang, Han Tian wouldn’t dare to kill him directly as he did at the beginning, even if he would have all kinds of adventures in the future? They could compete fairly at last!


Thinking of this, Jiang Chengyi smiled, and then looked at Wei Na: “In that case, it’s me who has to thank you, I hope we work well together!”



Wei Na knew what kind of cooperation Jiang Chengyi was talking about, and she was happy to have a good relationship with Jiang Chengyi, so she naturally wouldn’t refuse: “Happy cooperation!”


Jiang Chengyi took quite a long time to talk to Wei Na, by the time the two finished, Xiao Wang had already run over, his face was still not very good: “Brother Jiang!”


“What’s wrong?” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth and asked.


Xiao Wang glanced at Wei Na and found that Jiang Chengyi did not care much before saying, “I discussed with the crew and wanted to arrange your schedule, but the crew said that Han Tian also has something next, so your schedule may not be prioritized.”


Han Tian also had something? What’s up? Jiang Chengyi was a little surprised.


“Mr. Jiang, I heard that Han Tian has been staying at home for a few days, and seems to have written a script and is looking for someone to shoot it!” Wei Na suddenly spoke up.


Han Tian wrote a script? At this time, Han Tian, originally should have been concentrating on filming “Alternative Heroes” …… could it be, because of him?




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