No one really remembered Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian’s matter after a few days, now in the entertainment industry, many people were talking about the jade star Zhou Yunyun.



Zhou Yunyun was only 23 years old now, but she has been on the stage for six years, and she was on the screen two years before Jiang Chengyi’s debut. As soon as she appeared, she appeared in a TV series as the pure and lovely female lead number two. Since then, she had become the goddess in the eyes of countless men, and had become very popular.



Like Jiang Chengyi, Zhou Yunyun had few scandals, and she was known as a jade star because of her pure image. Her fans certainly didn’t want her to have any scandals.



Unfortunately, a few days ago, Zhou Yunyun kissed movie star Zhao Ziwen at a bar and the rumor spread, and now she was even photographed with a man going in and out of a luxury restaurant and Zhou Yunyun got into the other party’s car.


Originally, no one cared about such pictures because they didn’t have intimate behavior, but then Zhou Yunyun said that she didn’t reject love in the last program. At that time, she was vaguely saying that she had a boyfriend!


Zhou Yunyun looked pure, and her roles in the past six years were also pure. She was also named the most popular actress last year and won the Best Actress Award of Shanghai Golden Tree. While many people regarded her as the goddess in their dreams, of course, more people didn’t want her to have a boyfriend! However, her recent performances made people wonder whether she was in love, and whether her object of love was Zhao Ziwen.


The actor Zhao Ziwen was now forty-nine years old, more than two rounds older than Zhou Yunyun, but it had to be said that Zhao Ziwen was recognized as one of the best male actors in China, and was much better than Zhou Yunyun in all aspects!



With the pressure of Mo Nan, Chen Fang may have stopped, so Jiang Chengyi had no gossip about him now. At this moment, when he read the entertainment news, he only saw countless news related to Zhou Yunyun.


Now, Zhou Yunyun was still as scandal-ridden as she was at the beginning, so he didn’t know if she would still be the same as she was at the beginning of the shooting, when she was chosen by Li Hui, her role was the simple and kind heroine.



“Chengyi, the script has almost been written, do you want to read it?” Yu Rui saw Jiang Chengyi’s idle appearance and came over with the script in his hand. He had put a lot of thought into this script, but in the end he was still a little nervous and worried, just in case Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t like it.


“Okay.” Jiang Chengyi immediately stood up and took the script that Yu Rui had already printed.


The movie was a very thoroughly funny commercial film, of course, there were a lot of funny moments in it, the Wei family’s young master fell in love with a valiant female warrior at first sight . In order to escape from marriage, he pretended to be unresponsive to the outside world. Then the old lady of the Wei family mistakenly hired doctor Jia’s brother. At last, the two people wrestled with each other and finally became friends in distress.



The young master of the Wei family was a person who didn’t like talking, but in order to pretend to be sick, he had to talk to himself at night, but the “fake” doctor who inadvertently stumbled upon this scene was convinced that he was insane, he thought of many ways and recalled a lot of his brother’s methods to help cure his illness.



The young master of the Wei family avoided all kinds of things, and occasionally got lucky, but also let the “fake” divine doctor face some consequences.


Unfortunately, even if the methods were exhausted, the young master of the Wei family was still strong and pretending to be sick, the fake doctor was threatened and in fear of ruining his brother’s reputation, the “fake” doctor could only go over the wall in the middle of the night, but the young master of the Wei family who couldn’t stand the torture anymore also happened to be planning to go over the wall to find the girl he loved …..

There were still some differences between the current script and the original finished product, but Jiang Chengyi still couldn’t help laughing when he looked at the script even after he had seen it many times.



Jiang Chengyi knew where it succeeded and where it failed. He discussed with Yu Rui and put forward several suggestions.



“You’re right, since Dr. Jia is very important to this brother, it is impossible that he doesn’t have something to defend himself, if he has some spoof medicine on him, he can probably make more things happen, such as giving those who are watching him some medicine that can make people itch or something. Since this is the case, then he must have also given these drugs to the Wei family’s young master to try, but the Wei family’s young master doesn’t easily yield …… “Yu Rui while talking, jotted down some words on the paper, after discussing with Jiang Chengyi, he relaxed.


“Although that healing scene is just a joke, I think the audience should like it.”



“I think so too,” Yu Rui smiled, “I wrote before that the fake divine doctor made Wei Gongzi eat Huang Lian chili, should I change it to something like ‘invincible spicy chili powder’ or something like ‘poison ‘? Actually, I think the scene where Wei Gongzi meets his sweetheart later will be more interesting if he has a strange look when he goes over the wall.”


“That’s right, a particularly nagging weird-looking person ……” Jiang Chengyi laughed once again.



“In fact, before I thought about eating chili peppers to make Wei Gongzi’s mouth swell up, and then I thought chili peppers are not that powerful ……”



“Mouth swell up?” Jiang Chengyi suddenly asked, he heard this and immediately remembered Han Tian once made a movie “East is West”, which featured a sausage mouth, it was really famous ……



“Yes, the fake divine doctor pinched his chin to give him the powder, and then his mouth swoll up because of that ‘invincible hot and spicy powder’ or something like that, and then the doctor accidentally inhaled the powder and as a result, divine doctor Jia got a pig’s nose. ” Yu Rui quickly thought of the general plot, he was planning to let Jiang Chengyi be the fake divine doctor, now with a pig nose fake divine doctor …… Thinking of this scene, he also had a smile on his face.



“This is very good!” Jiang Chengyi also couldn’t help but laugh: “Just write it like this, sausage mouth, pig nose.”



It couldn’t be denied that the scripts written by Han Tian were very good, but in the book, it wasn’t that there were no scripts that existed better than the ones he wrote, otherwise, it would not have taken Han Tian many years to get nominated for a Mosca.



Once Jiang Chengyi also thought about whether to write out the script written by Han Tian in advance, but on the one hand he didn’t care to do so, on the other hand, he was afraid that Han Tian would be alerted.


But maybe he didn’t need to do this at all. He could just give some simple tips to some playwrights… After Han Tian made a film, didn’t a director once say that he saw a similar script and didn’t make it for various reasons? According to the book, this was a parallel world, and the situation in ancient times was even basically unchanged, so the original author of Han Tian’s works may also exist in this world… and in this way, he didn’t have to be afraid of Han Tian’s vigilance!


“Then write it like this, when do you plan to shoot this script?” Yu Rui smiled. Although this drama was set in ancient times, because there were no big scenes, the investment shouldn’t be large, and the formation of the crew wasn’t difficult ……



“I hope it will be released at the end of the year!” Jiang Chengyi continued, “In addition, I also plan to put my entire fortune into it!” He remembered that he had approached the World Media Group’s World Film Investment Co. to negotiate and have the other invest in the shooting, but he only got paid for acting in the film, he always felt that he had lost a lot.



If he could, he hoped to invest this time, but the director could still be Qian Zhengming. He had a lot of cooperation with this director.



“You’re not afraid of losing money?” Yu Rui was a little surprised. He probably knew Jiang Chengyi’s fortune. It wasn’t possible to invest the full amount, but was enough to have weight.



“I believe you!” Jiang Chengyi remembered that at the time because the investment wasn’t large and later very successful, after removing the share of the cinema side and sales tax or something, the investor netted more than 200 million ……



He had already experienced it once, with many things in mind, shooting would certainly be more smooth, and he and Yu Rui knew a lot of people, so why not invest in their own?



Yu Rui received Jiang Chengyi’s affirmation, his energy was even stronger, and he took the things in his hand and went to the side to revise the script, but Jiang Chengyi suddenly remembered one more thing: “Yu Rui, today is June 5?”



In his last life, he still liked Mo Yuting, and didn’t know that the laxative was from Mo Yuting, coupled with Mo Nan’s high pressure and Han Tian that had Li Qianqian on his side, so at this time, he and Mo Yuting were still a couple. Until the second half of next year, he wouldn’t officially break up until Han Tian gave him and Yu Rui drugs.



And today in that life, because of Han Tian’s several provocations and Mo Yuting’s attitude, it seemed that he would have a big fight with Mo Yuting, after the fight, he went to a bar with Yu Rui, in that bar, Yu Rui comforted him and showed him the script ……



The drunken Yu Rui was really good-looking, later he often recalled this scene, Yu Rui’s red face and bright eyes was exceptionally clear in his mind and, it seemed that Yu Rui also called him “Xiao Yi” intimately at that time.



“Yes? What’s wrong?” Yu Rui took a look at the time on the computer and turned back to ask.


“Nothing, keep writing!” Jiang Chengyi suddenly thought of Yu Rui’s bad stomach, drinking alcohol was harmful to the stomach, although Yu Rui’s drunken appearance was very interesting, he still had to prohibit Yu Rui from drinking in the future!



Uh, in fact, Yu Rui concentrating on work also looked very good ……




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