The real Han Tian’s parents were a pair of old farmers, and he only graduated from high school. So at the beginning, he was so miserable that he became a mass actor in a film and television city controlled by gangsters. He worked hard and went everywhere every day, but only got 30 yuan. Although he was able to eat and live… but it was dozens of people who worked together and ate something less than pig food.


Half a year ago, today’s Han Tian transmigated and hooked up with Li Qianqian within a few days. After his ascent to heaven, his life had undergone earth-shaking changes.

Han Tian also had the original owner’s memories, but it wasn’t very clear, so for the original owner’s parents, he didn’t care too much.



In that book, Han Tian returned to his hometown only after he had been driven out of China and had already taken care of the three women around him, and he played a little bit of a heroic game in his hometown, after he found his parents being bullied.



At the same time, he also found out that in his hometown, there was a sister next door who had a crush on him and had been taking care of his parents all these years, his parents forced him to marry that girl, so the other ended up becoming his fourth woman.


In the book, Han Tian’s parents came out very late, but now, they came out very early, which was certainly no accident – yesterday, Jiang Chengyi deliberately called Xiao Wang, and also wired money, to make Xiao Wang engage with Han Tian’s parents.



Han Tian’s ID card had his home address, and parents, after encountering things related to their son, they got anxious.


Jiang Chengyi also knew that he was taking advantage of two innocent old people, However, no matter how he explained it now, it may also be considered as speculation. Mo Nan supported his words, so some people thought that everything was covered up by Morning Light! But the police, they could ask to watch the surveillance.



There were a lot of people at the press conference this time. Both Han Tian’s parents and the policemen were a little flustered after seeing such a scene. Several policemen came in and straightened their clothes, while Han Tian’s parents were even a little scared. They hadn’t seen their son, when the young boy they brought disappeared, they cowered.


What happened next went very smoothly, the police and Han Tian’s parents, who had been induced by Xiao Wang, directly said they wanted to see the monitor, and the reporters also agreed – in this case, there was the monitor to prove everything!



In this way, all of them insisted to see the surveillance.


Morning Light was a large company, there was more than one monitor in the lobby at the entrance, and the two were fighting in public, even if Mo Nan wanted to shrug it off, it was impossible to shrug it off at this time.



Having reached this point, Mo Nan walked out with a smile: “Everyone, this incident is definitely not criminal, and neither of the two parties has been injured. In fact, after the friction, they also signed a contract with Director Li.” Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian had seen the surveillance of the fight, so it didn’t matter if they showed it to the reporters, It was just that Mo Yuting appeared in front of Han Tian in the back… But it was all right. Now the photos of his daughter had appeared. This situation was unavoidable. Even if they took out the surveillance, it didn’t matter much anymore.


Mo Nan put the monitoring out in a big way, which disappointed those reporters who wanted to have some strong news.



In the video of the fight between Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian, ​​it was clearly shown that Han Tian first went to talk to Jiang Chengyi, and Han Tian also took the initiative. Seeing this, Han Tian’s parents expressions immediately changed. They didn’t know much, but they knew that if their son did it first, he might not be able to win.



“Dad! Mom!” Suddenly, a voice rang, and then Han Tian appeared in the public’s eyes.

Han Tian looked very good, very masculine, and had a good voice. Compared with Jiang Chengyi, who had been only in the field of film and television, he was also a singer, so he would be so attractive later.



However, Han Tian, ​​who used to show his enthusiasm and vitality, now had a downcast look and a beard on his face… Just like Jiang Chengyi’s lovelorn appearance could make people feel sympathy, Han Tian’s haggard face would also make people not want to be harsh.



And after calling his parents, Han Tian quickly spoke again: “Dad, Mom, it’s all my fault, this time it’s my fault, I made you worry!”



After seeing Han Tian and hearing Han Tian’s words, Jiang Chengyi’s heart “thumped”, he knew that today’s matter was not that simple.

If Han Tian came over a little later, he was definitely able to induce Han Tian’s parents to say that Han Tian hadn’t contacted them for a long time, but Han Tian came so coincidentally, and also admitted his mistake as soon as he came ……



Jiang Chengyi suddenly found that he was a bit arrogant, and at the same time, also underestimated Han Tian.


It was also true that Han Tian should have taken a step to the sky after making two movies that were well-received, and only then did his vanity soar and he felt so strong that he spoke wildly.



And he himself? He thought he knew everything that would happen next and became arrogant? In the previous encounters, he did win slightly because of Han Tian’s carelessness, but if Han Tian was no longer careless ……


Han Tian could make his agent Tang Chengping go to his side, could make the crew all say good things about him, could have a large group of brothers, although occasionally he did some things that made people laugh and cry because of women, but later, after he had become more mature, he was still good, plus his almost unbelievable luck ……


Jiang Chengyi knew that he was acting in front of everyone, but now, Han Tian was also acting.


Han Tian’s parents were a little emotional when they saw their longed-for son appear: “Ah Tian, Ah Tian ……”



“Dad, mom, I’m sorry, I’m busy these days, I didn’t have time to see you.” Han Tian took a few steps forward and pulled his parents, interrupting the other’s words to speak. His voice was hoarse, but his tone was very sincere.


He was able to become popular in just six months, and could make a big director like Li Hui choose him to play the lead role …… So he still had real ability! Although he forgot about them before because they were not his real parents, now, he didn’t mind showing a good performance.



“Ah Tian, we were worried about you …… it’s all our fault.” Han Tian’s mother spoke, blaming herself.



“Mom, it’s all my fault, I didn’t tell you guys about this because I was afraid you would worry, who knew ……” Han Tian’s tone changed and he looked before speaking, “This time it’s my fault, even if I was brain dead I-I will not let my parents to report the case, in the end who made the mistake, they themselves know!”



Since yesterday, he was thinking about what he had done after transmigrating, he used to have nothing, even if he loved filming, but because of his own congenital conditions there was no way to realize his wishes, so when he came to this world, he suddenly found himself in front of the screen, he couldn’t help becoming complacent.


Only, now that he knew his mistake, he would never make it again! Jiang Chengyi, he would make him look good!



“A few police officers, this time it’s all my fault, my parents reported the case because they were in a hurry, now I hope it will be withdrawn, also, if Teacher Jiang wants to report the case or wants compensation, I have no complaints whatsoever!” Han Tian glanced at Jiang Chengyi, then hurriedly turned his eyes away to look at the somewhat restrained policemen – he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist beating Jiang Chengyi again!



During the day, his best friend during his time in the g-ang had told him that Li Qianqian had sworn never to contact him again in front of Li Baqiu because of his affair with Mo Yuting.



Whether it was the two photos or what happened today, he knew it was definitely Jiang Chengyi who had pulled the stunt, and he, for sure, would make him pay!



“I never thought of reporting it,” Jiang Chengyi spoke, then smiled bitterly, “This time it was originally a dispute caused by a verbal dispute, and I was at fault then, I struck too hard.”


Teacher Jiang! He actually heard the words “Teacher Jiang” in Han Tian’s mouth! Jiang Chengyi also heard many people call him teacher, but only this time, after hearing it, he felt his stomach turn upside down.


“No, Mr. Jiang, that day was my fault, I admit, I was a little too impulsive.” Han Tian spoke again.



The press conference was still harmonious for the rest of the day.



For Jiang Chengyi, although it was a bit of a pity that it didn’t achieve the desired purpose, but by now, that surveillance was seen by everyone, and the truth really came out.


Whether they thought this was a hype, or Jiang Chengyi was cheating, or that Morning Light was helping him to suppress newcomers, they should at least admit that Jiang Chengyi wasn’t wrong this time. However, because Han Tian admitted his mistakes in a big way, it also made everyone not too harsh on him.



This morning, Xiao Wang came and drove away Jiang Chengyi’s car. So after the press conference, Jiang Chengyi went directly to the garage. Sure enough, he found his car soon.



When he opened the door and went in, Jiang Chengyi saw Xiao Wang sitting in the driver’s seat.



“Brother Jiang, going home now?” Xiao Wang, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, looked back at Jiang Chengyi.


“Mm.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, a little surprised at Xiao Wang’s way of address, Xiao Wang had been with him for three years, at that time he wasn’t very popular, Tang Chengping called him Jason, so Xiao Wang also called him Jason, now he changed? “Why are you suddenly calling me Brother Jiang?”


“I thought I was too casual before, so I changed.” Xiao Wang scratched the back of his head, then he got angry: “Brother Jiang, I never thought that Miss Mo would even drug you, Brother Jiang!”



“I didn’t expect that either.” Jiang Chengyi smiled bitterly, in fact, he originally didn’t even think of taking advantage of this incident to strike Han Tian, but Chen Fang happened to strike, so he went along with it, but unfortunately, in the end, the impact on Han Tian wasn’t much – such a scandal, it was estimated that after some days people wouldn’t remember.


Jiang Chengyi was really good to Mo Yuting. If he had time, he would definitely accompany Mo Yuting, and all kinds of gifts were also given. But in the end, Mo Yuting even drugged Jiang Chengyi for Han Tian! He thought, Mo Yuting took the time to add laxatives, and clearly hoped that Jiang Chengyi had problems during the audition, if it wasn’t for Han Tian, it was for whom?


“Miss Mo is the only daughter of Mr. Han, and Han Tian is the person that Morning Light has just spent a lot of effort to prepare for key training.” Jiang Chengyi said, whether it was Mo Nan or Li Hui, they wouldn’t break the contract with Han Tian because of Han Tian’s fight with him, especially Li Hui. Since he thought Han Tian was suitable for the leading role, he wouldn’t easily change people with his character.



Han Tian created two low-cost films, all of which sold well. Although they weren’t very famous now, many people were optimistic about his potential.


“I just feel angry… Brother Jiang, you don’t know, he is developed now, but his parents didn’t know at all! Such a person…” Xiao Wang said again. Han Tian had been away from home for many years, and he went back for a while before the Spring Festival. Now his image had changed a lot. So in his hometown, nobody knew that he was developed, and his parents didn’t watch movies.




“Stop it, Xiao Wang. If you don’t give up now, it’ll seem like my fault.” Jiang Chengyi said. In two weeks, “Alternative Heroes” would start filming, and his role shouldn’t be much. After that, it was also possible to prepare the casting of “Jia Shen Healing True God”.



At the beginning, the preparation of the crew depended on Ah Rui. However, this time, he wasn’t willing to let him carry all the burden. And after one experience, he believed that he would do better.



Before the shooting of many films, there would be something to attract everyone’s attention. But if it went too far, it would definitely backfire… If he wanted to beat Han Tian, ​​the most important thing was to go further in his acting career than him! Even if he won for a while, he wouldn’t win for a lifetime, would he?



The press conference today was a half failure for Jiang Chengyi, but he found Han Tian’s parents in advance, and also changed some things.



Li Qianqian woke up after a drunken night and cursed and swore to break up with Han Tian in front of Li Baqiu. However, it was hard to let go of her first love until she saw the news.



Li Qianqian had been with Han Tian for half a year. Nobody knew what Han Tian had done in the past half a year better than her, but she had never heard Han Tian mention her parents. Even during the Spring Festival, Han Tian hadn’t returned!


Thinking of this, Li Qianqian suddenly felt a chill.




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