After talking to Li Chao on the phone, Jiang Chengyi transferred a sum of money to him, and at the same time, he also gave a sum of money to his assistant Xiao Wang, and then gave him a call.



Although Xiao Wang had diarrhea, he was fine after two days of rest. rest


Now there was just one thing for him to do.


That night, Jiang Chengyi checked the time difference and then gave Jiang Heng a call.


He wanted to have a good relationship with Jiang Heng, but the scandal haunted him, so he didn’t have time to call, now that it had calmed down, he made another phone call.


Jiang Heng was a famous director in the world, but he never gave him much attention.


He was brought up by his grandparents when he was young. He wasn’t very close to Jiang Heng. At the beginning, when he left in anger, Jiang Heng was also dissatisfied with him, so he let him go. He probably hoped he would fail and go back quietly?



“I always disliked your girlfriend, it’s good to split up now!” After a few words of greeting, Jiang Heng suddenly spoke.


Jiang Chengyi had mixed feelings for a moment, he used to feel that Jiang Heng didn’t care about him, but now listening to Jiang Heng’s words …… If Jiang Heng didn’t care about him, how could he know about Mo Yuting? You know, he never called Jiang Heng before!



“Dad, I don’t like her now .” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth.



“It’s good if you don’t like her! There are plenty of women in this world, to die for a woman is too useless!” Jiang Heng spoke again.


Jiang Chengyi felt uncomfortable. He knew that Jiang Heng never lost women. When he was young, there were women with big bellies who came to visit him… He admired his father, but he couldn’t agree with his father’s behavior.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t say anything, but Jiang Heng said again: “Now that you have entered the entertainment industry and want to get good results, don’t be so emotional. What can be sincere in that place?”


“Dad, what about my mom?” Jiang Chengyi suddenly asked.


Jiang Heng must know Chen Yuan’s situation and current status, but for Jiang Heng, what was Chen Yuan?


“What do you know?” Jiang Heng’s voice was cold all of a sudden.


“I’m just asking, you never told me about her situation!” Back then, he didn’t even know about Chen Yuan’s existence until he died! And what about Chen Yuan? She didn’t show up at all when he was alive, but came out ……



Jiang Heng was silent for a while, “You don’t need to know about her, she swore that she would never find you.” It was indeed his fault back then, so it was normal for Chen Yuan to hate him or hate Jiang Chengyi.



When Jiang Chengyi heard Jiang Heng’s words, his heart sank, he could feel that Jiang Heng was telling the truth: “Dad, what’s going on?”


“Since she doesn’t want you to know about her existence, there’s no need for you to know.” Jiang Heng immediately hung up the phone.



Looking at the hung up phone, Jiang Chengyi could only smile bitterly.



It had only been ten days since he was reborn, and ten days was too little to do anything, when Han Tian wanted to defeat him, it had taken more than a year …… and Han Tian’s luck wasn’t something he could compare with, sometimes it was obviously a very unfavorable situation, but Han Tian still managed to benefit in the end, so he had to be careful.


It was already late, Jiang Chengyi opened the door to go out to pour a glass of water, but found Yu Rui still sitting at the dining room table writing something.


These days, he often saw Yu Rui sitting here writing, and he always stayed in the living room in order to keep Yu Rui company, but now it was already eleven o’clock at night, why was Yu Rui still there?


“Why don’t you go to bed? Staying up late isn’t good for your health.” Jiang Chengyi frowned, Yu Rui’s body, in his impression wasn’t very good.


“Huh?” When Yu Rui heard Jiang Chengyi’s voice, he realized Jiang Chengyi’s presence, and smiled: “Nothing, I had to write a little too much today, so I stayed up late.”


“Is that a script you’re writing? You’re spending so much time on it?” Jiang Chengyi asked curiously, he remembered that at this time Yu Rui was writing a movie script called “Doctor Jia Zhenshen”. This movie, was a funny movie with no connotation. Roughly speaking, when a miracle doctor surnamed Jia went out one day, someone came to ask for a doctor, but mistook his brother for a miracle doctor and kidnapped him. In fact, the person who asked for a doctor pretended to be ill in order to escape marriage.



This film existed just for fun, and finally it was a happy ending after all the complications. Because there were many funny points, good publicity, and many beautiful men and women had been invited to join in, the box office was very good, and it also surpassed the “Alternative Heroes” directed by Li Hui, giving him a small win.


“Yeah, but it’s not a movie script for you. That script is almost done, I’m writing something else.” Yu Rui smiled. He didn’t turn on the air conditioner, and now the living room wasn’t cool, so he had thin sweat on his forehead, a red face, and his always warm smile…..



Jiang Chengyi swallowed a mouthful of water secretly. Yu Rui was the only one who had ever had a relationship with him. Although he was somewhat delirious at that time, he dreamt about it at midnight, as if he had found all the lost memories and it became extremely clear… Unfortunately, now wasn’t the time.



Jiang Chengyi turned his eyes away and looked at the computer screen, only then did he realize that Yu Rui was indeed not writing the script of “Doctor Jia Zhenshen”: “What script are you writing? How come I don’t know about it?”



“I can’t say I’m writ in it, it’s an adaptation,” Yu Rui said, “I took a job from a friend to adapt the novel into a TV script.” The business of screenwriting in China wasn’t good, he earned a good deal, but every month he remitted some money to the orphanage, and after he took out a loan to buy a house, there was basically nothing left.


“I didn’t even know…” Jiang Chengyi was a bit sad. Yu Rui said that he would act in all the scripts he wrote, but he forgot about adaptations.



“I also want to earn money to support my family, although I am the only one in my family.” Yu Rui smiled.




“You are now living in my place and cooking for me, of course I have to support you.” Jiang Chengyi immediately retorted, Yu Rui just came here a few days ago and spent all his money on vegetables. Later, he insisted on giving him the money, but he didn’t charge much… After this incident, it was time for him to buy something for Yu Rui!


“I’m a big man, why do I need you to support me?” Yu Rui smiled, and then closed the computer: “Well, it’s very late now. Aren’t you busy tomorrow? Rest early.”



“Okay.” Jiang Chengyi nodded.



Jiang Chengyi’s place was cozy and calm, but he didn’t know that there was a place that was already in an uproar.


At the beginning of the day, Han Tian coaxed Li Qianqian, but the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Jiang Chengyi just sent out the photos of Mo Yuting with him and Han Tian at this time, which made Li Qianqian waver again .



If Li Qianqian only saw the photos, it was estimated that Han Tian would be able to coax her again, but there was Wei Na beside her.


Wei Na was now twenty-nine years old, she started working as a model when she was seventeen years old, when she was twenty-four years old she started to step into the acting world, although there was a time when she was quite beautiful, now she was already going downhill.


It could be said that her career was almost over. Now, of course, she was very anxious. At the same time, she was trying to find ways to sell herself. When Han Tian came to Morning Light the first day, She was talking about this with several people in similar situations, but didn’t expect to be severely mocked by Han Tian.


Wei Na was very disgusted with Han Tian. Without harming her own interests, she certainly didn’t mind throwing stones at him. Therefore, when she knew that Li Qianqian was Han Tian’s girlfriend, she immediately had an idea.



If someone said a bad thing about a woman’s boyfriend, and they later failed to break up, the person who said bad things would certainly be unlucky.


So after Wei Na spoke, she decided to blacken Han Tian to the extent of universal indignation to ensure that Li Qianqian wouldn’t fall in love with Han Tian. At the same time, she planned to portray herself as a person with a miserable life experience to win sympathy. In this way, even if Li Qianqian and Han Tian were reconciled, she wouldn’t tell Han Tian that she said anything.


Besides, she had another way to go… If nothing happened, Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian would be sworn enemies in the future!


Of course, it was impossible to speak ill of others behind their backs in public, so Wei Na took Li Qianqian to her place. Wei Na was also lucky. After she had almost convinced Li Qianqian that Han Tian was a scum, director Li Hui unexpectedly gave such a comment.



Once Li Hui’s words came out, Li Qianqian had to believe her even if she didn’t believe it any more!



So, in the rest of the day, they simply turned off their mobile phones and talked about their lives while drinking beer.



Li Qianqian complained that her father kept her too tightly under control, complained that her father’s occupation prevented her from living a normal life, and also complained about Han Tian’s deception, and miscellaneously talked about how Han Tian used to get along with her.



Wei Na complained that her father spent too much money, complained that her mother was too weak and used her as a cash cow for her brother, also complained about her boyfriend who used to cheat on her and the humiliation she had been subjected to, and discredited Han Tian without a trace.



Li Qianqian began to cry for herself, and then began to cry for Wei Na. She even felt that she was so miserable even when she was living such a good life.


As for Wei Na, she did it deliberately at the beginning, and worked harder after hearing Li Qianqian’s words and knowing her identity. But in the end, she was also infected by the atmosphere and said the truth.



The two women’s drinking capacity was average. Even if Wei Na only took the beer out, they were still drunk. They slept until someone smashed the door open.



The person who knocked Li Qianqian’s adopted brother, Li Qi.



Li Baqiu adopted Li Qi, who was five years older than Li Qianqian, after Li Qianqian was born. He was very kind to Li Qi and taught Li Qi to be nice to his sister when he was young. He adopted Li Qi to be his son -in-law.



And, because of the fear that the two children living together since childhood would really become brother and sister, he also deliberately let Li Qi live in the home of one of his men who was injured and quit the ga-ng.


Li Baqiu made a lot of preparation. He was very successful in educating Li Qi. But because his daughter was still young, he didn’t let them develop further. But he didn’t expect her to find a boyfriend… Of course, like Mo Nan, Li Baqiu also said that he couldn’t blame his daughter. After confirming that Li Qianqian had broken up with Han Tian, ​​he just handed over his daughter to Li Qi. Li Baqiu hoped that his daughter could get along with Li Qi and develop feelings.



Unfortunately, Li Qi was more obedient to Li Qianqian, even when Li Qianqian wanted to go to morning light company, he didn’t stop her.


However, although he didn’t stop her, he was still worried. Li Qianqian didn’t come home at night, and her number didn’t go through, so Li Qi was worried. He found a lot of people , and finally found out where Li Qianqian was, he immediately smashed the door!


Finally, Li Qi was forced to bring back a woman whose home had been destroyed by him when he brought back the “little wife” he identified.



Although her house was destroyed, Wei Na was very proud of it, because she knew her surroundings and immediately understood that Li Qianqian’s family would welcome her very much!



Although Li Baqiu was a ga-ngster, he was half retiree. He also had a Film Company to launder money and did some serious business at the same time… As long as she took good care of him, she may be able to live a good life!



With this in mind, Wei Na talked about Li Qi’s good point in Li Qianqian’s ear. Sure enough, she immediately saw that the cold faced brother’s attitude towards her had changed a lot. He didn’t even care much about her giving Li Qianqian a drink.


She had to work harder!


The next day’s press conference was one that attracted the attention of many parties.



Jiang Chengyi received quite a few calls during the day, and even Li Hui called him one to inform him that “Alternative Hero” would start filming on June 12.


In fact, all these calls were about the same thing in the final analysis – everyone didn’t want him to make a big deal.


Jiang Chengyi also knew the current situation. He was an artist of Morning Light and had more than a year’s contract left. At this time, he couldn’t go too far. In fact, he didn’t do too much, because he was also afraid that Han Tian would develop better after leaving Morning Light. In that book, Mo Nan found that Han Tian had other women besides his daughter, and he drove Han Tian out of Morning Light. Finally, Han Tian came back, and the company became Han Tian’s.



However, although he wouldn’t do too much, if Han Tian was stupid enough, he would be rude!



Jiang Chengyi looked at those who were standing on the stage and remembered that he was standing on the stage in a trance, playing the role of a young man suffering from love. When he first appeared in this industry, he was very cautious, afraid of going the wrong way and saying the wrong thing. However, in his current position, he had experienced so much wind and rain. Whether it was a reporter or a media, for him, it was only what he could use, not what he needed to be afraid of. Of course, he could make them see what he wanted to show them.



However, Jiang Chengyi was very clear, in this press conference, the most important thing wasn’t his explanation and performance.



“That day was indeed a fight not an audition ……” Jiang Chengyi’s words stopped halfway through because of the commotion at the entrance.


A middle-aged couple came in with the police. Those two were Han Tian’s parents. Han Tian probably forgot them after transmigrating, but they had always been thinking about their son. After someone told them that their son was beaten and gave some guidance, they immediately called the police.





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