Jiang Chengyi wasn’t in a hurry now, and there were several reporters outside, so he didn’t refuse Mo Nan’s offer to send a car to pick him up, and because of this, when he went to Morning Glory, Han Tian and Mo Yuting were already there.


Except at home, Jiang Chengyi would never tear off his disguise, so now he was in a trance and looked unusually haggard, and after entering the door and seeing Mo Yuting and Han Tian, he was even more sad.



Perhaps his acting was too good, Han Tian looked at him contemptuously, also, according to what Jiang Chengyi knew, Han Tian had always despised him as a match who liked Mo Yuting.



“Chengyi, how have you been these days?” When Mo Nan saw Jiang Chengyi, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. He was aware that this was Mo Yuting’s …… fault. Had he known that he wouldn’t have set up these two people in the first place.


“Uncle Mo, I’m okay.” Jiang Chengyi responded.


“Sit down first, let’s discuss it together.” Mo Nan spoke calmly, if this matter was really pushed by Chen Yuan behind the scenes, he was afraid that he must give a better explanation.



“Okay, Uncle Mo.” Jiang Chengyi spoke softly, seeing that Han Tian and Mo Yuting were already sitting on the sofa, he chose another sofa to sit on from afar.



“Dad! What the hell are we going to do now?” Mo Yuting asked, she was the first to be called over by Mo Nan, but other than getting a lecture, Mo Nan didn’t come up with a feasible solution, and then after Han Tian also came over, although Mo Nan no longer lectured her, he also didn’t say a word, so they waited for Jiang Chengyi to come over.



Mo Nan glared at his daughter: “If you toss a little less, would we be looking for what to do?”



“Dad ……” Mo Yuting moved her lips, she had now learned that her previous behavior was a little too much, but she really didn’t like Jiang Chengyi, how come no one understood her?



“Uncle Mo, Tingting …… Miss Mo’s photos appeared on the internet, shouldn’t we control the spread of these photos first?” Jiang Chengyi knew Mo Nan had always been reluctant for Mo Yuting to appear in front of the media.



Mo Nan sighed: “It’s too late now, and it’s getting harder and harder to do now that you and Han Tian’s matter is getting bigger and bigger.” He had always protected his daughter very well, never let her appear in front of the media, the result …… in the end, he blamed Han Tian!

“Mr. Mo!” Han Tian suddenly stood up, “Don’t you find anything wrong in these photos? The few photos of Yu Ting and Jiang Chengyi are almost all frontal photos now, how could they not have noticed when someone took photos in such a situation? In that case, why did these photos still appear?” The few photos of Mo Yuting and him together were not very clear in the end, but the few photos of Mo Yuting and Jiang Chengyi shopping together were a little too clear!



Hearing Han Tian’s words, Mo Nan and Mo Yuting’s expression were a bit ugly, Jiang Chengyi saw this scene and knew that Mo Nan should have asked his daughter about this, of course, Mo Yuting shouldn’t have forgotten about that day either: “Uncle Mo, this is all my fault, if I had known, I should have bought the photos back afterwards.” Jiang Chengyi apologized with a sincere expression.



Mo Nan sighed, compared to the aggressive Han Tian, in his opinion, Jiang Chengyi was really too good: “It’s not your fault, it’s all because of this girl Yuting!” His daughter, too, is too innocent, maybe, he really shouldn’t protect her at all anymore?


Han Tian had been here for a long time, but Mo Nan basically ignored him. Now he was so kind to Jiang Chengyi and didn’t even care about his mistakes. Of course, he couldn’t stand this: “Mr. Mo! I’m here to discuss solutions this time. If you keep doing this, what else is there to discuss?”


Han Tian’s voice wasn’t small, which made Mo Nan even more unhappy. Sometimes humans couldn’t be compared. How nice was Jiang Chengyi to Mo Yuting when they were together before? On New Year’s Day, he treated him like his father, but Han Tian… he didn’t see any respect in the other’s eyes: “If you didn’t rush to hit him first, how could there be such a thing? Are you still reasonable?”


It was true that Han Tian was the one who hit him first, and this couldn’t denied, but Mo Yuting had already asked Han Tian about that day, and after Han Tian said it, she felt that Jiang Chengyi was also at fault: “Dad, it was Jiang Chengyi who first said that Han Tian was gay, and many people heard it that day!”


“Nonsense, a verbal dispute, so you can just fight?” Mo Nan immediately reprimanded.


“Miss Mo!” Jiang Chengyi suddenly stood up, with a face of misunderstood hurt: “Before that day, I had never met Han Tian at all, and at that time, I only knew that he was the person chosen by director Li to play the lead role, so what reason do I have to suddenly run and say that he is gay? Since you think you know a lot about the situation at that time, then you should also know that he was the one who came to talk to me first at that time, right?” After saying this, he collapsed on the sofa again as if all the strength had been drained from his body.




When Mo Yuting first heard Han Tian’s explanation, she thought of her several dates with Han Tian, ​​and thought that Jiang Chengyi should have fought with Han Tian for her sake. But now she recalled that before the fight, Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian didn’t know each other. Although she said she didn’t like Jiang Chengyi, she didn’t say she liked Han Tian.



Since this was the case, she had also seen the surveillance, that day it was Han Tian who went to speak to Jiang Chengyi first, and later it was also Han Tian who hit him first …… It didn’t seem right.


If it weren’t for your disdain, would I hit you? Han Tian looked at Jiang Chengyi indignantly, but he also knew that no one would help him now: “That day the first action was my bad, but the heavier hand, should be you, right?”



Jiang Chengyi smiled bitterly: “Sorry, I was disappointed in love that day, and I was in a bad mood.” Wasn’t it because of Han Tian? So in the final analysis, it was the other party who was wrong.


“Chengyi, you’re innocent in this matter, how about this, hold a press conference, explain about this matter, just tell the truth, just Yuting ……” Mo Nan looked at Jiang Chengyi with a hopeful face, he wanted to appease Jiang Chengyi and Chen Yuan, since this was the case, he could only sacrifice Han Tian – as long as Jiang Chengyi said that day it was Han Tian who took the initiative to provoke the initiative to fight, naturally it would no longer involve Mo Yuting.



“Uncle Mo, I will, I don’t want Miss Mo to get hurt.” Jiang Chengyi immediately agreed.


“What about me?” Han Tian fiercely stood up, he also directed and starred in two good selling movies, he wrote several songs, and now he was even going to be the lead in Li Hui’s New Year’s Eve film …… but now, Mo Nan actually didn’t care about his feelings at all?



“Since you’ve done wrong, you have to take responsibility!” Mo Nan seemed to be talking to Han Tian, but he was looking at his daughter.



Mo Yuting came into contact with her father’s gaze and was also a little embarrassed, but despite this, seeing Jiang Chengyi who was so depressed just because of love, she disliked him even more.



The office was quiet because of Mo Nan’s words, and just at this time, the phone suddenly rang, and the loud ringing sounded very harsh in this quiet office.



Mo Nan answered the phone and hung up without listening to two sentences, and the action was also very big, so it was obvious that he was very angry.




“Dad…” When Mo Nan was obviously angry, only Mo Yuting dared to speak up, because she knew that even if Mo Nan taught her a lesson, it was for her own good and would not hurt her.



“Now there’s no way you won’t get involved, there’s no way!” Mo Nan said, and he was also a little angry with Chen Yuan. He knew Li Hui’s idea of ​​breaking things with Chen Yuan. Now Li Hui suddenly spoke like this. If he didn’t have Chen Yuan’s instructions behind him, he wouldn’t believe it!



When Jiang Chengyi heard Mo Nan’s words, he knew that things should be going in his favor. But he looked concerned: “Uncle Mo, what’s wrong?”


“Chengyi, Li Hui commented and forwarded those two photos.” In fact, Li Hui still did the evaluation in addition to the forwarding.


When Han Tian heard this news, he also knew that Li Hui was bound to have helped Jiang Chengyi and involved Mo Yuting, but he didn’t feel too bad. If Jiang Chengyi opened the press conference only to say that he provoked the first fight, then it was completely his fault, but if Jiang Chengyi said they fought because of Mo Yuting …… Jiang Chengyi’s girlfriend was with him, wasn’t it very honorable?



However, Li Qianqian still needed to be coaxed. With this in mind, Han Tian thought of the way to coax Li Qianqian… By the way, Li Qianqian had always wanted to act in a movie. Would she like a script from him? For example, My Sassy Girlfriend!!!



“Dad, what did he write?” Mo Yuting’s face went white. She was a girl after all. Of course, she didn’t want what she did these days to be made public.



Mo Nan didn’t answer his daughter, he just sighed: “Chengyi, tomorrow night will be a press conference, get ready, as for the rest, you guys go back and read it yourselves.” After saying that, he waved his hand and let them go out.



Jiang Chengyi on the way home, took out his phone to read Li Hui’s comments written on his page and it was more than one: “Recently there was a big fuss, before many people asked me whether or not I was present for the audition scene, the answer is that I saw two men fighting for a woman, and the new love provoking old love …… It coincided with these pictures. It’s just that some people took the initiative to be a supporting role, but didn’t want to become a supporting role in life, very unlucky.”



Such a paragraph was the truth, and in fact, that day’s events were indeed Han Tian’s fault.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t expect to be whitewashed before the press conference – it wasn’t his fault that Han Tian stole his girlfriend and took the lead in provoking him! Now there were quite a few people who supported him instead, but of course, there were a few who felt that this fight was Li Hui’s way to hype his new drama “Alternative Hero”.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t care about this, after all, the person who benefitted from this incident was still him, but there was still a hard battle to fight tomorrow.



And now, the person who targeted him was shot in the dark, his affair with Han Tian and Mo Yuting was also “the truth”.



In that book, Han Tian’s first woman was Li Qianqian. Then, although he got to know Mo Yuting, he didn’t make further progress because of Mo Nan and his obstruction. At the same time, Han Tian had a second woman, the actress Zhou Yunyun.



Initially, although he embraced left and right, he still didn’t let these people know, so he didn’t know what he was going to do now ……



Although Li Hui helping him was good for him, Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help but wonder – why did Li Hui help him? Could it be that it was because of his mother?



No matter how many storms there were outside, the house was still very quiet, and when he saw Yu Rui, Jiang Chengyi relaxed, and his face didn’t have that fake sadness and despondency.


“How is the situation now?” Yu Rui asked.



“Pretty good, tomorrow I’m going to hold a press conference, then I’ll make everything clear.” Jiang Chengyi was no stranger to press conferences.



“That’s good, I’ll go cook.” Yu Rui secretly let out a sigh of relief. Now the matter involved Mo Yuting, but Jiang Chengyi didn’t take it seriously at all …… Seeing such a situation, he couldn’t say whether he was happy or felt lost, in just a few days, how did Jiang Chengyi change so much?



Yu Rui went to cook, but Jiang Chengyi called Li Chao: “Now I’m almost done with Han Tian, in that case, can I know, who has been targeting me?” After he was reborn, he felt that someone seemed to be targeting him, and he guessed something about the person who was targeting him, and if it was really that person, then Li Chao, as a journalist of great fame, should also know something about it.



Jiang Chengyi being so straightforward made Li Chao freeze, after a while, he laughed: “I have no evidence, but if there is no accident, the person who dealt with you should be Chen Fang.”



Exactly the person he thought of …… Chen Fang had united with Han Tian against her sister Chen Yuan in the book, and now it was normal for her to want to deal with him, after all, she wanted to get the company.


Li Chao didn’t hear Jiang Chengyi’s response for a moment, he laughed again: “Jiang Chengyi, did you reject her? Why else would she want to deal with you?”



“I remember that she likes fierce men, it is possible that she has taken a fancy to Han Tian.” Jiang Chengyi responded, Chen Fang’s private life was very messy, everyone knew she backed several young lovers.



“Then maybe it’s because of the competition between the two companies,” Li Chao gave another reason, and then spoke, “I have something to do, I’ll hang up first.”



Jiang Chengyi felt that Li Chao hung up the phone a little too quickly at the end, but he didn’t take it seriously.



But nowadays, many things were related to his mother, maybe he should really find a chance to meet her? Of course, the most important thing now was still tomorrow’s press conference.





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