Although Han Tian was beaten by Jiang Chengyi a few days ago, he didn’t feel bad because Mo Yuting was on his side and would often visit him. Although the two didn’t start a relationship, every time Mo Yuting would want to stay with him for a long time, but the fact that a beauty liked him, made Han Tian happy.



However, what Han Tian didn’t expect was that after a few days of rest, as he returned to the Morning Light agency, he actually saw his ex-girlfriend Li Qianqian.


Li Qianqian had a lively and beautiful personality, and was a great admirer, Han Tian actually still liked her, but Li Qianqian’s father said to his face that he wasn’t good enough for his daughter, which was enough to make him harbor a grudge. Plus Li Qianqian had a bad temper. Later, he created and starred in the two films invested by the other, but the other only gave him 30% of the net profits.


All kinds of contradictions broke out instantly. Of course, he signed an contract with Morning Light and broke up with Li Qianqian at the same time.


However, although they broke up, he still remembered Li Qianqian, after all, the other was his first girlfriend, so after seeing the other in the morning light, Han Tian was happy.



“Han Tian ……” Li Qianqian wavered and saw that Wei Na had disappeared, Wei Na was gone, but what the other said was imprinted on her heart.


“Qianqian!” Han Tian took a few steps forward and shook Li Qianqian’s hand: “I’m really happy that you came to see me.”


Li Qianqian quickly sobered up, thinking of what she had just heard, anger rose in her heart, she shook off Han Tian’s hand, “Han Tian! I’m not your girlfriend anymore! Don’t touch me!”



“Qianqian, don’t be petty!” Han Tian immediately frowned.



“How am I being petty? Han Tian, do you have another woman?” Li Qianqian immediately glared at Han Tian, she was still helping Han Tian out, but Han Tian had another girlfriend ……


Han Tian wasn’t willing to suffer, Li Qianqian shoved his hand and also questioned him like this, he was naturally dissatisfied: “You said you are no longer my girlfriend? Then what are you asking this for?”



“I…” Li Qianqian felt wrong for a moment. Half a month ago, Han Tian said that it was right to break up, but she didn’t agree. She really felt that it was just a small contradiction. It would be OK to persuade her father. If it weren’t for this issue, she wouldn’t still pay attention to Han Tian….


Seeing Li Qianqian’s aggrieved expression, Han Tian didn’t care about her being offended, but he was aware of her power, so he hurriedly coaxed: “I broke up with you only a few days? How could there be another woman?” Although he had recently gotten very close to Mo Yuting, the two of them really hadn’t been together.



“What you say is true?” Li Qianqian asked, not knowing whether to believe it or not, these days she more or less understand the situation, it seemed that many people in the morning light didn’t like Han Tian?


“Of course it’s true! Although we had to break up, but I still love only you, I can swear!” Han Tian immediately expressed his loyalty.


“I don’t want you to swear!” When Li Qianqian heard the other’s words, her face instantly turned red, but she was still thinking about the purpose of her visit: “Han Tian, how did you get into a fight with someone? Is the injury serious?”


“That Jiang Chengyi is too hateful, not to mention looking down on me, he also called me gay!” Han Tian added: “You don’t know, he just relies on the fact that the boss likes him to act recklessly!” He also had no liking for Mo Nan, who pushed his daughter into the fire pit and always helped Jiang Chengyi… Hmpt, he would make him regret one day!



“Why did he say you were gay for no reason?” Li Qianqian still felt that something was wrong.


“He’s sick in the head! Qianqian, you know I’m injured so you came to see me, right? How about I take you for a stroll around Morning Light?” Han Tian digressed, intending to coax Li Qianqian first.



Being diligently taken around by Han Tian, Li Qianqian felt cherished. Han Tian had been very good to her, there was no way that the two only broke up a few days ago, yet there was another woman, right? If Han Tian was really with the boss’s daughter, how would he dare to take her around morning light? Li Qianqian’s suspicions subsided a few more points.


Han Tian walked around with Li Qianqian, and naturally he went to the Hall. Li Qianqian, who had been following Han Tian’s news these days, knew that this was where they fought.


Although Li Qianqian was only 18 years old and didn’t understand anything, she couldn’t help being a gangster. So she looked around and saw several cameras in the hall. Of course, she knew that there was surveillance here.


Obviously monitoring could prove everything, someone accused Jiang Chengyi of beating Han Tian, yet the company said it was an audition …… in the end was it because the company wanted to protect Jiang Chengyi or because of the involvement of the boss’s daughter?


Li Qianqian was still looking around, but Han Tian received a call from Mo Yuting, he took two steps to the side and picked up the phone: “Hey, something wrong?”



“Han Tian! Our photos have been posted on the Internet! My dad is looking for you!” Mo Yuting immediately spoke.



The rumors about fight between Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian had stopped for a few days after they came up with the “audition” explanation, but now it was getting worse again, so Mo Nan was looking for someone to keep an eye on the situation, and under such circumstances, when these photos appeared, they certainly found out.


When Han Tian heard Mo Yuting’s words, his expression changed at once: “I know!”


He hung up the phone and turned to Li Qianqian who was beside him, “Qianqian, I have something to take care of, play by yourself first, I’ll call you later.”


“Mm!” Li Qianqian nodded.



Han Tian saw Li Qianqian’s innocent appearance, she was in casual clothes with a ponytail, he leaned down and gave the other a kiss on the cheek, then hurriedly walked away. If this thing didn’t happen, after he re-encountered Li Qianqian, it was easy to coax her to get back together with him, if they got back together, based on the power in the hands of Li Qianqian alone, he’d be able to make Jiang Chengyi unlucky, but …… Han Tian couldn’t help feeling chagrined.



Being kissed, Li Qianqian blushed for a while, then walked towards the place where she spoke with Wei Na before – Wei Na and Han Tian said something completely different, she must find the other to ask for proof!



Li Qianqian walked all the way back, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that it should be Wei Na that lied to her, obviously others weren’t willing to talk about this, why was Wei Na willing to talk? Maybe, Wei Na was someone her father or her brother found to lie to her!


“Qianqian, so you know Han Tian!” Wei Na leaned against the door and saw Li Qianqian returning. She looked at her warmly, but she had to admit that she was wrong.


Who did she think Li Qianqian was? She didn’t expect her to be Han Tian’s friend… Maybe, like Mo Yuting, Han Tian felt she was pure?


“Sister Wei Na, what you said before is true?” Li Qianqian walked up to Wei Na. Seeing Wei Na’s warm attitude, she felt even worse. If Wei Na really had something to do with her father and brother… Hum!


After finding out that Li Qianqian and Han Tian relationship wasn’t normal, Wei Na had begun to regret what she said before, she guessed, Li Qianqian was young, maybe she was Han Tian’s cousin or something …… If Li Qianqian told Han Tian what she said, then she couldn’t eat!


Because of this thought, Wei Na suddenly became enthusiastic, and made up her mind to say good things about Han Tian. As for the paragraph she said before …… anyway, she only said one sentence and was interrupted by Han Tian, right? Since this was the case, then she’d say that she just heard some gossip from others, anyway, she was a little girl, they were easy to coax.



Wei Na was very reluctant, but a woman like her who could only find small roles to play, couldn’t afford to offend someone like Han Tian – Han Tian had two identities besides actor, scriptwriter and Mo Yuting’s concubine!


“Which words? You mean what I said to you before? That is also what I heard ……”


“Sister Wei Na, Sister Wei Na! There is big news!” Suddenly, a girl in her twenties ran towards here, interrupting Wei Na’s words.


“What big news?” Wei Na looked at the other curiously, she knew this girl, this girl who wasn’t too old was the newcomer who had just come to Morning Light for training.


The girl immediately handed over a cell phone, “Sister Wei Na, look for yourself.”



The phone showed two photos, one was a photo of Mo Yuting and Jiang Chengyi together, the two were walking side by side and talking with their heads down, the other was a photo of Mo Yuting and Han Tian together, the two were holding hands.


Seeing these two photos, Wei Na put down the mental calculation she had mentioned before because she was worried about being bothered by Han Tian. She wasn’t afraid that Li Qianqian would go to Han Tian and speak ill of her. She handed her mobile phone to the other, “Qianqian, look at it for yourself. I can’t speak ill of others.”


Li Qianqian took the phone curiously. Seeing the two photos, she was dumbfounded. She zoomed in and looked carefully. One of them was Han Tian.



This photo was posted by someone, and they added the phrase “The truth! In fact, Han Tian was digging up Jiang Chengyi’s corner, and only then did the two of them fight in front of the public.”



“This photo, it can’t be P, right? Who is this woman?” Li Qianqian rounded her eyes, a face of anger Could it be that her father did this too? No, these two people were stuck together, and it couldn’t be photo shopped.


[TN: Photoshop]

Wei Na suddenly felt that Li Qianqian’s attitude was a bit off: “Qianqian, what is your relationship with Han Tian?” Because Li Qianqian looked young, she also didn’t feel that Han Tian dared to hook up with other girls while being with Mo Yuting, so subconsciously, she felt that Li Qianqian should be Han Tian’s sister, but now ……



“I am his girlfriend!” Li Qianqian spoke directly, forgetting her breakup with Han Tian.


Wei Na froze, then laughed away: “Qianqian, how did you fall for such a scum?”



Before she failed to reveal Han Tian’s true colors, letting Han Tian call away Li Qianqian was Han Tian’s good luck, now, she wouldn’t let Han Tian have a good time!


Pulling such a big young lady would be beneficial to her, but this was an emotional issue, she had to be careful …… Wei Na changed to an angry expression,: “This is simply a flower stuck in the cow dung! No, cow dung can also be used as fertilizer, Han Tian is clearly a garbage pile!”



When Wei Na had made up her mind to pick on Li Qianqian, Jiang Chengyi had also received a call from Mo Nan.


Seeing those photos and thinking about this series of things, Mo Nan didn’t think that Jiang Chengyi was the one who did it. However, when he thought that Jiang Chengyi was really interested in his daughter and must be feeling heartbroken, this doubt disappeared.



However, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t do anything like this, but that woman… Mo Nan suddenly found that he had forgotten Jiang Chengyi’s mother! Even if Chen Yuan was angry with Jiang Chengyi’s father, Jiang Chengyi was her only child after all. Now Jiang Chengyi had suffered a loss… In the end, he was wrong.



Because he thought of this, when Mo Nan called Jiang Chengyi, he was very kind.



“Okay, Uncle Mo, I’ll be right over.” Jiang Chengyi’s attitude wasn’t bad, but he spoke with a thick nasally voice.



After he hung up the phone, his voice was back to normal, he turned to Yu Rui: “A Rui, I’m going to Morning Light.”


“Mm.” Yu Rui nodded: “I’ll wait for you to come back.”


“Okay!” Jiang Chengyi’s heart felt sweet, hearing the words “wait for you to come back”, he thought of the scene of a wife sending her husband out, how warm was this?



Jiang Chengyi went out, but Yu Rui had also seen the photo on the Internet, sighing, he called Li Chao: “Is this photo from Jiang Chengyi?”



“That’s right,” Li Chao rubbed his eyebrows, “although I think he did a good job, but with such a heart, you’re no match for him.”



“It’s Mo Yuting ……” Yu Rui thought of how Jiang Chengyi seemed to be in a good mood at home these days, and also felt a little strange – even if he lost his love and behaved abnormally, he shouldn’t like this, right?


“Well, your family’s Jiang Chengyi is the best ……”



“Li Chao!” Yu Rui was made a little embarrassed.



“Okay, I won’t say anymore, if you want to help him, give Li Hui a call!” Li Chao thought of the reality of the situation, he was a little regretful that he said those flirtatious words, even if Jiang Chengyi gave him the opportunity to make a fortune this time, but between Yu Rui and Jiang Chengyi ……





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