When Jiang Chengyi saw Han Tian’s distorted expression, he suddenly felt very happy.




Han Tian was a man of “true temperament”. Mo Yuting’s assessment of him was that he was frank, sincere and not hypocritical. Therefore, he would swear at others on the first day of dawn. Now, Jiang Chengyi said so about him. How could he do nothing?




“Fu-ck! You’re the one who’s gay!” Han Tian jumped to his feet all of a sudden.



Although Jiang Chengyi really liked the same s-ex, no one knew about him except himself. Even if there was a scandal about him, it was just a scandal. Although the reporter speculated about his relationship with Yu Rui, no one cared except Mo Yuting.



“When you accused me, I didn’t care, what are you so angry about now?” Jiang Chengyi looked at Han Tian in a good-natured way. Even if Han Tian had made two films and became popular, he wasn’t as popular as him. At the beginning, he lowered his identity to argue with him because of his provocation, which was really a silly act. It just made people think that he bullied others with his power. But now he didn’t fight with him, so Han Tian’s true character showed.


Han Tian hated it when people didn’t take him seriously, and Jiang Chengyi’s attitude was extremely nonchalant and in a fit of anger, he swung out with a punch.



Han Tian crossed to this parallel world almost half a year ago, in the original world, he was a geek, of course he wasn’t good at fighting, but after crossing, he now had a very strong body, in the previous six months he mixed in the g-ang, met a number of ga-ng brothers not to mention, his ex-girlfriend Li Qianqian was also a capable fighter, so he also began to like to talk with fists, but, in the end, he hadn’t experienced formal training ……


The first punch of Han Tian came, Jiang Chengyi quickly dodged, but when he just backed away, Han Tian kicked at him again.




In public, Jiang Chengyi originally didn’t intend to fight with Han Tian, but the combination of old and new hatred made him red-eyed for a moment.


He died at the hands of Han Tian. If Han Tian hadn’t poisoned him with the overpowering dr-ug, he wouldn’t have died in such a shameful way!


Jiang Chengyi fought back.


Two big men, fighting in the hall of the morning light! The surrounding actors who watched the action here were all dumbfounded for a while, these two were just fine, especially Jiang Chengyi, obviously one second it was a breezy look, the next second it became so fierce ……, or was it because of the loss of love?



At this time, although Han Tian knew how to use bad moves when fighting, he didn’t know how to hit the key points. On the contrary, it was Jiang Chengyi. Because he had to protect himself when acting, he always knew where the key points were, but acting is acting in the end. People in martial arts movies could perform moves, but they couldn’t fight well. Han Tian hit him in the face, but Jiang Chengyi hit Han Tian in the key part. Soon, they were both embarrassed.



“Pull them apart quickly!” Mo Nan’s voice suddenly sounded, Jiang Chengyi suddenly returned to his senses, and stopped when several assistants came over.


“Jiang Chengyi! How can you just hit people?” Mo Yuting suddenly rushed over and stopped in front of Han Tian, looking at Jiang Chengyi with complicated eyes.



After she went back yesterday, her father started to work on her, asking her to find Jiang Chengyi to apologize, but the more Mo Nan said, the more she didn’t want to apologize, even to the point that her original guilt was gone. And now, as soon as she came to the company, she saw Jiang Chengyi hitting someone, now she even had an opinion about Jiang Chengyi.



Previously, he was accused of casually scolding people, this time it was accused of casually hitting people …… Jiang Chengyi touched his face, although he was also hit by a few punches, but Han Tian was more hurt, now he was a little regretful that he didn’t find a few rings to wear – the effect would have doubled.



After sorting out his clothes, Jiang Chengyi looked at Mo Yuting: “You’d better find out who hit first!”



“Yes, you still don’t know what kind of person Xiao Jiang is? How could he just hit someone!” Mo Nan opened his mouth, even if it was Jiang Chengyi who hit the person first, he who knew about Han Tian’s existence from his daughter’s mouth yesterday, still had to help Jiang Chengyi.



He had always been reluctant to let his daughter get involved with the show business, he could let Jiang Chengyi and his daughter date, because in addition to Jiang Chengyi’s good character, Jiang Chengyi’s identity was prominent, but Han Tian was different, character first, Han Tian graduated from high school to make a living as a group actor, he wouldn’t agree to let Mo Yuting and him together.



“He must be holding a grudge because of what happened yesterday!” Mo Yuting’s voice lowered a lot. She already vaguely liked Han Tian, unlike Jiang Chengyi, Han Tian replies on his own efforts, from a mass actor to this step today, in addition to acting, he could also write scripts and songs, more importantly, Han Tian was also very good and warm to her.



Li Hui followed Mo Nan in and saw the scene he was also shocked, but he had seen too many scenes in the end, directly after looking for someone to ask what happened before, his expression was also ugly: “Enough!”



Li Hui’s identity, the people present were aware of, so when he said this, even Mo Yuting, also dare not speak again.



However, Han Tian had patted Li Hui’s back last night, and thought he was familiar with him: “Director Li! It’s just that someone heard that you chose me as the lead actor because you saw me fighting with someone and wanted to try out my skills.” He was putting the blame on Jiang Chengyi.



“If you want to discuss acting in the future, don’t choose a place like this.” Li Hui looked around and opened his mouth to round up the situation, but at the same time, he was also a bit depressed, he was planning to let Han Tian play the lead role after seeing the movie he was in, but now, he felt that the other’s character was really not good. But even if he had some opinion about Han Tian now, he had seen many artists with character problems, as long as Han Tian could play the scene well, the problem wasn’t big.



On the contrary, Jiang Chengyi …… previously he didn’t like Jiang Chengyi for personal reasons, and later saw that the other party’s acting skills and attitude was good so he had a change of heart, now look, this child was really quite unlucky ……


There was Li Hui, Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian even if they wouldn’t continue fighting, after determining that both sides weren’t seriously hurt, several people went upstairs together.


Han Tian said a lot to Li Hui along the way. While he was insignificantly flattering him, he also gave Li Hui a lot of advice. Mo Yuting looked at him with a little admiration, while Mo Nan looked at Jiang Chengyi with an apologetic expression.


Jiang Chengyi didn’t bother with those people, he knew he shouldn’t have been so impulsive before, but since he had already been impulsive, shouldn’t he get a little benefit from it?


Everyone had different thoughts, but in the following time, both sides signed the contract with Li Hui peacefully.


After signing the contract, Li Hui said some more words to Mo Nan and then let the others leave, but Jiang Chengyi was left behind by him.


“Director Li, is something wrong?” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth and asked, although there was a faint bruise on his face, it didn’t affect him much.



“It’s nothing. You can sit here for a while.” Li Hui spoke. If he left Jiang Chengyi stay behind, people would surely think that he valued him. In addition, Mo Nan and his colleagues could get to know about the situation during this time to avoid quarreling again.


“Thank you, director Li.” Jiang Chengyi also reacted, but he was a little surprised by Li Hui’s kindness.



According to his speculation, Li Hui should have acted so strangely because he was good friends with his mother Chen Yuan and his mother had made a request, only that Li Hui didn’t seem like someone who would meddle in the matter.



In fact, not only Jiang Chengyi found it strange, even the two people following Li Hui also found it strange – even if what happened before was Han Tian’s fault, Li Hui wasn’t someone who would be so kind.



Li Hui told Jiang Chengyi to sit down for a while before going out, and really just sat down for a while. In the following time, he didn’t say a word, but just held a book and quietly read.


After a while, Jiang Chengyi saw that the people around Li Hui had started to pack up their things, so he took the initiative to stand up and say goodbye to go out, and as soon as he went out, he received a lot of sympathetic glances – these Morning Glory artists, after seeing Mo Yuting helping Han Tian, had already imagined a love-hate relationship, so naturally they felt that Jiang Chengyi was very unlucky. The actual situation, of course, Jiang Chengyi would continue to be unlucky, because he had to work with Han Tian in the movie.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t care what others thought, and it was better to have someone sympathizing with him than to have everyone hate him, but to his surprise, Mo Nan and Mo Yuting were standing outside the door, and when they saw him, Mo Nan had more guilt on his face, while Mo Yuting, was embarrassed.


“Xiao Jiang, I’m really sorry about before, talk to Yuting properly, young people misunderstandings are easily solved so it’s okay.”


“Uncle,” Jiang Chengyi closed his eyes slightly, and when he opened them again, he already had a sad expression, “Uncle, Yu Ting does not like me, I won’t force anyone, in my opinion, it is better for me and Yu Ting’s engagement to be broken.”



“Xiao Jiang ……” Mo Nan still want to salvage, but Li Hui came out, he was the boss of the company, of course, he couldn’t neglect Li Hui because of the two young people’s emotional problems.



Mo Nan sent Li Hui out, while Mo Yuting was incredulous: “What did you say?”


“Let’s break up.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, he now felt sick at the sight of Mo Yuting.


“Why?” Mo Yuting was astonished: “You like someone else?”


“It’s you who likes someone else!” Jiang Chengyi looked at Mo Yuting, but he didn’t have the sadness he pretended to have in front of Mo Nan: “Since you like Han Tian, what’s the point of us being together again?”



“I ……” Mo Yuting was a little overwhelmed, she had always wanted to break up, but when Jiang Chengyi proposed to break up, she felt a little lost again.



“Give me the ring on your hand.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, he no longer wanted to talk to Mo Yuting any more. However, he was glad that although he proposed to Mo Yuting, because Mo Yuting wasn’t very old, not many people knew about it, so it was easy to break the engagement.



Mo Yuting was somewhat reluctant, but she was spoiled from childhood, and Jiang Chengyi was now acting so cold …… she took off the ring on her hand and threw it to Jiang Chengyi: “Break up then break up!”


Jiang Chengyi wasn’t angry, he took off the ring on his hand at the same time, then threw it directly into the trash: “We are not together anymore.”



Mo Yuting looked at Jiang Chengyi for a while, then suddenly covered her eyes, turned around and ran away.


Because the next film to be shot “alternative heroes” needed to do some publicity in the early stages, Tang Chengping had been looking for people to discuss to go, Jiang Chengyi temporarily had nothing to do, and didn’t want to face Mo Nan and his persuasive words, he simply found a driver to send him home.


Jiang Chengyi was very unlucky these days, which was known by everyone in the company. No one was surprised at his choice.



This time, when Jiang Chengyi returned, Yu Rui was sitting at the table, writing something in a thick book with a pen, and a laptop was also open.


“Are you writing a script?” Jiang Chengyi asked.




“Yeah,” Yu Rui turned his head and saw the injury on Jiang Chengyi’s face, the smile on his face immediately turned into concern, “What happened to your face?”



“I was beaten up,” Jiang Chengyi confessed, “by a crazy person.”



“You were in the company, how did you get beaten up?” Yu Rui was heartbroken, he did like Jiang Chengyi, but because he knew Jiang Chengyi’s aptitude, he kept his feelings well hidden and had no intention of telling the other party, nor did he intend to have a result. But even if he didn’t intend to have a result, he still didn’t want to see Jiang Chengyi get hurt.


“It’s okay, I hit him harder.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, then changed the subject, “I want to eat red meat for lunch.”


Yu Rui knew that Jiang Chengyi didn’t want to talk about it, and what Jiang Chengyi didn’t want to talk about, he wouldn’t force to ask, so he could only speak, “Then I’ll go buy vegetables.”


“Hmm.” Jiang Chengyi immediately nodded, the next few days, he shouldn’t have to go out because of his face injury, but this time to stay at home with Yu Rui was also good, but there was little …… time to find someone to keep an eye on Han Tian!



As soon as Yu Rui went out, he wanted to make a phone call to Tang Chengping to ask about Jiang Chengyi, but he didn’t want to receive a call from Li Chao.


“Li Chao, what’s up?” Yu Rui answered the phone and asked curiously.


“Of course something is wrong! Something big is going to happen to that sweetheart of yours!” Li Chao opened his mouth angrily. He also knew that his friend liked Jiang Chengyi, but he really disagreed with this point.


Even if Yu Rui was GAY, it wssokay to find someone like him and live a good life, how come he liked a straight one?


“Chengyi? What’s going to happen to him?” Yu Rui thought of the injury on Jiang Chengyi’s face and asked curiously. He was an orphan, so was Li Chao, the two grew up together, the other could be said to be his best friend, and as a rather famous entertainment reporter, Li Chao knew a lot of things.



“I feel as if someone has targeted him recently, and he himself is too inattentive …… I have some photos here of him fighting with someone, and now these photos have also appeared on the Internet, saying that he beat up a newcomer who stole his role.” Li Chao continued: “But I got the inside information that the newcomer robbed his girlfriend, put more effort, maybe he can make him like you.”



“I see.” Yu Rui hung up the phone, he wasn’t in the mood to buy food, so he walked back directly.


The photos couldn’t be delayed. The sooner he dealt with them, the better. However, feelings…… Jiang Chengyi liked women. Even if Jiang Chengyi was lovelorn, he didn’t need to be involved.


After a few steps, Yu Rui thought of something else and picked up his phone again.





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