Today, Jiang Chengyi also saw Yu Rui’s abnormal performance and his behavior of often peeking at him. He had to say that he was very proud when he found this, and even deliberately showed Yu Rui some of his most perfect smiles.


However, his such behavior, in Yu Rui’s opinion, was clearly to hide his sadness.



The two of them talked for a long time with different thoughts, thinking about what they would encounter the next day, Jiang Chengyi finally went back to his room early.



Han Tian had already written two scripts and shot two movies by this time, whether it was “Crazy Stone” or “Nightclub”, both of which were well received, so although he had just emerged in the entertainment industry, he was already more popular than many people who had been in the entertainment industry for decades longer than him.



And, in addition to the movie, he also wrote several songs, such a person, although Morning light just signed him, it was impossible to give him the treatment of a newcomer, because of his previous achievements, he was probably filled with complacency and arrogance.



Such a Han Tian was both good and bad to deal with, because he didn’t care about the rules of the entertainment industry and only acted according to his preferences. Thinking about the insult he would receive tomorrow, Jiang Chengyi’s expression changed.



Fortunately, he had already gone through all that, so he would never let things get worse.



Thinking about Han Tian’s character, Jiang Chengyi thought of one more thing. In the book, Han Tian only became sinister when his movie was deadlocked by him at the box office …… He, a supporting character, seemed to have the task of making the main character grow up… …



He went back to the room to check the news online, but Jiang Chengyi suddenly received a call from Tang Chengping.



“Brother Tang, is something wrong?”



“Jason, I just got the news that the male lead of director Li’s film has been chosen.” Tang Chengping was a bit dissatisfied with Jiang Chengyi for giving up the role of the male lead, and now Li Hui had selected the male lead so quickly, which made him feel even more that Jiang Chengyi was too stupid for not fighting for it in the morning.



Jiang Chengyi was stunned, originally, after his failed audition today, Han Tian would have been chosen by Li Hui to be the male lead in his upcoming movie “Alternative Hero”, but Li Hui didn’t make a decision …… how could it be determined all of a sudden? “Who is it?”


“It’s an artist the company just signed, called Han Tian,” Tang Chengping spoke, “Jason, you know this person, right? He’s very talented.”


Of course Jiang Chengyi knew Han Tian, but Li Hui didn’t choose him in the morning, how come he was chosen in the evening? Although he knew that the male lead would probably still be played by Han Tian, Jiang Chengyi was a bit surprised: “How did director Li see him?”



“Jason, Han Tian’s previous agency, Golden Empire is controlled by the mob, you should know this, right? He came to Morning Glory because of the unequal distribution of proceeds with Golden Empire, but for some reason, Golden Empire didn’t pursue it too much. Just this evening, he and the Golden Empire people bumped into each other, the two sides disagreed and fought, as director Li saw and selected him on the spot.” Tang Chengping opened his mouth, still feeling a little surprised.



Han Tian could come out safely from the Golden Empire was entirely because he hooked up with the gang’s Missy, that less than 20-year-old bratty little girl was completely committed to him, even if Han Tian had asked to break up, she still pestered him …… As for fighting, Han Tian’s fighting was all kinds of bad moves, and he was proud of it… When Jiang Chengyi remembered that the protagonist of “Alternative Heroes” was actually a bandit, he finally understand why Li Hui chose Han Tian. However, Han Tian was really lucky. Did he really deserve to be the leading role?



“His luck is quite good, Brother Tang, is there anything else?” Jiang Chengyi asked. At the beginning, although Li Hui was the director of “Alternative Heroes”, with a super cast and an investment of 180 million yuan, it was still defeated by Yu Rui at the box office. This was also the reason why Jiang Chengyi didn’t plan to be the leading role himself. If he became the leading role, and Han Tian played the leading role, would those blockbuster films he later created be reversed?


“There’s only one thing left, tomorrow director Li will also come to Morning Glory, by then you and Han Tian will have to sign together …… can you come tomorrow?” Tang Chengping only then suddenly remembered that Jiang Chengyi was just out of love.



“No problem.” Tomorrow, it was time to settle the matter of Mo Yuting completely, by this time, Mo Nan must be completely speechless.




“That’s good.” Tang Chengping relaxed. He had talked with the crew about signing the contract and won a good film reward for Jiang Chengyi. If Jiang Chengyi didn’t go, it would be bad.



Jiang Chengyi had no time to think about expressing his feelings when Han Tian’s affairs came out. The next morning, when he got up, he saw the breakfast prepared by Yu Rui for him.


“Xiao Wang is sick, should I follow you to the company?” Sitting down opposite Jiang Chengyi, Yu Rui asked.



“No, there’s nothing else today except the signing.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, the publicity of the previous TV series had all been done, and the new drama hadn’t started shooting, he had nothing to do for the time being.



“Then I’ll wait for you to come back.”



Jiang Chengyi suddenly had a feeling that he was a husband who had to go out to work, and Yu Rui was a wife waiting for him at home.


Jiang Chengyi had just finished his meal when the driver came to pick him up. The weather was fine two days ago, but today it was raining heavily, but Jiang Chengyi took the car to and from the house, so it didn’t affect him much.



It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the morning light, the hall downstairs held a lot of people as usual, even more than yesterday, he thought the news that Han Tian was suddenly chosen to do the lead role had spread, so there were so many people gathered here to try their luck.



He guessed the news that he refused to play the lead role yesterday and Mo Yuting dumped him had also spread. When Jiang Chengyi went in, he received all kinds of stares, while he looked around the hall and saw several familiar faces at the same time, but he didn’t see Han Tian.



Could it be that he missed the first encounter with Han Tian because he came at the wrong time?



That was right, the first encounter, in the beginning, he had diarrhea during the audition, and then went to the hospital, so even if Li Hui chose Han Tian as the lead, he didn’t have the opportunity to clash with him, but the next day when he was a little better to come to the morning light, he happened to run into Han Tian.



He knew Han Tian and knew that yesterday’s audition was a bargain for the other, so of course his expression wasn’t good, and Han Tian hated it when people underestimate him and scorned him, and he was thinking of helping Mo Yuting “take revenge”, so the two of them inevitably had a verbal conflict.



“S-hit, it’s raining really hard today!” A voice suddenly sounded in the hall.



Jiang Chengyi was walking inside when he heard this familiar voice and subconsciously stopped in his tracks.



Han Tian …… they really did run into each other!


As soon as he entered the door, he didn’t expect everyone’s eyes to be on the person in front of him. He felt a little uncomfortable at the moment. When the person in front turned around, he quickly recognized the other person.



Jiang Chengyi! He just met Mo Yuting’s boyfriend, a simple and gentle girl who was completely different from his previous unruly girlfriend Li Qianqian! When Han Tian thought of the two news he saw about Jiang Chengyi, he couldn’t help but feel some contempt.



A man, a man with a girlfriend, had a scandal with another man, this Jiang Chengyi was really too disgusting!




Of course, what made him feel even more uncomfortable was that the director Li Hui, who saw him for the lead role, had once publicly said that the choice of the lead should be Jiang Chengyi not to mention that yesterday he heard that Jiang Chengyi refused to play the lead role before he was chosen.



Jiang Chengyi, wasn’t it just his face? Han Tian thought he saw slight contempt in Jiang Chengyi’s eyes. After a moment of thinking, he suddenly caught up with Jiang Chengyi with a smile: “Jiang Chengyi? Are you Ziaoji?”



It was the same question as in his last life… Jiang Chengyi stood still, looked at Han Tian calmly, and asked the same question he had asked before: “What is Zaoji?”



Han Tian’s face showed an obscene smile. He leaned close to Jiang Chengyi and whispered, “Zaoji is a man with a man. Chicken and chicken placed together.”



[TN: Chicken —- di–*k]



Still the same answer as when …… in this world, the word “Ziaoji” didn’t appear, although Jiang Chengyi didn’t like Han Tian, but when Han Tian asked him, he wasn’t in a mood, he subconsciously asked “Zaoji is what”, then Han Tian gave such an answer.




At that time, he had diarrhea for a day, and he was in a bad mood because of his failed audition caused by someone’s dru-gging. So he quickly cursed at him, making Han Tian directly say that he was bullying newcomers because he didn’t get the role yesterday and his acting skills wasn’t …… He didn’t know whether it was a coincidence, but Li Hui and Mo Nan and his daughter happened to come in, of course, they also thought he was bullying him.



This time, of course, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t be easily angered by the other, he looked at Han Tian’s face, the thought of that this person ki-lled him, gave him a ridiculous feeling. Quickly debugging his mood, Jiang Chengyi blandly glanced at Han Tian: “This is what you came up with? Very experienced? …… So you are gay?”



Han Tian’s voice before was very light, except Jiang Chengyi, no one else heard, but Jiang Chengyi’s voice wasn’t light, naturally, many people present heard, their eyes when they looked at Han Tian subtly changed.




Han Tian’s words when he first came to Morning Light offended many people who had been in Morning Light for a long time. Although those people dared not offend Han Tian, it was normal for them to talk about such hot news at this time – no wonder Han Tian looked down on women. He liked men!



The angry person became Han Tian.





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