“Jason, it’s already time to eat lunch ……” Xiao Wang came back and saw Jiang Chengyi sitting expressionlessly, and then spoke in a whisper, in fact, everyone else in the company had already eaten at this moment, but they ……


Jiang Chengyi was too lazy to have an expression, when he heard Xiao Wang’s words, he immediately reacted: “I won’t eat, contact the driver, let him send us home.”



Xiao Wang quickly nodded, although he had been struggling for a long time, but after all, he was a strong young man, so after the call, he packed up Jiang Chengyi’s things, behaving very diligently, afraid that Jiang Chengyi would be angry with him – he was already unlucky enough now, he didn’t want to lose his job because of today’s events! The job couldn’t be lost!



The driver had already come over, and the pale Xiao Wang made a special trip to the toilet before getting into the car. After getting into the car, Jiang Chengyi directly asked the driver to take Xiao Wang home first.


“Xiao Wang, later I will transfer a sum of money to you, just rest well at home, I will give you paid leave.”


“Jason ……” Xiao Wang looked terrified, although he had to do a lot of things because Jiang Chengyi only had him as an assistant, after all, the salary was also high, now, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t want to fire him, right?


“Don’t worry, it’s okay, I won’t fire you, but even for myself, I have to rest at home for a few days.” Jiang Chengyi smiled at Xiao Wang, giving Xiao Wang some compensation was normal.



“Jason, don’t be too sad ……” When Xiao Wang saw Jiang Chengyi’s smile, he quickly comforted him.


Although Jiang Chengyi was smiling, he felt that the smile was clearly fake, but also, what person would be happy after his fiancée dr-ugged himself and said she didn’t like him?



However, Jiang Chengyi was really a good man. He had diarrhea because he took laxatives. He obviously bought the porridge. If he hadn’t been too careless, he wouldn’t have let Mo Yuting put the medicine. In fact , if Jiang Chengyi had dia-rrhea instead, he wouldn’t be able to eat it! Now, though he had diarrhea, he should be able to rest well for two days. Now he could get a sum of money with paid leave… he could buy some good things to reward himself!


Xiao Wang was sent home, and soon, Jiang Chengyi also arrived at his place.


He entered the house , he originally expected to see Yu Rui, but no one was home, he didn’t know why, he actually felt a little bleak.


However, even if it wasn’t good because Yu Rui wasn’t there, the things that should be done still had to be done. Xiao Wang was originally employed by Jiang Chengyi, and his salary was also being paid by him. So of course, he knew the other’s account number. After opening the computer, he transferred 10,000 yuan to him. Then, he checked the information about Yuanying Entertainment Company on the Internet.



Jiang Chengyi signed a contract with Morning Glory as soon as he returned to China, and although he knew about the entertainment company, which was a bit bigger than Morning Glory, he really didn’t know much about it because one of the two companies was in the south and the other in the north.



But at this moment, he felt that it was very necessary to understand the company, because according to the book, the chairman Chen Yuan, was his mother.



His mother was once a well-known actress, twenty years ago she had a great success, and later turned behind the scenes after the opening of the entertainment company, the company had reached one of the top positions, she was a strong woman.



That time, when he and Yu Rui’s matter was reported by the media, if his mother could help, he wouldn’t have fallen to that point, but his mother didn’t move until after his own death, only then did he come out to seek revenge on Han Tian.



Han Tian k-illed him when he was already full of scandals, so his mother’s revenge didn’t bring him any harm, but his mother’s half-sister Chen Fang, a dozen years younger, hooked up with Han Tian, and finally the two joined forces and froze her out of the company.



After rebirth, although Jiang Chengyi also remembered his mother, but perhaps because he had only seen his mother in the book, he always felt a little unreal, and didn’t seriously investigate, but now, the situation was different.



Mo Nan’s inexplicable regard for him and Li Hui’s strange behavior made Jiang Chengyi a little suspicious, and not surprisingly, these should be related to his mother, after all, his father’s circle of contacts, was completely abroad.


Jiang Heng and Chen Yuan’s marriage, as well as the fact that they gave birth to a child, couldn’t be found on the Internet at all, and the information Jiang Chengyi could find, all showed that Chen Yuan had been unmarried, and some people said that Chen Yuan had no love but only career, which was why she had her current achievements.


Jiang Chengyi searched for various news and got little useful information, but there was a little – Li Hui had cooperated with Yuanying many times and said that Chen Yuan was the woman he admired most, and they were good friends.



Chen Yuan’s news was rare on the Internet, but Chen Fang’s news was all over the place, Chen Yuan’s half-sister, who was more than ten years younger than Chen Yuan, had fifteen percent of the shares of Yuanying, she was pretty and full of mature charm, and she often made guest appearances in some TV series and movies, not to mention that there were countless male celebrities who had scandals with her, and even many male celebrities were popular because they had an affair with her.



Jiang Chengyi didn’t like this woman, not because of the other’s flirtatiousness, but because of her ambition and ruthlessness. It was because she was ambitious enough to be ruthless that she later joined forces with Han Tian and stole her sister’s company. Of course, when she joined forces with Han Tian, two people without modesty, rolling in bed together was inevitable, except that these two ended up not coming together. It was written in the book that Han Tian’s other women made too much trouble so she wouldn’t join the harem. The main reason was that she wasn’t a virgin. Of course, in Jiang Chengyi’s opinion, a woman like Chen Fang was much smarter than Han Tian’s women. Of course, she wouldn’t hang herself on one tree. After climbing up to Han Tian and getting what she wanted, It was perfectly normal for her to leave Han Tian and live a free life.



After shutting down the computer, Jiang Chengyi saw that the time was already three o’clock in the afternoon, which made him feel hungry, but his mind was filled with a bunch of information, but he could barely even go to the kitchen to find something to eat.



Mo Yuting, now was no longer a problem, if there was no accident, in two days, he would be able to break up with Mo Yuting as a victim, but, next but there was a whole lot of things waiting for him ……



The door outside was suddenly opened, Jiang Chengyi jerked his head up and saw that the person who entered was Yu Rui before he relaxed. He had given Yu Rui the spare key of the house in the morning, so it seemed that Yu Rui wasn’t home, but had gone out for a trip.



“You’re back so early?” Yu Rui had some things in his hand and was a little surprised to see Jiang Chengyi there.



“Something came up today …… Why weren’t you here?” Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help but ask.




“I went home to get some things, and went to buy some vegetables.” Although he saw that Jiang Chengyi was already fine in the morning, he was still a little uneasy, but even if he had to take care of Jiang Chengyi, his own work couldn’t be completely left behind, so he took a trip home to get some things, and went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.



“Why did you buy so many things?” Jiang Chengyi took a curious look at the big bag in Yu Rui’s hand.


Yu Rui was a little embarrassed, although he slept here all night yesterday, Jiang Chengyi wasn’t a particularly meticulous person, he certainly lacked a lot of things, and this time he went back, he took everything with him. He took things with him just in case, but now …… if Jiang Chengyi saw these, he wouldn’t think he is planning to stay here and not leave, right?



Jiang Chengyi didn’t notice Yu Rui’s expression. He was just worried about one thing. He gave Xiao Wang a paid leave to rest. It wasn’t without his own selfish intentions. After all, it was Xiao Wang who left. Yu Rui came to take care of him. Now he didn’t plan to fire Xiao Wang and make Yu Rui too tired. So he should let Yu Rui move in… He could only let Xiao Wang rest for a few days.



However, how could they say this? Thinking that Yu Rui would never refuse him, Jiang Chengyi simply said, “Yu Rui, Xiao Wang needs to rest for a few days when he is ill. Can you stay and take care of me for a few days?”




“Okay,” Yu Rui subconsciously agreed, then quickly reacted, “Why is Xiao Wang suddenly sick?” He had a lot of cooperation with Jiang Chengyi, and he was also Jiang Chengyi’s only friend, so of course the other’s assistant Xiao Wang was also known to him.



“It’s nothing, just something happened,” Jiang Chengyi vaguely passed, “Yu Rui, I didn’t even eat at noon today ……”



“Even if you have a lot to do today, you can’t not eat,” Yu Rui said, “I’ll go get you something to eat.”



Yu Rui went to the kitchen, and while cooking, he called Xiao Wang – how could Xiao Wang suddenly be sick?



Xiao Wang received Yu Rui’s phone call, and explained all the things. And Yu Rui, mood became worse. He had seen that even when Jiang Chengyi was busy filming, he still went to buy something for Mo Yuting, and had seen Jiang Chengyi prepare a gift for Mo Yuting with great expectation, and had seen Jiang Chengyi’s instantly softened expression when he received Mo Yuting’s phone call. But now, Mo Yuting actually did something like this!




Like Xiao Wang, Yu Rui’s first reaction was that Jiang Chengyi was forcing a smile on his face. And thinking about this, his mood became more complicated.


Jiang Chengyi also wanted to tell Yu Rui about what happened during the day, but he didn’t want to act at home to show how infatuated he was with Mo Yuting, and he didn’t want Yu Rui to feel he was cold and heartless, so he simply didn’t say anything. But what he didn’t think of was that Xiao Wang told Yu Rui about everything and told him to take good care of him


“Chengyi, it’s time to eat.” Yu Rui brought the food to the table and looked at Jiang Chengyi several times covertly, but couldn’t see anything at all, so there was no way to say those comforting words.


“Well, eat more, the stomach is the most important.” Jiang Chengyi immediately spoke, as long as the thought of Yu Rui died of stomach cancer flashed by, he felt some fear.



How did a person’s stomach become the most important? However, it was better not to be serious about a lost love: “Well, you should also eat more, how was the audition today? Are you tired?”




Eating Yu Rui’s cooking and listening to Yu Rui’s words of concern, Jiang Chengyi’s joy was overwhelming. Jiang Heng was so busy with his career and the women around him that he would never care about him, he had never met his mother, let alone having such moments, so now that Yu Rui was living here, it made him feel at home.



“The audition went well.” Jiang Chengyi smiled and told what happened at the audition, mentioning Li Hui’s abnormalities by the way.



Yu Rui looked at Jiang Chengyi’s happy appearance and felt numb in his heart, he lost his love but seemed so happy …… Jiang Chengyi forced himself to smile like this, was he really okay? But if he talked about it, would Jiang Chengyi be more sad? After thinking about it, Yu Rui could only cautiously accompany Jiang Chengyi to chat.



Jiang Chengyi was in a good mood, he wanted to get along with Yu Rui, and also hoped to determine the relationship with him sooner, but he had little experience in chasing people, even Mo Yuting …… if not Mo Nan, they would never come together.



But now the breakup with Mo Yuting hyas been the nail in the coffin, Yu Rui also moved in with him, was it time to confess? After all, Yu Rui should have liked him a long time ago.




Award for best dumba*ss goes toooooo : JIANG CHENGYI 👏👏👏👏👏




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