[Please wait for me to come home.]


The black and white game interface reflected a pale line of words.


Zhu Qing’an glanced at it and jerked to a halt. He looked at it many times over and over again to make sure he was reading it right.


Qin Hengyi was no longer there.


He didn’t listen to him and went to a faraway place. To make him wait for a long, long time.


Zhu Qing’an’s heart beat wildly, his rumbling heartbeat resounded in his ears, a burst of unspeakable emotions slowly flooded his empty heart. The young man lowered his eyes, the corners of his eyes were a little red. He pursed up his lips, holding the last shred of hope and poked the game interface.


The game didn’t start.


“…………” Zhu Qing’an turned off the game, jumped to Starnet, and sent a message to the man’s account.


There was no reply.


Zhu Qing’an huddled in the corner, hugging the light computer, absent-minded.


Everything was going in the right direction before.


Now all of a sudden something like this happened.


What if, what if ……


What should he do?


His palms broke out in cold sweat.


It was tense.


Suddenly. He remembered something, his eyes lit up, and hurriedly turned to the private message account with that person.


He wanted to contact Qin Yuan.


The other Qin Hengyi. The other person might know about Qin Hengyi.


He quietly sent a message.


The same delayed reply.


Zhu Qing’an had a bad feeling.


Qin Yuan might have already fused with Qin Hengyi as one of the personalities.


How else would Qin Hengyi recover his memory ……?


He lost the only point of contact.


There wasn’t time left. He could only wait.


The teenager lowered his head, very lost and shrunken at the foot of the bed.


In his drowsiness, he fell asleep once again. By the time he woke up, the time had already reached dusk.


The blood-red sunset poured down on the ground. The bedroom was empty, and the boy sitting alone on the bed looked unusually lonely.


It was clear that he used to live alone.


But he had never felt so lonely.


He sat up in a daze, washed up briefly, and then glanced at the light computer.


Sami had sent a new message at some point.


[Sami: Oh my God! You and Qin Hengyi have officially announced? The whole empire knows that your lover is such a big shot.


Sami didn’t know that Qin Hengyi had left long ago.


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


He briefly talked to Sami about Qin Hengyi’s current situation.


He was now …… uncertain of Qin Hengye’s life and death.


He was as an ordinary person. Nothing could be done. He could only be tormented in the long wait. The teenager typed, hands trembling slightly, the corners of the eyes couldn’t stop reddening.




Sami’s mentality was completely different from Zhu Qing’an’s.


[Sami: Don’t be so pessimistic. Your lover is very strong. You should prepare for what you’re going to surprise your lover with when he returns.
You’ve come this far, it’s time to prepare for the wedding room, the wedding, and all that stuff. And make an appointment at the Imperial Civil Affairs Bureau to get your license.]


[Sami: How about we start preparing now while Qin Hengyi is away?]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


The other was in a good frame of mind, like a warm little sun. It seemed to brighten up his empty heart room a little.


Qin Hengyi gave him so much.


Why couldn’t he prepare something for the other.


For example, a grand wedding, cozy little house, bright wedding ring ……


This was perfectly doable with his current financial resources.


He could even hold a wedding much more grand than ordinary stars, and buy a pigeon egg-sized diamond ring.


He’d pamper his Qin Hengyi once more.


[Sami: I guarantee you. Qin Hengyi will definitely be fine. Don’t think so. If there is really danger going there, he will tell you.]


Sami didn’t give Qing’an a chance to be sad.


In the next few days, he pulled Zhu Qing’an to choose a new house.



Most of the small cubs in the stray animal base were adopted away, leaving only a few scattered cubs.


But Zhu Qing’an had no intention of shutting down the base, he had to stay to adopt more homeless cubs.


In order to facilitate the care of the base, the site of the house could only be in the base near the flower field.


Zhu Qing’an wanted to build a small duplex cottage there, with a garden of sorts.



The money he earned from filming variety shows could build a beautiful little house.


As for the wedding.


He didn’t like to be too flashy. He chose to hold it in the garden of the small villa.


At the same time, Zhu Qing’an didn’t forget to quietly buy a pair of blue men’s diamond rings. Pure blue stones, like a bright, bright little star.


He wanted to put on the wedding ring for Qin Hengyi himself.


Rather than wait for Qin Hengyi to give him.


Qin Hengyi had helped him a lot.



Things had come to a head, Qin Hengyi was about to really come to this world.


…… Zhu Qing’an could show him this wonderful and colorful world.


As well as protect him for the rest of his life.


Secure him with a star like gemstone by his side.




The villa was completed two months later in the lavender flower wilderness near the base.


The mauve lavender accompanied by spring green vine branches grew wildly all over the fertile earth. It made the azure sky seem to be tinged with lavender, and the air was filled with the fragrance belonging to the bouquet and the aroma of the sun.


The small house in the middle of the flower field was very dreamlike. It was like a small castle in a fairy tale.


Zhu Qing’an carried some luggage and called Sami, who came to the new home to help.


The cottage was very cozy, the first floor was a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The second floor was the resting place.


The walls were snow-white, and the reddish-brown wooden floor had a few lavender flowers floating around.


The beige sofa was placed with sun-scented pillows.


The double bed set in the bedroom was also ready.


The diamond rings ordered by Zhu Qing’an were also polished and delivered just in the past few days. They were placed in a small velvet box and put under the pillow by Zhu Qing’an.


Zhu Qing’an and Sami finished cleaning the new house.


When he was done, he made tempura fried shrimps to thank Sami. The tempura fried shrimp was promised a long time ago.



The golden crust wrapped in crispy fried shrimp, dipped in a little tomato sauce, when they bit open the golden shell of fried shrimp, they could see the white and tender shrimp inside.


After eating lunch.


Zhu Qing’an then sent the other away.


The afternoon sun was mild, like a refreshing breeze, comfortably pouring into the white floor-to-ceiling windows.



The teenager finished cleaning up the dishes, then sat on the sofa and watched the military news as usual.


During this period of time, he wasn’t idle, his heart was still nervous for Qin Hengyi.



The Academy of Science detected that the Zerg nest at the edge of the Milky Way seemed to have shrunk a lot, and there were more unidentified flying Zergs around the nest.


Of course, they could only guess, they didn’t dare to go explore the cause.


Zhu Qing’an looked at the bright holographic screen, his eyes wrapped in sunlight, like a handful of golden syrup.


Almost there, almost there.


Just wait.


The teenager inexplicably laughed lightly, he turned off the light computer, and felt the velvet ring box carefully tucked in his arms.


He put a round pillow under his head and prepared to take a nap on the couch.


The sun was shining brighter and brighter outside the window.


The scent of lavender was overwhelming like a tidal wave, warm, fragrant and drowsy.


The golden sunlight kept rotating and shifting on the snow-white walls, like a flowing golden honey.


The teenager nestled quietly in the sofa, closed his eyes and curled up to fall asleep.


The thin body was enveloped in sunlight, his black hair was mixed with fine golden light and his fair and beautiful cheeks were flushed.


The room became very quiet. Only the wind rustled the lavender. The silence was infinitely prolonged at moments.




The ring box in the teenager’s arms slipped to the ground.


But it was picked up by another pair of hands.



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