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Zhu Qing’an wanted a box of mooncakes.



The mooncakes cost a thousand interstellar coins, and belonged to the category of daily snacks. But this item had a special function – it could slow down the end of the full moon day, so that the little chimera cub wouldn’t be baptized so soon.


The baptismal period for the little chimera cubs needed to be within the full moon day, and once the full moon day was over and they hadn’t been baptized, something bad would happen.


However, the full moon within the scene was going to disappear, and Zhu Qing’an hadn’t yet finished the baptism.



Zhu Qing’an caught a glimpse of the box of small moon cakes.


He raised his head, looked at the man, and repeatedly asked, “Mr. Qin, can I buy this item?” His neck was a little red, like he was remembering something.


Qin Hengyi: “……”


He stared at the small item.



— Somehow, for the first time, a little reluctance popped up inside him. He was a little surprised that he could feel such emotion.



But the little chimera was watching him with bated breath, its tiny wings flapping, its little tail circling the ground in a docile manner. His dark, lustrous eyes carried a bit of eagerness.



As if if he didn’t buy this thing for the little chimera, the little chimera would cry out.


Alas ……


Qin Hengyi didn’t hesitate: “Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”


“Thank you Mr. Qin!” The young man smiled, revealing a pair of shallow dimples.

Qin Hengyi clicked on the payment.


[You have successfully placed an order for ‘Phantom Moon Cake’, the item has been shipped! Please wait patiently!]


Zhu Qing’an rubbed his hands, waiting for the moon cake to arrive.


Qin Hengyi said: “What else do you want to buy?”


“…… I’m just looking around, I won’t buy anything else. I’m afraid to let you break the bank.” The young man meekly said. He unintentionally glanced at a small icon, the icon was a few tadpoles turning around looking for their mother.


This was the service Qin Hengyi bought for him. It was specifically to find his parents.



“What is this?” Zhu Qing’an was puzzled, and poked the icon–


A progress bar appeared in front of him.


Qin Hengyi was stunned for a moment, “This is the service …… I bought for you. It can be used to retrieve your parents.”


He had almost forgotten about this thing, but he didn’t expect it to still be running obediently.



Moreover, the progress of Zhu Qing’an’s parent retrieval mission had reached 90%.



It was almost ready to be found.



Zhu Qing’an paused violently, unable to speak for a long time. A moment later, he stammered, “Didn’t my mom and dad …… pass away? Mr. Qin?”



Qin Hengyi looked at the teenager whose eyes were a little red, smiled lightly and stroked the teenager’s shaggy hair: “When this service started before, there was a prerequisite. It was to find the target, still in the human world. The service started successfully, which proves that your parents have not left. They’re still with you.”




Zhu Qing’an’s ears buzzed. He didn’t know what emotions welled up inside, bitterness mixed with shock, touched …… and happiness. The sweetness kept coming to his heart like a tidal wave, and finally swallowed it up.



All the previous tears and sadness, all in the end turned into a white light and dissipated.


He didn’t speak, and clung to the man who had brought him this good news.


He didn’t know that the scent of his body had a fatal allure to humans.



Qin Hengyi was held by him, it was the same as …… constantly being titillated by him. Qin Hengyi felt a heat in his lower abdomen, then he frowned, and pushed the teenager away.



Qin Hengyi resisted the urge to take a cold shower and changed the subject: “The mission process of the service has reached 90% …… it will give us some hints on clues to find your parents.” He said, and clicked on the hint space.


There was only one clue hint inside.


[Hibernation pod, note.]



Zhu Qing An read this hint and froze violently. He knew this hint ……


At that time, when he and Sami went to the game headquarters, Sami picked up a note in the hibernation pod, which had an unfamiliar address written on it.



It was hard to believe that his parents …… were there?


Who exactly was the person in the hibernation pod?


“I seem to know where my parents are ……”



The teenager’s eyes were red and he tried his best to hold back his emotions. He clutched the corner of the man’s coat and said in a light voice, “After I eat the mooncakes, I’m going back.”





Qin Hengyi nodded.


In the few moments they were clinging to each other, the game had already delivered the mooncakes to the bedroom table.


It was a very small and delicate box of ice-skinned mooncakes.



The white glutinous rice skin that radiated cool air was smeared with green or red mung bean and red bean powder, softly wrapped in a delicious and soft bean paste filling.



The moon cake was carved into a round moon shape, it was half palm size, and it would be eaten in two or three bites.



Zhu Qing’an carefully opened the box and gave a piece to Qin Hengyi first. He then slowly ate a piece.



The mooncake given by the game was delicious, like eating a small sweet cloud.



The box of moon cakes was quickly finished by the two.



The full moon, which was supposed to disappear tonight, would definitely appear again.

Zhu Qing’an threw the box into the trash and smiled at Qin Hengyi, “Mr. Qin, I’ll go back first. I want to find my mom and dad.”



The man glanced at Zhu Qing’an and leaned down to kiss his forehead then he whispered, “I want to start using those things you bought quickly.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”



Zhu Qing’an knew what Qin Hengyi wanted.



But he was too embarrassed to do it. Not to mention that he …… was still the one below.



He woke up with his red cheeks and neck, so red that they were burning, as if they had really done those things.



Zhu Qing’an took off the holographic helmet and ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower.


The cold water washed away the heat from his body. He changed his clothes, went back to the bedroom, turned on the light computer, and contacted Sami.



He remembered that the note was in Sami’s hand.



The communication went came through quickly.



As soon as Sami heard that the note had clues about Zhu Qing’an’s parents, he immediately sent the address on the note. At the same time, Sami didn’t forget to remind Zhu Qing’an: “Yesterday the government caught fire there, all the fire units were unwilling to go. Now the government is very chaotic, the masses are also taking the opportunity to march to make the government step down …… When you go out, pay attention to safety.
I don’t know which one of the big shots actually dared to go to the government headquarters and set fire to it, well done!”


Zhu Qing’an: “……”



He wasn’t going to tell him. Those things …… were done by his paper man.



Zhu Qing’an pretended to be calm: “Thanks for the reminder.”



“It’s okay.” Sami thought about it and continued, “Also, the w-ar between the empire and the Zergs isn’t going well, and the Zergs have invaded part of the imperial planets. The place where we live will soon be unprotected as well. I blame the government, taking the life-saving military funds for themselves.”



Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


He pursed his lips and clenched his fists.


The owner of the fighter mecha had returned.



He believed that the Empire would definitely win this w-ar.



“Thanks for the reminder.” Zhu Qing’an’s said softly, hanging up the communication.



He checked the photo of the note sent by Sami.



The address in the note was the address of a rural planet.



Without hesitation, Zhu Qingan booked a ticket to this planet and carefully hid the note in his pocket.



Who was the person on the other side of the address?


Was it the family he’d been dreaming about?



If his parents were still around, then he could find out everything about Qin Hengyi, including the secret of creating False Love in the first place.



Soon, Qin Hengyi would regain his memory.


Once Qin Hengyi recovered not only the memories of their previous time together, but also state secrets …… he would become a complete and powerful AI again.


Zhu Qing’an opened the military news and paid attention to the recent government situation.



As expected, the government was becoming more and more disgusting as Sami had said.



The Zerg wa-r, as a trigger, exploded the government’s various vices. For example, the deliberate diversion of military funds for the enjoyment of the nobility.



–That was the military expenses, the fate of the country was at stake every minute.


The Zerg w-ar had escalated and the military expenses had been embezzled.


Many people held marches on the major planets.



The government was set on fire in the middle of the night last night, and the masses were in high spirits.


Some people, who had the heart, took pictures of the brave man who set the government building on fire.



But they only captured a blurred vague shadow.



It was still possible to tell from the huge black shadow that it was a super giant fighter meca, though.



Experienced people point out that there are no mecha of this size in the Imperial army at the moment. –Military expenses were all taken by the nobles, so where was the money to build more advanced weapons? Now some armies only had ordinary laser gu-ns.



They thus concluded that the giant mecha might have come from a private group.


It was this mecha that gave hope to the masses.



Zhu Qing’an: “…………”



Zhu Qing’an looked at their reaction and was a little embarrassed.



Qin Hengyi activated that mecha and set the government on fire simply to save him who was trapped.



After Qin Hengyi recovered his memory, he would have to ask him how this big mecha was built.



Since Qin Hengyi wanted to completely wipe out the Zerg race. Then the mecha he …… built, would it be more than this one?



Zhu Qing’an stopped brainstorming.



The departure time of the airship to the Country Star was coming to a point.


Zhu Qing’an packed up his things, put on his small backpack, tucked the little Muppet into his arms and went out.


Now Qin Hengyi could still see Zhu Qing’an’s reality through the little Muppet.



He wanted Qin Hengyi to see his parents at first glance.



He got on the airship and nestled in the private cabin. Not forgetting to dress up the little Muppet, he changed him into a newly cut small suit, and then used a small comb to fix the blonde hair made of fluff. He tended to the doll until he became sleepy.



He didn’t hold the Muppet tightly, so the little Muppet snapped and fell out of the teenager’s arms. Its little red button eyes, quietly looked at the sleeping youth, its mouth seemed to contain a smile. It was also very happy that Zhu Qing’an could find his home.




The ship arrived at the country planet on the second day.


Zhu Qing’an was the first to walk out of the ship with his luggage.


The rural planet was in a more remote part of the empire, not affected by the war and the government. It was quiet and peaceful, with the faint scent of straw in the air.


The address on the small note was also very remote.


Zhu Qing’an changed cars several times and finally arrived at the destination.


The destination was in a large field that seemed to stretch almost endlessly.


There was a small white duplex villa in the field. This fresh and clean scene was beautiful and warm from afar.



Zhu Qing’an carefully walked into the field full of golden rice and wheat.





He heard a sharp cry and looked down ……


He seemed to have stepped on a “man” who was taking a nap?





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